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Wrapping It Up 

by Ellen Gersh and Dina Zolotusky 

It's 1996 ... We are ending our lives in public school. We are the young and the 
energetic - full of life, energy, and good spirit. We rebound from the hard times 
when we are down, with the optimism for better times ahead. Some of us live life 
one day at a time, with no idea, of where we will be next week, let alone in 10 or 20 
years. Others of us plan our lives hour by hour envisioning the place where will be 
a decade from now. No matter how each person sees their future, we all know our 
dreams. And, whatever our dreams might be, each one of us will travel our lives on 
our own unique paths, encountering the obstacles and adventures of everyday life. 
Whether you are a graduating Senior, or just beginning your career, our paths have 

all crossed here at Bedford High School. BKS is where we learned to stretch 
our limits and to reach for our goals. We voyage into the future, hopefully having 
gained the life skills that will lead us to our own personal successes. We are, to coin 
a phrase, Wrapping It Up, compounding our past and creating our new futures 
with what we have gained here in the first eighteen years of our lives. 

Table of Contents 

Page 4 Junior Prom 
Page 6 Extraordinary People 
Page 8 Class of 1996 Picture 

Page 10 Bedford Day 
Page 12 "Friends Forever" 
Page 15 AFS 

Page 1 7 Student Life 

Page 18 Spirit Week/Pep Rally /Homecoming 
Page 20 "The Music Man" 

Page 23 Clubs & Organizations 

Page 24 Hanscom 
Page 25 METCO 
Page 26 SADD/Targeteers 
Page 27 Interact /Peer Leadership 
Page 28 Forum/Telemedia 
Page 29 Drama Activities 
Page 30 Singing Groups 
Page 33 Musical Performance Groups 

Page 37 AFS/Language Clubs 
Page 40 Boys' and Girls' State/NHS 
Page 41 Debate Team/Environmental Club 
Page 42 SGA/Student Advisory /School Council 
Page 43 Math League 
Page 44 Science Team/Science Club 
Page 45 ROTC /Drill Team 
Page 46 Yearbook 

Page 49 People 

Page 51 Seniors 
Page 53 Senior Signatures 
Page 56 Senior Pictures 
Page 77 Superlatives 
Page 82 Baby Pictures 
Page 88 Senior Directory 
Page 111 Underclassmen 
Page 112 Juniors 
Page 117 Sophomores 

Page 123 Freshmen 
Page 129 School Staph 

Page 137 Sports 

Page 138 Fall Sports 
Page 148 Cheerleaders 
Page 150 Winter Sports 
Page 162 Spring Sports 
Page 174 "A Special Dedication" 

Page 175 Advertisments 
Page 21 1 Current Events 
Page X\S Colophon 

Page #3 


Junior Prom 

by Cyndi De Young 

This year, the Junior Prom was held on May 20, 1995. The task of organizing and creating it, how- 
ever, began back in November of 1994, when Junior Prom chairpersons Cyndi De Young and Kirsten Bushey 
joined other class officers Rajul Patel, Bethany Guisti, Tim Sheflin, Julie Albonesi, and Cara Stein in raising 
money to make this prom go under the stars. 

As the day of the prom neared, the Junior class pulled together and turned the new cafeteria into an 
entirely different place, creating a stream of city lights complete with city park benches. Then, the Big 
Night finally came. 

The girls came, showing off elegant gowns, and the guys were dressed to the nines in their sharp 
tuxedos. The night was packed full of fun as was the dance floor. As the excitement toned down, the 
charperons gathered to decide the Prom Court. Onlookers gathered in a circle on the dance floor with eager 
eyes, awaiting the results. When it was announced, the Junior Prom Court was: Chris Ryan, Will Dick, 
Nick Defino, Rajul Patel, Tim Sheflin, Bethany Guisti, Cyndi De Young, Lisa Marranian, Cara Stein, and 
Kirsten Bushey. The Prom song "Will You Still Love Me?" by Chicago sounded throughout the cafeteria 
and dancers paired up while waiting to hear the final decision of who were the king and queen. As the 
song came to an end, the DJ announced the king, Nick Defino, and the queen, Cyndi DeYoung. Congratula- 
tions! We hope that everyone has just as much fun at the Senior Prom! 

The Illustrious King Defino Ego Massage! Ego Massage! Ego Massage! Eventually, Jarrod's dates will notice each other, 
and Queen DeYoung enjoy a 
De-lightful dance. 

Page #4 

(below, far left) "Us? No way! Marie, 
Bethany, and Alissa wear black in 
mourning for their dates, who disap- 
peared under mysterious circum- 
stances around 9:30 p.m. 

(below) These people are actually the 
same height. This is just one of those 
optical illusion rooms you've seen on 
kids' shows sometimes. (Just wait 'til 
they all switch places — this'll be cool.) 

(far left) All rise for 
the Prom Court of 
stately Prom Court! 
(men) Tim, Will, 
Nick, Chris, Rajul 
(women) Lisa, 
Kirsten, Cyndi, 
Bethany, Cara 

(left) TheChuck-E- 
Cheese Get Along 

(left) Rajul and Michelle kick 
back and unwind. 

(far left) The gals of Bedford 
High relish the experience of 
going to their first prom stag. 

Page #5 

Extraordinary People 

by Amita Bharat, Michelle Donnely, Ellen Gersh, and Dina Zolotusky 

The Class of 1996 consists of many talented 
and determined people. These Seniors do extraordi- 
nary things outside of BHS ranging in areas from the 
Arts to athletics to community service. They have 
demonstrated their perseverance in their respective 
extracurricular activities, reaching personal goals 
and new highs on a regular basis. 

In the field of athletics, four Senior girls have 
achieved great success. First, there is the talented 
team of the Watts twins - Sarah and Amanda. Both 
train with the Gators swim club year round. They 
have competed in such meets as the US Swimming 
New England Seniors, Canadian Invitationals, and 
the Junior National Championships. Another cham- 
pion swimmer is Heather Wilder, a member of the 
New England Swim Team and US Swim Team 
Practices. She has been swimming since she was six 
years old at the New Wave Swim Club and has 
competed in the New England Senior championship 
cups, Union Nationals, New England District Cham- 
pionships, and the New England Seniors. In tennis, 
Elisa Banner is ranked second in New England and 
twentieth in the nation for her age group! Her tennis 
journeys have included a trip to Israel in '93 to 
compete in the Junior Maccabiah Games, trips to 
California for play versus national and international 
teams, and a trip to Florida last April for the Easter 
Bowl. Additionally, Elisa won the Massachussetts 
State Championships in 1995. 

Several Seniors have been involved in doing 
extensive community service work. Jeannie Kim 
and Sanju Shewakramani have both been incredibly 
active volunteering their time at local hospitals. For 
the past three years, Jeannie has worked at Lahey 
Clinic, putting in over 100 hours in the public affairs 

department for which she was named "Volunteer of 
the Year." Sanju has been volunteering at Emerson 
Hospital since his Freshmen year and has accumu- 
lated over 260 hours! Also, Ben Waterhouse and 
Matt Skavenski each performed community service 
projects as part of earning their respective Eagle 
Scout awards, the highest award a Boy Scout can 

In the area of technology, two people stand 
out for their achievements: Brian Deardorff and 
Greg Simpson. Over the course of the previous year, 
Greg has taken care of technical problems on cus- 
tomer equipment as Network Administrator at Look- 
ing Glass Technologies, Inc.. Brian is employed by 
TIAC (The Internet Access Company in Bedford) as 
Senior Technical Support, and he helps to maintain 
the quality of customer's systems. 

Musically, Eric Luke and Marie Tanzer both 
play through programs with the New England Con- 
servatory. Eric has been playing violin since he was 
five years old. Since the age of ten when he was 
selected for the Youth Repertory Orchestra, Eric has 
been involved with many groups including the 
Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra and the 
Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. Marie, a promising 
clarinetist, has been a member of District orchestras 
for four years straight. During the summer of '93 she 
attended the Summer Youth Music School (SYMS) 
and, for the past two years, has been a member of the 
Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble (MYWE). 

A special congratulations to all of these tal- 
ented Seniors for their success and for being an 
inspiration to us all! Your exceptional efforts will be 
greatly missed! 

Page #6 

>lS Eric Luke has grown up, his beloved violin has also 

- however unbelievably — grown with him. (I think he The patented Watts secret to swimming success: one twin at the 
vas born with that thing....) starting line, the other at the finish. 

Heather gets Wilder, steaming up the camera lens On her way to Wimbledon, Elisa Banner 
while stretching for a swim meet. pauses to pose with her agent — every rising 

star needs at least one. 


He'llo ... m'name is Mahrie ... Mahrie Gump ... and the Strike a pose and let's get to it vogue! Pam attacks tl 
uniforms 're even worse then th' song we're singin'! fly on her head. 

'ie BHS Sophomore girls enjoy the many fine healthy foods to be found at 
eery Bedford Day. 

Maria, an AFS exchange student from 
Ecuador, seems to have grasped the 
basic concept of Bedford Day: Smile. 

Ben Waterhouse, Telemedia's earnest poster boy, gets so worked 
up over the idea of once again having an audience that he begins 
foaming at the mouth. (Rumors of rabies were quelled after a 
three-day test and several shots.) 

Woohoo! Cheap meat!" AFS President Jose 
upkus stuffs tacos for fun and profit. 

Page #11 


Ellen Gersh, Sanju Shewakramani, and Elke Julie Albonesi, Joey Zupkus, and Mark Jeff Haynes and Ben Waterhouse 
Ullmer Pietchel 

(center, above) Jen Clerkin, Kris I 
Mead, Cara McNamara, Lindf I 
Sylva, Bethany Giusti, and Sarah Ba 1 




K ke Hursh, Heather McCarthy, Rebecca Andy Katz, Dave Storer, Jesse Ryan, and 
een, and Greg Simpson Jeremy Ciaccia 

Page #13 


(right) Heather McCarthy, Rachel Siegel, Dena Zigun, 
Michelle Shwimer, and Amy Leshin 

(below right) Gretchen Marsten, Terri O'Reilly, Heather 
Wilder, Sandy Hubley, Rebecca Tomassian, and Jennifer 

(below) Elisa Banner, Chrissy Guillfuss, and Heather Wilder 

(right) Meredith Dill, Bethany 
Lesure, Dina Zolotusky, Mar- 
garet Mann, Marie Tanzer, and 
Vanessa Vitiello 

Amy Leshin and Cara Stein 

Page #14 

felow, middle) Chris O'Reilly resplendently 
lends in with the rest of her host family. 

ielow) Aisha Thomas and her fellow AFSers 
ike a break on the steps of a college in Hungary. 

American field Service 

BUS Students Invade Foreign Lands 

by Miranda Hillyard 
This summer, four BHS students participated in the AFS 
experience. Heather McCarthy went to France, and Miranda 
Hillyard went to Argentia, both for seven weeks, while Chris 
O'Reilly went to Ghana, and Aisha Thomas to Argentina for one 
month each. Heather, Miranda and Chris lived with a host 
family for most of their trips, while Aisha lived with different 
families or in dorms, they all had wonderful experiences, met 
many new people, worked on community service, and learned, 
or improved their abilities in new languages. 

Chris and Aisha both participated in "Team Missions," 
travelling to their country to learn about its people and society. 
Their purpose was to work on solving community and country 
problems. Heather and Miranda did the "Language Study" 
program in their countries. This means they also studied the 
language in classes. Heather went to a French language for two 
weeks at the end of her stay, while Miranda participated in 
Spanish classes throughout her trip. 

Each student has come back with a better understanding 
of the world and its many cultures and languages. They all had 
wonderful experiences and recommend this organization to 
anyone interested. 

(far left) Miranda parties 
the night away with her AFS 

(left) We know why Heather 
really went to France ... les 

(below) Heather McCarthy 
with her host father Maurice 
and sister Marie. 

ibove) "Lo que cumpla feliz." Miranda celebrates her 
irthday in Argentina with her family and friends. 

Page #15 

Spirit Week, Pep Rally, & Homecoming 

(below right) Unfortunately, due to a nasty 
and highly successful prank, this is actually 
a photo of the freshmen bleachers. 

(below) Tom Bleckly has just discovered 
that thing on his face. 

(below) It's an ostrich! It's an aircraft carrier! Nope. Its Super Soccer Boy! 

Ladies and gentlemen, in no particular order, Jen of the 90's, Katie of the 80' s, and Theresa 
of the 70's. 

The unveiling of the newest addition to the cheerleaders caused more than a little uproar. 

Page #18 

Spirit Week and Homecoming 

by Cyndi De Young 

Spirit week was full of pep this year. Monday's "Hat Day" had everyone wearing their best; 
lesday's "Roll-Out-Of-Bed day" gave way to many lazy folks; Wednesday's "80's day" showed 
J^dford a "blast from the past"; Thursday's "Twin Day" let the twins roam the halls in matching outfits; 
t\d Friday's "Blue and White Day" topped off the weeks' spirit by sporting school colors. 

Friday also led way to one of the best pep rallies this school has seen in years. The Senior class 
[ficers enthusiastically put the rally together and then received, in turn one of the best outcomes they 
fiiuld have hoped for. With the help of the football palyers, the cheerleaders added a unique twist to the 
rent (especially as Jay Williams flew to the top of the "F" stunt). The field hockey team also showed its 
Iiique side as they flashed the words, "Chicks with Sticks" to the crowd. Finally the soccer team's Nick 
libella added to the spirit by talking on the role of Superman and having the soccer team "fly" him 
lound the gym. It was definitely a week to remember. Thanks for the great Spirit, Bedford. 

This year's Homecoming took a new twist. With the death of three Newton South students, the 
lime was postponed for two weeks out of respect. Although this created some confusion, the new game 
Plowed the Bucs to grasp an enormous vistory against Westford Academy. Congratulations, boys! 

It's true that the game was the "event" of the evening, but for the Homecoming court, the 
femouncement of the King and Queen, after the two weeks, was just as big. The nominees were: Nick 
fefino, Cyndi De Young, Will Dick, Bethany Guisti, Kristin Mead, Lisa Maranian, Cara McNamara, Jesse 
|/an, Tim Sheflin, and Jay Williams. After a brief listing of the candidates, the winners were announced: 
Ing Tim Sheflin and Queen Kristin Mead. It was an evening to remember. Congratulations to everyone 
ti the Homecoming Court. 

t :-■ 

! \ 

* ft ■ 

What? What? Is my fly down: 

is year's homecoming king and queen, 
n and Kristin, clutch their fresh-cut 
■hgratulatory bouquets of flowers. Tim 
I Ties the wand as protection, in case 
I yone in the BHS Gardening Club is in 
in! 1 audience and recognizes their prize 
v nning linum grandflorum. 

Twin Day allowed several of 
BHS's most talented and intoxi- 
cated students show off the ulti- 
mate in new fashion. Here, John 
and George combine the tradi- 
tional "hats-on-backwards" style 
with retro-nouveau sunglasses, 
backpackless straps, and finish 
off the ensemble a deux with the 
cutting edge final touch, jeans 
under boxers. Magnifique! 

Page #19 

"The Music Man" 

by Cara McNamara 

Seventy-six trombones led the parade to see this year's production of "The Music Man." A brilliant casj 
of actors and singers combined with an enthusiastic pit to create a feast for the audience's senses. This familia 
American musical was directed by veteran Barry Low, choreographed by the famous Pam Denning, ani 
conducted beautifully by rookie Brian Reagan. The set construction was overseen by Rich Carson and Harr 
Anderson. In the months before the show, the cast, crew, and pit worked long hours. Despite these long hour 
and a great deal of stress, everyone managed to remain friends throughout the show and to have a fun time; 
Rehearsals involved much laughter, from the barbershop quartet to the ever-enthusiastic Shawn Downs t<j 
Ben Waterhouse forgetting his lines to the invasion of JGMS elves to play the majority of the children's roles 
While not on stage, cast members listened to walkmen in the audience and bonded. "The Music Man" provec 
to be a wonderful experience. (Especially, the oh so many kissing scenes.) 

P.S. I love Mr. Reagan. 

Budget cutbacks: one script, six kids. Fights have already American Gothic, Bedford style. It's those stupid budget cuts, again 
begun to break out. They still need a pitchfork, though ... 

(far above) "I needed a new heel for my shoe. So, I decided to take 
the ferry over to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville 
in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the 
time. Now to take the ferry cost a nickel - and in those days, nickel; 
had pictures of bumblebees on them. 'Gimme five bees for a quarter,' 
they'd say. So, anyway, where was I? Oh yeah — I had an onion tied 
to my belt — which was the style at the time! You couldn't get white 
onions in those days, because of the war. So, we had to use these big 
Page #20 yellow onions Brian Nash sighs, as the Ben plays on. 

The opinions expressed in the above article are not necessarily those of the Yearbook Staph. Except the P.Sj 

le cast of "The Music Man" mutinies against Mr. Low and spontaneously starts performing 
e Village People's 1979 hit "YMCA". What's next? "Macho Man"? 

(below left) "What do you mean, 
you lost Jeff Haynes?!" The Bar- 
bershop Quartet can't function 
without their soprano. Mean- 
while, in the background, Vilas 
searches on ... 

(above) Ben Waterhouse had to 
learn Kung Fu to be able to ward 
off the chicks. (Here's an easier 
way,Ben: don'tbatheforweeks.) 

(left) "Not now, Mer' — we have 
to rehearse for the play!" Alvin 
keeps his mind on the job. His 

(far left) Another grizzled old 
timer reflects upon the days of 
yore. "In my day, we had to 
walk nine miles in the snow, 
barefoot, uphill — both ways! — 
to get to play practice! And I was 
happy to do it!" Nick and Joe 
stand awestruck. Don't get Mike 
started on his war stories, kids, 
whatever you do ... 

Page #21 


by Andrea Rupp 

Bedford High School's student body is 
mostly comprised of students who live in the town 
of Bedford, but a significant number live on 
Hanscom Air Force Base. The students from 
Hanscom help diversify the school and contribute 
to its well-roundedness. They share their unique 
experiences of being in military families who have 
lived all over the world with those who have re- 
sided in Bedford since they were young. We are 
fortunate to have students from Hanscom in 
Bedford High School and welcome all that they 
contribute to our rich and rewarding learning 

(below left) We've been advised that Staci's caption has to 
extremely short in order to — whoops, outta space. 

(below right) "Portrait of a Hanscomite on Grey" by Bri 
Matisse. Oil, 11 x 25 picas, 1995. 


Cathy, Rebecca, and Terrina smile for the camera. 

It's a Bleckley. A Tom Bleckley, to be exact. That's all we know. And, given the 
enormous amount of makeup on this boy's face, I'd say that that's all anyone wants 
to know. Either he's preparing for an education at Clown College, or he recently 
moved from New York City's Grenwich Village. Either way, he's dressed up like a 
Jack-O-Lantern on Halloween. So what if no one will ever understand why! Like we 
said earlier, it's a Bleckley. A Tom Bleckley, to be exact. That's all we know. And, the 
rest really just doesn't matter. (Help us. Please Mommieeeeee ) 

Page #24 


by Devin McPhee 

M.E.T.CO. (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity) is a non-profit, voultary 
ssociation that enables urban students to partake of educational opportunities in suburban school 

The Bedford M.E.T.CO. program, initiated in September of 1974, is directed by Ms. Michelle Fos- 
The Current Bedford M.E.T.CO. coordinator is Mrs. Irene Parker, who has held this position for the 
ist nineteen years. Mrs. Parker has had a profound influence on the lives of many students, and her 
fors to integrate Boston students into the Bedford Public School system has been met with a great deal 

This year's graduating Seniors — Akilah Garnett, Steven Pierre-Louis, Delanda Sydney, and Cedric 
)wnes — wish to express their gratitude to Mrs. Parker for all of her work on their behalf, as well as for 
many fond memories of their time as part of the Bedford Public School system. Those of us who are 
ying behind to complete our education in Bedford would like to wish these Seniors good luck in all of 
ir future endeavors! 

.T.C.O. students: (back) Devin McPhie, Akilah Garnett, Cedric Townes, Kianga 
Jdes, Asha Mondesir, Shara Reynolds, a very tiny gary martin (middle of da 'hood) Jonathan 
Tpme, Steve Pierre-Louis, Aisha Mondesir, Felisha Bruno, Akil Mondesir (front) 

(■On Ayala, Tamara Ayala, Jay "i'm not really a m.e.t.c.o. student, but i play one on t.v." williams 

Steve Pierre-Louis's been 
comic book "Spawn" again 
is chains. 

reading the 
..all he needs 

Page #25 


We now present the well-paid Targeteer members — 
(top row) Mister Joe, Miss Julie, Miss Terri, Miss 
Chow, Miss Cara (bottom row) Mister Dennis 
McD, Miss Kelly, Miss Jen, Mister Jeremy, 
Miss Betsy, Miss Jen, and Miss Pam 

by Dina Zolotusky 

This year, Seniors Nick Defino and 
Bethany Giusti led S.A.D.D., Students 
Against Driving Drunk, an organization 
teaches students about the dangers of mix- 
ing alcohol and automobiles. The conduct al- 
cohol and drug awareness programs for students 
in Bedford. This year, as well as in previous years, 
the group has been successful in saving many lives by 
spreading what dangers exist with the use of alcohol. 

by Ellen Gersh and Cara McNama: 

The word Targeteer comes from the idea that this group targets in on teacl 
ing people about tobacco use and helping them quit if they desire. Th 
year, the Targeteers have completed many interesting projects, incluc 
ing an undercover job to see if Bedford stores were asking minors fc 
ID when attempting to purchase tobacco products. The inform; 
tion booth at Bedford Day was a huge success, giving the grou! 
practice for the Big East Fair the following week, where the 
tested people's lungs for carbon monoxide. Some of tH ii 
Targeteers went to the extent of handing out flyers an | 
other information to the fans at a Patriot's game. The 
have also visited schools in and around Bedford an 1 
talked to students about smoking and why peop 
start. The Targeteers also have an anti-tobacc 
t.v. show, which airs Thursday nights at 7:3( I 



S.A.D.D. officers Nick 
Defino and Bethany Giusti 
comment on how very random 
this double-page spread really is. 




Peer leadership 

BHS Peer leaders: (back row) Mrs. Mitchell, Suzanne 
Schmuhl, Cara McNamara, Lisa Maranian, Katie 
Akillian, Danielle Taylor, Lindsay Sylva, Amy 
Corrigan, Julie Albonesi, Mrs. Freed (front 
row) Bethany Giusti, Susan La tiff, Becca 
Tomassian, Sabrina Lanza, Becky 
Venutti, Andrea Rupp, and 
Gina DiSanzo 

b Katie Esposito and Dina Zolotusky 

lider the leadership of Mary Mitchelle and Nancy Freed, Seniors and Jun 
irs are offered an elective called Peer Leadership. Mitchell says, "the 
lea of Peer Leadership is to have peers helping peers. To take the 
ciss, students are carefully interviewed and chosen on the basis 
c their ability as a leader. After being chosen, all peer leaders 
sm a contract committing themselves to active participation, 
f >n-use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and responsi- 
k ity at their work sites. These work sites include being 
\y brothers and sisters and lead classes at JGMS and 
I ne. Students give performances in order to teach 
fher students how to deal with drug and alcohol 
riated problems. In the fall, peer leaders parti- 
oated in Project Adventure; they worked on 
goup trust and cooperation at Lane. In the 
sring, peer leaders conducted A.I.D.S. 
a/areness days for grades 8 and 11. 
Hiring each of these days, work- 
sops were run on how to pre- 
vnt the spread of H.I.V. and 
bw to talk more openly 
a out A.I.D.S. Peer 
luders should be 
cmmened for 
t eir continu- 

by Chris Betz 
and Rebecca Tomassian 

Community Service for 
students who like to be in- 
volved is what Interact is all 
about. Interact participates in a 
year long fundraiser and service 
projects. The club is lead by Presi- 
dent Rebecca Tomassian, Vice Presi- 
dent Julie Dubitsky, Secretary Jeannie 
Kim, Treasurer Becca Green, and a Board 
of Directors. This year they have raised over 
600 dollars for terminally ill children in Mass- 
achusetts. Doing more than just fundraising, the 
Interact Club is consistantly active in the commun- 
ity, helping their neighbors, the food pantry, nursing 
homes, and anyone else who could use someone caring 
help, or assistance. Involved, Interact is a club of givers. 

e success! 

Da folk: Advisor Dennis, 
Jen, Brian, Joe, Nicci, Ingrid, 
Emily, Elisa, Amita, Dara, Amy, 
Gina, Nina, Christina, Tiffany, Beth, 
Michelle, Andy, Mike, Jeremy, Miranda, 
Lauren, Heather, John, Becca, Julie, Jeannie, 

Kristin, Melissa 



Page #27 

T elemedia. '96 

bright & early with "BHS Live.'" 

by Ben Waterhouse 
Carrying on the tradition of quality programming 
for BHS, the dedicated members of Telemedia contrib- 
uted countless hours to this year's show "BHS Live!" 

Due to the schedule change which shortened 
homeroom to 5 minutes and moved the beginning of 
school to 7:20, the format for "BHS Live!" was altered 
from past years. For the first time, students at BHS 
could come into school to see their favorite people, 
places, and movies already in progress. Both technical 
and artistic challenges were met by student directors 
and producers Ben Waterhouse, Vilas Sridharan, and 
Curtis Wright. A crew of 30 telemedia club members 
helped the show progress by creating new and inven- 
tive things to put on the show. Countless hours were 
put in filming various events around school, editing 
them for broadcast on TV, and putting it all in motion. 
Special thanks from the directors go to Mr. Lord, for all 
his help and encouragement, and technical expertise. 
"BHS Live!" marches on. 

(top row) Colin McDonough, Kindra Johnson, Devin McPhie, Jue n 
Hastings, Matt Skavenski, Casey Hill, Chris Betz, Shawn Dow;, 
Shanju Shewakramani, Juan D'Arujio (middle row) Jesse Belkn 
Shawn Fillion, Brian Conway, Jean Connelly, Ricky Stucka, ] 
Haynes, Greg Simpson (bottom row) Bethany Giusti, Tim Shef 
Miranda Hillyard, Ingrid Ahlgren, Katie Esposito, Alissa Dan^ 
Alyssa Robinson, Vilas Sridharan, Meredith Campbell, Br 
Deardorff, Ben Waterhouse, Curtis Wright. 


by Dina Zolotusky 

The Forum once again appears in the Bedford 
Minuteman once a month. Students write about differenl 
school events, clubs, and people. This year, the staff is 
under the leadership of Advisor John McCarthy and 
Editor-in-Chief Dina Zolotusky, who has written for the 
Forum for four years. The group meets several times a 
month to discuss ideas for articles for the upcoming issu(| 
and to collect articles for publication. Before the articles 
are sent to the Minuteman, Mr. McCarthy double checks 
them for mistakes. In addition to articles, the Forum alsc 
publishes the original cartoons and photography of BHS 

Forum staff: (back row) Josh Montgomery, Brian Weiner, Kathlel 
Kyper, Heather McCarthy, Cara McNamara (front row) Jeph Yoil 
Kamah Hittle, and Katie Esposito 


Random Vrama. Page 

Today's Random Drama Page was brought to you by the letter F, a sheep, and the number 69. 
same Street is a production of the Children's Public Broadcasting Company and Seagull Productions. 

Page #29 


by Pam Worth and Joey Zupkus 
Madrigal is a choral group that meets every other day and is directed by Mr. Low. It is a selective 
class open to students who make the final audition cut. Madrigal performs at various concerts, sporting 
events, and elderly homes, bringing uplifting music wherever they go. The group also hosts the Madrigal 
Dinner each fall, which features enchanting music, food (but no utensils), and Medieval scenery and cos- 

(below) Ye olde Madrigal group: (top row) Sir Ben of the House of Water (old joke), 
Shawn with a W, Shaun with a U, "... like" Greg Simpson (next row) Jeff Haynes and 
his Ladies in Waiting, Sir Ben Pulsipher, Lady Ingrid Alghren (knees in the dirt) 
Lady Colleen Devlin, Sir Tim Sheflin, Jason of the Lee, Michelle the Shwimer, Lady 
Heather McCarthy, Car of McNamara, and Squire Campbell of the Mare of Death 

(above) "This'll teach you to insult my 
singing ability! Ha!" In a moment of 
strained tempers, Ben pokes Meredith in 
the eve before anyone can react. 
Pa^e #30 

(above right) Ingrid, caught playing a 
French Horn during Madrigal, is sen- 
tenced to a week of rubbing lotion onto 
Mr. Low's Florida sunburn while wear- 
ing those hot sweaty costumes. 


(far above) Yeah, yeah, we know that t 
is technically a Flag Squad picture. 1 
hey — she is a Madrigal singer, and ! 
looks silly enough in this photo that 
figured we'd break the rules. What is i 
about to do, anyway? Beanacheerlead 

Chamber Singers and Choir 

(far left) Jon St. Sauveur and Jen 
Simpson joyfully sit and swiftly 
join singing. 

(left) Honorable Senior Chamber 
Music member Meredith Dill is 
simply delighted to have presided 
over a recent dispute over what 
music to sing. 

(below) A smorgasbord of sing- 
ers from many groups harmo- 
nizes until the wee hours. Quick! 
Someone wake up Little York 
with a cattle prod! 

(above left) Chamber Singers (front row) Laura Siegel, 
Keri Evjy, Robin Grace, Mike Hursh, Ellen Gersh, Jes- 
sica Healy (middle row) Meredith Dill, Alison Brooks, 
Meg Hamel, Andy York (in the bucket), Jen Simpson, 
Danny Liss (top row) Ken Verville, Andrew Carvey, 
Jeff St. Sauveur, Adam Weston, Joanna Mclnnis, 
Cordelia Primmerman, Jon St. Sauveur, Jon De' Arujio 

(left) Choir (front row) Abby Cleghorn, Amanda 
Colford, Alissa Lee, Melissa Costa, Victoria Caliri, Lori 
Healy, Mary Ann Roslin, Caroline Leary, Becky Venuti, 
Curtis Wright (middle row) Jen Jones, Kindra Johnson, 
Jackie Sullivan, Patrick Baxter, John Remington, Miss 
Betsy, Cathy Rowe, Alyssa Robinson (bottom row) Eric 
Lanza, Nick Last, Greg Haynes, Alvin Tsang, Carl 

Page #31 

Double Sextette and Men's Octet 


by His Majesty, Jeff Haynes 

One can only sing so many Old English madrigals, and that's where Men's Octet and Double 
Sextette come in. Those who crave a break from Thomas Morley seek to join one of the two student- 
directed groups which meet at their leisure (read "two hours before a concert"). Men's Octet, student 
directed by Jeff Haynes and Ben Waterhouse, enjoys indulging in doo-wop style music and is for anyo 
who likes an all-male style of singing. Double Sextette, student directed by Cam McNamara, Katie 
Esposito, and Heather McCarthy, has proven to be proficient in some of the most melodic music per- 
formed at BHS. Both groups have been, at times, commissioned to sing at assundry organizations and 
clubs around the area. The extra-curricular opportunity provided by these groups has shown to be a 
valuable one, building vocal stamina and friendships. 

(above) Men Octet's Ben, Chris, Shed, 
Greg, Shaun, and Mike return to their 
natural habitat while Jeff displays the 
bucket of coal he received for Christmas. 
(Not pictured: Andy) 

(dead center) Jeff waves hello from the 
window of the hearse. D'oh! 

(top middle) Katie and Shed: together, 
they almost add up to a whole person. 
Almost. (By the bye, either Ben's been 
dieting or Katie just ate her spinach. 
Mmmm, spinach ...) 

(above) Check out the lungs on tl 
Double Sextette girls! Katie, Coll 
Ingrid, Emily, Jean, Ellen, Heat 
Meredith, Alyssa, Joanna, Cara, and O 
tina know how to get themselves noti 

(left) Cara Mac smiles, knowing that 
is dead. She should know parce que 
killed him herself. 

(far left) Bruyere, Double Sextette 
tuoso, shown here shortly after renin 
from France. "Ohhhh ... jet lag ..." (P.S 
you know what time it is ...?) 

Page #32 


Wind Ensemble and Concert Band 

Play That Funky Music 

by Heather B. Loewy and Joey Zupkus 
For the second year in a row, both the Wind Ensemble and the Concert Band are under the direction 
f their diligent conductor, Brian K. Reagan. He has demonstrated great skill but, more importantly, he has 
hown an inexhaustible amount of enthusiasm. These qualities are seen in the pieces of music he conducts 
nd in the encouragement he gives to his students. 

The saying "save the best for last" definitely held true with the Bedford High School Wind Ensemble, 
very day, 32 lucky students ranging from grades 9 through 12 get to end their day on a wonderful note, so 
3 speak. The variety in both age and instrumentation contribute to the group's success. This year's musical 
elections have included such highlights as "The Blue and the Grey," "Candide," and the unforgettable 

The Concert Band, though smaller than in years past, was just as successful — if not more so — and 
xtremely fun. They joined the Wind Ensemble for some concerts and were joined by some Wind Ensemble 
f 'lembers during their lunch. A special thanks needs to be given to Mr. Maffa, who joined us to play the 
lliba, and Michelle Martin, who faithfully warmed us up every time Mr. Reagan was running late from his 
\ llass at the middle school. And, the payment for so much hard work was a trip to DISNEY WORLD! 

Needless to say, everyone has put a lot a effort into each piece of music and extended their musical 
.abilities to the max. Those who attend the group's concerts cease to be amazed by the groups' talent and 
Medication. It is the continued hope of the music faculty, students, and parents that the groups will play to 
jlie level of excellence that they have proved that they are capable of accomplishing. 

(left) The Concert Band poses for a 
picture during a recent shift in the 
earth's relative axis in relation to the 

(far left) Marie, Brian, and Alissa 
play with their new Crazy Straws at 

ruba woman! Clean out your 
>it valve! You're killing me 
?re!" Stern percussion man 
ave Wolf sends Michelle tele- 
ithic messages to practice 
•oper social skills. 

Bill Clinton plays a mighty mean 

Wind Ensemble: (bottom row) Dave, Beth, Mike, Brian (middle 
row) Jen, Alison, Chris, Jeff, Cordelia, Jon, Michelle, Jean, 
Ingrid, Tori, Tom, Ben (top row) Mr. Reagan, Danny, Jon, 
Michelle, Jason, Brian, Jeremy, Vilas, Joey, Marie, Alissa, 
Bethany, Cara 

Pa^e #33 

(right) Up, up, and away! Goes 
the drumstick of Brian. 

(below right) Clap on! Clap off! 
Clap on, clap off! The clap man! 

(below) Heather eloquently 
places her feet on the line, while 
salvaging her hands and head. 


The Marching Band boogies Five members of the Flag Squad are having a jolly time, while the sixth appears to have 
down at the Pep Rally- crick in the neck. 

Page #34 

Marching Band & flag Squad 

by Kathleen Kyper & Michelle Martin 

The Marching Band and Flag Squad are well 
wn in Bedford High School and throughout the 
imunity for their pride and spirit. They have 
-ked long and hard to produce an exciting and 
rd-winning show and found success and fun 
;s. Together, they have attracted the attention of 
r unified audience. 

Before the schedule began, both old and new 
rups took a trip to Cape Cod, where new members 
jined the finer points of marching. The camp 
eied a great deal, adding new skills and improving 
hones. Due to the successful camp experience, the 
i>e Cod trip will likely become an annual tradition. 

The success of this year's Flag Squad was 
totty due to the induction of Colleen, the girls' new 
■ch, and the determination of Captain Heather 
llarthy. It was dominated by rookies, who have 
£3ed to create a fun and diverse power-packed 
an of girls. This year, the Flag Squad got new flags 

and new uniforms, adding to their already dazzling 
performances of color and creativity. 

At both football games and parades, the 
Bedford Marching Band stood proudly at attention. 
After drum majors Brian Deardorff and Michelle 
Martin gave their salute, the band would reply 
"Bedford" with a spirited roar. The percussion sec- 
tion with its new music instructor, sharp new jackets, 
and snazzy beret performed a feature number during 
which Brian tossed the mace. The group closed their 
performances with "The Feather Theme" fromForrest 
Gump, including a solo performance by Vilas 
Sridharan. Other Senior members of the Marching 
Band were Jeremy Ciaccia, Jen Clerkin, Alissa Dangel, 
Jason Lee, Alyssa Robinson, Michelle Shwimer, Marie 
Tanzer, Ben Waterhouse, and Joey Zupkus. 

Overall, both groups had a great season, and 
the future is looking bright for the combined efforts of 
the Marching Band and Flag Squad! 

Jeff St. Sauveur (or is it 
John?) entertains the au- 
dience with wonderful 
music on his coronet (or 
is it a trumpet?). 

Icching Band & Flag Squad: (front and center) Michelle, Brian (second row) David, 
liielle, Sharon, Danielle, Alyssa, Heather (row 2.5) Brian, Jen (third row) Alissa, 
lcie, Jon, Jason, Jeremy (row 3.5) Nina, Greg, Dave (fourth row) Tommy, Pat, 
r i) am, John, Jeff, Cordelia, Vilas, Ben (fifth row) Jen, Katie, Jen, Joey, Jean, Alyssa 
;i:h row) Kristen, Kathleen, Pam, Emalie, Shari 

Page #35 

Orchestra, and Chamber Music 

It's a String Fling Thing! 

by Jeannie Kim 

This year's BHSO (Bedford High Symphony Orchestra) rocked! Mr. 
Philip Maffa was one of the first to ever lead the orchestra to a silver medal in 
the MICAH competition. The Seniors of this orchestra have added so much to 
this group. "They are truly an outstanding group of young adults. They are a 
perfect combination of all that is needed to succeed in the most difficult of 
endeavors offered in the music department at BHS: talent, dedication, com- 
mitment, intelligence, and perseverance," says Mr. Maffa. 

The Chamber Music ensemble is a smaller group of orchestrians. They 
are described as being "the finest student string players and although they are 
smaller in size, this group presents challenging works." They have performed 
and entertained not only in BHS concerts, but outside of school as well, such as 
nursing homes. Chamber Music and orchestra is made up of many talented 
and hard working players. Mr. Maffa expresses his feelings about the leaving 
Seniors in one quote. "Over the past nine years of growing and working 
together, they have not only become fine musicians, but also have developed a 
wonderful rapport amongst one another. Their departure from BHS will leave 
a big hole in this section of the department. They will without a doubt, be 
missed tremendously." The 1995-1996 orchestra will never be matched in its's 
excellence, and the 1996 Seniors will never be forgotten! 

(far below) The Zipper Peii 
aka Chamber Music, (froii: 
to bottom) Eric, Jeannie, i\ 
Rajul, Yung-Tsyr, JJ 
Joanna, Miranda, Merel 
KT, Kelly, Jen, Jeff, Rach<] 

Pilihp Affam si eht nam. 

"Ouch! So that's where I left my rosin 
case!" Sanju giggles with glee. 

The Brunette Quartette. (Ni!) 

(far above) I think the Patels are trying 
to make some kind of point in this here 
bloody Orchestra photo. Kinda says it 
all, really. 

Where's Waldo? (see page 326 for the 

Page #36 


American field Service (aka AFS) 

(left) The AFS Club waits at 
Alewife for the Immigration 
Authorities to arrive. Little 
do they know they're being 

(below, left) "Another thing I 
love about America is these 
neat fences with the sharp spi 
... Ouch!" Zophia learns of 
the lawsuit. 

(above) Joey and Ayesha on tour with the 
Hofbrau Boys. Honest! (Boy howdy, 
does Joey play a mean tuba, too! Oom- 

(left) "Dear Lord, what a bunch of 
goobers." — Random Yearbook Stapher. 
International goobers: (top row) Zsophia 
Gombos, Michelle Sampson, Kristen 
Lefebvre, Nina Harvey, Nikki Larson, 
Gwen Kramer, Jean Connelly, Pepe Yo- 
Yo, Gerri Parisella (deuxieme row) Alissa 
Dangel, Ellen Gersh, Bruyere McCarthy, 
Marie Tanzer, Casey Hill, Chris Betz, Jus- 
tin Hastings, Nadia Volicer (tercer rowo) 
Ayesha Thomas, Cordelia Primmerman, 
Jen Mills, Beth Sokolik, Trinity Dunne, 
Michelle Donnelly, Chris O'Reilly, Alyssa 
Robinson, Becky Venuti, Ingrid Ahlgren 
(lump on the floor) Ricky Stucka, Devin 
McPhee, Jo Jo K'Ching, Mirand Hillyard. 

Page #37 

Foreign Language Clubs 

Et maintenant, nous vous presentons le Circle de Francais: (top row) Dave DeBartelo, Kelly Jones, Carrie Shamel, Bethany Ru; 
Gwen Kramer, Devin McPhie, Josh Montgomery, Chris Betz, Marie Tanzer, Alissa Dangel, Carrie Huxsaw, Sanju Shewakram, 
Kris Sarajian, Vilas Sridharan, Rajul Patel, Eric Luke (second row) Mark Arsenalt, Alison Brooks, Ben Pulsipher, Kelly Dut 
Laura Siegel, Shan Patel, Cordelia 
Primmerman, Jean Connelly, Chris 
O'Reilly, Ingrid Alhgren, Emily Ullman, 
Ben Waterhouse, Curtis Wright (third 
row) Alvin Tsang, Beth Sandell, Natalie 
Black, T.C. Rand, Brian Nash, Eric Gib- 
bons, Pam Worth, Vanessa Vitiello, 
Heather B. Loewy, Jill LaVoie, Ryan 
Anderson, Meredith Dill, Miss Betsy 
Cameron, Jessica Amos, Ellen Gersh, 
Advisor Madame Rainis (fourth row) Cara 
Stein, Katie Akillian, Carl Larson, Katie 
Bowen, Meredith Campbell, Jesse Ryan, 
Andy Katz, Jessica Healy, Michelle 
Shwimer, Lori Healy, Katie Esposito, 
Sharon Betz, Ryan Shellhouse (bottom 
row) Heather Wilder, Julie Dubitsky, 
Heather McCarthy, Terri O'Reilly 

(above) "Oy. I hate midyears Mrs. 
Rainis is having a really ... baaad ... day .... 

(above right) "Oooh ... Tang Budget 
cutbacks send Pam into a spiral of tingly 

Page #38 

(above and right) "Look, I don't care how 
bad the tea is. You're disrupting my 
Salon de The!" Meanwhile, Emily suffers 
from flashbacks ("no, Vaccinated, no ...") 

(far above) Hmmm, a new record. N 
how far can you spit a crouton? 

Language Clubs 

(left) Chris O'Reilly, Tiffany Bowlby, et 
Christina Ciccone parlent de comment 
mauvais les croissants sont. 

(below far left) Sheket b'vakasha, hey! 
Sheket b'vaka hey, sha! Boker tov, Laura! 

(below left) Jen Clerkin desconoce a 
Jeannie Kim depues de que Jeannie tiro 
dos huevos a ella. Ay, que lastima! 

(below) Je ne comprends pas. Pourquoi 
dis-toi, "Yirbumsoothewindae"? 

■luevo lema del club de espanol: "Significa el derecho de la Eway arway usingway Igpay Atinlay ecausebay ethay Atinlay 

Jnsa cuando las ventanas estan a la izquierda, la puerta a la Ubclay isway ullfay ofway iceway eatay. (Eeaseplay otenay 

i echa, los gabinetes estan detraz de ti, y la tabla con los Evilway Oulderpadshay Uygay inway ethay irdthay owray.) 
tvneros de Jostens estan enfrente de ti." 



Says' State 

by Ben Waterhouse and Curtis Wright 
No sooner had the 94-95 school 
year come to a close than two brave and 
excited Seniors-to-be, Curtis Wright and 
Ben Waterhouse, ventured to Bentley 
College for a fun-filled week at the 1995 
Massachusetts Boys State. For what 
turned out to be one of the hottest weeks 
of the summer, Curtis and Ben enjoyed 
all the excitement which Boys State had 
to offer. They dabbled in all sorts of new 
and different fields of social science and 
government policy. The program is de- 
voted to expanding the minds and inter- 
ests of young men who show leadership 
promise and dedication to public ser- 
vice. During the course of the week, Ben 
and Curtis took low-pressure courses in 
economics, leadership, and government. 

The boys even had the opportunity 
to participate in a government simu- 
lation, passing legislation, dealing 
with town by-laws and ordinances, 
and running for public office. Curtis 
served masterfully in the State Sen- 
ate, and Ben launched a valiant cam- 
paign for Governor. They spent their 
free time avoiding heat stroke, call- 
ing home, and, what else, playing 

Girls' State 

by Katie Esposito and Jeannie Kim 
On Saturday, June 1 7th, 290 girl 
from all over Massachusetts arrived a 
Mount Holyoke College to attend th 
50th session of the Massachusetts Girls 
State, which lasted one week. Katie anc 
Jeannie spent their week learning hov 
to become "tomorrow's leaders" by run 
ning and forming their own mock gov 
ernment and electing their own officer 
But there was more than just politica 
madness. There was a hypnotist, man 1 
famous speakers, hot weather, cool ic 
cream, the traditional wearing of bean 
ies, Girls' State songs, no boys (d'oh)[ 

great rallies, and many strong friendl 
ships. Girls' State was an unforgettable 


by Ben Waterhouse and Dina Zolotusky 
This year's National Honor Soci- 
ety had a lot to offer the school. Co- 
Presidents Julie Dubitsky and Ben 
Waterhouse, Vice President Jeannie Kim, 
Secretary Kristin Mead, and Treasurer 
Curtis Wright provided the backbone 
for this organization, for which mem- 
bers are chosen based on scholarship, 
service, character and leadership. Advi- 
sor Dorothy O'Malley was a great help 
in the organization of standard activi- 
ties and suggestions for new ones. At 
this year's induction ceremony in No- 
vember, 23 Juniors and 2 additional Se- 
niors were welcomed into the group, 
bringing total membership for this year 
up to 64. 

NHS members are involved in 
different activities which demonstrate 
service. They are in charge of the weekly 
recycling program; they also volunteer 
at the college fair and Parent's Night. 
The group also raises money for scholar- 
ships for a few outstanding Senior NHS 
members. At Bedford Day alone they 
raised over three hundred dollars, more 
than any NHS group in the past! 
Page #40 

f t 1 * 

National Honor Society: (bottom row -- leadership) Curtis Wright, Ben Waterhouse 
Kristin Mead, Julie Dubitsky, Jeannie Kim (second row — character) Kamah Hittle 
Katie Esposito, Joey Zupkus, Kristen Lefebbre, Nina Harvey, Susan Bayliss, Agat; 
Brys, Michelle Shwimer, Jessica Healey, Chris Ryan, Jesse Ryan, Andy McGovern 
Gina DiSanzo, Cara Stein (third row — service) Ms. O'Malley, Candice Tanner, Ann 
Michelle Levangie, Meredith Dill, Alyssa Robinson, Emily Ullman, Ingrid Ahlgren 
Miranda Hillyard, Terri O'Reilly, Kristen Sylva, Lauren Richards, Amita Bharat 
Alissa Dangel, Mike Hursh, Kris Sarajian, Gabe Chedister (fourth row — scholarship 
Andrea Flute, Tiffany Bowlby, Devon McPhie, Justin Hastings, Ricky Stucka, Chri- 
O'Reilly, Jean Connelly, Heather McCarthy, Mary Stanza, Theresa McGovern, Dare- 
Morris, Geri Parisella (fifth row — random acts of violence) Yung-Tsyr Chen, Elis; 
Banner, Eric Luke, Vilas Sridharan, Tom Kotwal, Rajul Patel, Sanju Shewakramani 
Carrie Huxsaw, Casey Hill, Chris Betz, Cara McNamara, Jen Clerkin, Rachel Seagull 


Debate Team 

jate Team: (top row) Dave DeBartelo, Carl Dave DeBartelo laughs as Shan Patel stares at a doorknob, 
sen, Rajul Patel, Shan Patel, Advisor Mr. 
liken, (bottom row) Vanessa Vitiello, 
delia Primmerman, Terri O'Reilly, Cara 
Jamara, Danny Liss 

Environmental Club 

ii'ironmental Club President Kathleen The Environmental Club: A.D. Gerstel, Ricky Meg Hamel puts Sun Block on her lips 
< ?er... Stucka, Cody Young, Andy Bourneuf, Brian daily to protect against harmful UV rays. \ 

McGrath, Meg Hamel, Michelle Sampson, 
Kathleen Kyper, Cordelia Primmerman, Advi- 
sor Miss Keltner 

Pa£e#41 I 

Student Government Assembly, 
Student Council, & Mediation 

by Dina Zolotusky 

The Student Government Assembly is a student run organization under the leadership of Moderator 
Rachel Siegel, Assistant Moderator Chris O'Reilly, Secretary Curtis Wright, PA Representative Michelle 
Shwimer, and Advisor John Reynolds. Over the past several years, SGA members have done much to 
change BHS and how to best solve problems that face the school. They rewrote the school's Constitution, 
brought back hall decorating, and convinced the administration to allow outdoor lunches. The SGA also 
worked to remove the graffiti from the school walls and in the bathrooms and performed numerous actions! 
demonstrating their care for the school. The work of these students often goes unappreciated by their peers} 
who fail to realize how much effort has gone into these accomplishments. 

The group spends long hours accomplishing their goals for the good of the student body, but unfor- I 
tunately not all see the benefits of such leadership. The Student Government Assembly is open to new ideae 
and is always seeking new members. 

As an organization, the SGA also oversees the activities of the School Committee Representatives and 
Student Council. Council members Kathleen Kyper, Chris O'Reilly, Betsy Cameron, and Beverly Marrigan 
meet frequently with Mr. Duggan to discuss issues. 

Mediation team members (top row) Joey Sylva, 
Bethany Giusti, Curtis Wright (bottom row) Emily 
Neal, Nicci Larsen, Chris O'Reilly, and Emily 
Ullman mediate those who need to be mediated. 

(above, right) Got a question? About anything? 
(right to left) Junior Chris O'Reilly, Frosh Beverly 
Marrigan, Senior Kat Kyper, and Sophomore Betsy 

They walk! They talk! They graft! It's the amaz- 
ing SGA! (top row) Mr. John Reynolds, Kris "nice 
hat" Sarajian, Cara "nice nails" Stein, Michelle 
"nice smile" Shwimer, Beverly "nice shoe" 
Marrigan, Laura "nice legacy to live up to" Siegel 
(top-challenged row) Assistant Moderator Chris 
"nice bangs" O'Reilly, Secretary "nice tie" Wright, 
Moderator Rachel "nice attitude" Siegel. #42 


by Dina Zolotusky 

This year's math team has had quite a few changes. They were put in a different league, which 
igered some members because of their familiarity with the old league's ways. It was especially 
issappointing for the Seniors, as they had hoped to be challenged by the same teams they had gone up 
gainst for the past three years. A different league didn't keep the team down, since other changes occured 
lat counter-ballanced this news. Mr. Sean McGowan took over the coaching, and the team used this new 
caching style to help them accomplish their goals. 

With this year's Seniors Yung-Tsyr Chen, Meredith Dill, Rajul Patel, Sanju Shewakramani, Vilas 
ridharan, Curtis Wright, and Captain Dina Zolotusky, the team had good and strong leadership. Other 
•am members can look forward to a great future. 

Finally caught on film, Vilas 
builds up his latent psychokinetic 
powers by playing a mental chess 
game against Ricky Stucka. 

"Advisor-men, advisor-men, 
doing what only advisors can 
..." Everybody sing! 

(back row) Team Add-visor Mr. McGowan, square root 
of V, cosSanju, Chris 3 , Subtract-visor (har!) Mr. Stevenson, 
(middle row) Meredith/ pi, Stucky the Floating Hat, Team 
Captain Dina X, Jean sequence. (front row), Sharon share alike, and Oh Ricky You're 
So Fine. Meet our demands by midnight, or more cap- 
tions will suffer the fate of this one. Phew. 

Ah-one, two ... ah-one, two, three ... "It is I, Captain Dina! 
With my calculus ... and my Meredith! Solving polynomi- 
als is good for me! And they're good for you, So think it 
through; The answer's there, Just take the square, You'll 
soon find that these things aren't hard at all! ... Three 
cheers for me, Captain Dina ... Solve! Solve! Solve!" 

Page #43 

Science Club and Science Team 

by Dina Zolotusky 

This year the Science Team returned from a third place finish at states. Under the leadership of 
Senior Captain Jeff Haynes, and advisors Mrs. Catherine Krueger and Mr. Lawrence Ullmann, the Science 
Team has had a great season! They've competed in various events such as the Freshman Science Bowl, 
Write it/ Do it, Sounds of Science, Sounds of Mucis, What are you trying to tell me?, Drinking Straw 
Construction, Biotech, Experimental Design, What is it?, Trajectory, Periodic Table, Earth Science Process 
Lab, Mission Possible, Bio Process Lab and Calorimetry. 

The Science Club, under the leadership of Senior officers — President Jeff Haynes, Vice-President 
Alyssa Robinson, Secretary Curtis Wright, and Treasurer Vilas Sridharan — has participated in various 
activities this year, such as field trips, speakers and other outings. 

Both the Science Club and the Science Team give BHS students an opportunity to participate in 
"out of the classroom" science related activities and develop their interests in science. Seniors leaving this 
year will be greatly missed, since both the Science Club and Science Team have developed a close knit 

Science Team, Science League, what's the bloody differ- 
ence . . . (top row) Justin Hastings, Casey Hill, Ricky Stucka, 
Matt Skavenski, Devin McPhie, Yevrac Werdna, Shawn 
Downs (between Yevrac's legs), Chris Betz, Nick Last, 
Hunter Koh's floating head, Kamah Hittle (middle row) 
Rashmi Kaul, Michelle Sampson, Saliv Narahdirs, Sanju 
"I'm right side up, but my last name still looks funny" 
Shewakramani, Alissa Dangel, Jean Connelly, Sharon Betz 
(third row) Alyssa "strange growth from the top of my 
head" Robinson, Curtis Wright (or is it wrong?), Brian 
Deardorff (human carpet) Jeffie Haynes 

Science Club screams "Beakers ahoy!" (row s) Shawn Downs, Casey 
Hill, Devin McPhie, Chris Betz, Nick Last, Kamah "Igor" Hittle (row 
p) Ricky "the amazing flying" Stucka (row d) Hunter Koh, Sanju 
Shewakramani, Alissa Dangel, Jean Connelly, Sharon Betz, Marie 
Tanzer (row f) Jeffie Haynes, Vilas Sridharan, Curtis Wright, Alyssa 
"I'm too sexy for my safety goggles" Robinson, Brian Deardorff, Matt 
Skavenski, Justin Hastings 

Page #44 

Air Force Junior R.O.T.C 

^.O.T.C. (bottom row) Andrea Koschuk, Patrick Sledge, Reagan Schwartz, Sarah 
Zottman, Michelle Golden, Tanya Perry, Jasymne Campbell, Jen Moen, Alexandria 
Vlarchetta (second row) Kathleen Kyper, Terrina Harford, Tanya Jardin, Becky 
*Villey, Jennifer Abrahms, Rebecca Holland, Kirsten Bushey, Jennifer Verville, Alexis 
.^resti, Steph Hill, Courtney Murphey, Christina Verville, Sophon Meach, Porche 
Dillahunt (third row) Daniel Smithey, Jorge Lang, Amanda Holland, Natesha Dillahunt, 
lathy Rowe, Amy Morgan, Kindra Johnson, Jason Ayala, Mike Presti, Jason Reposa, 
aime Vilbur, Mike Spicer, Brian Cox, LtCol Pappas (fourth row) Cody Yonus, Angela 
Touse, Michelle Washington, Jill Lavoie, Andy Bourneuf, Bearnt Kullman, Jamie 
^aValley, Tom Bleckley, Frank Zawada, Chris Carrol, Joshua Santoeroe, Wess Mor- 
gan, Virginia Vitiello, Jay Williams, Jesse Hastings (top row) Chris Schuller, Pat 
DaWaher, Mark Arsenalt, Lori Scheiern, Jenny, Steve Eschmann, Ryan Anderson, 
Zhris Betz, Casey Hill, David Lloyd, Cedric Townes, James Ritchey, Ken Verville, Ben 
Iroxford, Rick Elkins, Chea Kenyon, Andy "O.J." Simpson, Scott Dugal, Jackson 
31eckley, Doug Robinson, Mike Robertson 

by Alexis Presti 

The mission of the Air Force 
Junior ROTC program is to edu- 
cate and train high school students 
in citizenship, to promote commu- 
nity service, and to instill responsi- 
bility, character, and self-discipline 
while providing instruction in air 
and space fundamentals. The 
ninety cadets of MA 791^ 1995-1996 
are instructed by LtCol Victor 
Pappas and CmSgt Al Braga and 
are led by unit commanders C/ 
LtCol Jen Verville and C/Maj 
Alexis Presti. 

Drill Team: (below, left) Mark Arsenault, 
Jennifer Verville, Cathy Rowe, Rebecca 
Holland, Terrina Harford, Alexis Presti, 
Brian Cox (top row) Jamie La Valley, Tom 
Bleckley, Ben Croxford, Chris Betz, Ed 

Color Guard: (below) Ben Croxford, 
Amanda Holland, Lori Scheiern, Rebecca 
Holland, Terrina Harford, Alexis Presti, 
Jamie LaValley 

(above left) Senior Officers: Jill Lavoie, Rebecca Holland, Cathy 
Roew, Kirsten Bushey, Alexis Presti, Jennifer Verville, Lori Scheiern, 
Jorge Lang, Andy Bourneuf, Ben Croxford, Chris Betz, Casey Hill 

(left) "I've got a request. Could you play 'Flag in Your Face' by dat 
group Seal?" 

Page #45 

Yearbook Staph 

by Rachel L. Siegel, Editor-in-Chief 

It's finally over and, somehow, we all survived — again. 

Once upon a time, in the depths of lower E wing, eight 
teenagers staggered back into society after two years of solitary 
confinement. As anyone who worked on the Yearbook staph can 
attest, publishing the history of a school year at Ye Olde Bedford 
High School is an overwhelming task. Because the Yearbook staph 
was smaller than most Chicken McNugget servings, everyone was 
forced to become involved in all aspects of the book's publication. 
We attempted (sadly, I'll admit) to make our deadlines and main- 
tain good relations with our publishing plant consultant Monroe 
Tarver (despite the fire) and our local representative, the Honor- 
able Sir John Neister (insert respectful gesture here). Also, the 
staph sold Yearbooks at lunch, made silly posters, sold ads to local 
businesses and parents, cropped and captioned photographs, 
worked on design layout, wrote and edited articles, 
played JezzBall, acquired a couch and a fridge, and 
took, lost, and found photos. Over the course of these 
twenty-one months, the group worked, created, 
laughed, cried, lived, died, ate, slept, screamed, shouted, 
and split hairs over anything they could. This was all, 
of course, while maintaining some semblance of a de- 
cent grade point average (or, again, sadly attempting 
it). And, at this time, it would be proper to definesc/zoo/ 
as the six-and-a-half hour a day distraction from time 
better spent on Yearbook work (excerpt from The Yearbook Dictio- 
nary ). 

As Editor for the past two years, I have had the privilege 
to work with a few devoted staph members who somehow toler- 
ated the chaos that is the Yearbook staph and sacrificed their time, 
energy, health, and sanity to the greater good. This core staph is 
truly a batch of selfless fools who have labored for two years to 
create this unforgettable Yearbook. In no particular order, the 
staph: Joey Martin Blaze Duffy Zupkus, treasurer and financial 
bookkeeper (read: penny pincher) of the Yearbook staph officially 
titled Business Editor, and Heather B. Loewy (and her wonderful 
telephone manner). Thanks to both of you, I have more pocket 
money than I'll ever now what to do with! Thanks to The 
Captioneers, the freelance group of spontaneously and randomly 

disorderly rabblerousers who add captions to all the photos (e> 
cept, of course, the one's that you don't like). Jeph York, Hea 
Captioneer and my co-conspirator, thank you for your endles 
creativity and boundless energy. Thanks to Katie Esposito, the on 
truly dedicated captioneer and sometimes photographer, for you 
support and for having a different view of the world — literall) 
Ellen Gersh, Editor at Large (a meaningless title that looks good o 
college applications), thanks for your raw unfocused enthusiasrr 
And to Bethany Lesure for feeling guilty about never showing u 
at Yearbook; thanks for knowing all the names of everyone wh. 
has at one time or another passed through the halls of our belovei 
Bedford High School. Thanks to Articles Editor Dina Zolotusk 
and to everyone who wrote and edited articles: Maria A., Susan B 
Chris B., Amita B., Tiffany B., Yung-Tsyr C, Jeremy C, Jen C 

Alissa D., Cyndi D., Will D., Michelle D., Kerry D., 
Trinity D., Katie E., Keri E., Ellen G., Rebecca G., Jeff H., 
Miranda H., Kamah H., Andrew K., Jeannie K., Kathleen 
K., Niccole L., Bethany L., Heather L., Michelle M., 
Heather M., Colin M., Joanna M., Cara M., Devin M., 
Kristin M., Terri O., Alexis P., Sam R., Andrea R., Joey 
S., Laura S., John T., Rebecca T., Sarah T., Ginny V., Ben 
W., Pam W., Curtis W., Jeph Y., and Joey Z. And Dina, I 
in case you ever need to locate any of these people, you 
should look on the D drive on the computer that's to the 
right of the printer. When I say to the right of the printer, I mean.] 
Also, a special thank you to Heather York for her super! 
editing skills regarding the Senior Directory and constant mora 
support! I truly appreciate all the help you have given us! Pleas' 
don't hesitate to charge next year's staph — really! 

Finally, I'd like to acknowledge the BHS administratio) 
and our Advisor, Mike Rinaldi, and his thirteen years of service ti 
the Yearbook staph. Mene, Tekel, Peres. 

As you might imagine, the satisfaction of holding th 
completed yearbook (despite the fact that it might be boun( 
upside-down and backwards) is an overwhelming experience anc 
well worth all the effort that was necessary to complete it! Bui 
after two years, it's done. And it's wonderful. Crop on! 

The core Yearbook Staph, in an attempt to avoid death threats, hides amongst 
a group of bystanders. Top row: nobody important. Bottom Row: some guy, 
Pepe Yo-Yo Esposito, Jeph York, Elan Gersh, Rachel L. Seagull (lying atop 
four unidentified people), Bethany Lesure, Heather B. Loewy, and Jo-Jo 
K'Ching Zupkus. 

Ellen demonstrates the improper use of a triangl I 
pica measurer. Either that, or she fell asleep on he 
corduroys again. 

Page #46 

aril I 

Yearbook Goddess Rachel L. Siegel displays their ever-mutat- 
ing door, while Junior Captioneers Ellen D. Gersh and KT LN 
Esposito display their life-size blow-up Jeph C. York doll. ("No 
... turn the head more to the left ... no, the other left.") 

Dina Zolotusky drummed up the articles, and Joey Buttazupkus 
drummed up the money. This photo was taken last year, and I 
don't think we've seen them smile again since about then .... 

The Layout Girl does her stuff. You can 
tell she enjoys her job, can't you? (Well, 
confidentially, it's because she's just 
cropped Rinaldo's head out of all the 
photos in the Yearbook. Shhh, don't tell.) 

Ike the Pied Piper of Hamelin 
Twne, Jeph York attempts to mes- 
i?rize underclassmen into follow- 
||5 him into the Yearbook fold. 
I ilike the Pied Piper, it didn' t work. 

Now that ... is a lot ... of hair. These, by the way, 
are the freaks responsible for most of the hilari- 
ous, and sometimes outright bizarre captions 
in this book. We're not quite sure yet who put 
the good ones in. (But when we find out, boyyy 

Page #47 


Julie Ann Mbonesi 

Jule, Jules, Rend 

If I had mv life to live over, 
I'd dare to make more mistakes 
next time. I would be sillier 
than I have this trip ... 
- Nadine Stair 

Stack the chairs on the table tops, 
hang the sheets on the chandeliers, 
it slows down but it never stops 
ain't it sweet after all these years. 
- Billy Joel 

Michael James 

Mike, Crazy Monkey 

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 
Pretty Neat, Pretty Neat 
Prettv Good, Pretty Good" 
He said as he walked on down the hall. 
- Jim Morrison 

Jose Amaya 

Nicholas J. Anderson 

Aeneas, Nick, Nicky, N.J., 
Budda, Big Man, Little 
Anderson, Beaner 

Hey, the things you see 
when you don't have a gun! 
- Mr. Kelly 

Maria. Armijos 

Sarah Elizabeth Saird 

Think. Believe. Dream. Dare. 

- Walt Disney 

When you're getting kicked from the 
rear, it means you're in front. 

- Fulton Sheen 

Be happy with what you have, 
while working for what you want. 
- Life's Little Instruction Book 

Blisa Naomi Banner 


Against the assault of laughter 
nothing can stand. 

Clothes make the man. 
Naked people have little or no 
influence in society. 
- Mark Twain 

Erin Barrett 

Page #56 

Nicole Barrila 

Jennifer L. Barry 

Susan Marie Bayliss 

Sue, Salty Sue, Q, James, 

It is not easy to become beautiful. 
It requires hard work, patience, and 

attention to detail. It also takes a 
certain firmness of purpose. Beauty 
is in the eye of the beholder, and it 
may be necessary from time to time 
to give a stupid or misinformed 
beholder a black eye. 
- Miss Piggy 

I never heard what you said! 
- Goo Goo Dolls 

Michelle Bayne 

Fool enough to almost be it, 
Cool enough to not quite see it, Dumb 
enough to always feel it, always old 
I'll always feel it. Now I'll promise no 
more sorrow, no longer will I follow. 
Can anybody help me? I just want 
to be me. The way I can, I will. 
Try to understand, the way I can — I will. 
- Smashing Pumpkins 

Don't it make you sad to know that life is 
more then who we are? Grew up way too 
fast and now there's nothing to believe. 
- Goo Goo Dolls 

All of Bedford is a ghetto. 
- Meredith Sledge 

Jackson Bleckley 

J, Action, Jackintun, Jack in 
da Crack, Michael Jackson, 
Lil'Man, Cutie 

Get in where u fit in. 
- Me, Myself, and 1 

Do wuttcha like. 
- Humpty 

It's all good, know what I'm sayin'. 
- Wayne 

Thomas E. Bleckley, II 

Tee, D.J. Tee, T-Slick, T-Boz, 

Thomas-J, Pretty Boy, 
Tommy Hilfiger, Tough Guy 

Image is everything. 
- Andre Agassi 

Survival of the fittest, 
only the strong survive. 

- Mobb Deep 

Everyday it rains. 

- Mary J. Blige 

Andrew O. Bourneuf 


When I die bury me upside down, 
so the world can kiss mv ...! 
- Howard Stern 

If at lunch, and you feel bored: 
veil, make animal noises, burp, 
or just scream at the top of your lungs. 

Agata Karoline Brys 

Agatka, Brys-ball, 

Girls aren't as good as thev look. 

- Jack Kerouack 

There's only 4 ways to get unraveled 
One is to sleep & the other is to trav el 
One is a bandit up in the hills & 
One is to love your neighbor 
till his wife gets home 

- Jim Morrison 

Page #57 

Kirsten Ann Bushey 

KIR, Kristen, Krrsten 

Michelle Nicole Bush 

Nikki, Shelly, Gaby 

You can only live a minute at a time. 
Once it's over you can't relive it, 
so don't waste it being upset, smile and 
your minute will be well spent. 
- Trace Hector 

Megan Elisabeth- 
Louise Carpenter 

Meg, Meggy, Mugsy, 
Peg Leg Meg 

No one can make you feel 
inferior without your consent. 

- E. Roosevelt 

The words you say never seem 
to live up to the ones inside your head. 

- Soundgarden 

Page #58 

A coincidence is when 
God works a miracle and wishes 
to remain anonvmous. 
- Author Unknown 

Love is patient; love is kind; love is not 
jealous, conceited, or proud; love is not 
ill-mannered, selfish or irritable; love 
does not keep a record of wrongs; love is 
not happy with evil, but is happy with the 
truth. Love never gives up and its faith, 
hope, patience never fall. 
- 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7 

Ronald Charles 

Ron, Ronnie, Pretzel 

"Shampoo is better; 
I wash and clean the hair." 
"No, conditioner is better; 
1 make the hair silky and smooth." 
"Oh really, fool?" "Really." 
- Billy Madison 

"Hev, what did you say back there?" 
"Nothing, it was just an observation." 
"Observation, huh, 
well why don't you observe while I 
punch your teeth down your throat." 
- Dazed & Confused 

Matthew 5. Callahan 


Christopher C Chen 

Tomorrow is tomorrow. 
Future cares have future cures. 
And we must mind today. 
- Sophocles 

Nathan T. Campoli 

To be responsive at this time, 

though 1 will simply say, 
and therefore this is a repeat 
of what I said previously, 
that which I am unable to offer 
in response is based on information 
available to make no such statement. 
- Unknown 

Yung'Tsyr Chen 

Shut up or I'll aruuujet you to death. 
- Yung-Hsin 

Don't flush urinals with your hand, 
use your elbow. 

- Anonvmous 

Indeed I count everything as loss 
because of the surpassing worth 
of knowing Jesus Christ my Lord. 

- Philipians 3:8 


Jeremy Paul Ciaccia 

Ciaccia, Ciach, Ciach-e, 
Germany, J 

At the heart of the story is the music. 
Music that lives with us, 
always there to remind us of the people, 
the places, and the events of our times. 
- Zemeckis & Roth 

Get it? Got it. Gooood! 

Jennifer Lee Clerkin 

Jen, Jenny, Fer-fer, Lee-Lee 

The fate of love is that it always 
seems too little or too much. 
- Amelia E. Barr 

I never practice; I always play. 
- Wanda Landowska 

The easiest thing vou can be 
in life is critical. 

- Jeff Haynes 

People who cannot feel 
punish those who do. 

- Marv Sarton 

Amy Lee Corrigan 

Amalia, Ames, Ame, Maime 

They say you will never be lonely 
from the start of each day to its end. 
If you walk life's pathway 
with love on your heart, 
and side by side with a friend. 

- Anonvmous 

A friend is there when 
everyone else isn't, believing when 
everyone else hasn't, understanding 

when everyone else doesn't, 
loving when everyone else wasn't. 

- Anonvmous 

May the hinges of friendship never rust, 
nor the wings of love lose a feather. 

- E. B. Ramsey 

Benjamin J. Croxford 

Ben, Benji, Beef, Egg Roll 

Don't put off till tomorrow 
what you can do today. 

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way. 
- General McArthur 

A Good Soldier is a Dollar a Day Soldier. 
- General Eisenhower 

Don't Shoot Till You See 
the White of Their Eyes. 
- Admirable John Paul Jones 

Alissa Robyn Vangel 

Lissa, Dangel 

Self is the only prison 
that can ever bind the soul. 
- Henry Van Dyke 

And a very merry un-birthday to you. 
- Alice in Wonderland 

Brian Veardorff 

Dorf, Ears 

"I could be the Walrus ..." 
Ferris Beuller 

"It's all relative!" 
- Mr. Ullmann 

"Intellegence can be 
measured by the inverse square 

of the size of a man's ears." 
(Sorry, supposed to be gravity.) 

Nicholas Define 

Cynthia. Leigh 

Cyndi, Cyn, CD., Boo 

Teach me still to be thankful for life, 
and for time's olden memories 
that are so good. 
- Max Ehrmann 

Success is failure turned inside out. 
- Unknown 

Pa^e #59 

Meredith Vill 

Crina Dt Sanzo 

Let not grass grow 
on the path of friendship. 
- American Indian 

When what you wish does not happen, 
wish for what does. 
- Arabic 

Kerry Lynn Vatican 

Ker, Kerrin, Blue, Mugs, 

Whenever I'm caught between two evils, 
I pick the one I haven't tried yet. 
- Janis Joplin 

You gain strength, courage, 
and confidence by every experience 
in which vou look fear in the face; 
you must do the things you cannot. 
- Eleanor Roosevelt 

Page #60 

William Finley Vick 

Will, Willy, Willow, Billy 

Many dreams come true 
and some have silver linings 
I live for my dreams and 
A pocket full of gold. 
- Led Zepplin 

Kathryn Ellen Bsposito 

Katie, KT, Pepe-Yoyo, Espo, 
Espi(oop), Potato, Punkin, 
Eitak Oitsopse!, Shorty, Fred, 
Kespo, Kates, McEsposittio, 
Hatie, Freak 

When you come to a fork 
in the road ... take it. 
- Yogi Berra 

MED, Moo, reecho, 
Merimoo, May-may, m'amie, 
doodlebug, Auntie-poo Moo, 
dearest mommy Moo 

When all is said and done, 
if you don't have fun, why do it? 

- Graham Tonaka 

Verv unfortunate. We will be dead. 
- Worf, Star Trek, TNG 

Love by nature, exacts a pain 
Unequalled on the rock. 

- Maya Angelou 

Matthew Fanelli 

Julie Meredith 

Jules, Slapshot, Febes 

Don't aim for success if you want it; 
just do what you love and believe in, 
and it will come naturally. 
- David Frost 

A friendship that can end 
never really began. 
- Pubilius Syrus 

Christine Chai (keilfuss 

Chrissy, Byrd 

All men die, 
but not every man trulv lives. 
- Braveheart 

We can't all, and some of us don't. 
That's all there is to it. 
- Eeyore 

Manchu - O.K. 
- Gina and me 

Size matters not. 

" Yoda Can't talk eating. 

- Anonymous 

I am giddy. 
Expectation whirls me round. 
- Shakespeare 

Ellen D. Qersh 

Gersh, Elios, Freak Central, 
Elan, Nelle Hsreg, Ellenski 

Chaos is Universal. 

The future isn't headed in one direction ■ 
there must be a future we can choose. 
- Akira 

Su acho que vos estas gostando, 
do acho guera. 
- Breakfast at Tiffany's 

Adrian A. Gerstel 

Ad, Eddy, Degrees, Ad/E, 
Drago, Nice Rat 

Whatever he hits he destroys! 
- Nicoli Koloff, Ivan Drago's Coach 

Please excuse the crudity of this model. 
- Dr. Emmett Brown 

You keep for your collection, 
I know you like it. 
- Karate Kid II 

Jacqueline Giacalone 

Gigs, Giacalone, Jacks, Mom 

A blonde that would make a bishop 
kick a hole in a stainglass window. 
- Raymond Chandler 

I don't need a man to rectify my existance. 
- Shirley MacClain 

It ain't a man's world. ... No more 
sugar and spice and everything nice. 

- Salt N' Pepa 

You gotta kiss a lot of frogs 
before you find your prince. 

- Anonymous 

I wanna be the one who walks in the sun 
... Girls just wanna have fun. 
- Cyndi Lauper 

Bethany Catherine 

Beth, Bethy, Stephanie, Hoss, 
Conchita, C, Shred, Shorty 

These are the days to remember 
cause they will not last forever, 
These are the times to hold onto 
but they won't although we'll want to. 

- Billy Joel 

Some words when spoken, can't be taken 

- Pearl [am 

What's yours is mine! 
- me 

Zoofia Qombos 

Jeremy P. Gomes 

Gomes, Train, Jorge, 
Gomez, Goof 

Ubi est sub ubi. 
- Jim Kelly 

I want it all, and I want it now. 
- Freddy Mercury 

Melissa Gray 

Meliss, Mel, Missy 

You have brains in your head. 
You have feet in your shoes. 
You can steer yourself 
any direction you choose. 
You're on your own. 
And vou know what you know, 
and YOU are the guy 
who'll decide where to go. 
- Doctor Seuss 

If you kick the person 
who caused you the most problems 
you couldn't sit down for a month. 

Rebecca Ann Green 

Argee, Maria Verde, The 
Other One, Green Bean 

Never let weeds grow 
around vour dreams. 
- H. Jackson Brown 

So far the crocuses have always come up. 
- Corita Kent 

No matter how far you go, the horizon 
will always be far beyond you. 

- Zora NealeJdurston „ _ * 

Page #61 

Be Green. 

Ethan Cross Grey 

E, Eth, Ethanol, ECAT, 
E-Dogg, Reese, Big Hurt, 
Stewie, Ethan-Nathan 

Speak with your heart, not your mind. 

Such a long, long time to be gone 
and a short time to be there. 
- Grateful Dead 

I took the road less traveled by 
and that has made all the difference. 
- Robert Frost 


Shannon Howe 

Christina driecci 

Griecci, Greech, Chris, 
Chrissy, Killer, C, Mom, 

Brutus, Schmishmina, 
Hussie, Squigee, spy tech 

We did it for the stories we could tell. 

- Tom Pettv 

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what 
people say you cannot do. 

- Unknown 

Being good isn't always easy 
no matter how hard I try. 
- Preacher Man 

Michael Lee Harsh 

Mike, Mikey, Miquel, 
Butch, Mo, Dave 

Do one thing 
and do it better than everybody. 
- Orville Redenbacher 

Do not take life too seriously — 
you will never get out of it alive. 

- Elbert Hubbard 

Never cut what can be untied. 

- H. J. Brown, Jr. 

A friend is a person who knows 
all about you but likes you anyway. 

Jeffrey Haynes 

Jeff, Jeffie 

In this world are very few things made 
from logic alone. It is illogical for a 
man to be too logical. The truth can 
only add to the sum of what you know, 
while a harmless mystery left unexplored 
often adds to the meaning of life. 
- Brvce Courtenay 

Anyone capable of getting themselves 
made president should on no account 
be allowed to do the job. 

-D. A. 

I don't believe in a god, but I believe 
we must live together as if there is one. 
- me 

Cfina Lynn Janot 


A ship in the harbour is safe but 
that's not what ships were built for. 

- R. Green 

See you and me have a better time 
than most can dream, have it better 
than the best can so pull on through 
whatever tears at us whatever holds 
us down and if nothing can be done 
we'll make the best of what's around. 
- Dave Matthews 

Sometimes it's better 
to sit back and look wise. 

- Brian J. 

Rebecca Holland 

Brendan Thomas 

Jones, B, BJ, B-Dawg, Bren 

It wasn't a hard hit unless the person 
gets hauled off in an ambulance. 
- Coach Petrillo 

I'm just one of those people 
who just can't help getting a kick out of 
life even when it's a kick in the teeth. 
-Polly Adler 

- B. Jones 

Andrew P. Katz 

Andy, Katzy, Katman, 
Two's, Kit Kat, Kat's in the 
Cradle, Kat-man-doo 

A person should not believe in an ism, 
he should believe in himself. 
- Ferris Bueller 

Winning isn't everything, 
but wanting to win is. 
- Vince Lombardi 

Ninety feet between bases 
is perhaps as close as man 
has ever gotten to perfection. 
- Red Smith 

Shaun Kennery 

Allison Danger 

Kies sling 

JaCkiE, BuTch, ThE 
ButChEr, NosiLa, 
AlExis...No WaiT, Oil 

Life: A spiRituAl picKle pReseRviNg 
tHe boDy fRoM deCaY. 

EHH ... RRUUBBEERR. BisCuit!!! 

- Monty Python 

"WoUlD yOu LiKe tO bUy An "O"?" 
- A Muppet 

oR PL1 nUCkLe Ya' uNdEr 

- Mr. McCarthy 

Jeanme J. Kim 

Jeans, Kim 

Love is patient, love is kind. 
It always protects, always trusts, 
always hopes, always perseveres. 
-1 Corinthians 13: 4, 7 

For I know the plans I have for you, 
plans to prosper and not to harm you, 
plans to give you hope and a future 
- Jeremiah 29: 1 1 

Think big thoughts, 
but relish small pleasures. 
-H.J. Brown 

Russell H. Kleekamp 

Russ, Russ T. Nail 

Standing at the foothills 
of the mountains of dreams, 
telling myself it's not 
as hard, hard, hard as it seems. 

- Led Zeppelin 

If he got up, it wasn't a good hit. 

- Coach Petrillo 

Russell, you are a creature of extreme. 
- Tony Pilla 

Thomas Kotwal 


In prosperity our friends know us; 
in adversity we know our friends. 
- J. Churton Collins 

You can tell a lot about a fellow's 
character by the way he eats jelly beans. 
- Ronald Reagan 

Kathleen Kyper 

Page #63 

Sabrina. Lanza. 


Kristin Kyper 

Amy Beth Leshin 

Do it all. Don't be afraid of trying, of 

dreaming. Don't even be afraid of 
failure, of tears. We all stumble, we all 

fear, and that's what makes us human ... 
You have a lifetime of chances in your 
grasp right now, and don't lose any of 
them. Don't give up on the chance to 

take a risk, follow a vision ... touch a life. 
- Former President George Bush, 
Commencement '94, Colby University 

Page #64 

Friends are Friends forever; 
it the Lord's the lord of them. 
And a Friend will not say never, 
because the welcome will not end 
Though it's hard to let vou go; 
in the Father's hands we know, 
that a lifetime's not to long, 
to live as Friends. 
- Michael W. Smith 

A man is at his tallest, 
when he stoops to help another. 

- Robert Cormier 

\\ ° 

d )) 


■ /) 

O K 




%< ° 


♦ JJ 







♦ \\ 


Jessica. Lynn La Valley 

Jess, Caca, Melina 

Don't look at me 
I'm uglv in the morning! 
- Faith No More 

I'm not short, I'm vertically challenged! 

Toilets are like ego's. 
If you flush them they will go down. 

Jason T. Lee 

Jay, Jas 

Life is either a daring adventure 
or nothing. Security does not exist 
in nature, nor do the children of men 
experience it. Avoiding danger is no 
safer in the long run than exposure. 
- Hellen Keller 

A bird in the hand makes it 
very hard to blow your nose. 

Bethany Lesure 

Beth, Rapture, Bether, 

You cannot change the direction of the 
wind, but you can adjust your sails. 
- Unknown 

Be yourself, no matter what they say. 

- me 

The first days are the hardest days, 
don't you worry anymore. 
- The Grateful Dead 

Heather B. Loewy 

Heat, Heatha, HBL, 
Jan, Blondie 

I always knew that looking back at us 
crying would make me laugh, 
but I never knew that looking back on us 
laughing would make me cry. 
- Anonymous 

Some rise, Some fall 
Some climb to get to Terrapin 
-The Dead 

no breaks, no tears, no fears 
free! mean to be free ... 
- P. Cleage 

Michael Jason Lord 

Mike, Mikey, Lord, Lordy, 
Little Lord, L-BAR 

It's not God, LORD babv! 

"You mind if I bring her by?" 
"Hmm ... maybe some other time." 
- mailman, Karate Kid 

Jo Lowery 

Candyman, Gumby 

It doesn't matter what people say 
about you if you don't care about them. 

- Anonymous 

Friends are more valuable than gold. 

- Anonymous 

Eric K. Luke 

Luke, Lukee 

... you don't really have a choice. 

If you want to feel alive and 
experience something wonderful, 

you have to risk great loss. 
- John Travolta 

A blackguard whose 
faulty vision sees things as they are, 
not as thev ought to be. 
- Ambrose Bierce 

Daniel J. Mac Isaac 

Dan, Tank 

There's still time to change 
the road you're on ... 
- Led Zeppelin 

You snooze, you lose. 
- John F. A. Maclsaac, Jr. 

Slow as a whale ... 
- Colonel Ed Campbell 

Lisa. Maraman 


.(( o 


O J) 

o v 


A ° 
(TV 3 


o 'K 


♦ Jj 






J( ° 


\vc ; 


Michelle Martin 

Sunshine, Pickelle, 
"Little Shelly Martin" 

Never give up, Never give in, 
Never forget me when vou need a friend. 
Never give out, Never turn back, 
Never let hard times push you 
off your track. Never look back. 
- Degarmo and Key 

Do not let anyone look down on you 
because you are voung, but live your life 
as an example of faith, love, and purirv. 
- Philippeans 

Adam Buck Marto 

Try to make the best of whatever life 
gives you, no matter how good or bad, 
because this life is all you've got. 

Heather Lee 

Heathbar, H.C., Heddy, H, 
Bruyere, Heeser, Keather, 
Rehtaeh, Mad Hatter, Mieg, 
Chapeau Fou, Heatherkins, 
Heatherly, Heatha 

I would no longer like to dance to 
anything but the rhythm of my soul 
- Isadora Duncan 

Leave only footsteps, 
take only photographs. 
- The National Park Service 

Be cheerful, Strive to be happy. 

Jason Michael 

Never Compromise Your Dreams 

- Unknown 

I Can Accept Failure. 
Everyone Fails At Something. 
But I Can't Accept Not Trying. 
- Michael Jordan 

Bv Any Means Necessary. 

- Malcolm X 

Page #65 

Theresa. M, McGfOvem 

Mac, Reesa 

Doesn't it make you sad to know that 
life is more than who we are? 
- Goo Goo Dolls 

Lie on your back and look at the stars. 
- Life's Little Instruction Book 

Kristin Leigh Mead* 

Kris, Special K 

To live for some future goal is shallow. 
Ifs the sides of the mountain 
that sustain life, not the top. 
- Robert M. Pirsig 

Things happen for the best, 
don't get discouraged when what 
happens isn't what you expected. 
- me 

Brian Thomas 

B, Booger, Light Fingers 

Life is like a fan, if you're up front it's a 
breeze, if you're in the back it sucks. 

Just join us cause no one is really going 
to be free until nerd persecution ends. 
- Louis Skolnick, Revenge of the Nerds 

Back in your cage, 
if I need ya I'll rattle your bars. 
' - Jim Kelly 

Kid we goin to Nashua. 

Jeffrey Patrick 

A man does what he must — 
in spite of personal consequences, 
in spite of obstacles and dangers and 
pressures — and that is the basis 
of all human mortality. 
- John F. Kennedy 

When the One Great Scorer comes 
to write against our name, He marks, 
not that you won or lost, 
but how vou plaved the game. 
- Grantland Rice 

Cara F. Mc Samara 

Caira, Carra, Mac 

I've conquered my past 
The future is here at last 
I stand at the entrance 
to a new world I can see 


All you really need in life is a little coffee 
and some good conversation. 

- Reality Bites 

Every Irishman, the saving goes, 
has a potato in his head. 

- Julius Hare 

Lynn Mee 

Lynnie, Bynnie 

If you always do what interests you at 
least one person is pleased. 
- Advice to Katherine Hepburn 
from her mother 

Girls just wanna have fun. 
- Cyndi Lauper 

At least I have a good tan. 
- me 

Douglas James Mix 

Doug, Dougie, Doug E, 
Fresh, Sir Douglas Quintet, 
Vanilla Mix, King of Spat 

Life is like a rodeo. The trick is 
to ride and make it to the bell. 
- John Fogerty 

Of a ' the airts the wind can spat. 

Joshua. O. Montgomery 

Monty, Raphael 

You only live once so grab 
all the gusto you can get. 
- Garfield 

People fear what they don't understand. 
- Charles Xavier "X-Men #1" 

I refuse to have a battle of wits 
with an unarmed person. 
- Unknown 

Page #66 

Amy Morgan 

Vara. Rachel Morris 

Darsy, D-Bomb, Darr 

It is always the best policy to speak 
the truth - unless, of course you are 
an exceptionally good liar. 
- Jereme K. Jerome 

Man must choose whether to be rich in 
things or in the freedom to use them. 
- Ivan Illiach 

Matthew Allan Nerney 

Couch, Nern, Elvis, Matt 
Foley, Wild Thing 

Nothing counts so much as blood, 
the rest are just strangers. 
- Wyatt Earp's father 

There's bound to be rough waters 
and I know I'll take some falls, 
but with the good Lord as my captain 
I can make it through them all. 
- Garth Brooks 

Head 'em up and move 'em out! 
- me 

Patricia. Marie O'Brien 

Tricia, Trish, Patti 

The memories of things that are felt 

but not soon, the good times, 
the bad times and those in between. 

Think little of the times when 
it seemed no one cared, but remember 
the friends who alwavs were there. 
-L. P. 

Theresa M. O'Reilly 

Terri, Reilly 

So much for the past and present. 
The future is called "perhaps" which 
is the only possible thing to call the 
future. And the important thing is not 
to allow that to scare you. 
- Tennesse Williams 

What is my loftiest ambition? 
I've always wanted to throw an 
egg into an electric fan. 
- Oliver Herford 

Josh Oien 

Jennifer Opalenik 

I'm sweatin like a pig 
and my shoulder's sore as [heck]. 
- Al Linder 

... if 1 catch somebody breakin' 
in my house, I got a 12 ga. shotgun 
waitin' on the other side. 

- Charles Daniels 

Whatch where you're going, 
remember where you've been, 
that's the way I see it, I'm a simple man. 

- Charles Daniels 

Rajul P. Patel 

Raj, Radrool Pastel, Rachel 
Patch, Evil, Henrik, Sanju, 
Vilas, Dheeraj, Naveen, Joe, 
Bapugi, Ahmad, Raoul, 

The Romans are dead. 

Dam vou, Tom! 
- R. Patel 

Page #67 

Mark Viantedosi 

Mark 5. Vietchel 

Pietchel, Pitch, Piatch, P-Dog, 
Marky, Sparky, Lil Peach, 
#00-The Chief, Drago, The 
Perfect Weapon, Junior 

Look and learn hot dog. 
- Frank Ponchenllo, CHiPs 

Whatever he hits, he destroys. 
- Nicoli Koloff, Rocky iv' 

We're like hot butter on a breakfast toast. 
- Sugarhill Gang 

Patrick James Visani 

Pat, Veni, Vidi, Vici-D.C. 

When all else fails 
drop back ten and punt. 
- Kelly and Corliss 

I get by with a little help 
from my friends. 
- Beatles 

Iceland Pope 

Alexis Marie Vresti 

Sixela, Lex, Athena 

Nothing in the world can take the place 
of persitance. Talent will not, nothing is 
more common than unsuccessful 
people with talent. 
Genius will not; unrewarded genius is 
almost a proverb. Education will not; 
the world in full of educated derelicts. 
Persistance and determination 
alone are omnipotent. 
-Calvin Coolidge 

Page #68 

Edward J. Keid 

Jamie, Jaime, Jame, Eddy, J 
Rock, Mr. Saturdaynight 

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail. 

- Bob Probert 

Paddle your own canoe. 

- Wild Spirit 

Samuel Roberge 

Sam, Sammy, Muelly 

When you were born, 
you cried while the world rejoiced. 
Live such a life that when you die, 
the world cries and you rejoice. 
- Unknown 

He who can, does. 
He who cannot, teaches. 
- Bernard Shaw 

Myssa Robinson 

Rob, Lyssa 

He [the Emperor] is taller by almost 
the breadth of my nail, than anv man 
of his court, which alone is enough 
to strike awe into the beholders. 
- Jonathan Swift 

So long as the mother, Ignorance, 
lives it is not safe for Science, 

the offspring, to divulge 
the hidden causes the things. 
- Johannes Kepler 

chemicals don't make mistakes! 
- C. Krueger 

Catherine Marie Rowe 

Cathy, Cat, Cheeky 

Don't be afraid to take a risk, 
You never know what could happen. 

Be yourself, 
Not what people want you to be. 

James Sands 

Andrea Rupp 

Kristopher Edward 

Sarge, Snuffy, Fish 

Even a fool knows he can't touch 
the stars, but that doesn't stop 
the wiseman from trving. 
- a judge from Night Court 

I'd rather be an optimist and be wrong 
than be a pessimist and be right. 
- Drew Bledsoe 

- Homer J. Simpson 

Christopher Robert 

Chris, Keep, Pitch 

The virtue lies in the struggle, 
not in the prize. 
- Milnes 

Use your heart, never give up! 
- Mr. Sabourin 

Suzanne K» Schmuhl 

Suz, Suzy-Q, Munch, Stuffy, 
TS, Scout, Schmuck, K, A 
Betty, AnneSuz, Squiggy 

Some sav holding on makes us strong, 
I sav it's the letting go. 
- Libby's card 

Smile and people wonder 
what you're up to. Laugh and 
they wonder what vou've done. 

I hope vou like it! 
- Adam Sandler 

Jesse Thomas Ryan 

Jess, Big J, J.R., J-Rock 

The hardest part of 
getting ahead is geting started. 
- Unknown 

No man can be wise 
on an empty stomach. 

- George Eliot 

Success in life is a matter not so much 
of talent or opportunity as of 
concentration and perserverance. 

- C. W. Wendle 

I don't want the beans. 
-J. R. 

Timothy Richard 

Tim, Timmy, Sheff, 
SC's, Brooksie, T 

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, 
but the size of the fight in the dog. 
- Vince Lombardi 

Don't waste your time waiting for 
something good, do something better. 


Page #69 

Sanju N. 

Shew, S-Man, San, Sanj, 
Rajul, Vilas 

Peace - live it or rest in it. 
- MTV 

We are human beings, 
not human thinkings or human doings. 
- Dr. Deepak Chopra 

D'uh-okay, George. 
- Lenny, "Of Mice and Men" 

What, you egg! 
- Murderer, "MacBeth" 

Michelle Sara Shwimer 

Rachel Lynn Siegei 

Rache, The Yearbook Goddess, 
Rachellie, Lehcar, Stevie, Boo 

There are three things in life which are real: 

G-d, Human Follv, and Laughter. 
The first two are beyond our comprehension, 
so we must do what we can with the third. 
-John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

To be what we are, 
and to become what we are capable 
of becoming, is the only end of life. 
- Robert Louis Stevenson 

That the skv is brighter than the earth 
means little unless the earth itself 
is appreciated and enjoyed. 
- Helen Keller 

Greg W. Simpson 

'GW, Greggy, Gregoire, 

I was wondering, is that a crime? 
-H. M. 

Here we are now, entertain us. 

The world is collapsing around our ears, 
I turned up the radio ... but I can't hear it. 

No fear, no regrets. 
- me 

Matt A. Skavenski 

Skav, Shavenski, Matchew 

1 think that cars today are almost the 
exact equivalent of the great 
Gothic Cathedrals: 1 mean the 
supreme creation of the era, 
conceived with passion by 
unknown artists, and consumed 
in image if not in usage by a 
whole population which appropriates 
them as a purely magical object. 
-Roland Barthes 

Page #70 

Vilas K. Sridh&ran 

V, Srid, Pifaf, Rajul, Sanju 

A man without religion is like 
a fish without a bicycle. 
- Anonymous 

Nothing is at last sacred but the 
integrity of your own mind. 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

If I had some ham, 
I could have a ham and cheese sandwich, 
if I had some cheese. 
- Timothy Zahn 

- L.E.U. 

Hilary M. Stanley 

Hil, Hilly, Milly 

And I cannot forget 
where it is that I came from, 
I cannot forget the people who love me 
and I can be myself here in this small 
town 'cause people let me be just 
who I wanna be OOOOH, YEH!!! 
- John Cougar Mellencamp 

Don't make me FLEX!! 
-R.S., R.C., &me 

Car a Elizabeth Stein 

Ci Balu Sid 

To love another person 
is to see the face of God. 
- Les Miserables 

If a man does not keep pace 
with his companions, perhaps 
it is because he hears 
a different drummer. 
- Henry David Thoreau 

The truth is the best defense. 
- Benjamin Bradlee 

David Clark Storer 

Straw Guy, Stork, 
Stawman, Styles 

He can run but he can't hide. 
- Joe Louis 

Injustice anywhere is a threat 
to justice everywhere. 
- Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Colleen Marie Sullivan 

Co-Co, Saltine, Coll 

I'd rather have a moment of wonderful, 
than a lifetime of nothing special. 
- Steel Magnolias 

People come and go, 
but friends are forever. 
- me 

I'd rather laugh with the sinners 
than cry with the saints, 

the sinners have much more fun; 
only the good die young. 
- Billy Joel 

Delanda Carlene 

Dee, Landa 

Do unto others as you would 
want them to do unto you. 

Tell me your friends and 
I'll tell you who you are. 

Lindsay Cahill Svlva 

Linds, Lin-z-bunz, Lenny 

No one is guaranteed happiness. 
Life just gives us time and space. It is 
up to us to fill it with joy and meaning. 

- Anonymous 

Sometimes the heart sees 
what is invisible to the eye. 

- Anonymous 

Marie Helene 
Bernadette Tanzer 

Mary, Mary Stanza, 
Maire Tanner 

The greatest happiness in life is the 
conviction that you are loved. 
- Victor Hugo 

A smile is a curve 
that can set a lot of things straight. 
- Emily Dickinson 

Danielle Taylor 

Matthew Scott 

Thomas, Tom, Matt 

In this country, when you finish second, 
no one knows your name. 
- Frank McGuire 

Destiny is not a matter of chance, 
it's a matter of choice. 
- Pete Cacciola 

John Davidson 

J.D., Johnny, Sunny Bov, 
Lord Thor 

Fear Will Cause Hesitation, 
Hesitation Will Cause Your Worst 
Fears to Come True. 
- Point Break 

Every Man Dies, but Not Everv Man 
That Has Died, Has Lived. 
' - Unknown 

Page #71 


Teresa. Anne Thumser 


Do not suffer from loneliness. 
Go outside. Go away. It's all the people 
making you lonelv. Pick a spot on the 
horizon and head straight for it. Weave 
your way through a stand of redwoods. 
Kayak an island chain. Peer over your 
toes at the edge of a canyon. Go to your 
favorite place. Again, and again. This is 
what you need to do. Not just because it 
fuels your independence. But because it 
reminds you you're part of something 
bigger. And although it may not occur to 

the baffled onlookers who can't take 
their eyes off your smiling mud-covered 
wired-up insane self it will occur to you. 
You aren't the one that's lonely. 

Jennifer L. Vervttle 

Jen, Jenny, Frenchie, Blondie, 
Jocky Jen 

Eat muc, muc, and more muc. 
- Becca 

Have you ever seen a rash this bad? 
- Jamie LaValley 

Here today gone tomorrow. 
- Col. Pappas 

Page #72 

Rebecca joy 

Pecker, Bee, Becks, B.D.P.R. 

It is better to die strong that to live weak. 
- me 

The less I seek my source for some 
definitive, the closer I am to fine!! 
- Indigo Girls 


Vanessa Rose Vitiello 


It's nice to know vour locker loves you, 
when all other hope is gone. 
- Heather McCarthy, eighth grade 

I'll show you the roses 
that push off the snow, 
and open their petals 
again and again. 
- Tori Amos 

Cedric Townes 

Ced, C-DOGG, 
Dric, Burt, Ted 

I can't wait til school is over. 

- me 

Come on now, Don't sweat me! 

- me 

Basketball is not just a game; 
it's a part of life. 

- me 

Don't ever let anyone tell you 
what you want to do in life; 
do whatever makes you happy. 

- me 

Benjamin Cooper 
Water house 

Ben, Benny, Shed 

In Veritatae Victoria 
- Hastings Family Creed 

A little nature never hurt anybody. 
- Drohan 

When the meek get pinched, 
the bold survive. 
- Ferris Buehler 

What is past is prologue. 
- William Shakespeare 

Christine Valente 

Crissy, Teenie, Chris, Tine- 
Teen, Valente, Missy, Jella- 
Beana, Saltina, Grimace 

As the years go on and time passes by, 
people will change, 
but our memories remain the same. 

- Amy Grant 

You only live once, but if you live right, 
once is enough! 

- Anonymous 

Celebrate Good Times 
- Kool and the Gang 

Ah, love ya, buh-bye!!! 
- me 

Ian Watt 

Amanda Watts 

Sarah Watts 

Heather Wilder 

Amy Williamson 

Curtis A. T. Wright 

Curt, Tus, Tussussus 

You may say I'm a dreamer, 
but I'm not the only one. 
- John Lennon 

What lies behind us and what lies 

before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us. 
- Emerson 

I don't know, 
it's chromium or something! 
- Catherine Krueger 

Jeffrey Charles York 

Yorkyboy, Jeph 

The power of accurate observation is 
commonly called cynicism 
by those who have not got it. 

- George Bernard Shaw 

Madness in great ones 
must not unwatched go. 

- Shakespeare, "Hamlet" 

The Universe is simply 
a figment of its own imagination. 

- Douglas Adams 

I'm Idaho! 

- Ralph Wiggum 

Vina Zolotusky 

Mile Mathematique 

Each friend represents the world to us 
A world possibly unknown till he arrives 
And it is only by this meeting 
that a new world is formed. 
- Anais Nin 

Try the rough water as well as the 
smooth, rough water can teach 
lessons worth knowing. 
- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Thou shall pursue even in the darkness. 
- The Dutch Ten Commandments 
Foil the Nazis 

Joseph M. Zupkus 

Joey, Joe, Jo-Jo Ka-Ching, 
Joey Buttazupkus, JMBDZ 

To know one's self is wisdom, 
but to know one's neighbor is genius. 
- Minna Antrim 

We have it within ourselves to leave 
our world better than we found it. 
And the simple fact that we live 
gives us the obligation to try. 
- Professor X 

Page #73 

Karl BielitZf Jesse 
Bumbaca, Angela Day, 
Akilah Qarnett, 
J Hi La Vote, Adam 
MxCormickf Steve 
Louis, diet Rao, Peter 
Kizzuto, Karem van 

der Lee, Matthew 
Viets, & Jay Williams 

Page #76 


arah Watts & Jeff York, Admiring Artists 

Katie Esposito & Tim Sheflin, All Around Amazim 

my Corrigan & Mike Lord, Always Attractive Theresa McGovern & Chris Ryan, Aspiring Athletes 

Bethany Giusti & Matt Nerney, Class Clowns 

Angela Day & Ian Watt, Class Couple 

Page #77 

Kerry Duncan & Jamie Reid, Constant Chatterboxes Terry O'Reilly & Ben Waterhouse, Definitely Dramatic 

Dave Storer & Danielle Taylor, Nick Defino & Tarie Thumser, Cyndi DeYoung & Adrian Gerstel, 

Downright Dazzling Dressers Excellent Esprit Forwardly Flirtatious 

Dan Maclsaac & Lisa Maranian, Friendliest Folk Kerry Duncan & Adrian Gerstel, Hilarious Hacker 

Page #78 



Will Dick & Rebecca Holland, Loveliest Locks 

Colleen Sullivan & Jay Williams, Luscious Legs Jeannie Kim & Eric Luke, Marvelous Musicians 


Mike Lord & Rachel Siegel, Pretty Peepers 

Christina Griecci & Jeff Haynes, Sassy Singer: 


Most likely to scare little kids -- Lisa Maranian & Suzanne Schmuhl 
Most likely to start a militia ~ Andy Bournoff 
Most likely to WALK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF DARK & bury a car in leaves -- Jeremy Ciaccia & Jeff Haynes 

Most likely to beat up a clown - Russ Kleekamp 
Most likely to carry a tuba mouthpiece in her purse -- Michelle Shwimer 
Most likely to work in a redemption center -- Alissa Dangel & Marie Tanzer 
Most likely to engage in a 5 hour debate -- Rajul Patel & Cara Stein 
Most likely to lose somebody in a parking lot -- Mike Hursh 
Most likely to hit a rock and pop a tire -- Julie Albonesi 
Most likely to check if his friend got a speeding ticket and then get one himself -- Andy Katz 
Most likely to talk his way out of a speeding ticket -- Dave Storer 
Most likely to lock his keys in his trunk at a Patriots game - John Thoren 
Most likely to be late to graduation - Alexis Presti 
Most likely to be late for his own funeral - Jamie Reid 
Most likely to kill himself tossing a mace - Brian Deardorff 
Most likely to tell you about a party and then not invite you - Joey Zupkus 
Most likely to go to church instead of a party & eventually become a clergyman - Sam Richards 

Most likely to fall on nothing - Danielle Taylor 
Most likely to be tripped over — Katie Esposito 
Most likely to get Sprite R all over her shirt while attempting to take a sip -- Cara McNamara 
Most likely to beene someone off the head with tennis balls - Elisa Banner 
Most likely to break a sweat while walking — Dan Maclsaac 
Most Patriotic — Kris Sarajian 
Most likely to go to the Superbowl - Jay Williams 
Most likely to start their own band — Doug Mix & Jamie Reid 
Most likely to go deaf from loud music — Suzanne Schmuhl 
Most likely to become a famous country singer/comedian — Matt Nerney 
Most likely to live in the South — Josh Oien 
Most likely to go on a vacation & forget his shoes - Matt Callahan 
Most likely never to go to school — Lynn Mee 
Most likely to voluntarily pay to do math over the summer — Dina Zolotusky 
Most likely to be an editor of the Yearbook in years to come & Queen of Caffeine -- Rachel Siegel 
Most likely to start their own comic book company — Jeff York & Joey Zupkus 

Most likely to ask out a teacher — Jamie Reid 
Most likely to be conservative politicians — Rebecca Holland & Sam Richards 
Most likely to scream even if no one is around — Chrissy Geilfuss 
Most likely to scream no matter what the situation is — Jacqui Giaccaloni 
Most likely to become Beatles & dress like twins everyday — Vilas Sridharan & Curtis Wright 

Most likely to dress in drag - Ben Croxford 
Most likely to clean her room while wearing a bikini — Alyssa Robinson 
Most likely to wear combat boots to her wedding — Angela Day 
Most likely to marry 10 guys at the same time - Alyssa Robinson 
Most likely to marry a hockey player - Lisa Maranian 
Most likely to be found in the nurses office most of the day - Hilary Stanley 
Most likely to live in a house of mirrors - Jen Clerkin 
Most likely to vote for himself & tattoo his own name on his arm - Tom Bleckley 
Most likely to immitate Don Albonesi - Matt Veits 
ost likely to be rejected from Chuck-E-Cheese - Brian Deardorff, Alyssa Robinson, Rachel Siegel, & Vilas Sridharan 
Biggest Party Goers - Mike Melvin, Mark Pietchel, & Hilary Stanley 
Most original & JezzBall Queen -- Ellen Gersh 
Sweetest Cheeks - Tim Sheflin 
Most random - Katie Esposito 

Page #81 


Adrian Gerstel 

Heather McCarthy 

Michelle Martin 

Curtis Wright 

Page #83 

Teresa Thumser Marie Tanzer Rebecca Holland 

Ellen Gersh Angela Day Jeremy Ciaccia 

Page #84 

Jenn Barrv 

Megan Carpenter 

Eric Luke 

Dee Sydney 

Catherine Rowe 

Cedric Townes 

Ah ssa Robinson 

Jeff Haynes 

Page #87 


* » 

Sammy Richards 

Cara Stein 

Kris Sarajian 

1 1 


Julie Mbonesi 

Activities: Class Secretary 2,3;Softball l,2,3,4;Basketball l,2;Prom 
Committee 3,4;SADD 2;Spamsh Club 1,2 

Thanks: I would first like to thank my family for all of the love 
and support throughout my high school years. Mom and Dad you 
guys are the greatest and I appreciate everything you have done 
for me. Mom you are not onlv my mother but a friend too. Dad 
thanks for putting up with all the abuse and jokes from mv friend 
and I. I love you both. Bryan thanks for being such a good big 
brother and always looking out for my best, 1 appreciate it. Next 
I'd like to thank mv SISTA, Kerry. Ker, I don't know where to 
start, we haven't known each other that long but it seems like 
forever. We have that special bond that can never be broken. Your 
friendship means the world to me and I hope no matter where we 
end up next year and for the rest of our lives that we will always 
be best friends. I guess no one will ever be able to understand me 
the way you do, you did bring this side out. You have made my 
life quite unique with all of your energy and freakiness. Just 
watching you makes everyone tired, but it just gets me going, you 
have enough energy for the two of us. Let's reminisce... "Huppv 
Berthday'Y'you know little Susie, braces, pigtails",Cape, Prom, 
CanobieC'we don't match", smoke fest), Hellen & AbbvC'help I'm 
deaf", "I forgot how to swim."), Jay Romanik lines, the all time 
classic line. ."I thought he was gonna get out and dance", "no 
committing picklery". House Party, N.K.O.T.B., F.H.S., G & G, 
"woop", E.S.P. What else can I say except for the fact that you're 
mv best friend and I'll never forget all the things you've done for 
me. I love you and don't forget it was "my prom!" Thanks to all 
the guys, especially "them "(Jamie, Dougy, Russ, Cally, Will, Mike 
L, Matt V.) You guys have made my high school vears more 
exciting than ever. Thanks: Jamie for. ..Quarries, sneaking over, 
making fun of my dad, "arrows." Dougy for. ..hating me but at the 
same time being nice to me. Russ for., making fun of Don A., 
giving me knee. Cally for. ..creating the name Espev, lighter 
stealer, punching Nerney, trying to start fights but Kerry's got my 
back. Will for... Discovering Food, lockers junior year, unassigned, 
running up to the window of someone's prom. Mike for. ..being so 
prude,"eair", massages. Matt for. ..being "clove head", "tree house 
no fights", filing your nails, D.J., hickey, imitating my dad, and 
being the strongest person I know, hang in there. To the rest of the 
guys. Dickinson for. ..bumming rides, Lexington kids, semi, and 
for being someone I can always talk to. Pietchel for., partying your 
hardest, getting lost with me. Nerney for. .putting up with the 
abuse, Elvis. A.D. & Jarrod thanks for being the craziest two guys 
I know. Thanks to Mike H. for being my first friend in Bedford. 
Thanks to the rest of the guys, Defino, Fanelli, Brendan, Shaun, 
Tank, Brian M., Steve L. (motel), Chet (my ear's asleep), Tim 
S.(what are you stupid), Dave S., Thomas, Melvin, and Jajuanza. 
Thanks to the girls(Lisa, Suzanne, Bethany, Lindsay, Nicole, 
Danielle, Gnecci). Thanks ladies for all the good times we've had 
together. Lisa for.. ."$5 Docks", "yup yup", rend, "is it ever 
open?", Florida, chocolate pudding. Suzanne for. ..Cape, Florida, 
"bumrush the Oreo", lumpy. To the rest of the girls. Colleen 
for...U Conn, talks, shing digs. Amy for. ..junior year, T.B. runs, 
F.H.S. Thanks. ..Hilary, Christine, Jackie, Lynn, Pecker, Tncia, and 
Cvndi. Thanks to the class 

of '95.. .Bryant, Tim L.,Matt D.fKirt Dwier), Marcell, Neil, JefffB.F 
talks),Tara, Carla, Eileen, Kelly, Jenn K.,Trojanz, and T.H.W. To 
the class of '97. ..thanks Gary for. ..Prom, Cape, your house being 
mine, being such a good friend to me, and not being a snob Chris 
H. thanks for. ..being one of the nicest guys I know. Thanks to 
Katie, Nadya, Oderra, Becky, Robby, Jen W., Jenn M., Hans, and 
Geri. To the class of '98. ..thanks to Merrill for. .."it's Katelyn", "I 
don't wanna go home", cleaning wax, getting me hooked, and I'll 
see ya at Stonehill. To the rest of '98. ..Brent for being my little 
brother, Sara T.,Bree, Jackie, and Al. Thanks to the Venuti's and 
the Bedford Farms crew Thanks to everyone else I might have left 
out, but special thanks to the class of 1996 for all of the great years 
we've shared together Good luck! 

Future Goals: To buy a pair of $5 Docks, not get lost to a B.H.S. 
away football game, graduate from high school, go to a 4 year 
college, keep in touch with all of my friends, but most importantly 
find a way not to get caught after having a party. ..and when I do 
throw one!! 

Jose A may a 

Thanks: I want to say thanx to mv family, who supported me all 
through my life and my 4 years in high school, specially to my 
mama and mv pops- No matter how many times we fought and 
argued, I never doubted their love for me. Even though they've 
tried to pass messages to me in strange wavs, I now know that 
they tried to tell me to be careful and to trv mv best in school. I 
love them very much AND NOW!!!! I wanna to give all my 
shouts-outs to boyz and homies, who I grew up with since I came 
to this country I wanna give a big shout-out to my boy BEN 
CROXFORD, whom 1 new since the first day of school in this 
country. I also wanna give a shout-out to mv bov TOM B. ,1 just 
also wanna say "LETTUCE!!!!", I sincerely wanna say good luck 
out there. Hopefully will cross each others path in the future. 
This shout-out goes to my bov JACKSON B., and I just wanna 
wanna say that its been cool hangin-out with you as one of my 
boyz and also in school I wish to give you a little bit of advice, 
and that's to be careful of what you say in some places. I wanna 
give a loud shout-out to my boy ADRIAN G., who I also group 
with since 4th grade, and I just wanna say not to forget the good 
and bad times we had when we were little, and also want to say 
its been good knowing you, PEACE. I wanna give a big-o-shout 
out to my boy CHETAN R., whom I know now is not a follower 
and does not take any shut from no one, that's why I believe 
your cool, PEACE. This shout-out goes to JESSE B., even 
though we don't know each other so well, I know now that you 
also are not a follower, and that you show respect to people in a 
severe punishing kind of wav. But I know that's all you, PEACE 
Last but least this shout-out goes to my girl 

AKILAH, I just wanna say its been fun being in school with y 
and I think I'm probably going to miss you when I'm gone, g 
luck in the future I wanna give this next shout-out to JU 
ALBANESL wazzup, hope things go well in the future for yc 
Its been fun with you in all 4 years. And lets not forget all the 
good times we've had in home room. Big shouts-outs to 
Y., CEDRIC T., and all my boyz, PEACE. THIS IS JOSE 
SIGNING-OUT, PEACE I want to say thanx to my family, v. 
supported me all through my life and my 4 years n high schoc 
specially to my mama and my pops. No matter how many tii 
we fought and argued, I never doubted their love for me Evi 
though theyOve tnLouis Orndorff 1 Computer Department I w 
to say thanx to my family, who supported me all through my 
and my 4 years in high school, specially to my mama and my 
pops. No matter how many times we fought and argued, I n< 
doubted their love for me. Even though they've tried to pass 
messages to me in strange ways, I now know that they tried t 
tell me to be careful and to try my best in school. I love them \ 

Page #88 

Nick Anderson 

Activities: Hockey 1,2,3,4, Latin Club 2,3,4, JV Soccer 3, Street 
Hockey 1,2,3,4, Demonic Trio 2,3,4. 

Thanks: The first people I would like to thank are my parents 
who have supported every(almost) decision That I made over tr 
years, even the stupid ones so that I really learned the lessons oi 
life. You helped me out all my life, I just hope that I get to pay i 
back some time My brother, Mike, for encouraging me in sport 
and being there when 1 needed him the most, and my younger 
brother, Ryan, for being the smartest younger brother I have ev« 
heard of. Now I'd like to thank all my friends for being just wh 
they were, true friends. Pat for being my friend for pretty much 
all of my life, I've only known my immediate family longer, Mr. 
Mrs. Pisani for letting me stay over all the time and not getting 
sick of me. The street hockey gang: Jim, Rajul, Tom, Andy, 
Nathan, Josh, Jason, Viggy, Adam, and Pat for all those fun gam, I 
and heated arguments. I'd like to thank Jill for the summer of ' c . 
and for still being a great friend, good luck on the way to the 
academy! Cathy for all of the drawings you showed me, the 
pictures you gave me, and to her brother Chris for always going 
bowling with me Heather L. for being a friend and the Semi la! 
year, I had fun. Pete "the destroyer" and Lenore Campoli for 
being like parents to me, and Mom and Dad Montgomery foral 
being my like my parents, and finally Mr. and Mrs. Marto, and 
Mom Bourneuf for being courteous when I arrived for letting yc 
children play with me, even though you don't have that type of 
insurance. Jeremy for, like Pat, that "rough" monopoly game, 
Viggy for 'Funworld', Rajul for the late movie, Jim for making n 
help carry him because of James, Josh for always getting in t 
with me, Andy for arguing 



[ le and generally helping me wreak havoc while having fun 
i ,o, Tom for stepping in front of my slapshot and having a welt 
> lonth, Adam and Nathan for allowing me to bother them time 
c ain. I'd like to thank Mrs. Leavey for the great nickname. I'd 
t thank Jenn B. and Gina J. for going to the movie and the 
, ting car incident. Finally, I'd like to thank Jen M, who I barely 
iut consider a friend. If I left anyone out, I'm sorry but it's been 

Goals: To be as good as my older brother at whatever we both 
become a cop so that I can do something good for the people 
country by keeping the streets safe. 

Sarah Baird 

or is it?. Zeutas, thanks for repeating everything five times for the 
slow people and not only for listening, understanding, and accepting 
but also for laughing when I didn't know what was going on. 
Michelle Kupka, for the Longfellow days of "runrunrun!! gogogo!! 
OOOHHH!!" I love you. You're the best. Chrissy, I won't soon forget 
the days we spent eating candy under the stairs. Amy, if only all 
Classes were like Art I ma]or with Alcarez. Alyssa, whittling a nifty 
old bubbly bonfire burn (fell off) relive bland perfection wizardry 
dental work phat eyewitness zeroing bus stop, this sums up junior 
year nicely. Yung-Tsyr, physics always seems more complicated 
with you around. Espi, mighty blue tape distributor, you made math 
Class bearable never wasting a second on anything involving math. 
Ellen, you almost ran over my mom. Hope, it's nice having you 
around for little chats and escapee accidents. Teryn, you social 
butterfly/couch potato/amazing athlete. Annica, someday we will 
have to travel cross-country searching for the TMNT arcade game 
while watching Back to the Future and catapulting water balloons 
from the window. Finally, to anyone that has ever made me laugh, I 
thank you although some may curse you, advanced physics '96 you 
know what I'm talking about. 

ies: Athletic Training 1; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 3; 

is: First of all I would like to thank my family: Mom and Dad 
is /ays pushing me to do my best, Keith, Alice and Molly for 
iv i being there for me. Aunt Pam, who I could always talk to 

10 anything. Gina D. - you have been the best, thanks for all the 
fci-ies - Cheezits, What is the heck?, the Cove after the semi and 
pi giving the plant a drink in the Hartwell House, T.C., CM,, 
S! 18 and Hootie and the Blowfish concerts, the Christmas party, 
t rt bottles in your suticase, hanging out with Christine, Ralph, 
fa Dina, Sharson, and torn in the playground, the summer 
irl ues, our Senior pictures and trying to get you to smile, the 
lb: 5 that we love so much, always going to the beach, and always 
lit ng with me. Everyone who's been in any of my Classes to 
ilgvith. Jeannie K. for Latin Class and stinky, Kristin M. for all the 
|)?imes since we were little kids, being a great friend who is 
t\r. there and the math Classes we finally had together. Jen C. for 

1 1 neroom fights (and laughs), Sociology, lunch and all the good 
IM /e have had, I am really glad we stayed friends - you are a great 
jpt feremy C. for homeroom with Jen and all the Classes we have 
M ;ether. John T. for all the Classes and always making fun of me 
la k for Larry Bird). Everyone in the Spanish Class junior year - 
jrx Joe S., Steve L. Everyone at lunch during junior year - thanks 

he great talks. The whole group from the sleepovers- Lindsay, 
[r for all the good times, Bethany, for always being so funny and 
jo: Cara for all the good times we have had, Jen, Kristin and all the 
■sho we danced with and had fun with. Thanks to the whole 
oi from work - Tommy C. for always being right about every- 
in throwing (tossing) me in the water at the beach, always 
ft; me laugh and always being there when I needed a good 
iei Cathleen M. for being the craziest person I know and for all 
f ; id times - the KISS concert, and for always teasing me about 
ha iv laugh sounds like and telling everyone about it. Leo M. for 
anhe funniest person I know and the best date I have ever had. 
^ai » for always making me laugh and the great times we had with 
orr id Gina. Eileen H. for always being so good to me, watching 
j| me, helping me (D.S.) and all the good times at Hampton 
Mc Gerry S. for making sure I was always on track and looking out 
ifr Kerri G, KerrieH., Noelle P., Alexandra G., John P. and Dave 
foeing such great friends. Thank you to everyone who has 
dp me through my high school career. 

ilh Goals: To go to college, get a good job, find a great guy, marry 
tm d have two kids, and to be very happy. 

Elba Banner 

ha. i: Thanks to my family. I know I can be more than stubborn 
nd lank you for putting up with me, you lcnow I love you more 
tan e world. Mom, you're the best, you have excellent pierogy 
»t » skills. It's been one hard-fought battle Dad, yet we're both 
Jfl ve. Aaron, Mr. Peep, to think you hardly had permission for 
an» ... you're amazing. A big warm thanks to my whole family, 
«liiy Ruth, Grammy D, Poppa Bob, Aunt Judy, Uncle Jimmy, 
( av and Dara. Dara, you crazy cousin, family functions wouldn't 
av< en the same without you. Heather, you eat more than anyone 
tou The way you suck down sweets and bounce off the walls for 
te ct three hours is incredible. I can't thank you enough for 
efti me through nights like New Years. Babsy, where does a 
lot begin? Before the next time you pee on my floor try cramming 
ine ople into a Crown Victoria for a random SB kidnapping. May 
les dly challenged, paraplegic BEEB team live forever! Thanks to 
11 tl Badens, you are like a second family to me. Denny, it's been 
;al. 'e never known anyone who could BS out of everything the 
■^jf u can. You and your honeywagon are a trip, or at least another 
3u[ accidents. Yung-En, you're the coolest kid on Venus. When it 
3m o the cafe, remember moderation is a good thing, and be extra 
with the fro-yo machine. Thanks for everything Rick, You've 
ike le a long way and I hope that these past seven years have been 
t le tolerable for you. Jim, it's hard to believe that you two are 
;lal You're lucky that sense of humor isn't passed on genetically, 

Erin Barrett 

Future Goals: Be a chiropractor, marry Peter Pan, and never grow 

Nicole Sarrlla 

Activities: Field Hockey 2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Latin Club 3; InterAct 
Club 3; Prom Decorating 3; IBV Club 3,4 

Future Goals: Be successful, marry the perfect guy, have 4 cute kids, 
live someplace cold, be happy and rich, and never lose touch with my 
friends here. 

Jennifer Barry 

Thanks: I want to say thanks to my parents for all the things they've 
done. Mom you've done really well handling everything, I love you. 
I want to thank all of my friends in Nottingham for supporting me 
and loving me for myself. Joe, thank you for teaching me how to love. 
Gina, binki, binki bear, there is so much to say, the accident, the 
gummi bears, the split CoCo, the week at the Cape (peaches), the 
ghost that almost got you before I came back, that day we were 
supposed to go to that place but decided not to, the machine that 
almost gave us away, the basket with construction paper, Walgreens, 
Rollerblading, Semi-formula, Brian G. yucky, the day you got mas- 
cara on my shirt, the BIG markers and all that paper, Sleeping Beauty, 
run like a camel, the tree at Chili's that had the hots for you, Mr. 
Pinecone and Mr. Bark, Jumping on the bed to wake me up, being 
there for me through thick and thin, the Johnsons and the Smiths, the 
LATE birthday gift, Dudley Road, the mud, the notes in chem. 
introducing me to your brother, making me act a little less than 
human sometimes (freak) and being my friend. Becca, the snoring, 
the snorting, the orange sherbert on the kitchen floor, Jens, the wild 
driving we did and exploring the unknown, the intersection in 
Winchester, "JESUS, BECCA" the strong way you' ve stuck up for me, 
for making me feel better, for convincing me I'm not a bad person just 

a B , the way you take over and help when I'm upset, MY EYE, 

MY EYE, the Christmas cookies you made, the talks at lunch, your 
dad's chicken, being the best friend a girl could have, You, Me, Gina, 
life long friends. Rebecca, STUBBY!, Gorilla man, whatever you want 
to call him, the wall in Gym, and that famous position, for making me 
laugh in lunch, for being a cool person, thanks for the memories, 
you're a good friend. Jen, you know who you are puppy dog! Squishy 
doll. You've been really supportive, a blast to be gross with, thanks 
for all the laughs Jen, I'll miss them. Ms. Sullivan, you were a great 
teacher, thanks for the confidence and support; also thank you for the 
award. Ms. Matthews, thank you for the cat-naps, and for being a 
cool teacher, you really are great! Ms. Barry, thank you for being the 
great person you are, good luck with the wedding. Amy C, thank 
you for showing me that ignorance is all around the school. Sean 
Waldron, thank you for all of the bruises, flinging me over your 
shoulder like a sack of potatoes, beating me up, and all the laughs in 
Child. Ed. Brian, thank you for opening my eyes to things I've never 
thought of, being considerate, taking care of me, the Museum of 
Science, the roller-blading lessons, picking my nose (ha,ha) and 

loving me with all your heart. Everyone who has touched my heart 
I thank you in as many ways possible, I've learned a lot! 

Susan Bayliss 

Thanks: Thanks 2- the most important people in anyone's life- my 
parents- you always put up with me- How do you do that? Don, you 
are the BEST brother even if do come over a lot for dinner, Meg, look 
out for the TICKS! Meg, think anyone will help us start our own 
catering business with garlic as the main entree? Lady Megan, think 
you'll ever get to meet your Jamie Fraser 7 Larry the Lobster (Meg), 
butt-crack man, the Cape, Where are the whales? Wow 20 cops with 
40 eyes watching 3 beauties, what's the odds. So who's going to be in 
the middle this time 7 - no not me.., oh allright. And Krishna we're 
doing fine without the peacemaking- SHUT up Meg!! Damien and 
Lucifer, thank you for being a bad influence I needed it. Das, remem- 
ber SPEED, Walden Pond I want to be King of the mountain, sprin- 
klers at 4 am, call of the lonely Bullfrog, my adopted parents-luv'm. 
Kristina, the virgin birth was not meant to be! Thanks for our coloring 
psychoanalysis, covering for me, makeup artist, I can sit still really! 
& I'm sorry never got you Captain Riker but on the T?l The 3 
Musketeers are surviving the odds- so when is the book? Steve, wait 
I didn't say you could put that picture of me on the Web page!!! Oh 
thanks for the blind date with Bill. I will never look at Demon Night 
the same way again. Group massage session at 2 am, cruising around, 
party at Michelle's, glad we met through Das!! Agata, the dangerous 
lab partner, and Mr. Judge, girls try to get here on time. Please! I 
LOVE ALL YOU GUYS- stay in touch!! 

Future Goals: Be myself, never remember my real haircoior & never 
end up like the Bradys! 

Michelle Bayne 

Thanks: To my parents for sailing lessons & understanding, Julie for 
popcorn and m&m's, Mr. Maxwell for freshman vr., Ben G. for being 
a friend and for Bud (got any candy?) to Stephen & Andy for the 
summer, Fourth of July & fire in the hole, to Jay W. for the laughs, to 
Todd W. for pulling out Theresa McGoverns's chair & making her fall 
on her butt in Bio, Jen O. for Walden & letting me set her house on fire, 
to Tarie for letting me set her on fire, the Sub Shop crew for all the 
times, to Allison and Jen M. for lunch & the times-the baddest of the 
bad girls, to Dave for all that's left unsaid, to John for freedom, to 
Scott for the good and for the bad, to Brett for dancing in the snow, 
to Brian for the breakfasts, arguments & understanding me, Matt F. 
for sharing all my worst Classes with me, To Mr. Sabourin for helping 
me through math, to The Little Guy for all the choice lines: "did you 
mean for this to look like that? & you cut like a girl!" & also the 
motivation, to Emily for stepping on my project, to all of Art 3&4- all 
the times and suffering through the Pilla-projects, special thanx to 
Jeff for the collage & all the laughs, love ya, to Ellen- you're definitely 
unique, to Karl for 110 in the breakdown lane & for coming back to 
us, to Bernie & the band for using my work, Dave C. for French, Bio 
& all the long talks 'bout nothing-you're one of a kind, to Ryan O. for 
seeing my point of view, the talks & the great squirt gun fight, 
especially to Stump (Angela) for Jose, the hangers, squirting ink, 
flving chicken, lichen, hanging tuna, art in general, being catty and 
for being my very best friend, and lastly to Ryan for the times, the 
beach, the milk-shake the orange peel fight, apple pies, Canobie, NH. 
and our amazing road trips, ravioli soup and hot coffee and more 
importantly the consoling and the love you've given me. To every- 
one thanx again-I love you all! 

Andy Bourneuf 

Activities: Spring Track 1,2,3,4; Winter Track 3,4; JROTC 1,2,3,4; 
Drill team 1,2; Latin Club 2,3,4; Desk tipping 3; Peruvian Llama 
Racing 2,3; Apple Throwing 3; Javelin Chucking 1,2,3,4 
Thanks: To Nick for always being there when I needed to talk, to 
Adam for being the audience for my silly stunts and jokes. Also to 
Tom who was always dragged into the funny things we all did. My 
greatest thanks goes to the lunch table, stage of my greatest jokes. To 
Meagan and Sabrina for great math Classes. I can't forget Josh for all 
he has done at the lunch table. Thanks to the hockey team Nick, Rajul, 
Adam, Tom, Pat, Matt, Josh, Jim, and Nathan for some of the best 
weekends of my life. 

Future Goals: Own high caliber weapons, get a high paying job, buy 
an expensive car with a loud stereo system. 


Page #89 

Agata Brys 

Activities Rag Squad 1,23; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Span- 
ish Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4; NHS 3,4; Yearbook 1; AFS 
1,2; Orchestra 1,2 

Thanks: First and foremost I would like to thank Karoline, for her 
jokes and insults, for always, and I mean always, understanding, for 
putting up with my "whats" every five seconds, for the long phone 
calls, for all those years in camp that I wouldn't be able to survive if 
you weren't there, and for this great summer that we had. Thank you 
lor introducing me to oh so many things and places, especially "Five 
Star", where Kenneth ("George"), Eddie, Olive ("Olef, Olve, Oliff"), 
Coceman, Uncle Juzio, and so many other men work. Especially 
Kenneth, who made this summer even wilder. Thanks for all those 
chases and follows of George and Eddie as they went home or on a 
delivery. Now we just got to get Olive. In thanking you Karoline, I 
might as well include Andre ("Anjej"). Thanks for getting all those 
tickets. Led Zeppelin, R.E.M., Van Halen, Zeppelin again, etc., etc. 
Life wouldn't be as good without the two of you. 1 love going 
snowboardmg with you. Thanks for all those nights after which my 
mother didn't want to know what was wrong with me. Special 
thanks to Andr/ej for putting up with our love of Jim Morrison, our 
childish and other moods, and our great sadness after the first 
Zeppelin. Thanks for all those practices, for letting me borrow your 
bso long ago. Thanks for letting us use your SAAB, the rented Dodge 
Stratus and the convertible. You made it all possible. Thanks, thanks, 
and thanks. Now my BHS buddies. Megan Carpenter: "Cheer up, 
Meg!" Thanks for the three great years on flag squad together. 
Thanks for dressing me up as a Q-tip Thanks for all your fashion 
advice which I never followed Thanks for the lunches, and thanks 
for keeping me company with Mr. Dameron after school, sorry you 
had to wash desks too. Sue Bavliss: thanks for being in all my Classes, 
"Girls be quiet!" (Mrs. Krueger) Thanks for putting up with me as a 
lab partner, too bad 1 got worse and worse with everv vear. I won't 
attempt to describe your parties, but 1 did attend most of them time 
after time. Ellen Gersh: thanks for shutting up, usually, when I told 
you to shut up and thanks for all your marvelous art advice, I'd flunk 
other wise. Meg, Sue, and Ellen you made biology Class something 
that could never be forgotten, I'm sure Mrs. Luke still remembers us. 
Jeff York: thanks for tickling the living bells out of me in math Class. 
Thanks for always being ready with a joke, and thanks for putting up 
with me jumping on you on those strange nights. I'd also like to give 
that thank to Joey Zupkus, who was scared, but lived through it 
anyway. Dina Zolotusky: thanks for really enjoying all those slimy 
things that I wrote in your yearbooks. Eric Gibbons: thanks for a great 
time at the prom and for vour liberal view of life. To all the flaggers, 
those that left, like Rachel, and those that are still there, like Pam, Jen, 
Heather and Kathleen Those were three extraordinary years. Thanks 
to everybody else, it's not that I don't appreciate you, it's just that I've 
got a bad memory. 

Future Goals: Mv future goals include Kenneth, Jimmy Page, and 
after death, Jim Morrison. 

Nicheile Bush 

Thanks: First, I would like to give thanks to God for all the things 
He's done for me. Thanks to my parents for always being there when 
I needed them. Thanks Lo-Lo and Lisa for being the worst neighbors 
a person could have. Thanks Alexis for causing my first near death 
experience and forming the dump detail Thanks to Mrs. Krueger, 
Colonel and Chief for not dying after our GREEN CAKE experiment. 
Thanks Becky, Ternna and Amanda I'll never look at ***** the same 
way again. Thanks to Colonel Ciampa for giving me a leadership 
ribbon before Alexis and Pedro. 

Kirsten Bus hey 

Thanks: I would first like to give thanks to God Without his 
guidance and unconditional love I would not have been able to 
achieve my personal goals. I would like to thank my parents. They're 
AWESOME! They've stuck by me through the ups and downs and 
have always been my shoulder to cry on. Their knowledge and 
guidance have been the reasons for my success. Thanks Mom and 
Dad, I LOVE YA! Greg, Sandra and Emily thanks for the fights, fun 
and laughter, You guys are the best. Father Martin, Deacon Larry and 
the St. Basil's gang, thanks so much for being my spiritual guidance 
and the answered prayers in my life. Ms. Teahl, thanks for the laughs, 
tears, love and our Taco Bell escapade. I miss ya. Lots of love sent to 
NC. Ms. Harris, my lipstick mom, thanks for the honesty, girly chats 
and most importantly for our friendship. Ms. Sullivan I want to thank 
you for supporting me throughout high school. You're the best 
English teacher ever. To the Commissary Crew, thanks for the 
bagging fun. I would like to thank my Closest friends, Tarie, Joel, 
Mike, Peter, Pat, Jessica and Chris. Your friendship has meant the 

world to me. Now Pat, thanks for the lunch room chats, they've been 
great. Stav cool. Tane, I love Ya. Thanks for all fights, laughs and 
friendship. Our friendship is one I will treasure always. I will miss 
your perky smile and energetic personality. You are my Best Friend. 
Goooo Team! To the love of my life, Joel. I love you. You have been 
the one true gift in my life that I know came from God. You bring 
happiness into my life and a smile to my face. May our relationship 
continue to strengthen and grow. 

Future Goals: To attend college and major in Social Work/Human 
Services and Minor in Theatre 

Nathan Campoli 

Activities: Soccer 2,3,4; Swimming 1,2,3 ,4; Track 2; Latin Club 3,4 
Thanks Mom and Dad for helping me and supporting me with 
everything I have done Heather and Jason for being the best brother 
and sister and for just putting up with me. I could not have gotten this 
far without all of you. Thanks to Josh, Nick, Tom, Adam, Andv, Jim, 
Rajul, Pat, Jason, and everyone else for the great hockey games. Josh, 
for totallv changing my life and having me deal with the biggest 
challenge of my life. And also for all of those intellectual conversa- 
tions you had withmv father. Nick, for taking out everyone that came 
near you in soccer. Andy, for well., ahhh... anyway. Jyll, for being a 
great friend, and also for all of those games of basketball, English 
Class, unassigned, and those walks down to the country store. It was 
a lot of fun. Thanks to Emily and everyone else at Springs Brook for 
all the great times during the summer. Thanks to Jenn, Laura, Kim, 
Shana, and everyone else I met in the past year. I've had an awesome 
time at Good Times and everywhere else. Also thanks to Jenn and 
Laura for all of those great times at the Natick Mall last year. Also 
thanks to all of mv teachers I've had in the past 12 years. Thanks to 
Mr. Stephenson for making the three years of computer Class a lot 
more fun with all the insults between you, Josh, Alonis, Cordes, 
Hector, and everyone else!! Thanks also for all the help in Trig. And 
finally, thanks to the Class of 1996 for everything!!! 

Megan Carpenter 

Thanks: Well here we go ... Mom, Dad, and Martha, thanks for being 
available for me to complain and yell at whenever I needed to, and 
not holding it against me. Chris, thanks tor being everything a big 
brother should be and more. I am proud of vou. Mimi and Boppa, 
without your infinite patience and understanding I would be noth- 
ing if not a mental case. Doug and Sandie, thanks for giving me a 
place to go when I needed to get away and the driving lessons. 
Debbie you are like a sister to me and I will always think of you like 
that. Dave and Jen, thanks for getting me through math and having 
three wonderful children to make me laugh. 1 love you all. Susan and 
Krishna, thanks for the trips to the Cape, Dapy's, being my butlers, 
hair dying parties, the dressing room of Lord and Taylor, TAP 
WATER, the prom, the readings, the beach, the sunburns, bonding in 
the car, and of course Mr. Butt-Crack man. I love you both like sisters. 
Remember you are always part of my family and my fridge is always 
open. Krishna, put sunscreen on your butt next time. Sue, thanks for 
the loud arguemtns, but you know I will win, if only in my head. 
Remember, the three musketeers will LIVE forever (at least in spirit). 
Agata, you are an experience. Flag was the best when we ruled it - 
see-through pants and all. Thanks for letting me dress you up like a 
Q-tip. Kathleen, Flags was wild. PITT! Don't forget me or the Young 
Riders on your way to the top. Jyll, were you brought up like that? 
I was. Andy, math was tough, do you have enthusiasm? Thanks for 
letting me set you up for the prom. Sabrina, you are a real friend, do 
you have enthusiasm? Do I? Does anyone? Jenn W, Latin Girl, 
without you I wouldn't have gotten through Class. Eric G, thanks for 
making me thind about the world in a new way. Lee, you are one 
weird puppy. Gym wasn't that bad. Josh, thanks for the fashion 
advice, even if I didn't listen. Sarah, we are two of a kind. Deb, thanks 
for opening my eyes to the possibilities. Jeffy, we are the originals. To 
everybody in Youth Group for making it unforgettable. Karen, 
Sanju, Kristen, and everybody at CVS, you make working more fun. 
Future Goals: To buy a camel and take the world by storm. Also to 
find a little happiness in every situation. 

Ron Celeste 

Showing me your world "I enjoyed it", Nicole: Go go Power R* 
(Friends! Mark: Snowboarding, Sunday River, Road Trips, 
ape on ropeswing, trampoline, Bryant, & reliving the movie 
and confused. Ian: The kick aise concerts, Snowboa 
SundayRiver, McDonalds, My first buzz, & much more. . 
Letting me beat the crap out of your car, the parties, & the i 
drives Dan: the chunks on your deck. Angela & Michelle: 1 
jokes, of me. Mike: the brother 1 never had. Maxwell: 3 years 
And the people I forgot but still remember. 

Christopher Chen 

Activities: Basketball, Learning 

Thanks: My deepestappreciations to my innerrealm: ForeverTu 
to Ron for always being there for me. Thanks to Knstopher fora u 
being a Great Friend, Thanks to Thomas for keeping me on j 
Thanks to Sanju for getting me through Sundays, Thanks to Ra I 
great times, Thanks to Yung-Shing for being a friend and a ml< 
Thanks to Yung-Tsyr for all the support. Thanks to Jason for b 
"Fruitcake", Thanks to Joey A. for being my first guide, and T i 
to my fambly. Thanks to my mom for being so persistent, Tha I 
my dad for waking me up in the morning, Thanks to Guay-Gull 
greeting me when I get home. And Thanks to all the other patn' 
come across, here's to memories. ..CCC, 1996 A.D. 
Future Goals: "To take the path less travelled", to enjoy L.| 

Yung'Tsyr Chen 

Thanks: Lord for blessings abundant. Mom and Dad for suppita 
me most of the time. Yung-En for sessions and inspirations abur!^ 
YungHsin for being hard on me. Umma for the being my fa'lSfc 
grandma. Ellisa for explaining physics and coming to my birtpj^< 
Ivan Palouski for hooking me up with way too much skate Uk 
Barry Dyment for too many rides. Rajul who I leach off of. Car: . 
who I had a crush on when I was small. Cross country. DIBBIE f H 
moosegame Jeannie I can never forget that talk we had alt. ■ 
Andre P for helping me get away from small town life. 

Jeremy Ciacca 

Thanks: Mom, Dad for freedom to make own decisions, Kristen 

Activities: J.V. Soccer 1,2; J.V. Tennis 1,2; Varsity Tennis 3,4; V; 
Skiing 1 ,2,3,4, Marching Band 1 ,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3; Drama 
3,4; Yearbook 4; Targeteers 4; Tournament of Plays 3,4; Sh 
Production Night 3,4; Prom Decorating 3; Musical 2,3,4; Fcj 
Language Band 3,4; Jazz Band 3,4; Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4 
Thanks: Mom and Dad, for encouraging me to always try my ha 
at everything I do and putting up with me through mv bad m 
Carrie, thanks for playing games with me, and being the best 
arinetist I've ever heard. Nonna, Nonno, Grampie, and Nanni 
being the best grandparents ever. Jen S.S. Drum Major god 
trumpet queen and singer extraordinaire, thanks for the long tal 
the phone, always trusting whatever I said, and going with me t 
proms and a semi-formal; also for being the first person that ' 
really loved. Chris- "Vector, Sonic Ranger," two words which 
my junior year so much fun, thanks for the Physics fun an 
volleyball (We're the best). Jen T., for the great time skiing a 
your Junior prom and for always talking. Mary, for being a 
saxophone player and always having fun. Krystin & Katie, for It 
me play with you guys even though I was the only boy (Gas Sta 
Jen, for being my best friend through my last two years in 
School, long talks on the phone, and always caring abou 
Through all of our fights we're still friends, that must mean e 
thing, thanks for putting up with me, Seinfeld forever! Jeanni 
helping me in Math and every other subject, and for all your 
advice through the years, I'll miss you. Alyssa, for the use of 
house whenever we needed it, and always caring about me. Bria 
being my friend since Kindergarten and for being my do 1 
partner for two years (practice hard). Jeff, for just being a fun g 
be around, the use of your house and for Dangerous Mind (Ganj 
paradise). Dave, Mbat, for band camp and for playing tenn: 
Sundays, JAZZ BAND RULES! Tiffany, for being one junior 
always cared about me and for your fuzzy sweater in French ( 
Mike, for being a great friend for many years. Conversation ai 
our other fun time (phone calls and Youngblood), Good Lu 


q is a nd Vilas for our fun rides to tennis practice and for being 
>ted tennis players. Cara, for giving me some good advice, 
ing Jen, and being a friend for many years (The alphabet) 
■J-esa, for fun Physics Classes and helping me through two rela- 
t« ships way back. Andy, for always looking like my twin and 
aiiys being in a good mood. Kelly, for always caring about me and 
ri ecting me, (look who you are next to). You better write to me next 
, love ya. Carli, for always smiling whenever I see you and our 
to Bedford Farms (How's Devin?). Amy, Kristin, Victoria, and 
ielle, for being the friendliest and cutest freshmen I know. Mr. 
r an, for good talks, encouraging me in whatever I do, and being 
of the greatest band directors ever (when are you going to 
)0se?). Maffa, for being an awesome tennis player, I will beat you. 
ie and Alissa, for being great Class arinetists in the Marching 
i and for making band camp so fun. Sarah, for being a funny 
on and putting up with Jen and me in homeroom. Kristin, for 
ng fun at Day Camp; Terri and Julie, for Chester and the 
;eteers. Marching Band Rules. Ski Team this year is our year, 1st 
e babv. Tennis, this is our year also; Mrs. Deardorff, "mental 
hness." Chris, Andrea, for making MB so much fun; MAURICE, 
ire Goals: To go to college and graduate, then get a full-time job. 
to get married, have a nice family, and have fun in whatever I 

Jennifer Clerkin 

Avities: Spanish Club 2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Chamber Music 
1 ,4; Musical Pit 1,2,3,4; Student Government Assembly 2; Year- 
b ; Staff 4; NHS 3,4; Drama Club 4; Brunette Quartet 1,2,3,4; 
S ent Production 4; Marching Band 4; Hall Decorating 3; Junior 
P i Decorating 3 

Tiks: Mom and Dad for understanding my weaknesses and 
a] eciating mv talents. Kelly, for always putting up with my crap 
ci it the phone, Clothes (that I bought!!) and Susan, for being the 
bi older sister, and having the cutest muchachos! It's hard for me 
tc ok you guys how much you mean to me, but I really do love you 
g- . Victoria- never being able to wake up, your one freckle (is that 
dolate?!) The Caliri's- bringing Kelly and 1 Chinese food Carli- 
vi funny whistle. Parisella's- being so awesome i.e. best Italian 
ft . Gen- our old dancing Class. Kim- making dancing something 
Jtr I will always remember. Robin, for being able to laugh for a 
rey long time and showing me the first step to tap dances-every 
C s. Liz- also helping me with the dances. Mr. Maffa-talking to me 
al ys, not making me try out, oops, shaving your beard, believing 
ire. Mr. Reagan- welcoming me in Marching Band and letting us 
irie your office. BMAT-for just being you, teaching me bdrums, 
lc ;g McD's burgers. Lisa- putting up with my lack of practicing, 
m;ng me try out for Districts. Dennis-being so funny and the rest 
oiirgeteers. Rachel, Espo, Margarita- the tuba piece in the purse, 
N on's bio Class, orch... Ben, for getting gorgeous over the sum- 
Di a great actor, "player", and debater. Curtis- crying, Krueger 
C nistry. Sarah-always laughing at Jeremy and me. Rajul, for 
lilg me in 6th grade, freaking me out; playing VIOLA! Ricky- 
teiing new lingo, I looked up that word. Yung-Tsyr- having the 
bt hair, coolest glasses, biggest jeans. Eric-the awesomest violinist 
th J ver lived, being a slow learner. Heather M.-our rockin' quartet, 
y< Mom's orchestra, yellow lady, Henry & Lionel. Kristin H.- 
=di ing, shopping, burping Sprite! Brian for being such a hacker, 
A sa's boy, having such a cute smile, making mucho dinero, 
1A Ion Pond, hanging out in A's room throwing scrunchies in the 
fa mating off the floor. Jeff-"I know you hate me," for always being 
tii st, your party house, VR-5, knock-out, being the biggest guy to 
pi a violin, a hopeless romantic, having huge feet, the songs you 
mr up, (the easiest thing in life you can be is critical). (The 

10 wing are some really important people who I wish I could write 
m- abcut-remember Bahama Beach Club?!) Terry for being an 
as ing actress, Targeteers, your mother house and dog, the potty 
jo Kristin M. for understanding what's wrong i.e. during what- 
ev science Class we happen to have with each other, not wanting 
ir 1 ne to see your messy room, the Cape, jade. Julie D. for making 
U] ances and soap operas, watching movies, being nicer to Kelly 
th I am. Theresa M. for high five at nine, which I will never forget, 
sv iming, your boy "problems", being a great speller, waffles, la 
C sasedeespanol, picking your nose, borrowing Clothes . Mike for 
bt; my semi-formal date, your Mom's delicious desserts, fixing 
yd pants while driving, being Jeannie's one true love, ratings and 
th ther r word, having almost as many bad moods as me. Andy, so 
w will you say? Call waiting! For being the best Prom date, 
lis ling to me babble, leaving Boston, speeding ticket, the concert, 
JBJY, for making you wait forever, Kara and the others-hah! Dave, 
fo ?ing the sweetest guy, making me smile when you play Gitana, 
M :, being patient with me, frustration is your word, trying not to 
sa whatever", walking me home. Thanks for everything, you mean 
Id jch to me. Alyssa, the summer of '95 was the best, I got to be such 
g< friends with you and 1 will never forget that. You have helped 
n> 3 much with the boys, transportation, etc. Tu casa es mi casa (I 

11 ' that's wrong, but that's how it really is) Love you. We never 
g; Dave that "good r." Cara, for being one of my bestest friends, 
io ways listening to my problems and caring a lot. Just remember 
th 'verything works out in the end. Jeannie, we have been through 
sc uch together. We have been best friends for what's seems like 

forever. I love you so much and I'll know you and care so much about 
you always. Lastly, Jeremy, my best friend, who I do everything 
with, talk on the phone constantly with (Sorry Mr. & Mrs. Ciaccia). 
Our friendship is somewhat of a roller coaster, but one that I would 
never want to get off. You mean everything to me and I love you very 
much (Seinfeld). To all of my Close friends, [ love you guys and best 
of luck to everyone. 

Future Goals; go to college, keep my Close friends, find or pursue my 
one true love (!!!), get married, have a couple kids, and actually live 
happily ever after. ..goodbye. 

Amy Corrigan 

Activities: V. Cheerleading 1,2; Prom Decorating 3,4; Spanish Club 
3; Latin Club 4; Spirit Games 2; Gym Decorating 1,2; Hall Decorating 
3,4; Powder Puff 3; Pool Hopping 1; Peanut Butter 3; Asthma 1,2,3,4; 
Estrada Fan Club 3,4; Gymnastics 1,2; Dancing 1,2,3,4; Bashion Fug 
3; Champs 4 

Thanks: Mom, Dad, Rich, Betty, Twinkie, April, and Grandma: 
Believe it or not, I love you all. Kevin, I'll never forget what we shared 
together. I don't think I'll ever give up on believing in us. I wish you 
knew just how much you mean to me. I love you, always. Jenn: Boot 
Scootin Booogie! Easy access basement, Tim and Todd, WOW!, 
Fourth of July "Where's the trash can?" "What?" Fireworks! "Where?" 
"I think we missed them!" York Beach, Maine-Riding the waves! 
Don't forget Dave and Tom. Steve Miller Concert, B.B.C., Gangsta 
Packs, "Boombastic." PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!! "Extra soggy french 
fries please." Jenn, your friendship means a lot to me. I'll never forget 
the memories. 1 love you. Kerry: MARY!!!!! BASHION FUG RULES 
YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Jordan Knight, brown teeth, let's hide under the 
tables! I love angels! "Esa Emma?" "I dunno!" "You don't know Joe!" 
"Hey Joey, Do the dishes!" Spanish Class 94-95, "Kerry, you're late!" 

"And this is Dad! Good Mornin!" "Give us some food and 

Clothes NOW! Do you want to eat over?" "We're waiting for Cyndi." 
"Gazebos make nice beds." "GRANDMA!" Kerry, you're crazy, but 
I still love you, we'll always be friends right? Of course! Jarrod, My 
best buddy. 8th grade romance, D.C. Jenn's basement, the empty 
house, Walden Pond- my ring, your watch. Water Country, Hamp- 
ton, third gear on highway, Roy Rogers late night, my 1 7th birthday, 
Concord River- "What's in this boat?", Denny's, Halloween, Ashley's 
house, Dwyer's car- "Where the is the blanket?" "I'm gonna kill 
them!" Jarrod, I could go on forever. We're crazy when we're 
together! Hun, you're one of my Closest friends. Don't change cause 
I love ya the way you are. Cyndi (Boo!): Prom night, Fun World, R- 
Stalkers, sleepovers, Eighth grade lock-ins, Winter '94, Sledding, 
"Let's egg her house!" Sliver, Myrtle Beach, sleepovers at Dave's, 
long talks, your song, rides to Maine. Cyn, thanks for being a sincere 
friend and being sensitive like me. I love you. A.D.: ED! "Mac 
Daddy!" Jackson's house! Hampton, Water Country, the empty 
house, swing kids, all nighters, English and History Class-"Guys, 
save that for after Class!" Ms. Davis, J.C., fireworks on base- the ride 
home, D.C. trip, dance Class-Robin? Jenn's basement, eighth grade 
lock-ins, base pool break-ins. Hun, We've been good friends since 
eighth grade. 1 had fun causing trouble with you. I'm sure we'll 
continue our little adventures. I love ya even though you're still 
whipped on little girls! Julie: My reggae friend! "Do you like it 
soggy?" Stranded during snowstorms, car accidents, odd siruation- 
Jackson and Gary? "An Affair to Remember." Shaun's face with 
death, sleepovers, rockers at your house, UNO with parents. Jules, 
we've become very good friends over the past couple years. I hope 
we'll remain Close. I loveya chic! Keep in touch! Dave (Willy!) "Give 
me some shizza!" Vermont-wedding, "1 love tents!" Experiences 
with death, long drives, fights, sleepovers at your house, Billy 
Madison, 99's, First Knight, Magic-106.7, foot rubs, STUBS! The 
crime scene, Chadwicks, Steve Miller Concert, Prom, York Beach, 
Golden Rod, "1 Believe," "Master Wok!" I'm Fired Up!" "1 love 
people that think they're awesome!" "Boombastic!" Dave, you're my 
buddy! No matter who doesn't like you or who treats you bad, I got 
your back. I'm glad you realized you don't need people like that, they 
don't deserve you as a friend. Hun, thanks for everything, especially 
the late night talks, understanding my sensitivity, and listening to 
me talk about Kevin all night. 1 love you and hope no one ever hurts 
you. Hilary, Colleen, and Lynn: My dancing sisters. Hil, bike rides, 
fights with Robby over Doritos, and garden snatching was always 
fun. You were my first friend here in first grade and I'm sure we'll 
always stay friends. Keep in touch. Colleen, Myrtle Beach and 
Florida was awesome! Jumping on beds and chowing on food. Don't 
forget, 1-800-94- Jenny! Good luck with Will. Lynn, sleepovers in the 
camper, me Class eaning your room, April and Beattie, T.B. -Ditty! 
We've hung in there , though we almost sketched a plot to kill Fitch 
and Beattie. Stay out of the sun. I don't want to see you shriveled up 
like a prune in 20 years! Shaun: Semi-Formal, Julie's house, long 
talks, pillow fights, roses, Your dad's house- Jason's Lyric, and for 
scaring me to death the night in Julie's car. We've been Close for 
many years. Our friendship means a lot to me. Thanks for always 
listening to me even when you disagreed. You're a true friend, 1 love 
you. Thanks To: Mike for constantly fighting with Jenn, never letting 
me get over the eighth grade incident, and for being a sweet heart 
(sometimes). Will for seventh grade. Matt V. for Chemistry Class. 
Doug for losing my Lion King coloring book, Russ's house, and for 
being so quiet. You're a nice guy. Russ, for always making fun of me. 
Jaime, for always being extra nice to me. Christine for "short shorts," 

Darchie Dunka, and the summer of seventh grade Lindsay, for fifth 
grade counseling sessions in the bathroom and "light as a feather, 
stiff as a board " Brendan (cup cake), Mr. Sorgi!!! Brian McGrath for 
all your parties. Jackson for being my dancing buddy. Special Thanks 
to: Mr. Huff for giving me a 70 in math, extra help, listening to my 
stories, and keeping me on my toes when I fell behind. Kim Trelegan 
for being an incredible dance teacher, and for encouraging me to 
push myself Eric Davis, my second brother! Thanks for late night 
talks -drives in the lroc and the Mustang, For worrying and protect- 
ing me. 1 love you. Nelson, for all the good advice. 
Future Goals: To live in the south, to be a Physical Therapist in Sports 
Medicine, to have four kids, and to one day marry Mike Fitzgerald. 

Alissa. Vangel 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; X-C Ski Team 
1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 2,3,4; Tennis Team 1; Science Team 1,4; AFS 3,4; 
NHS 3,4; 4-H 1; Girl Scouts 2,3,4; Medical Explorers 3; Concert Band 
1,2, 3; Wind Ensemble 4; Tele-media 4 

Thanks To Anyone I've ever met. Especially to my friends who have 
listened when I have rattled on incessantly and made no sense. 
Morris and DanG. for camping and fighting over frosted flakes, and 
Morris for teaching me how to be nasty Gina D. for listening and 
making me panic (Calm Down!) Mane T., Marching Band, WE,G.S. 
(esp. cans & bottles, 5 cents!), francais, being stressed? Just let me zip 
that. Heather M., AFS, francais, P.A.'s (Class atta rings, Jacob). 
Bethany, What is your phone #? Gold Award, dough boys, explorers, 
roller blades, X-C, concert band, and skipping the semi! Poolboy?? 
Joey for being my carpool buddy, anti-Barbus pellets, and the prom. 
Brian D., X-C, and for playing Class annet. Ben G., Josh F-, Anna G., 
and Lynn S. for the best summer ever. EL AL!! X-C Ski Team for 
existing. Pepe Yo-Yo for just being cool. G. S. Troop 1623 for letting 
me join, and BERMUDA! Cookie starts with C. Dina Z. for painting 
and crew. Vilas S. for "senior gym", and edit?! Curtis W. for saying 
hi to me. Alyssa R. for being an AHi,y)ssa. Ben for sitting behind me, 
epsilon? Michelle S. for movies and popcorn. Rachel S. for skiing and 
sleep-overs. Jeremy C. for being next to the point. Christina C. for 
chicken, being my skiing buddy, and reminding me to never be fake. 
A big thanks to Mom, Dad, and Shari for keeping me in mv place and 
letting me sign up for everything. Dad - trvmg to teach me math and 
physics, F=what? Mom - reading everything I've ever written, and 
being a maid. Shari - long car rides, 8 hours?!, NO, the alphabet game, 
and being pretty cool, usually 

Future Goals: Be happy. Make someone else happy. Have a stress 
free day! 

Angela Vay 

Thanks: To Ian, my love, my life, my pain in the butt. For music, love, 
understanding, singing beans, trampoline, your Clothes , shopping, 
and just being so cute. Jessica: bean dip, do you need tape?, Wide 
Receiver, my mom's Clothes , "You have no right", "you walked 
right into that one didn't you big boy", my firescape, subshop 
bathroom w/funnyeyes, Iatenights, & much more. Michelle: 
storytime, hairdye, lichen, fingerpaints, tuna, sausage, chicken, drinks 
out the nose, spitballs, twisting my arm, lung cancer, Clothes steal- 
ing , raindances, w/shirts & without, & being MyParrnerlnCnme 
All others: Ron (You'reTheCooIest), Mark (YouSlut), Bryan (USAF), 
& Yung (You'rePrettyNeat), Art 3+4 .Pilla, ForJustBeingPilla, 
Devaney, Seinfeld, and everyone else. 

Brian Deardorff 

Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3, Drum Major 4; Science League 
1,2,3,4; Telemedia 2,3,4; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Tennis Team 1,2,3,4; Stage 
Crew 1, Stage Manager 2,3,4, Happy Homeless Lunch Group 3,4 
Thanks: To start out I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, brother 
Sean, and my dog Luke. I can't thank you enough for just being there 
and being my family. Next, I would like to thank all of my teachers 
for helping me out through all of my high school years. 1 don't think 
that there is any way that I could have made it through high school 
without the support that 1 have had from a lot of my teachers. I would 
like to thank all of my friends for helping me out and for just being 
my friends. Extra special thanks to all the members of the Happy 
Homeless Lunch Group, Vilas, Jeff, Ben, and Curtis. You guys are 
awesome friends! Thanks to any and all member of the Bed ford High 
School Marching Band (Eyes with Pride!). Thanks to Mr. Reagan for 
being the director of the band, an excellent teacher, and just a great 
person. Thanks to Mrs. Krueger for being another great teacher and 
for finally calling me "Brian" instead of "Sean." Thanks to Mr 
LTlmann for being my Physics teacher for 2 years and always making 
me think. Thanks to anvone that 1 have not mentioned in mv senior 


thanks and probably should have. I wish I could thank you all, but 
I just don't have the time. Finally I would like to thank Alyssa 
Robinson for always being able to make me smile, and put me in a 
good mood again, and for just being there. 

Nick Define 

Activities: Fooba 1 1:2,3,4; Lax:l,2,3,4; SGA:3, Prez:4 

Future Coals: All-Star Weatherman and US President alongside 

being one heck of a model citizen. 

Cyndi Ve Young 

Activities: Cheerleading 1,2,4; Tennis 3,4; Class Officer 3,4; 
Boys V-Soccer Manager. 3 

Qina Vi Sanzo 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3/4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; 
Stage Crew 1,2 

Thanks: I'd like to thank my family. Mom, Dad, David, and Juliana, 
for their love and support, and for sticking bv me. I'd like to thank mv 
friends for all the wonderful and precious memories and fun times- 
Alissa D., who's been my best friend since elementarv school, riding 
bikes, "skiing" on the street with broom poles, cooking everything in 
the cookbook, the deer "beans" in the backyard. Thanks for giving 
me the best of advice, and for helping me in all of my "crises", test 
anxiety- touching pencils before a test. Sarah B., my best friend, for 
all the long talks, for all of the manv fun times, the beach every 
Thursday, semi-formal and Prom, mv blond hair. Kiss 108 and 
Hootie & Blowfish concerts, Christmas partv, the two red bottles in 
mv suitcase, hanging out with Christine P., Ralph, Ryan, Tom, Dina, 
and Sharon at the playground at night, summer barbecues, giving 
the plant at the Hartwell House a drink, cousins, helping me get mv 
smile right in senior pictures. Christina G., thanks for driving me to 
school every morning, singing with "microphones", Brian and his 
going down, brainwashing 275... Kerry D., my babysitting partner, 
sleepovers, having frozen pizza and making strawberry shortcakes 
at eleven at night, the chem-lawn man, the beach and the seagulls, 
"Big red" at gourmet, C. whipped cream or D. jello. Cara M., Kristin 
M., Lindsay S., Bethany G., Suzanne S., Danielle T., Christina G., 
Terri O. Amy L., Becca T., for all of the memorable experiences in 
field hockey and on the bus to games. Amy L., the "morsel and 
sample" in tennis. Lindsay S., going to the Great Wall, Christina 
Shishmina, curling hair with the curling iron- sorry you had to cut it. 
Heather M., Lake Winnipesaukee- July '93, building airplanes, row- 
ing the boat to the island, dancing on the dock, the ducks, grand- 
mother talking in her sleep, dance lessons, Suzanna, "Heatha". Leo 
Molle, the funniest guy I ever met! Thanks for all of the fun times 
hanging out, and for making the semi-formal and Prom a night to 
remember, breaking the grated cheese jar at the Hartwell house and 
having everyone stare, going swimming with John P., Tom C. and 
Cathy M. in John's pool. Cathy Molle, craziest person I ever met, 
thanks for being a good friend, for making me laugh and cheering me 
up. Tom C. thank you for a wonderful relationship, you're the 
greatest, 1 have all the many roses you gave me dried and in a vase 
on mv bureau. 

Future Goals: To be successful in college, to live life to the fullest, to 
marry a great guy, to have a good job, and to live a happy life. 

Meredith Dill 

listening to me blab, blab, and blab. I love you, my dear daughter. 
Katie, thank you for being there when I couldn't deal with my knee. 
And Heather M., for church, labs, and for always being mv friend. 
Marie, Bethany, Heather Loewy, Ellen, Alissa, Kathleen, and Vanessa, 
for being lots of fun and 'totally immature'. Right! Green Submarines 
forever! Bermuda, here we come! Jeff, I'm sorrv things didn't work 
out, but I'll always be your friend. Ricky, thank you for a wonderful 
Semi formal, one of the few times you didn't have much to say. 
Orchestra and Math League wouldn't be the same without you. 
(Much quieter!) Math League RULES! Devin, you better have come. 
Elissa, our walks were lots of fun, and I'm glad we're friends. Jen, 
Orchestra and Chamber wouldn't be the same without you. Jon, I 
owe you a major apology, but I sure enjoyed that cast partv. Thanks 
to everyone in my singing group. Carey, I missed you in French! 
Jason-"Is it dark enough for you two in here?" No! Rajul, I'm hungry! 
Tom and Elisa, thanks for making Physics so random. Heath, Jesse, 
Lindsay, I don't know what to say! La! I love our family- Who else 
would be a full orchestra? Mom and Dad, thanks for being parents I 
like, and letting me do whatever I want. Ian, Dinah, Milo, and 
Hamish, I love you guys! I'll always remember my kids! Mr. Maffa, 
thanks for being you, and good luck with Daniel. You'll be a wonder- 
ful father. I try not to talk! I love you all! God bless! 
Future Goals: To make as much music as I can, have lots of kids, and 
keep in touch with everyone! 

Julie Vubitsky 

Activities: Soccer JV 1,2, Varsity 3,4; Tennis Varsity 1,2,3,4; French 
Club 1,2,3,4; InterAct Club 1.2 Treasurer 3, V. President 4; N.H.S 3, 
President 4; Student Government Assembly 2, 3, 4; Musical 2, 3; 
Student Production Night 3; Prom Decorating 3 
Thanks: To all my friends for four years of fun and for always being 
there for me. I'll miss you guys. Kristin- for being there to talk to, 
laugh with, and cry with. Prudential elevator, speedwriting, mall 
moods, mobil man, being a ditz with me, Was that the girl in the w.c 
speeding by?, loving the beach, concert band (shh!), skiing, for being 
just as sensitive as I am, and for having high standards with me, our 
j. prom anxiety. Kristin, Theresa, and Cara, thanks for being awe- 
some friends. Theresa- french bch, Peach S, "Hey boys", L.P.O.S, Ben 
(O Geez), AMC, going crazv with walkmans, soccer (juggling). You 
are one crazy girl. Cara- Eli, UPenn (Murphs, being so happv with 
me), all of our C.W. experiences (Fred, bra woman), "can we borrow 
your trash?", Brian looks retarded, our hysterical laughing fits, D'jar, 
Bill Goat, the zipper I will miss laughing with you. Jeannie-You are 
such a great person, thanks for InterAct, putting up with G., Tennis 
(Aldo), our constant "I'm sorry", mv slam book. Terri-for all of our 
crazy Classes Gym (teamwork, contact soccer) Psychology "all I 
want to do is be tan". Physics (Mr. Ullmann on rollerskates), the Big 
E. I can't wait to see you on Broadway. Jen- our lists, soap-operas, our 
personal talks, being a wonderful friend since sixth grade, Targeteers. 
Alyssa- for being so nice, lunch, putting up with all my Physics 
questions. Dara- forour personal chats, Israel (what's up, big spender), 
sitting on bench with me in soccer. Elisa- tennis, Hebrew school, our 
overlapping play in soccer. Amy- Junior Prom (bathroom). Rebecca- 
InterAct and Targeteers. Heather W.- gym, being a crazy French 
partner. Chrissy- for being my homeroom buddy. Kelly- for your 
obsession, Chester, "What?", Nick K. Lauren R- keeping me com- 
pany in my car, Taco Bell, good talks. Andy-"threesome", fellow 
Friends watcher, calling me Febes, Elton John and Steve Miller, being 
a nice friend. Sam- our arguments, ruining mv Penn hat, Poli Sci, for 
being the sweetest guy. Chris (Teste)- AMC trip, for annoying, 
punching and spitting at me, having a dimple, and being adorable. 
Jesse- for becoming a lot nicer since 8th grade. Tim- ragging on me, 
Poli Sci. Dave- being unpredictable, throwing me in the sprinkler. 
Mike- being a nice guy, poses in Guys + Dolls. Jeremv- Targeteers, 
joking around, having a locker near me. Dennis and the Targeteers. 
Kris S.- being in the French group without a name with me. Ro- for 
making me get in crazy moods. Ms. Lohrum- for all of your help. Mr. 
Spinosa, Mr. Sabourin, and Mr. Maxwell for being the best teachers 
at BHS. Casey- for being adorable. Steph- for not only being the best 
sister, but also for being someone I can trust and talk with and for 
being my best friend now and alw-ays in the future. Mom and Dad- 
providing me with support, encouragement, and love all my life and 
for putting up with me and my moods, I love you very much! Good 
Luck to the Class of 1996! 

Future Goals: To go to college, become a doctor and save many 
people's lives. To go skydiving and parasailing with Kristin in the 
Bahamas. Marry the guy I saw at the beach and settle down in San 
Francisco. Attend the wedding of Jeremy and Jen, so I can say "I told 
you so." To always stay in touch with my friends at BHS. To be happy 
all my life. 

Activities: Choir 1,2; NHS: 3,4; Show Choir 2; Babysitting 1,2,3,4; 
Chamber Singers 4; every day 3; XYZ Singers 4; Madrigal Dinner 
1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Girl Scouts 1,2,3,4; Chamber Music 2,3,4; 
Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 1,2,4, won 3,4?; NY Trip 
2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Math League 1,2,3,4; French Club: 1,2,3,4 
Thanks: First of all, thanks for everything Dina, especially for 

Kerry Vuncan 

Activities: Football Cheerleading 1,2,3, capt.4; Baskelm 
Cheerleading 1,2,3, capt.4; Varsity Track and Field 1,2,3, capt.4;|s 
leadership 4; Mediation 2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 2,3; m 
Committee 3,4; Powder Puff 3,4; Prom Decorating 3,4; Four- h 
Missions 3,4; Mr. Beaton Academy 1,2, mascot3; McDunalc w 
Airfield 3,4, forever 

Future Goals To go to college, be successful, get married, have; m 
kids, never stop partyin' with all of my Closest pals, attend it 
weddings, finally take Jay Romanic to Zoots, cruise with jL 
singing Fast Car, and remember B H S ..the happiest times o W 
life. To never be average. 

Katie Bsposito 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1,2,3, Captain 4, Rifle 1; Athletic Traiw 
1; Spring Track 2,3,4; Ultimate 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,23,4; CharH 
Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Nose Flute Orchestra 3,4; Madrigal 4; Do lp 
Sextet 3,4; Show Choir 23; Pit 1,2,3,4; Tournament of PlaysK 
Drama Club 3,4; Art Crew 3,4; Hall Decorating 3,4; French < b 
1,2,3,4; Forum Photographer 4; Yearbook 3,4; AFS 4; Telemedialfe 
Girls State 3; NHS 3,4; Girl Scouts 1,2,3,4; Roofer 3,4; Soap 2,3,4; Mfc 
3,4; Therapy 4; Judge Fan Club 2,3,4; Blue Tape Distributor If 
TONFMW i, 2,3,4; FGT Simulators 2,3,4; Maffa Support GroupE 
Woodstock II 3; Les Mis Audition 3; Random 1,2,3,4; Short 1 ,2 I; 
And then another... 3,4 

Thanks: To the family- Grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, H 
especially Mom and Dad for all the love and support. Mikejl 
toughening me up and being one cool big brother. Mrs. Rainis, % 
Messmer, Mr. Maffa, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Norton, Mrs. Hoyt, M 
Judge, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Spinosa, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Pilla, 'm 
McCarthy, Mrs. Ralston, Mrs. McConnell, Pete Cacciola, Mr. Knljl 
Mrs. Conley, Mrs. Lesure, and Mrs. Mclnnis for influencing my if 
Margaret- I've known you FOREVER... there are far too manv wJ3 
to be said. I love food, buying things cheap. Sting, Shakespeare, ■ 
life thanks to you. Thanks for always being right there, and knovifl 
EVERYTHING about me. You are my greatest influence and he™ 
love you. Heather- You've always known me better than I kj 
myself. Thanks for 8th grade, N.H., all of "our songs", "YurgeM 
maaried?", having charisma, being innocent (I know about v, 
thinking things out, saving mv life many a time, laughing with rro 
EVERYTHING, being so liberal, and most importantly waitingH 
me while I figured myself out. Nothing and everything's chana| 
A&F, P.O.A.N.D., I love you more than life itself. £■ 
Gershamababerama- From "Oh Father" to "Fingertips" we've e» 
rienced it all. Thanks for Building 19 runs, getting lost in Uncle Ml 
knowing a million songs. Mocking, teaching me guitar, being FiM 
Central, sharing musical interests, the heights, painting the crewf 
dancing to drums, and pointing out my little quirks. Never fo| 
A&P '95, the Alexandria dance, buying flaanaal underwear, H 
Only Forward readings. Thanks for making it wicked awesome, r 
I LOVE YOU! Michelle, ma belle, what can I say?- daytime sleepovl 
Les Mis audition, lacrosse games, Boston adventures, Dolores! Thali 
for meeting me at 12 am, making surprise visits, loving the stJ) 
being sincerely happy and spontaneous, and loving T-storms. jl 
mean more to me than you'll ever know. It was a blast. I love )|! 
Rachel, snookums,... you are a goddess! From Groovy Roovm 
RirtaJdo- we've lived through it all. (Bette concert!, yearbook ixel 
ity) Thanks for being articulate, adorable, and for all the hugs, lau J 
and talks. You know how much I love you... with a hint of raink 
essence. Jeff Yorkvboy of Ulm for the Semiformal, Soaping Imed I 
knowing EVERY SINGLE GOSH DARNED Simpson quote in 
universe, hours of senseless phone conversations, '"ve had | 
moment", getting me pregnant, Ken3, Ni!, mocking at my favoi 
rime of day... oops- night, dealing with my spontaneity, "wooh( 
putting me in your comics, and being the most humorous guy j 
ever met. Thanks for the talks, too, I really do love you. (3 dal 
MAAAATLOCK) Jecca for teaching me to appreciateswings,Gro"| 
eating 7 bags of free cotton candy, and that crazy corn starch I 
water thing. Vanessa (Tori girl) for consistently getting ice cri 
with me, making it through these tough vears, and most importai 
for listening. Mary for candy corn, and the weirdest birthday pre; 
ever. Nate! for just plain every thing- Junior Prom, jamming, Simps^ 
A&P '95, Live, Ursula the War Cat, velociraptor impressions, Bu 
ing 19 runs- sweetbread!, and being the biggest FREAK I know. II 
you, Nate-dog! Eric G. for trips to the heights, incredible conve 
tions, laughing hysterically, and being a story jukebox. You are 
most sincere guy I know. Rebecca L. for NYC, Starwars, and; 
incredible childhood. Jocelyn for Scotland and never forgetting 
"den". Marie for camping out in my back yard, and helping 
survive Senior gym. Kristin for letting me frolic in your field, A 
'95, and being graceful and mv favorite stand partner. Alyssa i 
giving me the largest (and only) roll of decorating foil I've ever si 
being genuinely random, "woosh!", A&P '95, and calling me 1 
man"... shh, tell no one. JEN TSANG!!! for pink twine, greeting m 
sign language, shnnky dinks!, jamming, gratuitously using the w 
gratuitous, A&P '95, and singing me a song. Jeff H. for the NYC t 
loving acappella, and being twice the size of me. You will alw. 
have a special place in my heart- 1 love you. Ben W. for Class aire] 
Bee, being short and sweet, and 14(!) years of fun. Joey Z. for hav : 
a cool name, Jug o' Fun, and that crazy little dance. Meredith 
letting me call you Moo. Dina for knowing the schedule of evi 


erson I've met in the last 4 years. Elisa for giving me 704 stickers, 
eeping me sane (or was that insane?) in Math Class, and far too 
'ianv hours of laughter. Joanna, my little sister, you are the funniest, 
iost uninhibited girl I know. Amy A. for helping me grow up. 
I atherine W. and Kristen M- Jav Girls! Little Turner for Live tickets 
id dodging eggs. All the girls of insane troop 1623- Alissa, Bethany, 
jathleen. All my soccer buddies- Theresa, Robbie, Katie A., Dara, 
'ara, Kim, Linda, Kristen, Mike, Rashme, Laura, Sue, Elana... Emily 
'id Ingrid for being my madrigal homies- what up Homey Lope?, 
!io. Vaccinated, no!" Mer for smiling. Ben P. for being naturallv 
bellious and an honorary DS member. Rebecca G. (hey O.C.!), 
annie, Jen, Cara Mac, Eric L., Curtis, Vilas, Sanju, Mike H., Rajul, 
lichelle Shwimer, Heather L., both Carveys, Karen F , Kristen 
red), Sin, Aaron R., Ryan K., Phil (PHIL!), Drew, Lindsey Fiske, 
;thanne and Anne, Jason C, T.S. Eliot, Edith Wharton, Abraham 
mpson, and Hans Moleman. Thanks to all those I have missed, and 
those that have/ will bring happiness and laughter into my life, Ifs 
?en poignant I love you all!! Remember- Blessed are the 
heesemakers. Thanks for the memories. 

iture Goals: To finallv go to Bedford House of Beef, to walk out of 
lowling alley still wearing the shoes, to become fluent in Italian and 
e in Florence, to get "cheese" in the dictionary as a verb, to run 
iked the day Ellen stops singing, to see each of my friends reach 
eir goals, and to be happy and loved to the highest degree. 

Alulah Qarnett 

unks: First of all I would like to thank my mom and my dad for 
i\ ing on my back about everything Making sure that I do the best 
it I can and be all that 1 can be. I will also like to thank my big 
ither, Dorien, for being for there for me the best he can. I must give 
.pecial thanks to my best friend and cousin, Kiya for being there 
d understanding my ways. I love all of you with all my heart. Hugs 
j kisses for all Well last but not least 1 have to give a shout out to 
peeps: Danese, I know that you are not here to share these times 
;h me, I still love ya. Melissa, keep it real yourself and everyone 
>und you, don't let anyone walk over you, love ya. Felisha. 
:p'em in check, you got to run it. Kianga, stay off those erbals, they 
I't doin you no good. Aisha and Asha keep on doing what you 
ovf. Shara, you need to quiet down a little. To the whole Metco 
■ew"- leave Flo and Delanda alone. John and Akil stay out of 
uble. I love you Wuan... I also would like to give big outs to those 
.o kept it real with me in school: Brendan J ., Jay W., Allison K., Erin 
Matt \ eits I love you forever, Jose A., for those who I have missed 
I ry. 1 love you all. 

ture Goals For my future plans I hope to go to Class ark Univer- 
in Atlanta, major in Business Management and maybe Criminal 
tice. And become rich and famous, be on top of the world. 

Christine Qe&fuss 

ivities: Field Hockey 1,2; Indoor Track 1,2,3, Capt. 4; Outdoor 
1ck 1,2,3, Capt.4; Inter Act 1,2,3; Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Drama 
' b 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4 

inks: Thanks mom, dad. Brad, Jack and grammy for your love and 
port, I love you all. Jeff and Abby- thanks for being there and 
liwinghow to make me smile, also for popsiClass es, SORBET, and 
ncing... "Initiate!" Amy - What can I say? We've been best-friends 
I nigh everything, 1 love you like a sister. Never forget our crazy 
i nories! (And FOOD!) We could live off fries and ice-cream- mint 
i colatechip! "Blend with the scenery!" "Don't touch my Doritos!" 
' n't talk- eating..." Candy- (Kruegers-bottom right, "Any green 
as?") "Where's the cafeteria?" Dolphin sandwiches against the 
1 I! (I swear thev are!) Don't let me buv fruit pies! "Is your name 
i ly meathead?" T.J. and roller-blading around the top floor- "Balls 
< teel..." Chad- chocolate chip cheesecake... "We're seniors-uh 
j ore, in college"- nice going! Burlington flick(ers)- walking up that 
1 We finally saw Pulp Fiction! "Who's behind the drapes?" "Uh, 
tst my ring..." Gym- up for singles? AB tennis... "Getting lost 
ting to look for mini-golfing was an experience to remember..." 
' 1 II call from the next gas station- where is it?" Our English 
J lers ruled! Class iffnotes and vocab- will we ever learn? "I 
Opped the salad dressing" "I need more napkins!" "You don't suck 
e luch as 1 thought you did!- oops" Don't fight for anymore spaces 
i ing Christmas- "Do you have an eraser?" The Lion King - "Cor- 
rion I know your fadda..." "Que Pasa?" Judge's Class-enough 
J| is Caesar, can we get a degree in B.S ? We'll have to try to watch 
a'nset that actually comes up! Your Hebrew School graduation was 
r Dan /Melissa saga- "1 feel like I already know you..." Study 
r nories- "We're breaking out!" The lady in the parking lot. Finally 
•nting Dean... "tip-toe past Pilla's room." Steve Miller concert- 
- A mate route... Rice-Crispy treats! Thanks for coming to my track 
r ts- OB. yelling at vou! There's so much more kiddo- but it won't 

fit... Thanks for always being there for me. Always remember these 
two things: "Oh what a night ..." and S#!? happens, a lot to us! Hey 
Heather- our swims were fun- thanks for always being there and for 
our long talks- "Dreamboat".. Drumlin Farms - "Quick hide the 
pumpkins- are you pregnant?" Our beach escapades were funny- 
"How about this spot?" You make the best grilled hamburgers. Amy 
and 1 still swear your mom is June Class eaver! Sleeping over and 
talking non-stop... I love your cats, "How do I open your door- do I 
still have your key?" Our movie trips were inspiring- Bravcheart, 
Angus. A river runs through it- Rewind. ..Let's go to Beadworks- 
Throwing raisins in 8th grade was a riot... M and I. "You're so tan!" 
There's a fire in Unos... Thanks for rides to school- was I awake? Elisa- 
Iguana Woman! Eating candy under the stairs and pizza trips were 
fun... Going to see the Canadian hockey team ...Sarah- just think, it 
all started with the 2 Lex's "Slap #10, Sit down #12!" Finding out how 
much we had in common that night at the playground- do vou think 
they were in the tree? Boston Chicken and Champs... Our 2 hundred 
mile ride to Gloucester - how'd we get back so fast? Seeing the lights 
on that road- "Is it a UFO?" Sneaking out my window to go to 
Farley's- "Hi dad- just getting some fresh air..." Our 4 am study 
lessons for Messma's tests... seeing your coach at Denny's, going to 
watch all those hockey games and talking to Jay's mom the whole 
time- hide it's JP! "Did you just put your arm...uh nevermind . " 
Going to the snowball with you and the 2 Lex's was a blast... "Am I 
being too loud? Can you hear me?" National Hockey Team until 4 am 
at HJs. . and getting pulled over- hide those pictures! Long Island 
isn't that far. ..(right) Throwing wooden apples in Krueger's trophy. 
Our rice-cake dance was fun. A measles epidemic- o k J. Amanda- 
Sneaking out and seeing you crawl out the car door was a riot- your 
brake lights ... keep pushing! Going to see J. that night and talking to 
his mom and dog.. Calling Glenn from the payphone! "Urn- this is..." 
Our late-night labs... and talking too LOUD! Krystian- we've been 
through everything together, thanks for always caring and for com- 
forting me, especially for our LONG talks.. "Be a beast!" You always 
know how to make me smile, practice is funner together- we'll get 14 
soon! Skinny dipping was COLD! " Thanks for Walden, Hampton, 
Plum Island, the Class own and for the chocolate covered apricots . - 
the pictures came out good... Dance with me? The rose was beauti- 
ful... it 's alive! Please take care of Elmi... and listen to "Enga" Hey 
Gina- "Want a sip? Rinse the glass!" Staring at the sky and talking,' 
laughing all night was fun. Too bad about Taco-Bell and the car... I 
still have the stickers and candy necklace. Thanks for the jokes/chats 
in accounting. Becky- we always eat ice-cream don't we? Meeting K 
was... weird, the night the 4 of us went out was a kick. "What should 
we eat?" I love your hair... keep dancing! Kristen- track practice/ 
meets were fun, keep throwing the javelin. Cara- my oboe 
partner. .."We're in tune! Quack..." Thanks to Tarri and Sarah for 
gym Class. Jen C. thanks for being my neighbor and for the rocks and 
CBB. Jen K. - Kiwi-sisters forever... Beth B.- thanks for all our roof 
trips and laughing fits. "Meet you at the mailbox..." 
Future Goals: go to college, meet a wonderful husband, keep in 
touch with all my friends, go to Amv's wedding and bring the B-day 
tape with fries and ice-cream. 

Ellen Qersh 

Activities: JV Soccer 1,2; Ski Team 1,2,4; Athletic Training 1; Attempt 
to Athletic Train 2,4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 2,3,4; 
New York Trip 2,3,4; Choir2 1,2; Chamber Singers 4; Show Choir 3; 
Double Sextette 4; Spring Musical 1,2,4, Art Director 3; French Club 
1,2,3,4; AFS 4; Telemedia 1,2; Attempted Telemedia 3,4; Attempted 
Science Team 1,2,3; Science Team 4; SADD 3; Forum (sort of) 3; 
Yearbooking 3,4 (Captioneer, Art Person, Short Order Cook!); Ulti- 
mate Frisbee 1 ,2,3,4; Three Musketeer 3; SOAPer 2,3,4; Mocking 3,4; 
Roofer 3,4; Nose Flute Orchestra 3,4; Freak Central 3,4; Cascading 
Mix Effect 1,2,3,4; And Then Another 3,4 

Thanks: First to my parents: 1 know the times haven't always been 
the easiest or the best but I cherish the moments when it all works out. 
Thank you both so much, I love you. To David: I wish you the best 
of luck in becoming a famous TV director someday. To all those 
friends I had as a child but never seem to keep in touch with. To Elke, 
for being such a cool childhood friend. To Cathy L, for introducing 
me to Beano, my wyld child, and Rocky Horror. To all those people 
at IB for encouraging me along a path that changed my life. To Jane, 
Lisa, and especially Amy H for being my ultimate heroes. To Ellen C 
for being cool and having my name. To Katherine for putrefaction, 
Elec, Josh G, Paul and others for August Studios. Viv! What a rocky 
road our relationship has been! Even if 1 never acknowledge it again, 
those times under Green-sky fantasies and Middle School fun really 
meant alot tome Bethany, I have known you forever, and I still don't 
know if we'll ever get along! Thanks for skiing and swimming, 
sleepovers, your dad's great breakfasts, strange crafts and creations, 
HI/BYE stories, etc. Heather McC! What can I say? Remember 
Heathers, AfterEights, our moms, First Night, King Ridge, 
snowshoeing, Cardigan, Nantucket, Sassy, Chem Class, Fran! 
Messmer, Chocca "1 have a story to tell", The Enticing Sounds of 
CTD, walks and talks at Eastman, great dancing, great fun forever! 
"Yo Pete! I pulled mv quaddie!" Maybe someday we'll go to King 
Pine and Killington and the Rocky Hoiror Picture Show! :) left 'I ! 
Since Eighth grade, music Class with Burkelin, watching you draw! 
(I'll be doing that forever!) Thanks lots for those strange wet snow 
days, traipsing the woods with CHL, Mocking, S cubed! Thanks for 

knowing every Simpson episode, for imitating Abraham, for imitat- 
ing Pilla Thanks for helping me survive Devany. Aahh! Calligraphy! 
Thanks for introducing me to SOAP, to MusClass e, for keeping me 
up to date on every episode of Voyager. Thanks to Heather Y for not 
noticing and Jeff Y not minding that I stole all their food. For making 
me laugh. For relationship talks. I still have the Hungry Pleeze Help 
sign! "Woohoo!" For being such a cool comic book artist - I'll still 
have them when you're famous - I swear! "Down I go!" "Medic!" 
Anatomy 94-95! People, you'll always be the "Seniors" in my eyes. 
Thanks to Michelle P for stage singing, to Kristin for being so neat, to 
Nate A for Fun with Cats and awesome guitar playing! Especially to 
Jen T. You're the Shrinky Dink queen! Thanks for always being 
entirely excited in anything ever created. Thanks for Random gifts. 
Thanks for RANDOMNESS!, for Gratuitous spoons! To Alyssa R for 
"shhh... Tell no one." To Elisa B for managing stinky with me. "Wait 
- are you in my Anatomy Class?" For knowing what Vincent was & 
for sitting across from me in G period art Senior year. To everyone in 
Art IK / JV! Michelle B, Karein, Angela, Cathy R. Eric Green! for the 
lunior prom, for talks, for the heights, for being an awesome person. 
Random underClassmen! Pam W for being a crazy Tango sister. 
Dawn for always saying hi to me, Jen S for having such totally 
awesome Class othing, Nick L for being a silent freshman. Andy Y! 
Kamah because she said so. To all those people 1 know I'll meet this 
year but will never get to thank. Gibbons! You rule! Thanks for my 
Junior Semiformal, Youth Group, Truth or Dare, ESP sessions. Tattoo 
craziness, for being a truly original person, a witch, a person ob- 
sessed with pentaClass es Thanks for foot and head massages, for 
Class earwater, and the F&VV Fair Thanks for psychoanalyzing me, 
for being a sensitive person, for talks. Thanks for telling me first, it 
meant alot to me. For being such a cool, crazy, wacky, slinkster-dog 
long-green-haired boy. Eric I LOVE YOU! Thanks to First Parish for 
giving me religious questioning and conviction Thanks to everyone 
who was ever in mv Youth Group, for shadowstalker, for Mow, for 
Ferry Beach and Bowling. To the Original Nantucket Football 
Moonworshippers! All GS troop 1623-Forever! Dina everything! To 
everyone on Art Crew for Guys and Dolls, I can't thank you enough. 
To everyone who played Ultimate. Jeff H and Drew for Doug Graves. 
To everyone on Yearbook Staff! To Rachel S. for being the Yearbook 
Goddess "What about the soop!" Also for Graphics Class and 
realizing I CAN do layouts. To Joey MBDZ for ice cube seductions 
and random muggings! Agata B for ski team. Art Classes and... 
interesting questions. To anyone whoever got lost with me in mv car. 
To F Messma, Reynolds, Mrs. Alcarez, Pilla, Pete Cacciola Finallv, 
Kates! How can I thank you for all our relationship has affected me. 
Thanks for the Reynolds video- the beginnings of weirdness, snow 
days, that head game, deciphering my Hawaii postcards, juice and 
crackers at your house, tub 'o cheese at mine! For singing the entire 
score of Tommy with me in Alexandria. The Dance! NYC! For being 
with me absolutely every minute Junior Year. For Jamming on piano 
and guitar before and after school. For 'driving to get icecream' with 
me. For understanding every word I sav, "That's OK too...!" For that 
talk at the Drama Fest, for understanding. How can I sav everything! 
I can't! Roadtrip! To us, and JY, the original Mock Froggers, ONLY 
FORWARD!, the Three Musketeers, for SOAPing. Thank you all, 
everyone who influenced my whole life! I LOVE YOU ALL! xxxooo! 
Long Live Longtime Friends! 

Future Goals: To get into Art School, graduate, get a job and be a 
masseuse on the side. Then form a band which 1 am the lead singer 
and guitarist of, never retire, and live to be an old woman (Gum a 
piece of chicken) To hike the entire Appalachian Trail. To be a role 
model. Vada Via Che Sa D'Aglio! 

Bethany Qiusti 

Activities: Vice President 3,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; 
Softball 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Latin Club 3,4; Telemedia 4; I.B.V. 
(thank god); D.J. Club 3,4; P LC. 1,2,3,4; J.G. fan Club 1,2,3,4; 4 Hats 
3,4; G fun 1,2,3,4 

Thanks: First off 1 would like to thank my family Mom and Dad, I 
could not have gotten through a lot of things without you guys (even 
if you forgot my 15th birthday) You've always been there for me 
when I needed vou and 1 appreciate it. I love you. Matthew even 
though its been a lot quieter since you've been gone I still miss you. 
You might have left on bad terms but I'm sorry. Even though I don't 
show it, I appreciate everything vou have done for me. I love you. 
Catherine, you are the best little sister anyone could have (you ain't 
nothin but abound dog) And don't ever change how thoughtful you 
are. I love you too Cat. Toby, I don't know how you can be so cute, 
but so stupid MacBeth and Annie- R I P DANIELLE: We have been 
through so much, since 2nd grade, swimming-30 water, go cart- 
racing it, redshorts, safe at Typhoon Lagoon, chewed dorito grape 
soda, free show for brothers friends, Kerry and I scaring you, PADS, 
4 hats, bike rides "uptown", lifeguards at typhoon, 5am ferry, 
straight line gTaph. monorail in Spanish, brazierre with bathing suit, 
A-chu BOO, fence in neighbors yard, 10-page report on trains, 
flaming pizza, falling off my porch, and licence plate across breast. 
NICOLE: Hi is Chip there... Class ick 35-min walks IPS Jamie's head 
after it met the door, WongDuckDong, Who's... Wild Horses (in 
dark) Danielle falling off porch, Pok Fry. Ry, falling out Suzanne's car 
(me), fan ot papers coming out Griecci's locker, Bethanyson, toe jam 
and dip?, hairy toothbrush, Jim broke chair library, falling movie 
screens. Bonk, car at 4th of July (what car) pure warm soda, the 


napkin (Maine), WAMP there it is, brown drool, Jim's bag in tree, 
happybirthdaytoyoueventhoughyournothere, stepping in buckets 
(GOD), and of course our "little" fight. LINDSAY: 1 really don't think 
we would be this Close if it wasn't for "the locker room" Thanks for 
being the bigger person (in game) Pink Ping Pong Balls, Mr Branch, 
charliehorse, Judge Ito, hapafidydollapaconnakin, sloppy joe, tag 
team football, knee twitching, notes Tim and Andy, Chloe, Mrs. 
Hickox, peanut jar, walking 12:00 at nite, square dancing, bike camp, 
aracnaphobia, Tim thinking you're in my room at party, wrestling 
sheets, Mr Bad Bref, and flooding my toilet. GRIECCI: New Years, 
rez, vibes, killa, BAD, wash salt, why fish in ocean?, sunflower, small 
gathering, deep water, Karioki, falling off sidewalk, sleeping on 
boat, TURN IT ON!, jumping 9 ft. in 3 in water, Gary's Closet, Brian 
CosCa, under my thumb, C-h-r-i-s-t-i-n-a, get out of my boat and 
walk, 10,000 mile walk through Annesquam, Russ I love you, never 
liking Mike, fish in bathing suit, L.S. game, being your back up 
singer, going church after prom, and changing the subject (milk). 
SUZANNE: Are you laying eggs?, falling off bike, Spanish music, 
Chris come here and talk, balls at Hampton, is it contagious? 
(McDonalds), snowboarding landing in woods, Carl, Pump it for me, 
movies Mike Hunt, watch game not 2B embarrassed by U2, NO!, 2 
girls in an amigo, Raw Meat, 9 rolls, Am I pretty?, warning notes, 
open house, brown eyed girl, Brian Anthonv Maranian, camping out, 
concert buddies, put mud on shirt, I baby sit there. LISA: bush runs, 
spanky in mailbox, ride in woods, anything in ear, JD tag team FB 
making pizza, salt in water, toe jam, wet willies, paper in hair, Cindy 
Nerney, dead cats, Rickey's in love, toenails on court, you're great, 
putting tissues in ears, cut the crap, listening and singing to loud 
music. Julie: sledding in condos, cashews. Kerry: 4 hats, scaring 
Danielle. Matt V: you are definitely one of the nicest kids I have ever 
met. You are always thereto talk to and give me your honest opinion. 
Not a day goes by without thinking and praying for you. We love you 
Matt and I know you're going to pull through. Matt C: It's too bad 
that we don't talk anymore. It's sad how one day you can just lose 
your best friend, but hopefully we w ill both take a reality check and 
start talking again. Mike: you have always been a true friend to me 
and I will never forget it. Just remember our late nite talks, Hootie, 
blowing smoke, falling with me, keeping pen, and always being there 
for me. Russ: the river wild, giving me something to look at, our 
threesome, and always being there to talk. Jamie: you made a first 
Class fool out of me. Doug: I don't hate you and for making me cry 
Will: egg, sperm, zygote, penis. Shaun: Refrigerator box camera, and 
being so nice. Mark: our contest down the Cape (tied). Nerney' Matt 
Foley, Elvis. Nick: thinking too much, our walk after prom. Field 
Hockey Kristin, Cara, Pecker-suck face, army boy, Gina, Amy L, Cara 
making brownies. Coach Keri and Trinity, Meri, Peggy, Veda, (danc- 
ing) and Allison. Also Cyndi, onion in my coke, Amy C, jump rope 
(paper) DaveS speeding with cop, Tim being my secret love; Harvard 
Square, Andy my first boyfriend, liking Lindsay, Chris Jesse being 
twins. Matt F, Adrian and Jarrod lalapalooza, Brandon, my jacket, 
moving to Japan, Tankus, Brendan wannahump? Chris H, Chris S, 
Jim M falling in library, making me laugh. Gary you have always 
been there for me when I needed you, whether something is bother- 
ing me or if I just wanted to talk. You stood bv me when I told vou 
I wanted to wait and that meant alot to me. You mean so much to me 
and don't ever forget it. Just remember riding horses in toysRus, 
omelets, square dancing, brown eyed girl. Parrot heads, Jimmy 
Buffet, teasing, sleepovers and our cords. 

Future Goals Jump into a pool full of jello, be on Saturday Night 
Live, watch Suzanne marry my first husband Adam Sandler, have 
my second husband be a football player, move to Colorado, live in a 
log cabin, have 7 kids, and have my parents watch them when my 
husband and I go to Italy. 

Jeremy Gomes 

Activities: Freshman Golf 1; Varsity Golf 1,2,3; Varsity Lacrosse 
1,2,3,4; Stacy Porter/Sharlene Tobin Fan Club 1,2,3,4, (and for the 
rest of all time); Concord Correctional Fnsbee Team 1,2,3,4 
Thanks: Thanks to all my teachers especially Mr. Keup, Mr. Sullivan, 
Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Leavy, Ms. Barry for inspiring me to become a 
teacher. To John "BOOM BOOM" "don't call me J R." Reynolds, for 
being a great coach with absolutely no hearing To coach Snow for 
turning around the Lacrosse program and bringing us back to the 
DC LASS . To Mr. Haley, you made a big difference, we'll all miss you. 
To H AB1B, thanks for all the laughs. Thanks to nipps for being a dork. 
To George of the VA golf shack To Jeff for the "your mama" jokes. 
To my car that dies out if I go over 45. To Dee for being an unbiased 
sociologist To Shaun HEYYYY!! To Estrada the worst Class ever. 
Last but not least my father and mother for being there when I 
needed them, I never would have made it without them. 

Melissa Gray 

Activities Athletic Training; InterAct Club 

Thanks: Thanks to my mom and dad for not giving upon me. For my 
brothers always willing to give a helping hand, even when 1 didn't 
want it Akilah thanks for being such a good friend, and always 
trying to give advice on life. Amy we must not forget the summer of 
'95, and all the people we met Mike, thanks for the daises, they made 
my summer Jeff, I had a great time at the prom. Tim I'm truly sorry 
that I missed some of your games, I hope you can find it in your heart 
to forgive me. To all the people that work at B.D.C, its always great 
working w/ you and Jeremy, don't forget that the pirate ship rules! 
Thanks Mrs. MacGregor for always saying that I could do it, 1 just 
need to work a little harder Thanks Pete for teaching the trainers all 
about football and about training. Stephaine try to watch the lines. 
Hanson I'm surprised that vou lasted so long w/putting up w/that 
special someone! Thanks to the football and soccer teams for always 
putting in 100%. Jesse thanks for making my weekends brighter. 
Future Goals: Graduate college, travel and stay healthy. 

Rebecca Green 

Activities: Soccer 1,2, 3,4; Skiing 2, 3, 4; Training 1,2; "Men's" Lacrosse 
3; InterAct 2,3,4; Lime /Coconut Club 3,4; Gym Decorating 2; Hall 
Decorating 3; Luigi's Dinner Club 2,3,4; Initials Game-1 1,2,3,4 
Thanks: Wow! Twelve years come & gone in a small town produce 
many memories and even more people to thank for enjoying them 
with me. My parents, thanks for being incredible tour guides through 
childhood! Carrie (Curby); Thanks for dropping me when I was little 
and doing Friendly's & drive-bys, we've formed a unique friendship, 
our endless arguments included (even though I will always be 
second). Becca To-What?: we've been through too many hurricanes, 
Johns, fights . . let's keep up the tradition anyway, but no more muc 
(or Nate), don't remember: lax refs, flip flop. Papa Gino's psycho- 
Wheeeaaauuu! Gina: bean me, double dutch, Walden Pond, pass- 
arounds, Alanis M., stars-moons-sunflowers, parking lot dancing at 
12:30, R.U.S. in hill form, sunroofs, Topsfield Bagel Co. BT, JV, JB, GJ, 
DS: all the good times we've laughed at lunch. Thanks Jen Verville for 
pointing out muc & parmesean, Great Wall & Luigi's (need I say 
more?!) & expanding my vocabulary. Leshin Chica: Limes, Coco- 
nuts, Kermit, Burlington social lives (you still owe me gum). Heather 
McCarthy: what'll we do next year? Dan Mclsaac: I know someday 
you'll be happv. Dara: for going out w/my cousin, then my ex 
(IckyBov), & for being friends once a year (soccer). Greg Nowak: 
Thanks! You taught me how to be happv (and drive real fast for 
curfew). Sunnybov: people change and forget to tell each other, WS: 
for being the bratty kid next door; Katie Esp(oop): OC; Gray & Grey: 
for always being by my side (alphabetically); Delanda: one thing on 
your mind; Jen Barry: rough weekends?!, Danielle Taylor: have some 
tea with your sugar! Amy Morgan: He's mine!; Angela Day: zippers 
& lifelike dogs; Elisa: trying out for soccer & saying hi to Dennis; Beth 
Sokolik: #184 in lax; Rash-(vou know the rest): you'll get your license 
soon enough; Julie D. & Tern O.: psychology laughs; Mrs. Keltner: for 
inspiring a young writer, Mrs Sullivan: for listening to me complain, 
Mr Spinosa: for loading on the work last year, leaving me wondering 
where the real Mr. Spinosa is senior year; All the Targeteers & 

Future Goals: I want to show the world that happiness is not only 
easily achieved, but the greatest goal anyone can have; To teach mv 
children to think for themselves and aspire to their self-made goals; 
To scream Mountain Tiger at Becca when we're 90 years old; And to 
smile everyday. 

Christina Griecci 

Activities: Choir 1,2; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Drama: 1,3; Softball 2; DJ 
Club 3,4; Cape Cod Rebels 3; RHG: 23,4; Roscoe Fan Club 4; G 
Friends 1,2,3,4 

Thanks: First, thanks to my parents. Mom, we don't always get 
along, but I know you love me and I appreciate all your support and 
believing in me. Dad, every gray hair is from me, but it's because 
you'll never let anybody bother me and you'll always make me 
laugh. I don't always show it but I love you both. Andrea we rarely 
get along but when we do you're not so bad, good luck in high school 
and with mom+dad Nikki you're my 2nd sister, thank god I won't 
be around when you're in high school' Patrick, thanks for all the boat 
rides and making fun of me, I know it's just because you have a crush 
on me and my friends. Pat and Red, you never think I'm wearing 
enough Clothes , MaryLou+Barbra, you keep my mom young, 1 love 
you all Nana, Papa, Papa, and everyone else- thanks- I love you! 
Thanks to Brenda and Doug for all your support and hospitality. 
LISA- thanks for always crying with me, trying to help cover after 
small gatherings, only girl 3-men, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Vermont, 
both Gregs, almost peeing bed, ice pack on my face, getting lost, 
Steve, Kiwi, Plowed at S&S, writing papers, earring, scooping 15 yr. 
olds, Brian's typing, freaking out, breaking ear, Spacey, Funkadehc, 

PCU, Rivers shrine, lust, Pricky, bouncyball, bet Jamie';! 
warofMuffs, JAP, seadoo. Natural born killers, hackysackers, la 
phis, Mark-Colin-Bruce-hecka, Jamaican ghettos, violated r, 
floor, Andi Class osing hand-window & hickey, flowers hair, I 
salt water off in lake? white 2-piece, Mark's house-alone, not I 
cheap, skiing w/BenCurtis, painting bleachers orange&pif 
screaming at cookie/mouse, $10 nickles dimes- pizza, flashinel 
annoying, DETAILS, Led Zepplin, blue pad at beach, quiverinl 
fish, spytech. SUZANNE- thanks for all our late night talksl 
DETAILS. Catherine, behind ears, lilacs-beach, Brian Costal 
Florida, dropping me on ground, Italian busboys, backup sil 
official getter-upper, Backdraft, Top Gun, send in penguins, I 
ment phone calls, jet ski!, ripped apart, lust, operation A, Dave l| 
slithering across floor, cordonbleu, eggplant, slobbering-pail 
shipwrecked, pineapple, Pricky, Raul, introducing Mike, vvl 
perfect body, Keela, caperebels, cult guy, stealing shorts, Candll 
tieing Libby's bag, Doug throwing change metal detector, Fl 
Luigi chefs, American pie dance, freaking out. Space Mt... Linebl 
crushes on dad&friends, cheating on LP & Spanish, spazzingl 
nel,hot weather, ripwheels.DONTLOOK, slanted bedjumparcl 
music video, Greechy, your dogs, stuck in box, dress splitting,! 
of these in Boston, Michael Ritchie, I ain't yoho! BETHANY; thj 
for being "bad" res, Gary's Closet, Miss Otis, jumping 3ft. I 
sleeping on boat, deep water!, fish suit, first Class fool, salt in v\ 
falling off dock, hanging over boat-hitting wake, stuck seat I 
Gretchen's mom-8:00 dentist Sunday, sing shower. Nirvana, I 
milk, large sunflower, freshman prom dress shopping, HlJ 
Bnghams, Under my thumb, B-E-T-H-A-N-Y, Candlebox seats,! 
ton Common, shopping w/brother, get out and swim to F bl 
under dashboard, flooding bathroom, finger blender, wash m\ 
porpoise, playing instruments. NICOLE- all started with Drd 
obsession, res, KnsKross, NY ears, Karioke, pairs on bus, talk in I 
bathroom, calling help from bathroom, haircutting expertise, I 
Talk Angel, cool at Carter's, '93 guys, Hi-I'm DL, truck skiddingi 
Sox Game, Hard Rock, singing wrong words, broccoli&pasta, cl 
blizzard, scoba, Jagger, boatride-Rockport, drowning on bol 
boat. LINDSAY- Thanks for loving your family, Karioke, NY1 
back for last sip, other mom, trying comfort after highwire, pan 
mall, scoop on Jason, wearing mink, infamous prom pictures, i | 
ing iced tea, poppy seed bread, Craig&Mike-don't do that! thin! 
bleeding, forgot call Nana, geta straw, BC, OF COURSE!!!, wom.l 
T, falling at T, Shmishmina. DANIELLE-thanks for being the J 
defense, parking mall, school prom dresses, eating Law, hot fin 
locked out my house, my dad , Nick Sabella, tell coach I'm a 
home with you- not Gary- HI coach! I love all you guys all 
remember: small gatherings, hand microphones. New Years, A 
Sandler, Candlebox, Steve Miller, catfights, lusts, Gloucester. Thl 
for being there, especially through mv transition junior year, 
fun in college - I will! RYAN- thanks for the summer company 
skiing, snowmobiling, sea dooing, hating Guy Smiley, snow J 
rhinestone, Karioke, driving crazy, headlight out, Friendly's, 
cousin, losing Lisa's hat. DOUG- thanks for summer '95, all 
being so nice, walking the beach, wearing Obsession, being a pi 
making me a hussie, and always making me smile. Also thanH 
DOUG M: calling me names, making me cry huge sunflower, 1: 
ing to me sing Feel Like Making Love. JAMIE: for being so ho 
swimming across Annisquam, Mussolini, Julius Seizure. WILI 
ways using kiwi, swimming across Annisquam, huge sunfld 
ramming Libbv's boat. NTCK D: nurse Griecci. GARY: the res. 
Closet, being a trader, Hussie. KATIE M: Class eaning my stairs, 
party GINA; driving to school, 275..., Brian going down, m 
phone singing, Chinese food, Michelle-anatomy. PJLIE: histor] 
port, parties. KERRY: ride home from Gloucester. MATT F: ji 
prom. KATIE A: That's my sky! making you cry-sorry! MAW 
markathy. JULIE D: being my first best friend. KEELA: I MISS \\ 
LIBBY: Pingree, the boat, Brian Costa, devil dogs, DJ, accom 
rockport, freaks, Steve&Bnan, Steve Ross, AYC, always cafl 
CATHERINE: your color is skin, talent to go off, Steve, AYC, Dt 
Liam, Spindrift. DAVE BOFFA: Uno's mistress. New York, r 
calling. LAURA: believing in love. CARA M: my perogativedJ 
CHRISTINE: whip cream fights. AD & JARROD: my run-away 
JOANNA M: critiquing Mrs. R wardrobe. CHRIS HARRIS: h 
Class. JESSE R: Spanish conversacion. NICKS: wearing your ha 
& Spanish BRIAN M: she'll call you back-bye! MIKE L: for a I 
beatings, believing I was someone I wasn't. SHAUN: Mrs. S 
RUSS: never being nice. CARA S: Tinina. AMY L: Sonny Corin 
CHRIS R: biology. TIM S: biology-oral reports, having a big m< 
DAVE S: biology, chemistry- Mr. Palmer. MATT V: thanks for le 
me violate you on New Years, and your great backrubs. Y 
remain in my thoughts and prayers until you feel strong enouj 
wake up- we're all waiting and we all miss you! 
Future Goals: To graduate, go to college and have fun, date an 
and settle down with someone whom I have whipped, adorer) 
and is Italian, get a dog, become famous so that people on the 5 
recognize me, never have kids, find happiness, prove even 
wrong, and die loved and in luxury. 

Jeff Haynes 

Activities: Madrigal 2,3,4; Science Team 1,2,3,4; Men's Octet. 
Men'sOctet Co-Leader4, Marching Band 2; Orchestra 1 ,2,3,4; C 
ber Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Show Choir 1,2; High School Musical 1, 


j. nament of Plays (Drama Club) 2,3.4; Student Production 3, 
■p.ucer 4; Science Team Guru 4; Telemedia 1,2,3,4; Football 1; 
a o Guru 4; Ultimate 1,2,3,4; Happy Homeless Lunch Group 3,4; 
1 Krueger Fan Club 2,3,4; Team AP 3 

j iks: To my family. It seems that in this day and age we lose sight 
jMnat is most important in our lives. At times it must seem that I 
jc sight and become an ingrate like no other. But when I have 

-ed up from my rantings I never fail to mentally slap myself 
w 1 1 think about trading shoes. I love you Mom and Dad more than 
K :an really ever know. I love my brother who puts up with more 
Ly #$% than I would ever want to. I thank them collectively for 
fct, g together as a family and bringing me up with the best possible 

;s a kid could hope for. Thanks also to my dogs Flip&Pickle who 
K always patient listeners (well, Flip anyway). Thanks to Mrs. 
K,ger for challenging me and putting me in my place. To Mr. 
Bjann for putting up w/me in Class. More than anything thanks 
for. Low for inspiring me since sixth grade. Mr. Maffa, again for 
ping up with me in Class and being a great friend. Mr. Lord, for 
hdecking me. I couldn't have survived high school without my 
it :ing friends (after all, it is a little childish and immature). Curtis 
|V ht, I shall never forget you; always the level headed one in this 
ptiership. How many times did I ever call you w/ questions 
H *...!)■ You have the aptitude and logical thought that I always 
•,\ ?d I had. You never got mad at anybody unless it was for really 
gt d things, and even then I didn't take you seriously. Thanks for 
te; my best friend ever since you were crawling around my house 
ling books off my shelf and I was crawling around wondering 
\i, was so great about those books. 1 don't always make the best 
Bt ions in life but for befriending you, I am getting eleven out of 
(e "hank you. Vilas, more than you will ever know I admire your 
CI arity of thought. You really should be a diplomat someday 
leise I could never get any arguing done when you're around. 
¥?k you for being a true friend and keeping me in line. I will 
Hys respect you. Ben, thank you for challenging me, giving me 
60 thing to strive for. I always admired you for what you could do 
Sn-till do. I apologize for any differences between us - as Vilas 
co tell I'm sure, I am most skilled at going over the edge. Brian, 
(h. ;s for always laughing at my jokes. I cannot remember when you 
|u ioned one thing I said on the topic of science although I'm sure 
ha f them were wrong. You hardly ever get mad at me, and when 
toclo I know it's because I crossed the line. Thanks to the entire 
H<- V Homeless Lunch Bunch for pulling me through. Dan, always 
a- ?st man, ever since we were kids, huh. Well, now you're off to 
m ;e, the big leagues. I'll miss you, but we'll hang out when ever 
wi 't the chance. Nate, you MADE my science-high-school-duct- 
|ii experience for me. I never had so much fun in any group, 
jUi here. The vanagon must live-on (I'll give it yearly mainte- 
§a *). We'll win big this year (Nationals? Global? The universe? 
girl<.nows, maybe the neighborhood, ja?). If any of you guys ever 
tie anything @ anytime, I'm there. Katie, I don't know what to say. 
fk\ an say is, you were right. I think of you as one of the most caring 
tin 'Is I have ever had. Thank you. Rachel, maybe by the time you 
le; this, we'll be talking again. Talk about stubborn, you think 
Jot e bad - This is the longest I ever held a grudge. Well, there isn't 
ft; ?h space here to say everything to you (some wacko editor 
■D'd it to 1000 words) but we'll do lunch sometime (kidding!). 
Thk you for being you. I mean it. If I had to compare someone in 
flurhool to a goddess - It would be Alyssa , "thanks" (said as only 
IS ? could say it). You are so above me in caring and kindness. I 
kn my wisdom is spoiled when I have trouble conceiving of 
feline as bright and amazing as you. You did more for me than 
an ie is obliged to ever do for a person. You are the woman for all 
of .lerica (or wherever you live - Africa maybe?), I stake all my life 
on Miranda, thank you for being a truly great friend and we'll have 
to: edule some time to sit and make tongues at each other, ja? I will 
alt's remember my feelings for you. Jen, I truly admire you as a 
pfe. n - don't ever lose sight of who you really are. Jeremy C. - 1 know 
jre going to have a wicked good time before this year is up - thanks 
fating an understanding friend ([BASS] ... [TREBLE]. ..As I walk 
th(,h the valley...). Eric, If you ever have another bad day, I will 
penally come and ring your neck. Here's to the soon-to-be great- 
est :k guitarist of all time. Stay in touch. Genie - Thanx for keeping 
ine line ;) .Mikey, thanks so much for being the person who I could 
alv s identify with. You always knew, Mike. You always knew. 
Thj(. Oh, and uh - want some a' this? 

Fu e Goals: Well, I've never really had a car I could fit comfortably 
in,: .1 wanna Winnebago. Seriously, 1 hope to make the most out of 
thi fe. Find the truth, where ever or whatever that may be. But 
ma e find the mystery too. 

Dara, Chemistry and Eraserhead and basketball games. Chrissy 
junior prom, WILD! Sabourin, Maxwell, Krueger, Spinosa. Good 

Rebecca Holland 

Ac ities: ROTC 1,2,3,4; Drill Team 3; Color Guard 3,4; Orchestra 1; 
rr; 2 

Th <s: First I want to thank God for getting me through these 4 
yei Also to my parents for being there for me and supporting me 
Arjh anything that I tried- Lori, remember never to mix black 
cof and caffeine pills. Niki for still riding with me, even though it 
mt a life or death situation. Remember to drive faster. Alexis and 
™ n for our good times in ROTC. Alexis, we will always remem- 
ber ;no and the electric fan. Cyndi, Sam-bashing with Maxwell. 

Mike Hursh 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,4; Drama 
Club 3,4; NHS 3,4; Choir 2,3; Chamber Choir 4; Men's Octet 4; Tourn. 
of Plays 3,4; Spring Musical 1,3,4; Inter Act 4 

Thanks: To my parents for having me, raising me, loving me, and 
being so trusting and understanding. Mom for your famous cookies, 
my lunches, and putting complete care into every second of my life. 
Dad for the fishing trips, MGM, St. Thomas tennis champ, and for 
being so encouraging. Dave for Ultimate, JT, tutoring me, piano, and 
being the best brother I could ever imagine. Grandma and Grandpa 
for the trips to St. Thomas, creative Christmas gifts, and endless 
generosity. You are the best family I could' ve asked for. I love you. 
Julie A. for walks/rides to school and being a great friend since age 
2. Russ, "a girl named Mindy loves you." Shaun, awe yeeah. You're 
goin' to Harvard. You've been a great friend. Tom for "tea time" and 
Valley Forge. Mark for Heritage (M & M Boys), fishing, wiffle ball, 
and being one of my best friends for so many years. Yung for rockin' 
at the cinema. Katie "Espo" for being random and "Steam Ship of 
Beef?" (something to do with meat?). Rajul for sexist comments and 
"Flash for Freedom." Jeff M. for Spanish- "Paco, que pasa?" Sam for 
Valley Forge, tennis, and religion. Dave W., "Boot," for Canobie trips 
(bumpy-road and Flume). Josh S. for Maine trips, "awww." Tim for 
nick-naming me, Formula, Syracuse, and Haley impressions. Ethan, 
"Reece," for Route 40. Becky for not knowing shot-gun and padidle. 
Dara for the talks, flirting in Estrada's Class, and being a great friend. 
A.D. for Dollars for Scholars and being a riot. Gina for being my first 
girlfriend. Chris R., "pitch, keep, center," for random polar bear 
noises. Jesse for the Trojan Horse. Jeff H., "whaddya know?", "De- 
luxe Slinky," and "Ode to Mike." Robin for being my doll, tennis, and 
being a Pink Floyd fan. Julie, Kristin, and Theresa for being great 
friends. I love you guys. Cara for touching JT's head, your eyelashes, 
and always being so happy. Brian for your ears, and inertia. Jeremy 
for tennis, the horse, the Eunuch, the Flume, and being a great friend. 
Ben for "at least fiddy," "on my own..." and being a great friend since 
age 3. Kris for Valley Forge, "go to heck," "Freshman!", Robert Frost, 
"in your eyes", and being a great friend and manager (not tennis). 
Eric for calling Kris a Mongoose, playing Schindler's List, and "My 
Name is Jonas." Jen for winks, beefiness, obsession, needing a good 
raping, and being a really cool chick. Alyssa for almost hooking up 
with me, zipper pants, Brandon, Cecil, farting dinosaur family, 
sweaty hands, "tell nobody," "jeezmCTOw," "if your skies are gray, 
I'll be your sunshine," and being an awesome friend. Curtis for 
Ultimate, soli's, Pink Floyd, " she black?", our Boston-Latin 
connection, and being one of my best friends. Andy for JT, moon 
pictures, Lita, "Bite me," "for 42...," "you'll read more about this in 
Chapt. 37," and being one of my best friends for a long time. Jeannie 
for N.Y. trip, prom, french fries, bowling champ, confusing me 
("Church thing"), and being the nicest, most talented, most caring 
and jealous person I know. I love you. Mr. Maxwell for being the most 
inspiring, caring, and greatest teacher I've had. Mr. Low for getting 
me to sing and being so enthusiastic and encouraging. Coach Wilson 
for being a great soccer coach. Mrs. Deardorff for four great years of 
tennis. I thank you all for making my high school years so special. 
Future Goals: To get a well paying job, get married, have a wonderful 
family, travel to exotic places, and play "Crack-About" in the Olym- 

Gina. Janet 

Thanks: First I'd like to thank my parents, that I'm sure are the 
greatest. Mom & Daddy thanks for being there to help me, to love me, 
but most importantly to believe in me. I love you two. Brian my 
favorite brother thanks for teaching me to rollerblade, and for always 
watching out for me. Grandma for being a great storyteller and for 
inspiring me to want to cook. I love you. Now Jenn Barry, where do 
I begin? Gummi bears, hot chocolate, Dudley Road, Taco Bell, 
Walden Pond, Twins, Turbo on the Car, Harvard Square, not going 
to that one place that one day that we should have, Semi Formal, 
picnic, Bastian, the week at the Cape, rollerblading, "my pen is 
broken". Chilli's Tree, long drives, novels the smiths/johnsons and 
letting me cry on your shoulder when I needed to. Thanks Jenny - 
Benny - Binkie, Bear, Rebecca Green, hey greeny, for homerooms, 
lunches, sunflowers the coconut song, gym, bumper riding, and that 
Aids awareness day, the picture that said two words, double dutch 
song, Schmitty, picnics, Reservoir Dogs, To Wong Fu, Dumb & 
Dumber, Nell, Dancing at 12 at night and most importantly for telling 
me why ships were built oh and bean me. Chrissy G. for track and the 
funniest times that I ever had, "Hair", pineapples, Tower Records, 

Taco Bell, liquids, stickers, candy necklaces, and cups and for sneak- 
ing out that night, for the car incident at Taco Bell, and ice cream 
cravings. Never forget to eat your bananas Sabrina Lanza for being 
a sweetheart and putting up with Delanda and the last year don't 
ever stop smiling Chica. Amy Leshin, what else could besaid but "In 
the Jungle" Miss Piggy, Froggy; Beamcr and Tyler, Steve Miller 
Band, Happy Meals, doles, Skiing to freeze, International dinner lin 
the beginning} the 80 hours of events, pineapples, predicaments, and 
singing Miss Saigon songs, someday I'll get you stock in a gum 
factory, thanx for everything toots. Michelle B. for being the funniest 
gym partner, you're a great friend and somedav lets be Class eo and 
Marc, Delanda Sydney is there another kind 7 For tons of memories, 
strawberries, cookie dough Matt and Carlton, Jay at Dapv Star Trek, 
X-Files, history Class, the thousand calls at night, sleepovers, the 
airshow and for being one of my best friends, Love Ya (like a sister) 
and yes the phones still work over the summer oh and most impor- 
tantly for our common interest in things, always remember to have 
your daily supply of grapes and stuff. Becca T. I'll never remember 
everything but I'll try. Rod Stewart, D Road, ice cream, Nell, peaches 
and vanilla, tennis and suntanning, making faces in chemistry, your 
crazy laugh, singing loudly, and most importantly Ned, never forget 
promise? Thanx hon. John Thoren, for a hundred things, but mostly 
for making me laugh, for gym last year, for helping me with things, 
and especially for being my favorite sunny boy, keep smiling! Amv 
Morgan for super S&S, Law and for being a Leprechaun Thanx 
sweetie. Jenn V. Thanx for grapes & lunches you're definitely crazy, 
just kidding! Thanx for being a great friend. Ms. Sav for being a really 
inspiring teacher as well as friend I'll never forget all that you've 
taught me and yes I will invite you to my restaurant someday. 
Future Goals: To become a Chef and open my own restaurant and 
make Mr. Maxwell proud of me for giving an excellent speech 

Brendan Jones 

Activities: Freshman Football 1; J.V. Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; 
J.V. Basketball 1; Varsity Basketball 2,3,4; Track 1,23,4 
Thanks: First I'd like to thank my man Cheetan Skeetan for always 
being around to chill. We've had some crazy times (Memorial Drive, 
behind Stop+Shop, the beach and running over the oriental man in 
Cambridge etc..) 4-eva. I'd also like to thank Gary for making me 
laugh all the time and doing crazy stuff. I will never forget New 
Hampshire for the rest of my life. Haley and Dot are too much, (silk 
PJ's) Remember we threw rocks at your dad, riding down Mt. 
Washington on our bikes, and observing Jason while he worked his 
magic. ($1000 worth of travelers checks, went to the arcade with a 
screwdriver, there is just too much to talk about, 4-eva) And most 
important I'd like to give a special thank you to Nadya Volicer for 
being the most important person in my life. Hey, you never no what's 
gonna happen in the future. If it is really true love then we will end 
up together again. Thanks for everything. [I LOVE YOU] I'd like to 
thank Steve for being around while it lasted, it's too bad such a good 
thing had to end like that. Corey+Neef, it's probable good that you 
guys left, because if you were still around I would probable be in 
prison by the time I was 18. Thanx to Haneef, for being the craziest 
human I have ever met, and Corey, just for being Corey Even though 
1 had to put you in your place, I still love vou. 4-eva Jackson and Tom, 
you all move too much, you need to stay put, we have had some ill 
times. I'd like to give a big shout out to the 1995 football team, I love 
all you Class owns. Jay for helping me out with the weights and 
running the ball, Will for giving me confidence, Matt Calahan for 
making me laugh and being my cal partner. Chris Harris, for being 
a Class own, Mike Lord for the "CRACK DOWN". Jamie for making 
me laugh for the whole season, Russ for changing his position to line- 
backer (dude, The Pit, Weights, YA!) Dan Mclsaac for being the 
biggest 16 yr. old I have ever seen in my life. Matt Thomas for trying 
to block the PAT's, but I held you back. Gary for making me laugh in 
the huddles, Doug Mix for hitting the hardest I have ever seen a 160 
pound kid hit, and Shawn, keep your head up, you'll get in dude, YA! 
I'd like to thank coach Sab, coach Petrillo, and most of all coach 
Sullivan, for caring so much for me, and demanding the best out of 
me. 1995 football 4-eva. As far as basketball is concerned, " I hate you 
coach Burns, thanx for nothing". Oh ya, Cedric, when are you and 
coach Burns going out on a date? Anyways. Jay, let's run spring track, 
NO, 1 doubt it. I'd like to thank all of my boys in Cambridge: (C.C. 
Cambridge Cnzz, Billy, Ramon, Keith, Kevin, Ryan, Eddy, Timmy, 
Carvel, Iky, Mike, Corey, and about 100 more! Thanx for always 
having my back when I was in trouble. (St. Ides, OE, Alize') I'd like 
to thank Jeff Anderson for being the most distorted man I have ever 
met. To Katey Akillian, you might not like her smile, but just so you 
know, you, or anyone you know will ever look as good as her. PS 
Your man is pretty cute. Anyways. Yo Wayne, when are we going to 
Florida, St. Pete, you know I'll be running stuff down there. Thanx for 
letting me use your room when I had a Freak. Don't forget the beach, 
the Club, etc. 4-eva. Peace to the Lexington crew, my cousin Andrew, 
Jackie and Laurie (I can't believe you went to boot camp) Sharonda 
and Jackie, you all are too crazy for words (The Fab 4, only us four 
know about, shhhh) Thanx to Arissa, for always being around and 
talking to me on the phone for days in a row. I just want you to know, 
that you are the most beautiful female, I have ever come in contact 
with, even though you're a (SK AZZ). We would have some cute kids, 
not. You know they would come out looking Herbish like their 

mother, no sir, you know I love you. 4 eva. Oh Ya, you better unpack 
your bags, because you ain't going anywhere. Peace?! P S I'd like to 
thank Karen, for letting Arissa for giving me the time of day. Gary, 
once again I love you. . I'd like to thank Delanda for letting me...?... 
it's all good. Last but not least, I'd like to thank my mother, for being 
the most important person in my life, and Pete, for being the funniest 
man alive Thanx for everything. I owe you guys my life One day I 
will be taking care of you. ..scary huh! Thanx again, I love you guys 
more than anything. And thanks to my little brother Chris, for always 
[putting a smile on my face (oh-ya you better play football) And last 
but definitely not least, I'd like to thank my father for introducing me 
to a whole new world, I am proud to say that my father is a great 
person. He portrays the roles of a best friend and a father to me. Every 
time I need to talk to him, I feel at ease, we have had some Phat times 
together, thanx. Believe it or not, one day you can retire, and I will 
take care of you, and you can have all the Caddies vou have ever 
dreamed. Thanx for everything, P S. When can I get your Cadillac 7 
Thanks to all the people that I forgot to mention. ..IT'S ALL GOOD. 

Andy Katz 

Activities: JV Baseball 1; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4; Varsity Soccer 1,2,3, 
Captain 4; French Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 3,4; InterAct 4; Stage Crew 

¥ ^> j v JL * T / 

Thanks To Mom and Dad for helping me get through these tough 
years and pushing me to be my best in whatever I do. You've always 
been there for me whenever I needed you. Tim- for making me better 
at sports and being someone who understands them, laughing at my 
jokes, wiffle ball, California Gold Rush, great fun at Drumlin Farm, 
"You dodobird, we'll just bring food". Harvard hockey, SAT prep 
with Kantor and Lisa, DCLASS CHAMPS. Mike- for getting in those 
moods when we can't stop laughing, "Pthe scotch tape", falling 
asleep during midterms, Whatzit, Fawlty, Tufts, the Hume, Honky 
Cat, Mrs. Hursh's cookies, J.T., Chadwicks, the Border, Puma, taking 
me fishing for the first time and getting me seasick, getting speeding 
tickets with me. Sam- for being the best through the woods neighbor, 
ping-pong, sarcasm, getting me through French Class. Dave- for 
always knowing what to say to get out of trouble, baseball camp, 
Ferris, Bernie, Vermont, kick the can. Jesse & Chris- for the Eugies 
that never were, "Keep the bill", being born with me, peanut butter 
chicken, Legion car rides on 128, California Gold Rush, Drumlin 
Farm, "What you do is squeeze the teets," DCLASS CHAMPS. 
Curtis- for skiing with the Becker's and loving Seinfeld dunng its 
prime, groovy Roovy, You owe me $15. Dave H.- for zippy soup. 
Tufts, Dave Matthews, J.T., Seinfeld, Steve's, the Hume. Kris- for 
making me a bigger Pats fan than I ever would have been, touch 
football. Jeff- for summer days at your pool. Monopoly, the Cubs, 
Mike Andrews. Eric- for serenading us with your violin, Rupert on 
Letterman, random comments in Class. Jeremy- "I Got Friends in 
Low Places." Ethan-#22. Dan- Tape!, DCLASS CHAMPS. John- Notre 
Dame loses again. Shawn- for baseball rides in the Kennery van. Will- 
for giving cool nicknames to my campers, i.e. PH. Bryan A.- for being 
my best fnend away from BHS. McAllister and Ondy- for getting me 
through soccer practices. Packer- for Sox games. Corey- Nathan's, 
"They've got free sauerkraut", Latin Class. Brvan M.- forcreepin' at 
your house. Ben- for being my dance partner, tu es chau ve, jambalaya. 
Rajul- for being crazv in French Class. Vilas- for the Mr. Wakeham 
history report. Theresa- for being a great friend through good times 
and bad, going out with me and breaking up with me, listening to me 
complain, pop-ice, rollerblading, we'll hang nails, friends forever. 
Cara- for being my psychiatrist, semi-formal, guessing the time, J.T., 
you touched his head. Kristin- for being a great friend the past two 
years and letting me rag on you (all-star, make-up girl), for calling me 
just to talk, I still want to see you "fly like an eagle", late rides to 
school, Elton, and Period C Gym. Julie- for hanging at your house all 
those exciting summer nights, great fruit blend, Elton, being Phoebe, 
sorry had to sav it. Jen- for a great time at the Junior Prom and being 
a friend who knows what I'm feeling. Jeannie- for not being so 
stressed out, Physics labs in homeroom, complementing me for no 
reason. Alyssa- for letting me sit in your room in the summer and 
listen to the farting caveman. Cyndi (CD)- for Physics with Ullmann 
and finally being a buddy- Terry- Goonies rules! Bethany and Lind- 
say- for lots of fun in Middle School. Lisa M- hey shorty! Dara and 
Elisa- for great fun in driver's ed. Finally, I'd like to thank the Bedford 
Day Camp staff, my soccer teams and baseball teams, along with my 
teachers and coaches, especially Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Sabounn, Coach 
Sullivan, Mr Wilson, Mr. Haley, Mike Rosenberg, Pete Duda, Scott 
Smith, and Mr. T. 

Future Goals: to travel cross-country in a Winnebago with my 
friends and visit all the major league baseball stadiums. 

Allison Klessling 

Activities Diving Team, R.O.T.C.; Drill Team; Track. Rocket Club, 
A.P T.; Latin Club; Spanish Club and the polka- 
Thanks To Mom & Geof & Dad and tHe reSt of tHe family. ThaNk 
vOu tO My JaDe, my oil, mv baD influence And partNer in CrimE. 
ERIN THank yOu to My oTher hAlf , AlExis To aU the tEachers Who 
paSsed me. To Col. Campbell & Col. Pappas, and Chief. ThaNk YoL" 
To mv lOvE Michelle, ThaNk yoU. And a fiNal tHank you To, JeNn, 
TRicia. BeCky, DAve, the yMc gAng, JorGe, Scott, Ben, ROTC stAff, 
LoRi, klrstEn, AkiLah anD pedro. Also I giVe all my tHankS to mv 
graNdparEnts anD aSSorTed eXtenDed faMily. AIL my lOve to mY 
wArm, fuZzYaNd sqUishy gOats, thanKyou foR rePeatedly EatinG 
mY hOmE Work! AnD a thankyoU to evEryonE eLse wHo i cAn't 
afFord to nAme! I lOvE You 1 miSS vOu TiM, DaNeSe, LisA aNd 

Future Goals To work for 411, to be a fireman, to join the peace corps, 
to be a professional, to earn my certificate of sanity, to win a fight 
with someone five times my size, to become an old lady who wanders 
the subways swearing, to be a punk rock girl and to be out of Bedford 
High before the fit hits the shan! 

ever loved and to stay Close with all of the awesome friends 

Jeannie Kim 

Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 3, NHS 3, Vice President 
4, InterAct Club 1,2,3, Secretary 4; Student Government Assembly 
2,3; Yearbook 4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Chamber 1,2,4; Pit 
1,2,3,4; Brunette Quartet 1,2,3,4; JJJACKTT 1,23,4 
Thanks: To God for giving me the strength and support I needed 
throughout my life. My family, for the wonderful advice that will 
help me lead a successful and happy life. Mommy and Daddy, for 
being the most stubborn, strict, stressing, loving, protective, and best 
parents I could have ever asked for. Sue, for strengthening our 
relationship and always making me laugh. And for going through 
the piano and violin fights, but most of all, for the awesome sister 
"support". Don't forget, even though you're smarter, I get the grand 
piano. All of my friends, the greatest people I've ever met! Sumy and 
Peter, for keeping me accountable and being such an encouragement 
to me. Ben, for turning from an immature little dweeb into a sweet 
and tall(er) guy. Curtis, for asking me to the semi, and then accepting 
my invitation, even though I was the worst date ever- sorry! KT, 
fellow girl statee- the seminars, elections, and sleep, Federals Rule! 
Dara, my tennis pal, for hooking me up with the best guy. Elisa, for 
being my tennis idol. Kris, for the Papa Gino's/ bowling/ driving the 
Maxima/ throwing Drew/ 45 minute wait/ night out. Jeff(ica), my 
bus stop pal, for liking all of the new orchestra chics, extra help in 
Physics and Humanities, having sleepovers. Heather- Brunette Quar- 
tet fights. Humanities fears, Physics struggles, and your sweet and 
happy personality. Jeremy- for stupid fights, rides I still owe you, the 
biggest farts and burps ever, and being Jen's obsession for years. My 
fellow Asians, Enc(a/ee)- for listening to my whines about boys and 
school, advice for my whines, and "opening my eyes", and Yung 
Tsyr- the school, violin, and spiritual struggles- you guys are the best 
"brothers" I've ever had. Andy- Jimmy Buffet, speeding ticket expe- 
rience, and "no stress" environment. Maffa, for being the best 
teacher/ friend, going through the pit stresses, and giving me great 
gossip and advice. Ml of my little friends: Ricky (aggressive cat 
partner), Devin (call me, my 1994 gym pal), Miranda (best Mike 
hugger), Beth (Kirk in Virginia), Tiffany (pit blob tag and red rover 
games), Dave (bumpy-roads and natural born killers- Pit Rules!), and 
Kelly C. (for all the phone chats and being the coolest freshmen 
ever!). And of course, JJJACKTT. I can't begin to tell you guyzes how 
much you mean to me and how grateful I am to have met you in 7th 
grade. You're the prettiest, smartest, kindest, and best gals 1 have and 
will ever meet!! I love you guys so much and consider you my 
"white" sisters! Julie- the 7th grade phone call and tennis practices 
we did and didn't do. Terri- the 3-D poster and being the greatest 
actress I know. Theresa- our ruling economy, physics help, math 
"honing in", probability projects, and the different view that brought 
us Closer together Kristin- the 90-mmute trip to Costco/BJ's, the 
Cape birthday party (not water skiing in front of your cousin), Lahey 
Class mic free food, and getting scolded for inappropriate Class 
othing. Cara- being the strength of our group, having confidence 
when things looked bad, being the best psychiatrist, and having a 
generous and loving heart. Alyssa- "Butch" rides, Jeopardy Queen, 
camping in your backyard, swimming in 50 degree weather, evil 
Cecil, awesome Brandon, not hooking up with Mike, and the con- 
tinuous support in good times and bad. Jenny, my bestest bestest 
friend and orchestra pal for 7 years- obsessing over the same guys, 
shopping at the GAP, giving me great advice, listening to my 
depressions and struggles, making me mad and happy at the same 
time (JC), boosting my self-esteem, and just being so great to me all 
the time. There's so much more I want to say to you guys, but I can't, 
due to lack of space. You've been the bestest friends anyone could've 
ever wished for. I know I will never be able to find a group of friends 
as great as you. My last thanks goes to Mike. I can't fully express what 
you've done for my life and how important you are to me. I'm so 
lucky to have ever met you; you've always been there for me even 
during my weird moods, family fights, school stresses, and so much 
more. I know I'll never be able to find a guy like you and will never 
love a guy as much as I love you. Thanks so much to everyone I have 
mentioned and all of those that I forgot. I am so thankful to have met 
all of you and I will never forget any of you. 

Future Goals: To live a life of happiness, married to the only guy I've 

Thomas Kotwal 

Activities; French Club 1,2,3,4; Spring Track 3,4; Winter j< 
Street Hockey 2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 
Thanks: First and foremost I'd like to thank my parents, O , 
James for supporting me through four tough years. You havils 
me beyond words. There are also many friends whom I'd lik i 
thanks to: To Adam for always being a great friend. To I I 
showing me, the hard way, that some slap shots just weren't u 
be gotten m the way of. To Josh for teaching me to choose mil 
carefully To Andy for making lunch something to look for j 
To Jason for all those great pool parries. To Nathan for hos I 
snowed-out football game To all these people as well as Rah 
Jim, and Matt for the hockey games that made weekends u || 
table To Kris for constantly reminding me that the Patriots ( 
the Super Bowl next year. To Sanju for being one of the onl) u 
younger than me in the Class To Chris for keeping me com I 
every math Class. To Rajul for the few fun weeks in the sur ■ 
'95. To Chris, Sanju, and Rajul for believing that, "Aliens dc 
like that. They have bigger eyes." Without all of you the p| 
years wouldn't have been the same, I can't thank you enou 
Future Goals: I have many of the common goals, like to get i : 
college and find a job, but above everything else I wan i 
something productive with my life. 

Kathleen Kyper 

Activities: Flag Squad 1,2,3, Captain 4; Swim Team 1,2/ 
Representative to School Council 3,4; Cheerleading 3; Spani 
1,2,3,4; ROTC 3,4; Environmental Club, President 4, Studen 
sphere Committee 1,2; InterAct 1,2 

Future Goals: To go to college and to continue to Law or 
School. To become a happy, successful woman and live in ; 
Hon home down South. Also, to marry a wonderful man am 

many beautiful children. 

Amy Leshin 

Activities: JV Tennis 2; Field Hockey- JV 1; Varsity 2,3,4; Fren 3i 
1,2,3; Latin Club 4; InterAct 3,4 

Thanks: To the fam- you all have always been there for me >ffli 
times I don't show it, but I do appreciate all you do for me as) 
again. Dad- thanks so much for picking and dropping me ofpwj 
where (though if I had a car...) -I had to get that in one last tin|R«: 
you are a pain most of the rime, but when you want to be yoiLat 
pretty cool. Mom- you drive me nuts, but one day, maybe, I lay 
was for my own good!!! Tyler- you will always be my baby! XCpA 
my friends, you guys are the greatest. Chrissy- the volumesH 
write! "A true friend, is the greatest possession"; Love yoH 
sister; Remember: it happens- a lot to us! ; Que Pasa?; StevefS 
the alternate room; the Astro; our parents, hey, we're good kicM 
bless Class iff Notes; "Oh What A Night"; prom- ha ha; MB 
originals- dance 'til the morning light; God bless ice cream aiH 
Amen!'!, what's up with those girls?- Dean's game: we're tH 
Chili's; the mall- let's go roller blading; follow that car; whpi 
did he go?; the finger- in some countries that's a greeting; M 
some CANDY; Tower Records- so what kind of music do II 
today?; unassigned!- we won't get caught, tip toe past KrM 
Ouch, my knee- I can't see, ifs dark!; where to go for lund Mor 
touch my Doritos!; No more Fruit Pies; Rice Knspy Treats; H 
meat- on the wall; summer adventure- the great escape!; sibl 
tennis, Natick- how big is Hudson?, yeah pretty Close to homtMj 
Chad- I'll have both and one of you! we're sen., juniors!. . uh,tt 
that is!; "Correction I know your fada"; There are sooo mar Mi 
funnies!!! We are mega tardos sometimes, but hey who careM 
Thanks sooo much for ALL of the rides and the talks. Libr *< 
memories! From Brady Bunch, the dirt road, Sylvia and Ste'fcB 
Barbie and Ken to the present, and the future- wow that's a lo to 
Always be careful when you walk down the street, you nevilS 
who could be listening!; Our mental dreams; love sagas; "Wa M 
Yonder..." ;and, All I have to say is for the last time, y°t>P 
worried!!!! not concerned for his well being!!! Wilder- the trllj 
Jetta!; the unforgettable adventures; your mom rules!; so multoj 


i TV at chez vous!; the farm!!! Elisa- Cheezits; freakin' TV; bweef 
■efeses!!! Janot- you are too cool for words!; Lion King, top of our 
lgs on base; Happy Meals, our lockers; Froggy; Kermit; track 
•ets- pineapples- Dole's; the sacred International Dinner- where it 
began; freezing on mt. tops!; Hi to Beemer! Dean- Mid morning 
ick in Chelmsford in pj's; solid; massum; Paul is dead; Marino's 
tching us; Mario's; one day., maybe it'll happen!; Alio!!! Love ya 
nny! Green- Always stay green; Thanks for the chiClass e! LIME & 
)CONUT!!!!! Field Hockey team- my family during the fall- you all 
■a riot! Roscoe; SWITCH!!!; don't get too excited, you only scored; 
iva problems; brassiere problems; back of the bus singing, etc...!!!! 
ristina G- Mac is a wimpy scootch; Sonny is the man; thanks for 
•ing me in Chem.!!! Gina D.- Tony's car; bus buddy; and morsels! 
•ad and Cara Mac- Liza in the Closet!: Shannon; Mac- Drew is 
mero uno! Mead- "Yah, dude"!!!! [Rampy and Brosgol-Life before 
j two met was so less complicated! I love you guys. Dan, one dav 
u will find the girl of your dreams; young girls beware! Melissa- 
n't worry be happv; the bet- vou are goin' down! Sue - Moby will 
tarn haunt you!; 911 emergency!!!] To whomever 1 may have 
gotten or because of costs couldn't fit you, I'm sorry and I love ya! 
hire Goals: To live long enough to see Rampy get her license; get 
o college; get married to the guy of my dreams and have a 
mtiful family; to always been in touch with me amigos; to live it 

Bethany Lesure 

.ivities: Soccer JV 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Photographer 4; 
dent Training 1,4; Ski Team 2,3,4; Telemedia 2; Yearbook 3,4 
inks Well, once again I'm in debt, so I'll try to make this as brief 
possible. I need to thank my family first, for supporting me in 
nost) everything I did. Thanks to all my teachers for trying to 
ke mv high school years fun. I'll never forget "The Beast", "The 
sby Party", editorials, etc. Although my social life left something 
>e desired, thanks to everyone for trying to help. Ellen, for sharing 
ups and downs of friendship, and biking with me in Nantucket. 
Troop 1623, 11 GREAT (and not-so-great) years. Even though 
re not your typical GS, we're still the best!!! Heather L, Maxwell's 
;lish and Messma's quizzes, and for letting me live vicariously 

> ,JUgh you, not to mention more gas money than I knew what to do 
h Heather M, and all the other Scouts, for cookies, face painting, 

1 s on the beach, and Cardigan. Jeff, as I've said before, NO GREEN 
^L-O! yearbook posters, and suggestions on my ailing social life, 
nr the water fight, Spanish, Tetris, and Rapture. Marie, thanks 
being my date. Michelle, band, chemistry, and the bus. Rachel, 

ototomies and writing lab. Alissa, remember the Gold Award, 
wnie overnights, Children's Museum, hiking at Cardigan, do we 

i ice a pattern?, the ski team, and missing the semi in order to sleep 

: nother state? To you and Abu,PB& J. Abu (Susan), for Menotomy, 

Har Hill, and Laura. There are a lot more people I should thank, but 

hn't have the words to do so. See you around. 

lure Goals: To go to college, grad school. To be known as "Dr. 

Ih", and to do things I've never done before. 

Heather Loewy 

i ivities: Spanish Club 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Yearbook 4; March- 
i Band 4; Musical 2,4 

" nks: Thanks to all those who put up with me when I was loud, 
1 ncy, hyper, or depressed, and were still there in the end. Bether- 
k English (when I didn't leave you) friend, I would have slept 
1'ugh without your help. I'm sure Adv. Chem. was the same. 
T nks for your blue cab rides, living vicariously off me, and forever 
Vig my Dead fan friend! Jyll- Thanks for teaching me how to live 
\ lout getting hurt or in trouble (too badly,) and for taking me 
i »usly when others were just condescending. Vigna- Thanks for 
being there to make me smile, and sometimes cry. Your 
■tidship is one I will truly treasure forever! Please don't give up on 

I lol, lite, or anything and don't let it give up on you! Michelle- the 
c est drum major I ever had. You're a wonderful person, never lose 
\ r source of sunlight. Raquel- take deep breaths and remember to 
S e. I hope to be a better friend to/with you by the time this comes 
c in print, if you're still alive and haven't melted down that is! Jo- 
(Vefully we're better friends than ever, but who can tell? Thank you 
f llways letting me be your friend, shutting me out would have 

I I easier sometimes I think, and for always being there when I 
r led a hug! I hope to love you forever. And last but certainty not 
jit. Heather/ Leroy/ Mieg/ Best Fried Forever etc.- 1 don't want to 
four entire lives with each other (short but sweet) down on paper 
> I'll be sure to forget things, 1 don't think I have that much time 
Bioney (even if Rachel did let me have that many words,) and 
n efully we'll always keep in touch to keep the memories alive! 
Elk you so much for putting up with me and remember that 
k etimes you have to just forget about work and rehearsing and go 

outside, freeze your feet off on foot deep snow, swing on the swings, 
and talk about life. I love you! To Alissa , Meredith, Katie, Ellen, Jeff, 
Cathy, Vanessa, Joey, Dina, all the Frosh (past + present) who have 
brought a smile to my face, and all the others who I met after this was 
due or forgotten- 1 wish I could have known you all better but life has 
a tendency to get in the way, you know? Oh, and thanks for driving 
me everywhere 'cuz I know I've probably gotten a ride from every- 
one in this little passage and more. 

Future Goals: To live my life as open-minded and free of prejudices 
and foolish restraints as possible. Forget me not!! 

Michael Lord 

Activities: Freshman Football 1, JV Football 2, Varsity Football 3,4; J V 
Lax 1, Varsity Lax 2,3, Capt. 4; Track 2; Freshman Basketball 1; Latin 
Club 1,2,3,4, Photographer 3 

Thanks: First, above everything else, I'd like to thank God and also 
my parents for everything they've done for me. Thank you for the 
support you gave me in anything I did. Thank you for caring about 
me more than anyone else, I love you! Billy, thanks for the abusement 
as a child inClass uding hanging me upside down from the Closet 
and letting Spanky eat food out of my ears and on my face. Janet, for 
being a fashion consultant and being the person in the family with the 
best presents to give. Dave, thanks for making me tough by wailing 
on me. But now I can beat you because now you're a whimp 'cause 
I'm your size. For having late night talks Thanks for peeing on me 
and bringing me out. Thanks for showing me how to party and also 
for showing me the way to be, 1 look up to you. Thanks Bro. Thanks 
to Toby, Holly, and Tootsie for being the cutest dogs, no matter what 
anyone of my friends say about you, I love you! I love you all!! Cally- 
"you silly goose", kidsClub, "NOLAN", "Off Callahan", "I love that 
kid", "that thing still rolling, one more keybanger", Traps, Dicky's 
house partying, Lord Class eaning "Lordy, was that you?" Will- 
thanks for being my quarterback, late night at your house with our 
pledges, "Mr. Huffff, what's number for", dot matrix, shutup Mike, 
UCONN-ragu and the car at Zeta Psi. Thanks for being a good kid 
and a good friend Shaun- mv gangsta beatch, thanks for asking so 
many questions, being one of a kind, BUD-WEIS-Roof, ERRR!, 
thanks for peeing in Chefs waste basket, basketball as a youth, that 
kid's the tats on pg. 49. Jamie- Thank you for Ed! The biggest player, 
your house after the prom, Sandbox Row rocks! Pietchel- thanks for 
being the walking toilet at the Cape, the other half of the glove, being 
the biggest partier I've seen because you just don't care. Nerney- 
Matt Foley, "tough", trying to set you at the Cape, Keep your head 
up kid, you'll get a piece sometime in your life. Russ- "guns, pipes, 
guns", the biggest bully in the school, line drills, DJ everyday after 
school, your parties, making fun of P.J., doing a 360 on Wiggins in the 
Impala. Thanks to Chaz for the first cardinal rule of anchoring and for 
reminding us not to wake mother. Mix- thanks for being so weird, 
shotgun king, Doug drink that, he's talking s*#t! St. Patty's Day. AD- 
Mr. Huff's son, getting a piece standing up at the cape, singing in the 
Pocahontas cups. Veils- (Class ovehead) thanks for letting me use 
your house after school. Love ya, Veits, and we all know you'll be 
back. Chet- Truth or Dare with Burlington chicks, my brother hitting 
himself with a hammer, nine pack, being scared by Ouija. Brendan- 
Washington D.C. the funnest time of my life, cop sniffing tin foil for 
drugs. Gary- picking me up, defensive end, dancing to Spanish 
music, Dave Matthews, staying back Fanelli- 125 Fanelli Belly, your 
head Tank- Big Red sucks Steve- hiding in my sister's room scared 
after Candvman, letting me sleep on you Phil- P.J , creeping Death, 
Impala, trash cans, UNREAL!, "Merry Christmas", Eye of the Tiger, 
air mail , "Cally and Will, what's going on", 442 olds 307, saying 
"kid" 300 too many times. Joel- Old Crow, "Hey, hey, hey", partying, 
cigarettes out of scratch James- funniest kid I know. Expos, Cedric, 
Washington D.C, Steve Miller, to be your first friend in Bedford. 
Chris Ryan- for not playing football. Melvin- almost getting whipped 
by Ed with a jumprope. Dave Storer- for being wise. Jarrod- ripping 
wheels and always fighting with me Defino- for being sour, parties 
over the summer, Nestea, spiking Cally's touchdown, lax captain. 
Jeff McGrath- SChip, finally partying in your senior year Oien- for 
saying something only if it's important Jay- for being a slow got. 
Thomas- for starting with the whole Acton team Sheflin- for falling 
on his face for Project Adventure. Brian McGrath- for '96. Julie- 
partying at your house, you prude. Kerry- "Dot", Eliot, and all the 
other laughs. Bethany- Hootie, late night talks, and for being my best 
girl friend. Lisa- the nicest girl I've ever met, friends since 3rd grade, 
keep smiling. Cyndi- thanks for having a boyfriend, semi-formal, 
being a tease, and just looking mint. Lindsay- thanks for your 
dreadful diving board. Danielle- almost cousins "we might be". 
Nicole- 9 00 at the bathroom and for loving my brother Suzanne- the 
Cape, me being your make-believe boyfriend. Colleen- for someone 
to beat on. Christine- downstairs at Dickinson's, babysitting, Chici, 
thanks for being my best friend sophomore year. Griecci- thanks for 
Gloucester and being buddies since 7th grade Hilary- being cute and 
snobby., kidding! Lynn- for being mean and having an attitude 
whenever you please. Amy- for breaking my heart and never a 
second chance, being so cute, and being so seductive without any 
intentions Jennifer Kiger- Thank you for everything you've taught 
me. You mean so much to me even though you're so far away. A lot 
of memories... Airfield, Mauvi in the dryer, hide n' go seek at your 
house, camping, tire, grapes, Dec. 20, Sept 3, Aug. 26, Spooky World, 
Maine sledding and #6, Nashua, the beach, my pool doing dives, and 

Christmas Many other memories I didn't mention but hopefully 
many more to come. Thank you, Jennifer, for making my junior year 
so enjoyable. I Love You very much and hopefully the future is very 
bright for us Thanks to Eric for the wife-beaters, Mook, Harris, Gator 
(DJ), O-Dog, Piglet for being the coolest juniors! People of '95: 
McAllister for use of the weight gadget and teaching me lax, Hansen 
the chain smoker, Cohen for watching my back. Carter smoking 
unfiltered, and all the others Kovall, Dwyer, Donaldson, Chiocca, 
Gerstle, B Cruz, Robinson. Nicole for someone to talk to C period. 
Allison, Bree, Kristen, Sarah, Merrill for being the greatest girls of all 
of '98! Thanks to Boffa and Chase for the beat downs and also thanks 
to Mclnnis Thanks to my favorite teachers. Dirty Dog Kelly, Max, 
Corliss, Mr Hunt. And thanks to the football coaches: Petrillo, 
Sabourin, Campbell, Sullivan, and Hirsch Thanks to all of you for 
teaching me the game of football and making cruel jokes about me, 
I appreciate everything Don't ever forget that '96 rocks and always 

Future Goals Be successful in business and spend the rest of my life 
with no worries and just women 

Jo Lowery 

Activities: Football 2; Basketball 2; Track 1 

Thanks: First to my mom thanks for always trying to help even when 
it didn't seem like it, to dad for always being around if needed, and 
Ja for being a good little brother no matter what I've said, you've 
grown up real fast without me being able to watch That's both good 
and bad, think about that. Now we'll do this by Class starting with 
those who get to leave, or should be leaving with me. Jorge thanks for 
alwavs being around and everything you have done for me. You 
have been a great friend Gina J. (Elmo) I love you for always caring 
and for cookies. To Jen V. I love you for allowing me to be in love with 
you for 3 years and never yelling at me for it, and Christmas candy 
canes, and for being so beautiful. Thanks to Heather 1. (Heat) for 
being you, which is so confusing it's too much to write but as long as 
you know I love you that's enough. Thanks to Jill for stealing my hat 
and being so argumentative. To Alexis P. you better put me in your 
quotes, thanks for being scared, and still beautiful. To Michelle B. for 
being so adviceable and sweet. Tnca O for being short. Shaun K. for 
being a good friend, Tom and Jackson for being some of my first 
friends. To Adrian G. for getting into trouble and telling me about it 
and being funny. Jason McCloud for women and Mike and da Bulls 
#1 and the N.B.A. We love this game. To Josh McCloud for dropping 
out and the regulators. To Jay W for always being cool, and failing 
Latin I with me, to Sarah and Amanda W for the ride you promised 
but never gave and for being twice as beautiful as normal twins. To 
Jen O for Teen Council, Basketball, and being so pretty. Amy Morgan 
for being someone to fight with in the halls. To Dee for the teddy bear 
discussion and for looking good. To Tarie T for advice Jr. year, 
thanks. To Jose for eating so much, Angela D. for never losing an 
argument ever, to Dave S. for always being a nice guy, to Amy C. for 
smiling, to Brenden for being cool with me. to Akilah for the SO. 25 
table dance. To the soon to be Seniors thanks to Wes for always being 
a friend, to Rochecke for New Year's '95, Tawnya (TIC) for porcu- 
pines and for being so huggable, Consuelo for Algebra 2, Angela E. 
for being too cute for words, Beth S. for always smiling, Jaime W. for 
being like a sister, Katie A. for her poetry, Nadia V. for being an all- 
around beautiful person, Colleen D. (Ms. Wonderful) for being 
sweet, Nicci L. for being cute and joining Discovering Food Class'94- 
'95, Jogn B. for being cool. To Jawaan for drinking my Coke, and Scott 
D. for always being a friend. For the soon to be JR's group thanks to 
Michelle W. for always caring, Natasha D., Kacey, and Will, for 
making 2nd lunch fun, to Andrea for looking so good, to Stacey and 
Sarah for being cute and Angela H. for being bored, thanks to Karen 
(Cookie) for being so cute. To Jen Y. and Lasandra N. for sounding 
so sweet together, toGwen for being such a great person and council. 
To Laura O. for looking incredible. (I hope I told you by now.) To 
Bobby H. for being taller than me. And Kelly P. for notes, to Susan B 
I'm sorry. To Trae, good luck in life and thanks for everything. Now 
for the sophomores. Thanks to Cara for Dumbo, Christie T. for 
friendship, Tawnya P. for having very pretty eyes, Stephanie H. for 
being a friend, and teaching me a life lesson. To Isaac, Marcus, and 
Lenny, thanks for making lunch fun. Good luck. To the Y.C. people, 
thanks to Melissa, Shannon, Nina, Jen L., Laura, and Heather H. for 
being more like sisters than friends. B-good I'm watching! To Karl, 
have fun at Shawsheen Tyseen have fun playing something. Thanks 
to Laura S. for always giving me a few more minutes. To Brigitte for 
always listening. Now for the people who are gone but not. To Jaqui, 
thanks for 3-wav phone conversations, to Emilio thanks for being 
cool to me. Thanks to Ken for always being a friend. And Kelly V. for 
being a happy pissed-off looking person like me. To Chris Mickell I 
hope to see you in the future at college the gloves revenge! To Simon 
thanks for losing my CD. Andy thanks for messing up my typing. 
Some of vou were more special than others, to those people I say 
thank you. To all of those who feel they should have been included 
but weren't it wasn't intentional, or if I didn't write a lot I'm sorry. 
Gotta go. And Remember Wherever There's Sugar Or Candy I'll B 
There, FIRST! 


Adam Marto 

Eric Luke 

Activities: Orchestra 1 ,2,3,4; Chamber Music 2,3,4; Pit Orchestra 2,4; 
NHS 3,4; Tennis 2,3,4; French Club 3,4; Youth Symphony at NEC 
1,23; Youth Philharmonic 4 

Thanks: To my family- Mom, Dad, and my brother David. Mom, for 
supporting me, helping me when I couldn't do something, and for 
your love. Dad, for trying to steer me in the right direction, scolding 
me, nagging me, and getting me angry Kris, for "I'm so nervous... 
hold on ", ping-pong (I'm better), Jim Casy, picture days, helping me 
with those predicaments junior year, making fools out of ourselves, 
blowfish, running like a mongoose, making fun of me, laughing at 
the jokes we made, and for being a great friend . Mr. and Mrs. Sarajian 
for giving me countless rides since middle school. Mrs. Sarajian for 
having me for dinner so many times. Rajul, for being so generous 
over the years, arguing, telling me about your avoiding nature 
philosophy, giving me rides, coming to all my orchestra concerts, 
and I will one day go to a concert with you. Jeannie, for the phone 
conversations, listening to my problems and stories, consoling me, 
helping me in homework, all the gossip, practicing at vour house, the 
gigs, giving me rides in the early morning, making vou laugh, and 
being an "awesome" friend. Yung, for never bike-riding to the lake, 
making fun of me and becoming sardonic, doing my ridiculous 
dances, playing cards, and sometimes listening to my music. Jen, for 
smiling, arguing about political correctness, liking me for my violin 
playing, saying the gross things I told you to, sorry about the "blimp" 
jokes in middle school, going into my violin case and finding my 
catalog, and the times in chem Class. Vilas, for helping me in math 
and beating each other up. Alyssa, for being a photography buddy, 
reminding me of the "Oasis" guy, My Name is Jonas!, retaining me 
when T was violent, getting me to go to the prom, and maybe I'll tell 
you why 1 want to go to Canada. Katie, I've known you since 
preschool, for coming to my YS concerts, and we should play 
badminton. Sam, for the jokes, the religious lectures, and taking me 
to church. Mike, for the times in Physics, letting me scare you m the 
night at my house, and My name is Jonas. Mr. Maffa, for playing 
tennis, listening to my worries, helping me, your generosity, and 
nothing is worthwhile unless one has the time for it. Thanks to all my 
teachers and anyone I have forgotten at NEC getting me out of the 
house, Jeff, for being an orchestra partner, orchestra jokes, and for 
being a fun person. 

Daniel Maclsaac 

Activities: Football 2,3,4; Indoor Track 2,3, Captain 4; Baseball 2,3,4; 
Latin Club 3,4 

Thanks: First of all I would like to thank the most important people 
in my life, my parents. They have been by my side the past few years, 
and 1 love you both. My Papa for being at every Football game, I love 
you more than anyone. To the Football Team, Jamie, Russ, Doug, 
Fanelli, Lordy, Callahan, Will, Jajuanza, Brendan, Defino, Chris H , 
Gary, Shaun, Thomas, and Veits. You guys are the best. You really 
made me feel welcome when I moved here 3 years ago. To Chris, 
Jesse, Andy, and Sweets, DCLASS Champs! from your scorekeeper. 
To Mark and Nerney, you two are definitely funny, #1 B-ball team, 
and Oien, NBA, and Adam. McGrath and Sarajian for the football 
games. Dickenson! A.D., Ya Dude! To the girls, Lisa, Bethany, Nicole, 
Julie, Kerry, Lindsav, Suzanne, Danielle, Lynn, Cyndi, the two 
Amys, Colleen, and Hilary I love vou all. To the Juniors, Lua, Oates, 
Jav, and the Mook, you guys are great. Nic, Colleen, Meghan, Nadia, 
Rochecke, Kristina, Maria, Miranda, Carey, and especially Kristen. 
Thanks for going to the Prom with me, 1 love you kid. To Joanna and 
Liz. You two are both good friends of mine and must become friends 
again. To Bryant and everyone else who graduated last year. J.D. 
we've been through the best of times and the worst of times. Keep 
trying and so will L To Anthony for being my best friend my whole 
life. We will be friends forever Paco. To my teachers for putting up 
with me, especially Maxwell, McGowan, and Mr. Kelly. To all mv 
coaches, especially Coach Sab and Sullivan, for teaching me about 
life and sports. To Haley, you make many bad calls! Thanks to 
everybody else not mentioned, especially God for making it all 
possible. Johnny I didn't forget vou, brother. 
Future Goals: To graduate from college, go on to have successful 
career in business. To eventually meet and fall in love with a 
beautiful girl and raise a beautiful family. I will probably support my 
familv with all mv millions. Good Luck to everybody. I hope you 
accomplish your goals! 

Activities: JV/Varsity Hockey; Varsity Spring Track 
Thanks: First of all I would like to say that I've had a great four years 
of high school. I'd like to thank my family and teachers ,as well as my 
friends for helping me along the w ay. I want to thank Tom for always 
being a friend for as long as I can remember I want to thank Nick for 
convincing me to play hockey and being a good friend. I w ant to 
thank Andy for lifting with me and never being too busy to do 
something. I'd like to thank Josh for being the target of some jokes 
and doing his best to be a friend. I'm thankful to Pat for always being 
around to play cards with. I want to thank Gma for always being such 
a nice person. 1 want to thank Chris for being a good friend I'd like 
to thank Matt for bringing his radio to all the street-hockey games. I 
want to thank Jason for telling me that his day was worse than mine 
Finally I'd like to thank the following for always playing street- 
hockey: Nick, Pat, Andy, Matt, Tom, Jason, Nathan, Josh, Jim, and 

Heather McCarthy 

Activities Orchestra 1,23,4; Chamber Music 1,2,3; BHS Quartet 
1,2,3,4; Choir 1; Madrigal 2,3,4; Double Sextet 23, Leader 4; Show 
Choir 2; Flag Squad 3, Captain 4; Can-can Dancers 2,3, Leader 4; Field 
Hockey 1,2; Swim Team 1; Track 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2, Secretary 
3, President 4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 2; Pit 1; 
Spring Musicals 2,3,4; Sr. District 3,4; AFS 3,4; NHS 3,4; Forum 4; 
France 3; Girl Scouts 1-12; Judge Fan Club 2,3,4; Les Mis Audition 3; 
FGT Simulators 2,3,4; TONFMW 1,2,3,4, Maffa Support Group 3,4 
Thanks: To mv family whom I LOVE SO MUCH! Mommy and 
Daddy for all the amazing trips, talks, liberalness, support, patience, 
and incredible love. Grandma H., the light of mv life! You're an 
extraordinary woman. Your deep faith, liberal ways, generosity, and 
sense of humor have never ceased to amaze me. My dearest Aunt 
Katie- you are my soulmate! Thanks for being just like me and 
sharing mv fashion sense, crafty hobbies, and love for shopping. 
Seattle, here I come! Grandma Mary and Papa for living Close by and 
having a Boston accent! The whole McCarthy family for being Irish. 
The whole Winger family, you are too cool. (Esp.Kip). The farm in 
Deforest for all the memories. Dancer, my first horse love, we'll miss 
you. Jessica for growing up with me, writing songs with me, selling 
chalk (!), harmonizing, your roof, and for being my BBFR. Racine, WI 
for being my 2nd home. Mrs. P. for the hours of Kummer duets and 
thinking I am talented on the cello. Lorena, for teaching me to have 
a "focus", nurturing my dream, and being an excellent teacher, 
dancer, and friend. Bryce, my sweet kitty, for being an awesome 
jumper and such a person. Zion for loving mv singing and being a 
spaz. The Simpsons (Judy, Bill, and Grandma Mimi) for being my 
other familv and opening vour house to me. Greg, my brother, for 
being such a faithful friend all of these years (treehouse sleepovers, 
badminton, bike rides, knocking over the dresser when we were 
three...!) You are truly an awesome genius, kid, and never forget it. 
Jen for being the coolest Godsister a girl could have. You have shared 
in so many parts of my life and I love you so much. Walden Pond, 
church fairs, face mask walks, Grotonwood! I can't believe how 
you've grown and I'm so lucky I got the chance to grow up with you ! 
Margaret for 6th grade, bringing me flowers every recital, "Blue- 
Eyed Daisy", being my 1st Madrigal buddy, and truly caring about 
our friendship. I miss you and your fantastic smile, but I know vou're 
doing great things. I love you, Margery. Heather B. Loewy (Jan)- we 
will always be Heather squared! Boston trips, "the lover", Rappaccim's 
daughter, "Mame", "FAT!!", Phvsics, horse days, and "eClass ipse". 
I love you! You're so devoted and thoughtful Through all of our 
obstaClass es, we've stayed the best of friends Joey, for the wacky 
girls, "Busuzuazzi", "Momma...", AFS, Physics labs, your hair, and 
your wonderful friendship. Marie- Maire Tamer! Oops-Longstreet! 
Ski Camp, New Orleans, girl scouts, Emily Dickinson, "Reality 
Bites", health problems, David Michael, "easy two miles", Ryan, 
grundles, Antoine's, TCBY runs, "PeaBread", and "Gettysburg" - 
we're awesome. Here's to some unforgettable years- words cannot 
express how much you mean to me! Ellen for Eastman ski trips, 
Libana, CTD harmonizing, Wachusett days. After Eight mints, and 
"Great pate, but ...!" You're crazy, fun, and it's been "verv"! Katie for 
being cute, eighth grade, "You're getting married?". Lake W., FGT 
Beach, Tori concerts, bleachers, Black 47-"Bridie!", "I must go-oh- 
bye!", Elgar, Cardigan, "Yo Pete!...", the heights, pudgy fingers, 
weird hand things- we'll NEVER stop laughing. I am amazed at the 
strength of our friendship, Kates- 1 love you so much, it hurts A&F/ 
P.O. A N D II Ma famille francaise- les Peytoureaus! Nicole, Maurice, 
et ma soeur, Marie. Merci pour tout-surtout, pour m'enseigner 
beacoup dechoses et pour la bonne nourriture! Je vous adore. Jenni- 
fer Key, for AFS France. And for Fred, Mikos, "Oomplah", getting 
stuck in Paris, and being bad with me! You're so awesome. On y va? 
Also to all of AFS-France, Dijon, for being the neatest people any- 
where. My psycho rockin' Girl Scout Troop 1623! Our leaders, Mrs. 
Lesure and Mrs. Esposito- 1 don't know how to thank you for your 
devotion to the craziest group of girls alive. TONFMW! Jeannie for 
quartet and being sooo nice. Jen C. for quartet and the spazzo- 
breathing cellowoman! Eric L. for quartet and stressing out with me. 
Jeff Y. for the mud party, "1,000 serviettes", and telling Francetime. 

Michelle Lloyd for being so sweet and for loving Utahas mucfw 
Rachel for sharing childhood boy problems, political view) 
"Reagan .?!". We must go to Zion someday. Michelle M. fori 
true "sunshine ', your DM talent, and introducing me to your cl 
Kathleen for Jem, A.P, and 4th grade Florida. Cara Mac for b 
Madrigal veteran, my psychologist, and my fellow Double 
leader. Jeff H. for the semi-formal, vour DEEP voice, and 1 
music so much. Ben W. for sophomore tourn of plays. Ben 
being "naturally rebellious". Ingrid, Emily, and Mer- you gals 
much fun! Yay Madrigal! Jo (Yohann) for Garron's and "sizz 
The Cellos- Miranda, Adam, Danny, Laura, Joanna- we rul(j 
flaggies- Pam, Katie, Emalie, Jen, Jen, Kathleen, Shari, and Kil 
you're great. Michelle S. for "Chad" Michelle P. for Mac 
flaggies, the Les Mis audition, and the guv on the subway! Kris 
for French Club, Au Bon Pain talks, flags, and Rockette dream; 
L - "large cheese!"- for laughing ev en harder than me and beinf 
a good friend Christina C. for Chili's nights Moo for makir 
smile and our song in 2nd grade Dina for "81s and bei 
understanding. Alissa D. for being organized and Children": 
seum Overnights. Vanessa for Tori concerts and Paula obsesl«, 
deep talks, and being you. Gina for "REENTER ", Suzanna, Clas 
and Bud, D - cake (NH!), and henna adventures. Kristin A 
French Club Adam C. for Madrigal dinners Rebecca G. for 
Vanilli in NH! Gwen A. for being my wonderful pastor. Eve 
from the First Baptist Church. Mrs. Mclnnis! Our beautiful 
parks, which continue to humble and inspire me. Emilv Dicki 
Edward Abbey, Meryn Cadell, Ethan Hawke, NPCA, and the ! 
Club. Also, Vilas, Curtis, Phil T., Sarah T , Bethany L., Eric Git 
Agata, Megan, Andrea R., Theresa, and Alyssa R Mrs. Eickel, 
Martines, Mr. Wakeham, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. Maxwell, Mrs. R 
Mrs. Keefe, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Sabourin, Mr Judge, Ms. Mes 
Mr. Low, Mr. Maffa, and Ms Lohrum. God for giving me stre 
guidance, and wisdom. Finally, thanks to all of the beautiful p 
mentioned here and to the ones I have vet to meet. A Bientot! 
Future Goals: To be a dancer, hike the Milford Track an 
Appalachian trail, be a park ranger at Arches or Zion NP, see ■ 
Hard Rock Cafes in the world, be fluent in French, forevei 
Democrat, find my true love, never stop laughing, and alwa 
surrounded by cats! 

Jason McCloud 

Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; ■ 
Club 4; German Club 3 

Thanks: First and foremost, I'd like to thank my mother for ma» 
ing to do such a great job through the vears without the suppc of 
anyone else. Next, I'd like to thank mv father for instilling inm| 
ideas and values needed to get through life I'd also like to than tf 
brother for being there for me as a friend, although not a role m Wf 
To my Aunt Donna, I want to thank you in advance for settingn ip 
for life; I really appreciate it! Jo, thanks for nothing! MesaV 
McGowan, Sab, and Gullage, you guys were the best, Thanks!|4 

Theresa McQcvern 

Activities: Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Class President 2; JV Socc| 
Varsity Soccer 2,3, Captain 4; Varsity Basketball 1,2,3, Capta 
Varsity Softball 1,2,3, Captain 4 

Thanks: To God for giving me such a wonderful life and oppor 
ties. My family for putting up with my moods, never listening t 
and pressuring me to go to UMass. Mom for defining the meani 1 
unconditional love, for dealing with my evil side and impatienci 
seeing through it all, for trying to be the kind of mother I wanted 
succeeding long before you ever tried. Dad for always being wit 
in my heart and in mv thoughts. Cara for being me in different f 
sharing opinions and listening and understanding me (my psy 
trist and dictionary) and giving me advice, you know me better 
anyone so thank you for still being my friend, PT's, code na 
speaking w/o words and drooling Sprite. Julie for being violen 
driving slow and all our experiences together: soccer (we have t 
5 before we leave), AMC (Dan, Ben, big Julie) and Barbas in t 
Kristin for being mv best friend since 3rd grade, your funny 
ments, getting mad at me but never telling me why, baseball gi 
and Barbas in band again. Jen for not understand ing Spanish wit 
and all the things about you that make me laugh 333. Jeanni 
always being the nicest person I know, helping me in every Clas: 
not letting our friends grow apart. Teri for fruit roll-ups and silt 
at lunch. Alyssa for being smarter than everyone else and your 
Andy for being such an important person in my life for so 
listening to me complain about my problems, hating my igi, 
liking me at all the wrong times and for just being my friend. 1 
for all our late night talks and for being me in guy form, listeni: 
me when it really mattered and fighting with me when it di 


ink you for all the effort you put in to being my friend, even when 
ivas hard. Chris for the reverse smile, being sneaky, Weitz, your 
ins, ears, and hands, and your gorgeous eyes, for all the happy 
ics we have had, looking at the stars, Newport, dancing at the Jr. 
>Bi cind for being the sweetest guy I know. Jesse for being so smart, 
my, athletic Sam for seeing the religious side to everything and 
being a cool guy- Tim for stupid human tricks and all the jokes, 
ffor hating me, but not really and Estrada. Brian M. for all the good 
its, laughs, and for trying really hard to like the Class of '96. Cyndi 
making Jesse happy, Ben for wearing purple, Katie E. for laughing 
me and soccer, Kris S. for that constant smile, Mike H. for making 
innie happy, Jeremy for making Jen miserable and happy, Jeff Y. 
d Jeff H. for lightening up my Classes. To all my teammates over 
!; years especially Geri and all her positive words and assists, Jen 
bb for her evil streak and all her saves, Nadya and Joanna for 
>rklng so hard and inspiring me, and Erin and Kacie for making me 
lgh. To all my coaches especially Mrs. Sullivan for exposing too 
ich and for being your own person. Thank you to the Class of 1996 
■ making my four years at BHS so fun. 

ture Goals: To save the Earth and be with my friends forever. 

Jeffrey McQrath 

anks First I'd like to thank my family. Mom and Dad thanks for 
shing me and keeping me going, I know if it wasn't for your 
istant bickering that I would have procrastinated and accom- 
shed only half of what I was capable of. Brendan thanks for the 
es to school freshman and sophomore year and thanks for being 
sponsor for confirmation. Jessie thanks for the little things you've 
ne — loaning me money (interest free), ironing for me, setting up 
jr little business'. Shaun — the Club, school basketball (on the 
ich), tomatoes and veggie salt, cookies and milk, the pool. Storer — 
ig Pong, NHL '96 vs. Johnny-Corey, Pool Basketball, Boston 
rket Hat. Sheflin — study groups, Sheflin-McAllister jokes and 
jin out with you guys, Pool Basketball (you will always be the 
rst). Chris — basketball tapes (Welcome to the Jungle), hitting Mr. 
vnolds with the baseball then laughing uncontrollably, ragging on 
/body we felt like at time. Pietchel — our favorite S's, unassigned 
-ketball, jokes, and B of S, number one hat bender. Sarajian — 
itasy Football, Patriots games, Ban Man, football games, fish, 
ri'ii — working for Haley, rides to school. Genesis, shooting pool 
/our house, pool basketball (all-time rebounding leader and foul 
der). Tank — homeroom, Week 2 and 6, your temper, one on one 
iketball, JV Baseball with Reynolds. Katz — biggest Red Sox fan, 
in State will forever be worse than Notre Dame, the Camry, Math 
!h Sabourin. Jesse — Basketball, Day Camp, for being the most 
11-rounded student in the whole school. Will — Breakfast Club, 
I (fish, way back in 6th grade when our favorite song was free 
in by Tom Petty, number 2 all-time joke. Nerney — fatboy, tuff, 
;a!led for, one hour of heaven at Pietchel's. AD — gym Class with 
ams drunk, Spanish, and for JV basketball with Guidy. Sam — 
\g Pong/Genesis at your house, your answers in Humanities, and 
being such a pristine young man. Hursch — Spanish Class and 
y Camp. Ondovchik — not caring about anybody, History with 
novan and Reynolds, buying Reynolds donuts. Thomas — just for 
ng Thomas, and also John Thomas. Theresa — for being one of the 
y few people I actually liked in Spanish Class the last few years, 
i also for always thinking I hate you. Kristin and Cara — for always 
ng extremely nice to me, and anything else I forgot. Melissa — for 
ng my prom date, Day Camp, and babysitting Milo. Lisa — 6th 
de, giving me rides home. Bethany — for always laughing at me 
1 Mark s jokes. Suzanne — same reason. Danielle — always pick- 
on me Defino — President Oien — just for being Oien. Lindsay, 
ole, Ethan, Lord — calculator games and the ultimate hat (U of C), 
Allister — Silverfish jokes, Jenn, Eric, Julie, Kerry, Amy — oddest 
Uionship ever with Dave, McCormick — always wanting to shoot 
il, Auntie Ann and Mom for Candy dishes, and also to Mr. 
xwell, Mr. Haley, Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Corliss, and Mr. Spinonsa — 
nks for making my years at high school that much better, 
ure Goals: Go to college — graduate, then get married and get a 
and become rich. 

Cara McNamara 

ivities Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Tournament of 
ys 1,2,4; Student Production Director 3; Madrigal 2,3,4; Double 
tet 2,3, Leader 4; Student Government 1,2,3; Class Secretary 4; 
rkMdnnis Fan Club 1 ,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3; NHS 3,4; 
DD 1,2,3,4 

inks: First of all, thanks so much to my friends... we've been 
3Ugh so much together and we still made it. We have so many 
mories together its not even funny... I seriously don't know what 
ould do without you guys!! OK... Alyssa, thanks for being my 
est and wisest friend, for letting me live at your house for so many 
rs, I'll never forget the billion sleepovers, 42 Summer St, Muppet 
vies, the rainy campout in the station wagon, "Tomato & Onion" 
sliding gldoor incident and everything else. Thanks for knocking 
down in Kindergarten. Jeannie, thanks for being the most nicest, 
mg, innocent, talented, hardworking person I know. You always 
i everything together, whether it was in school or with our 
nds... remember Virginia, and the three of us bonding. Kristin- 

four years of field hockey made us brutes, thanks for gossiping with 
me, going to New York, all the fun times, the senior prom ( the long 
dresses), hunting for guys at Aerosmith, the long conversations in 
my driveway. Terri... my competition for 'Gerber " Enough said 
Thanks for sharing "On Broadway", the plays (St. Michaels...) for 
laughing, your phone (who knew he had caller I D.?) Theresa- there's 
so much to say Thanks for being my twin, for being crazy and evil 
w/me, letting me borrow & share, for eating = to me and being as 
cheap, for asking my advice, for always being "left together", for 
reading my mind, for PT's in 8th grade, and for all the fun and stupid 
things we'll do this year... we WILL go to Ireland someday Julie — 
thanks for your ability to convince me to do anything (or dare me to), 
for your laugh, for Cape Cod (Eli), our Grease dance, Penn and being 
'happy', for C.W. and our endless search for guys. Jen — thanks for 
being a riot but still having a very serious side. What would I do 
without your stories/advice/phone conversations? Ever since 6th 
grade Thanks for keeping me filled in, listening to me, and for 
having that awesome connection with me Thanks also to Andy 
(Woody) for letting us have a snowball fight at your house that time, 
JT, our semiformal, our bet (I will win), for calling me, for visiting me 
at WWood, and for being so loyal and knowing what time it is. Tim — 
for being a Madrigal trouble-maker w/me, for being happy when I 
am, and for eating my ND grass Chris — Big T- what else can 1 say? 
I'm glad I got to know you and that you're my biggest friend. Sam — 
I hated sharing you with G. Chapel, but 1 admire how strong you are 
in your morals. You make me want to go to Trinidad; Kris for takjng 
me to the Pats and for being a true fan, Eric for violinmg, Ra|ul you 
owe me $100; Jeff Y for making math interesting; Yung for being so 
cool and having the best Clothes ; Ben for being my patient and 
hiking w/me. Mike for jamming at JT, Jeremy for being such a 
puzzle, for giving me Felix; Jeff for your Irish pubs T-shirt, Dave & 
Jesse for making me laugh, and for the old days in the Explorer, Gina 
for the summer of finding guys; Cara S. for soccer games junior year. 
Amy for stealing #11 - you ALMOST want him more. Lindsay & 
Bethany for middle school & before memories, Suzanne for seeing 
me in Florida . N icole for liking Warrant w / me. Sarah for the sleepovers 
and for being such a friendly Stop&Shop employee; Heather W. for 
dealing with the snackbar w/me. Heather & Katie for the best double 
sextet ever Kelly C. for being so GOOD and for having good taste in 
guys, Nick Kyvelos for being the hot freshman; Mer- Where's 93N? 
Where's room 3-one-one? Hey Mickey... for all the family bonding & 
plays. Krista for Downtown Train; Kelly D for being my future 
sister-in-law. Caroline L. for always smiling at me, Alison- my 
'cousin', Joanna Mcl. for being the ultimate (and for all the MM 
stories); David D. & Nick S. for always giving me the inside story on 
the sophomore Class. Nina for moving here, buving me a card, for 
being a new "Wadhera" at BHS, Karan for being another little 
brother, for being so mature. Thanks also to the Madrigal 'breakfast 
Club' (you know who you are), Senior field hockey players for the 
bus rides & travel plans. WWood rainy day staff for the hot chocolate 
and smores. Catherine for inviting me to Babson & for the birthday 
card, Kate for being so cynical, Michelle for making me a necklace, 
Naveen — you're the best. Thanks for EVERYTHING... calling unex- 
pectedly, for being happy to hear me say 'Hi!', for our summer, for 
my best 'birthday' ever, for being Mr. India, teaching me Hindi — 
Mujhe tumse pyar heh. Thanks to Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Spinosa for 
teaching me more than school. Thanks most of all to my family — 
Kristen-thanks for stealing my Clothes , for being 'blond', for "that's 
the funniest thing I ever heard!!" for being tanner and taller. Mary- 
Kate (mick) for having a deep voice, being so old, and for having a 
better social life than I do. Jimmy- yes, you're cute. I'm glad you 
know every sports stat and can Class limb walls. Mom & Dad- thanks 
so much for getting me through all this stuff - I really appreciate 
everything vou did for me, how understanding and smart you are, 
and I love you very much 

Future Goals: To always stay best friends with all my friends, to 
travel to every country in the world, and to make people remember 
me. To marry a really sweet, gorgeous guy who will always make me 
laugh, to never forget what I want to accomplish in my life. 

Kristin Mead 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2, Varsity 3, Capt. 4; Spring Track 2,3,4; 
French Club 1,2, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Latin Club 3,4; 
InterAct 1,2, Board of Directors 3,4; N.H.S. 3, Secretary 4; Student 
Production, 3; Prom Decorating 3 

Thanks: First of all I'd like to thank my family for their unconditional 
love and support, I never would have made it through these past few 
years without you guys Mom and Dad, for pushing me to always try 
my hardest and for teaching me morals to live by. Mom, for your 
words of wisdom and for always being there when I needed someone 
to talk to. Dad, for keeping me smiling and for fixing my car every 
time there's something wrong w/ it. Michael, for putting up w/ me 
& Class eaning my car, one of these days I'll play 1-on 1- w/ you. 
Kerri, for being my role model, for our open Closets, paying for gas. 
I love you guys! Julie, for sharing the same views on things, and for 
being such a good friend, don't ever change! Nashoba chaperones, 
driver's ed., driving to the beach, Mobil man, rides in S&S carriages, 
for teaching me how to laugh w/ out letting any sound come out, "Do 
you have a piece of fruit?", "things'll pick up", band, quitting b-ball 
w/ me, mall moods, "she's cruizing", Newport (jello, sailors), 
Aerosmith, Candlebox, Steve Miller, Elton John. Theresa, for being 

my friend since elementary school and for being such a good athlete, 
for tye-dying every artiClass e of Class othing '4th grade), Cape Co i 
(Doug), trips to the beach, summer baseball games, Newport 'jello, 
sailors), Steve Miller, Candlebox Cara, for being the only one to iry 
water skiing, that's a Red Light, shopping for prom dresses. Field 
Hockey memories, (arm erection), F.H. camp, N i trip, Aeros.nith, 
Steve Miller, Candlebox. jeannie, for liking the Gap so much, for 
volunteering at L.C. w/ me and walking out with free food. Minute- 
man and for being such a good friend, even through the tough times. 
Jen, for finally getting call waiting (I doi.'t know if it was a good or 
bad idea) for being easy to talk to, for being superstitious, Norton's 
Biology Class, for your daily supply of gum, Ullmanr.'s 
Class(deodorant), Aerosmith. Alyssa, driver's ed., N ( trip. Lazing a 
car that stalls, all the sleepovers, and for night swims at your pool 
Terri, for all the times we ended up at your house unexpectedly, 
Gerber boy, Goonies, "Whhaannt". Andy, threesome, "things'll pick 
up", we'll get to the Cape next summer, for forcing me to like the Red 
Sox, for calling me and then talking to yourself for an hour, for 
holding the car door shut all the wav home from the mall, Steve 
Miller (it'll be better next vear), Elton John. Chris, "Testy", "Beastie?", 
for mumbling, for making me smile, "Do you know Bill, the shoe- 
maker?". The Rvan family for searching your house for my keys 
when they were in Julie's car. Jesse, blue sole shoes, and for always 
managing to make me laugh. Tim, for saying "hi" to me in the hall & 
for always smiling Sam, for breaking my car window, and for being 
sincere, although 1 still can't tell whether you're kidding or serious. 
Dave, for piling 1 1 people into the Explorer, for letting us hang out 
at your house, and for your mother's ]am Mike H , for falling asleep 
in physics, Elton John and for being such a nice guy Jeff M , maybe 
next summer we can be counselors together, 1 envy you for not 
having to use sunscreen Jeremy C, for playing "Gangsta's Paradise" 
over and over again, and for making us stay at Water Country, it was 
worth it. Chris S. for liking the Patriots. Brian, for making me laugh 
Sarah B for your middle school sleep overs and my daily visits to 
S&S Bethany and Lindsay for bike camp and all the other Middle 
School memories. Amy L., "Liza in the Closet", "What kind of a 
person washes their car in the rain?", junior prom (bathroom). 
Chrissy, for being such a nice person, scooping guys and being a 
great athlete Lauren R. for filling me in on gossip. Kelly C. for your 
obsession. Thanks to the girls, camping (summer of '93), we need a 
reunion Ms. Mays' French IV Class. Becca T, "you call heads, I'll 
pick " (it never failed). Thanks to the Field Hockey team ('94 & '95), 
it was a great season C95), good luck next year! Catherine W. for 
being a great Wing and throwing javelin. Katie Esposito, javelin 
baseball Finally, I'd like to thank all my teachers, for their support 
and enthusiasm I'd especially like to thank Mr Sabourin, for helping 
me to like math. 

Future Goals: To go to college and then travel all over the world and 
marry a tall man with blue eyes. To go surfing on the Pacific Coast, 
to see Terri perform on Broadway, to one day hear Tim as an 
announcer for the Red Sox and to keep in touch with all my friends. 

Douglas Mix 

Activities: Freshman Football 1 ; JV Football 2; Varsity Football 3,4; J V 
Lacrosse Captain 1; Varsity Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3,4; 
Treasurer 3; S.W.I. 1,2; Backvard Safari 1,2, Lumberjack Team 1,2,3 
Future Goals: To make it to college and to complete college. To be a 
millionaire and to live to be 50 years old. 

Josh Montgomery 


Activities : F, e icb Club 1 ,2,4, Debate Club 1 ,2,3; Yearbook 3,4; News- 
paper 3,4; Street Hockey 1,2,3,4; Demonic Trio 2,3,4 
Thanks I would like to first thank my mother for helping me get 
through all these years, I love you Mom Thanks Dad for all the great 
stuff we did together, i love you very much. Thanks to my sisters, 
)enn rnd Christine for being the best sisters in the world, and to 
Peter, for the Red Sox game. My thanks goes out to Carrie Larson, if 
it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have gotten this far. Thanks to Nathan, 
for pc tting up with all my witty jokes and for being mv best friend, 
we certainly had some great times together. Also, thanks to Mr. C. for 
all the great intellectual conversations we enjoyed (and remember, 1 
suit have you under my control!). Thanks to Mrs. C for driving me 
every v. her':, and to]ason. Heather, and Bevforall the great times we 
had Thanks to mv Demonic Trio buddies, we certain! v made English 
and history fun, I think we made Davis decide on a new career! 
Thanks to Nick, for all the jokes and great times we had together. 
Lunch was awesome! Thanks to Andy for,um... well, you know what 
I'm talking about' Thanks to the Street Hockey bunch: Nathan, Nick, 
Andy, Tom, Adam, Pat, Viggy, Rajul, Jason, and Jim, those games 
were awesome. Thanks to Tom and Adam, for being my listeners to 
all my weird jokes. Thanks to Rajul for the drive home in the rain, to 
Jim, for all the times I stoned him in gym Class, and to Jvll, for 
being. Jyll, we had a great English Class with Maxwell. All those 
jokes we exchanged, I'll never forget and all the times you beat me 
up. Thanks to Jason for all the great games we played. Thanks to 
Kamah for laughing at all my jokes, wanna go to the country store? 
Thanks to Jeff, we certainly had some good times, you gotta great 
sense of humor, don't ever lose it. Thanks to Jenn V. for a fun 
freshman French Class, vou kept me awake! Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. 
Anderson, for being cool parents and not being too mad at me for 
screwing up. Thanks to Kim, Jenn, and Shana, even though you're 
not from BHS, you're still pretty cool and thanks for being great 
friends! Thanks to Jenn B. for landing on my back in gym Class, the 
doctors said I should make a full recovery, and to Gina G., for making 
me laugh in cooking Class. Thanks to Mrs Leavey for our great 
nickname, which we still hold today Thanks to Mrs. Keltner for 
being a great teacher and my LAST high school teacher. Thanks to 
Mr. Stephenson for all the insult wars we had and 3 great years of 
(work?) fun. Thanks to Mr. Maxwell, I always liked your ties! Thanks 
to anyone I may have forgotten, I didn't mean to, honestly' Finally, 
thanks to all the teachers I had (and didn't have), and to the whole 
Class of 1996! 

Future Goals: To become the next Bill Gates; to own a red convert- 
ible; to own a Rotweiller; to beat Kim J. in air hockey. 

Amy Morgan 

Thanks: To my parents because without them I would not be 
graduating high school. If you weren't always yelling at Wes to do 
better then maybe I wouldn't have done so good . But you know I 
have to do better than him. Wes I'm thanking you for being my little 
brother and the pain in my gluteus for the last three years. It's been 
real! And to Ken for being there to talk to when ever I needed you. 
And to the rest of my family for being so far away, but still in 
thoughts. And to Ms. Savarino for putting up with me the past four 
years, junior year is UNFORGETTABLE can't believe you're still the 
same. We'll always have Mufasa, OHHH do it again, do it again. And 
best of all we'll always have BRAD PITT, he's mine. I'll never forget 
you. Melissa do you want to go play pool. High school with you has 
been unreal. Do you want to go home |in the middle of school! Caren 
thanks for all the arguments, they're so much fun. Never forget the 
warehouse! I won't !!!! To Tricia and Melissa, last summer was the 
best , can't wait to do it again. Tricia do you want pizza? Dara 
remember the good times and forget the bad times, not like there 
were any. I know I won't. Hey Gina it's too bad we never got to go 
to prison. Well maybe we will see you there in a few years. Yeah 
Right. And to ROTC, you made school a lot more fun and interesting, 
but the uniforms gotta go. Ms.Savdoyou have any pantyhose?? Mrs. 
MacGregor, thanks for all the help senior year, I never would have 
made it without you. To all my friends that are the best and unforget- 
table Gina, Rebecca, Becca, Nichelle, Jamie W, Tawnya, and Jen. Matt 
the four years of my life would of been so boring without you, you 
made it so much fun. There's no way in the world I'll ever forget you. 
I LOVE YOU GUYS ! To Tawnya, Jen, and Melissa, you want to take 
out a pick up truck. Jo we have way too much fun picking on Wes. We 
should do it more often. TO EVERYONE I MAY HAVE FOR GOT- 

Vara. Morris 

Activities: Tennis 1 ,2,3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4; InterAct 2,3,4; Spanish Club 
1,2,3,4; Latin Club 3; NHS 4 

Thanks: Thanks mom and dad, for everything. You guys have been 
wonderful, supporting and encouraging in every way. I love you for 


(Hitting up with my mood swings, you're the greatest. David- the 
best little brother, "ow, l broke my finger," Keep working hard 
Special thanks to the rest of my family for always supporting me, 
Obbie, Aunt Pat, Uncle Larry, Grammy D, Papa Bob, Aunt Louise, 
Uncle Gerry, Aaron, Elisa. My cous, we have done everything since 
we were small, "Whoa, whoa, yo Joe, Pump It up," Gordon, Marty, 
"only g'rls listen to Indigo Girls." My Favorite neighbors, the 
Stieglitzes, you are my second house. Billy, "let me hypnotize you," 
the rides to tennis, words on the license plates. Adam, you mean so 
much to me, have shown me one of the best times of my life, I love 
you so much, and don't ever forget that. Michele K. my best friend, 
I'm so glad we met, and became so Close so fast, Israel was a blast, 
have an Outsider, we'll go to Tufts together. Mike, you have the best 
shoulder to cry on, thanks for listening to my troubles, you really 
helped me survive them all, the flowers were the best birthday 
present ever, you really know how to cheer me up. That is not 
Michele's garter in your car Heather- the other girl, we have become 
such great friends, and it's awesome, driving across town on prom 
night, Jenga Queen. You always listen to stones/dreams that don't 
make any since, "I have this disorder that makes me become hyper 
around election day," "Ya wanna see some...," two college guys at 
Dave Mathew's, too bad for the curfew! Becky- Beckister, junior year 
was fun, me dragging you to all the basketball games, our little 
foursome, don't stop watching the D.C. Kris-0567, you have been a 
great friend, thanks for always being on mv side, I'll never forget how 
you always try to help me, you are a great guy, don't change. Who 
didn't call who last night? John- we had some interesting talks, 
Walden Pond, Do you remember? If you stop thinking about it, it will 
happen, trust me I know. Ethan, you really did win that minigolf 
game, we had some good times, and I did have an awesome time at 
my birthday present, thanks. Robin K. thanks for the BHS gossip, you 
are so cool. 

Future Goals: To finish college, and live a very happy, and successful 

Matthew Nerney 

Activities: Football 1; Latin Club 2,3, Pres. 4; Lumberjack Team 1; 
Backyard Safari 3,4; MBWS 3,4; Beach Patrol 3,4; Lacherism 1,2,3,4- 

Thanks: To Mom and Dad for always believing in me and putting up 
with me. Paul- for always being there for me and being the best 
brother a guy could have. Carol- for being the nicest person I've ever 
met. Cindy- for always helping me with my homework. I know you 
will be a success in life (I'm proud of you). Mark L., Lynda, and 
Donny- for being great cousins and friends. Barrie and Family- for 
everything that you've done for me and being more like a brother 
than a friend My buddy Mark and Family- we've been through a lot: 
bedroom floor, accident, the Cape, Sundays, Bruins, Shania, Garth, 
Simpsons, loud music that everybody hates, and for making me part 
of the family (Thanks for not caring, Sparky). Josh- for always 
hunting and fishing, southern rock. Garth, Simpsons, the Confed- 
eracy, and camouflage. Doug and Family- for WWF, the Rockers, 
Saturday nights, Summer Slam party, basketball and baseball at your 
house, and giving me a home away from home. Jamie, Mike, and Big 
Ed- for Sanju on Sports, Cape, Summer Slam party, UFC, and WWF 
and Simpson trivia. Calty- for Kelley Paving and Styx. Veits- for 
singing Garth Brooks (The River) with me and always sticking up for 
me. Tank- for Mango Madness, unassigned, and cards. Jeff- for S. and 
S. talks and bending my hat. Jules and Kerry- for being with the guys, 
Dukes of Hazzard, and "goods." Russ, Mike, Will, Dickie, Gary, and 
Nick- for being great friends. Lisa- for being so nice. Bruins, and Don 
Sweeney. Lindsay- for the Cape (Mitch Buchannon). Jen V.- for being 
like a sister to me (Babe). Sue, Beth, and Nicole- for the great time at 
the Cape. C. J., Stick, Mook, J.T., and Mr. Kelly- for the best Latin Class 
ever. Special Thanks to: Megan, Dibble, Kat, Sara, Katie, Jarrod, 
Adrian, Adam, Gator, Hilary, Colleen, Dani, Mrs. Leavey, Mr. Max- 
well, Mr. Norton, and Mr. Palmer. 

Future Goals: Finally get a job and my license. Go to college and get 
a high paying job. Marry Shania Twain, go on tour with Garth 
Brooks, and broadcast a Boston Bruins game with Derek Sanderson. 
I also would like to invent a meal between breakfast and brunch. 

Jennifer Opalenik 

Thanks: I would just like to thank the people that have gone through 
the last four years of my life with me. THANK YOU ALL! First of all 
thanx to my whole extended family. Especially to my mom, dad, and 
grandma Tim for pushing me the extra inch and loving me more than 
possible. I know I've done some pretty extreme things and you were 
always there to correct me, vou also always loved me. To Marcus 
Opalenik for showing me what's right and wrong plus our talks. To 
Steven Opalenik for your brains and comfort. To little Caitlin Opalenik 
for your love and special ways (and Havoc also) To Jessica, Deven, 

and David for your listening, smiles, and leaving the door Oh |o 
me. (David hope you start talking and Deven love those mu ass 
es.) To the teachers I owe my graduating to. Mrs. Jordon forp ing 
me up and giving me the strength to carry on. For telling me • Ufs 
wrong with me and what's not. For the love, caring, and for belling 
in me as well Mrs O'Malley thanx for listening and all th elp 
through the years. Now to the friends. Tricia for being my l|:est 
friend and our anniversary Gotta thank you for the BUTTER.' B6 
Always for babysitting even though you don't any more. Tarie in* 
for wasting my time. Sorry Chief, thanx for the giggles and savi m 
life. The McCloud family for always being my friends (even t igh 
I called Josh in sick) Jason for the perfect MAN you are and f ad. 
Mike Melvm for being a BOY SCOUT' (next time don't say NO Ibti 
N. Maddox for the times we had, I guess. Oh Mike thanx f the 
Buffalo and what was before that. How's the WATERbed. To nw 
lef s go flying. To Tawnya for the times we tried to have. To 'A i, 
the kiss To Jo for the spelling problem Oh to Amy for the p Bp 
truck. Kristen for our friendship we once had. Jorge to the frier rip 
and the chance to be Tawnya's friend, thanx. April for our G|AT 
talks. TO EVERONE I FORGOT! (I only had an hour?!!) 1 lovtjb 

Theresa O'Reilly 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Latin CM 
Student Gov. 1,2; Drama Club 1,2, sec-3, pres-4; Tournament of i 
1,2,3,4; Student Production Night 2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Spring 
1 ,3,4; NHS 3,4; Speech 4; Targeteers 4; Mark Mclnnis Fan Club 1 
Thanks: First off to my family for putting up with me and 
there. To Mom and Dad for all the support you've given mli 
allowing me to go off and do what I want in pursuit of a drea 
Mike, buddy for being a great little brother and letting me watcl 
grow up. To Erin for being a cool little sister and despite all the 
we've had - you're the best- good luck! To Chris for being a sistt 
a good friend, for being only a year younger than me, keepir 
company on family vacations, late night gabs, BF runs, all the f 
and putting up with me all these years! To my whole family- tl 
for your support and I love you all!! Next thanks to my friends 
guys are truly the best and I feel really lucky to have you gi. 
friends- Thank you all for the memories and good times. To A 
thanks for always sitting down. Monkey's Paw rehearsals- wa 
on me-, making me do my driver's Ed hours, NY trips, and gt 
into accidents. To Cara, for being a Gerber fan with me, NY 
cats- spitballs, frosh history, dance contests. Green Day, and 
hockey- we still have to make our movie! To Jen, for playgr 
stories when we were little, being honest, going to NY, Frien 
and joining the Targeteers. To Jeannie, for being my friend i 
grade, having green face masks in NY, playing the piano, sho] 
at the Gap, and being one of the nicest people I know. To Juli 
sleeping through physics G period, having the same car a 
turning red all the time, and laughing in gym. To Kristen, for | 
crazy, being awesome at field hockey- Wah-Ahh!!! being in ; 
group- hah!! and for all the gossip, and to Theresa, for havir 
same first name, lunch time chats, photo Class, having a big fa 
and being deaf. To all of -THANKS! To Andy for liking the Go 
and wanting to use my phone. To Tim for having crazy ears. To 
and Jesse for being twins. To Sam and Dave for being good gu^ 
Jeremy for being the "eunuch" and Targeteers. To Ben for bein 
and for being in tournament all these years. To Amy for tr 
memories and always having a funny story to tell. To Emily fc 
cha f s about drama. To Suzanne for being a neighbor and ric 
school. To Lisa for the times when we were little and rides to sc 
To Becca for being the best goalie and old times. Thanks to the \ 
field hockey team, especially the seniors- you rock-, and t 
underClassmen, may you one day win the DCLASS . To Denni 
all the Targeteers- thanks for the laughs. To all the tournament 
especially Me and My Chorus- we won. To my cast in Dirge for g 
me a good experience. To the summer crews- Hampton, BUT) 
CMU for making my summers unforgettable. Thank you to tea 
who have made a difference: Mr. Fichera, Mr. Wakeham, Mr. Spi 
Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Kelly and Mrs. Rainis. Thanks to anyone else 
have forgot- it wasn't on purpose! Thanks to anyone who's mac 
experience here unforgettable-THANK YOU!!! 
Future Goals: To go to college one day become a world fa 
actress and win an academy award or two, star in a movie with 
Pitt, travel the world, find the love of my life, walk on the r 
basically do anything 1 want most importantly- be happy and 
have any regrets! 

Rajul Patel 

Activities: Debate (Captain heh); Science League; Math Le 
French Club; German Club; Speech Team (Captain); Orch 

lamber Music; Pit, Physics Breakfast Club; Soccer; Cross-Country; 
seball; Tennis; NHS; winner of how many licks does it take to get 
the center of a tootsie roll pop 

I - >X'_ < /Tv J . <»>.< ■ 

Mark Viantedosi 

unks: First I would like to thank my parents for always getting on 
/ case about homework. I would also like to thank Ron and Ian for 
the good times we had snowboarding in '94, '95, and trips to his 
d's trailer in NH. , the week trips to Sunday River while everyone 
is in school. I would like to thank Ron and Ian for rowing the canoe 
d not complaining about it. Thanks to AS, MS, IW, for the band 
\MIS, we had alot of good times even when MS dropped out. 
anks to my sister Julie for being a sister and helping me out. 
anks to my dog Honey for always smiling and making me happy, 
/ould like to thank the "green machine" for never giving me any 
jblems. Lastly I would like to thank one of my best friends Jim just 
■ being a friend. 

Patrick Visani 

Activities: Latin Club 2,3,4; Freshman Book Chucking 1 
Thanks: To all the guys who played street hockey, Nick for being my 
best bud, Andy for the laughs, Adam for being Adam, Jeremy for the 
"tough" game of Monopoly, the two beautiful women at the lunch 
table for making me look good, Cathy for the beautiful picture. A 
special thanks to Mr. Kelly and Mr. Corliss for being the best two 
teachers I've ever had and to my parents for putting up with me 
through these years. 

Future Goals: To achieve a college education, get married, and to 
become the manager at Stop + Shop. 

VI J(, 

Mark Vietchei 

tivities: JV Golf 1; Varsity Golf 2,3,4; JV Tennis 1; Latin Club 3, 
■ :retary 4; Backyard Safari 3,4; MBWS 3,4; Lumberjack Team 1; TG 
; Dickinson Hotel 3,4; Beach Patrol 3,4; Lacherism 1,2,3,4-life; 
ncord River Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Mud Bog Olympics 1,2,3,4; NBA 

anks: I would like to first thank my family. Thanks Mom and Dad 
always being there for me. I will always love you both even if I 
V: show it all the time. Amy, Laurie, Michelle for being the best 
3 ee sisters (most of the time). Next I would like to thank my two 
it buds, Oien and Nerney. Oien for all the outdoor trips and the 
pid things that we have done. There will be many more trips in the 
ure. Nerney for never caring along with me (accident, bedroom 
or and other stupid things we've done and not thought twice 
jut caring about them). Next I would like to thank all of the men 
o taught me how to party. Jamie- Simpson Trivia, teaching me 
a to use a shotgun, and causing injury to the animals in Marine 
Jogy. Russ- fishingtrips to New Hampshire, releasing injured fish 
:k into the Concord River, and the zipline. Doug- being the master 
ising a shotgun and most of all for naming the Glove. Cally- Van 
len, introducing me to Styx, and for helping each other with our 
mien problems. Lordy- passing the "Piece Glove" onto me, Mrs. 
vis, basketball teams, and Port-A-Pitch. Will- Night of Destruc- 
n. Fanelh- watch your head at my house. Gary- bathroom stall at 
eat Woods. Dan- best basketball tandem in the US, don't forget 
■A (bleach). Shaun- best wiffleball duo in the US; You're the 
ighest kid. Veits- Rotor and Steve Simmers in Latin. Defino- you 
1't have us DJing a party together- we rock too hard. Thanks for 
ir insight on my fish tank also. Dickinson- My house is your house. 
Grath- S's, Pubs, and Mathews. Julie- Have we ever got lost? 
rry- sorry about your radio. Next I would like to thank all of the 
les. Nicole- Rock 1 and 2; WS in my hand makes me happy, 
hany- the game we played at the Cape (we tied). Lisa- Bush runs, 
idsay- thanks for hating me. Danielle- Bruins. Suzanne- the Cape, 
inks to the sophomore ladies who party the hardest. Merrill- TG, 
0, 13, Holy days- need I say more? Sara- the only possible candi- 
e for TG; remember who taught you to drive. Katie- everything 
h good and bad have a D or a J in them, John Denver-seat on train; 
the way what are you burning there? Christa and Molly- ceramics 
d trip Allison- gym Class with Jose Canseco. Thanks to Robin, 
kie, and Flynn also. Thanks to the golf team, especially Shaun, 
n (hitch hiker), Dave and Joe (parrying on the course), and Sam 
2 went from the top to the bottom). AD- game during car ride to 
?e: ROCKY IV. Ondovchick for not caring about what one person 
tiks of you. Thanks to Megan for being like a sister. Thanks also to 
Albani family. Donny M- for a cool New Year's. Brendan and 
et- we will parry often. You two are gods. Pete- for being like a 
'ther and teaching me not to care about anything. Mike M- Basic 
t Carter- easy collection. Thanks to Dibble and Julie for forcing me 
nclude you. Thanks to all the rest of '95, especially Corey and Matt 
Special thanks to Jared, Brian M, Mike H, Chris, Sundet, Mooke, 
c, Brad, Anurag, Aron, Oates, Oullette, Omar, Chester, Jay, Doug, 
am, Pablo, Chas K, Ron Rizzo, Ed Reid, Pat and Rocky. Last but 
least 1 would like to thank the Siberian Bull, Ivan Drago. 
"ure Goals: To go to college, get a good job, see Nerney get a job, 
on tour with John Denver or Peter, Paul and Mary, construct an 
remely tough truck and name it Death From Above, party with 
Iph Lundgren and Glen Danzig, invent a drink called smilk, 
ome referred to as "The Perfect Weapon," and party till the day 

Iceland Pope 

Thanks: First and foremost, I'd like to thank my mother for always 
being there for me. Thanks for the late talks at night, trying your best 
to understand me, and giving me the slack when I needed it. Thanks 
to my father for being the best father that he knew how to be. I know 
we haven't had a good relationship but let's hope that will change 
with time. Next I'd like to thank my brothers Chris and Justin. 
Thanks to Chris for always getting into trouble so I didn't have to, 
and thanks to Justin for just being there. Thanks to my Aunt Lori for 
contributing to the few good memories that I have of my childhood. 
Thanks to Uncle Rod for always being so funny. Thanks to my 
grandparents, on both sides of the family, for just being my grand- 
parents. Thanks to my best friend Jen, and her family, for being there 
for me, inviting me up to New Hampshire, and for making me laugh. 
Thanks to Jen for always having the guts to do the things I could 
never do. Thanks to my "cousin" Crystal, for all the good times and 
the laughs. Going to Boston, Dunkin' Donuts, the movies, and the 
mall. And the neighborhood! Thanks to Megan, for being my Closest 
friend in school and for being in my gym Class. Thanks to Christine 
for spending the weekends with me in Bedford. And, most of all, 
thanks for being the one to make me realize that Carl was such a jerk. 
Let's not forget about Dave either! Thanks to K.C. for being so nice 
to me, so understanding, and someone I could talk to. Thanks to 
everyone in my neighborhood for giving Crystal and me something 
to do on the weekends. Thanks to Uncle Rick for just being Uncle 
Rick. Thanks to Aunt Linda for just being Linda. To everyone I 
mentioned, thanks and I love you! 

Future Goals: To be rich, famous, and very happy, and to succeed at 
everything I do. 

Jamie Reid 

Activities: Varsity Football 2,3 captain 4; JV football 2, Freshman 
Football 1; Varsity Lax 1,2; Indoor Lax 2,3,4; Ski 1; Indoor Track 2; 
Latin Club 1,2, president 3, Hall of Fame 4; SADD 2; WRP 1,2,3,4; 
Pagota Missions 1,2,3,4; S.W.I. 1,2,4; J-Rock Line 3; Backyard Safari 
1,2,3,4; Porch Team 2,3,4 

Thanks: First people I wanna thank are my parents, Mom, thanks for 
good advice and helping me stay on track. Ed, you're not only a 
father to me but a good friend. Loads of love. Mike, you're the best 
brother ever, you're great. Dougy Fresh thanks for Phillies, Wachusett 
(SWI), being a skoal boy, having the biggest Van Grax, bein' an OG, 
and going all night, many more T-rockers. Russ, thanks for eat'n all 
mv food, Richdale's ($.25) dogs, snead, mighty left side, temple of the 
dog, AK-attack, Slam Poernas, and zero degree nights, lighting trash 
barrels, making fun of Heavy Metal Van Hammer. Kerryn, thanks for 
the button, noodles, constructive criticism, your uncle's car (sorry 
about the mess), Class osing at F-Bug, and being a good friend, Cally, 
kid- what are you doin?, beer T's, stealing my C.D.'s, spring of '95, 
Renegade, key bangers, and being HUGE, Class ovis, for being a D.J. 
fiend, a country boy, C.B.'s, dippin, football- greased lightning, road 
blocks, and Get well, Will, thanks for smear the queer, anything can 
happen on Halloween, trouble, following people, and being the only 
one who is as much of an oddball as me — stay silly Billy. Lordy, 
thanks for being pretty, 80s, chick bands, loving to party and being 
the greatest mini-golfer EVER. Dicky for baseball, wrestling, chase, 
commando missions, trouble, Fixins BAR, and your undying devo- 
tion to alcohol. Batis, for being a rapper, passin out, and never being 
afraid to do something crazy. Julie for hugs, peanut butter pie, 
smiles, and always leavin your basement window open. NERNEY- 
thanks for summer slam ,WWF trivia, S. on sports , jewels, and for 
overusing the word- TOUGH- good job Nern. Pietchel for the gun 
key, the peace glove, beach patrol, P. Floyd . and your deep adoration 
for GUNNING. Oien for chaw, and your strong hate for the environ- 
ment. Fanelli, for stillskin, OBOSOB, and pushing the Lancer far 
beyond its limits. Tank for B-ball trivia, THE PROGRAM, and having 
bad aim (I'd be dead today if you hit me with that book.) Lisa for pool 
and Wall leftovers. T.S, for the Cape, loud music, and all the food 

you've bought me. Gary for bein cute and that green juice that's 
always in your fridge Amy for being able to point out the negative 
side of any situation. Colleen for English accents, semi night, callin 
me "HUN", and just not caring. Nicci, thanks for bein my only 
serious girlfriend I will always remember to leave your stomach 
alone. Special thanks to the cretins. Gator, Oates Pipes, Todd (C-l), 
Jay, Lua, + Brotha, GOOD LUCK next year. Chet for laughing at me 
and being down for anything. Brendan for being a RAP star, making 
me laugh, and lovin B. Seger. Merrill for parties and being the 
ultimate alcoholic. Harris all weather gear and always stylin. Jay for 
speed, and tapping LADY on the back of my helmet. B Chiz, Glenn, 
and Mc Allister for being the only kids in '95 who are actually cool. 
Lynn for smellin good. Jackie for Uncle Richie's cookout in Dracut 
Hill + Christine for partying. Melvin for always bein buzzed. Pilla for 
teaching me art is more than drawing pictures. Kellv for bein a dirty 
dawg and making Latin fun. thanks to the L3 ClassfSarah, Amanda, 
Aeneas, etc.) Thanks to all the parents who have put up with me: the 
Mix's, the Kleekamps, the Lords, the Dicks, Kathy Shay, thank you 
all for the food except the Lords. Thanks to Becca and Liz for being 
great big sisters. Thanks to all the coaches: Sabourin, Petrillo, Sullivan, 
and especially Colonel Campbell for teaching me everything I know 
and a few good jokes too, you're all great. If I forgot you, Sorry. 
Future Goals: To replace Mike Levy on Amazing Discoveries 

Adyssa Robinson 

Activities: Field Hockey 2,3; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; 
Tournament 1,2,3,4; Student Production Night 2,3,4; Spring Play 2, 
Spanish Club 1,2,4; Marching Band 4; Science League 3,4; Double 
Sextet 4; AFS 4 

Thanks: To Mom, Dad, Amy, Ericka, Krista, Kimberlv, Brandon and 
Cecil for family bondage and being crazy, to Yung-Tsyr for sitting in 
front of me for two years of physics, for movies at CW's house, and 
bowling, to Yung-En for random trips to K-Mart, last year's lunch 
table (even after you graduated), and sledding into trees with 
Catherine and EK, tojoanga Mc Angus for saving your beavs until the 
weekend and reading me The Jolly Fisherman, to Trina for "studying 
history", the McDonald's parking lot, boy #2, Seven What to Bald- 
pate?, to Lora for the Paper Store, movies in Lexington, and green 
eyeliner, to Johnny for wanting to hang out with smart people, 
answering machine messages and being nice to my sister, to Phil for 
being the snapping champion, and the Paper Store. You're the man. 
To Pete, for long trips to the Cape to look for the Deardorffs, allowing 
me to drown you in Walden, talking about nothing for long time 
periods, and for being my dork, to Eric for being an awesome 
violinist, photo Class and Chem, and the biking trip we never made, 
to Kris for marrying me, being as bad as I am at tennis and letting me 
wear your Patriots hat, to Kristin H. and Jen T. for totally ignoring 
Messmer during A&P with me, and many musicals, to Josh S. for 
pickup lines (my that shirt is very becoming on vou) and pretending 
to be my cousin, to Dave W. for band camp, needing a good raping, 
percussion rehearsals, liking Jen, and involving me in the locker 
plan, to Dave J. for a year+ of the Paper Store, playing in the toy 
section and shooting jellv beans at Mark, to KT for A&P, blue tape 
and decorative foil, and being human accelerometers, to Ellen G. for 
wearing a Class oak to my sleepover, even though it was 90 degrees, 
to Rachel for sitting by my pool ( w/socks on), our two weeks of the 
Real World, kosher s'mores, and being Chuck E. Cheese rejects, to 
Nate for bowling, the aquarium, rides in the Vanagon, Science 
League and cheesy prizes, the ostrich walk, and the semi-formal, to 
Kate L. for randomly hating people, our list of "F" songs, and looking 
for food on R.E.M. night. TALL GIRLS RULE. To Molly for Y-Camp, 
Tony Tex obsession, saying "So, when are you two going to go out" 
on conference call w/Alan, to Elisa for random M.O.M. trips (the 
milk carton will haunt you no longer), our English collage (riight, 
riight, now where did vou find that?) having every Class together for 
two years, and being a stalker, to Miranda for always speaking 
Spanish with me, el gran calabaza and curious George, and sharing 
your harem sometimes, to Miranda's harem for being cool, and 
especially to Devin for being mv 1 /2 boyfriend, to Andy for sharing 
my love of Fawlty Towers, driving across the street to my house, 
laughing at me while I go jogging, and being an all around neat guy, 
to Mike for almost going out with me (how many months would it be 
now?), for nights at your house instead of mine, Farting Cavemen 
(and dinosaurs), and finally finishing last year's yearbook message, 
to Theresa, for many math Classes, Spanish, physics and advanced 
chem, you're an amazing chick, I wish you much luck, to Julie, for 
surviving "the Vern" freshman year, our Islam project, and being 
friends since middle school, to Kristin M. for camping in your 
backyard, field hockey (you're awesome), random mall trips and 
being longtime friends, to Terri for my tall-guy obsession, rehearsals 
in Ryan's basement, and SPN, to Vilas for sharing my love of veggie 
subs, for college tours and being able to smell food from miles away, 
to Curtis, my B-period friend, for making me stay in choir, hating 
fake people, getting me to play frisbee, waking me up, for the airport 
plan, lizard trips, and eating in the snow, to Jeff for making me 
change resistors at 2 am, for being a great person to talk to - or argue 
with, and for helping with physics, to Catherine for the Brotherhood 
of Justice and many other movies rented, Chen runs, Building #19, 
Dollar a Pound, the Muppets, never having been in my pool, for 
sledding, David Bowie, thank vou soo much for being truly one of my 


best friends (even if you don't approve of my shadow), to Cara Mac 
for being friends since that kindergarten field trip, and hopefully 
until forever, for a million sleepovers, your Cape house, Disney 
World, for doing crazy things, for free refills, for always being there 
and being the same even if it's been forever, thank you so much and 
stay in touch, to jeanme, for helping me w/math in exchange for 
physics, for always caring so much about everyone, for being 
hardworking, and the most "good" person I know, to Ben for being 
my bestest friend in the whole world, for introducing me to the 
fabulous world of Y-Camp and teaching me American Pie, for a 
million plays, falling asleep on the phone, showing up randomly at 
my house when I needed a friend, always getting the same grade as 
me in math, not believing in science, for college visits, and for being 
my brother, to Jen -wow-. Since the beginning of the spring we've 
been joined at the hip. I meant it when I said that I could be around 
you all the time and you'd never drive me nuts. Thanks for being Jen 
and all that entails Did we ever give Dave his good raping 7 I've done 
too much with you to list it all here. Remember that if 1 were a 
lesbian... to Brian, thanks. I have no idea what to say here. Jeanme 
told me to go with "you're neat.'' Like with Jen, there's far too much 
to list, and I've never been one for getting all mushv, so 1 guess I'll 
leave it at thank you soo much. 

Catherine Rowe 

Activities: JV Field Hockey 1,2, Varsity MGR 2; Swim Team 1, Rifle 
Team 2; JROTC 2,3,4; Drill Team 2,3,4; Miss Massachusetts Teen 
Pageant 2,3; Choir 4; Art 1,2,3,4 

Thanks; First I would like to thank all my friends and family, 
especially my mom- She has been there for me whenever I needed 
her. Next I would like to thank my brother Chris, Joe mv hunnv, mv 
dad, Robin and my step-brother Nathan who has been the biggest 
pain in the butt. Also to Heather, Matt, Becky, Stephanie, Nick, 
Debbie, and Chief who have made my years at BHS the best. I love 
you all and God bless. Keep in touch! 

Future Goals: have a family and become a successful artist. 

Andrea. Hupp 

Thanks: To my parents for their love and support and always being 
there for me; to Theresa and Catherine for spicing up my life and 
making me laugh; to Beth for being my favorite trucker friend and for 
letting me rip up your shoes; to Tiffany for sharing my fascination 
with barf and helping me understand the complex worlds of Algebra 
and Chemistry; to Becky for explaining the health diagram and for 
playing tennis on balmv summer afternoons; to Ingrid for not 
pressuring me to touch the tiki torch flame (even though fire is 
definitclv intriguing); to my fellow underground explorers (next 
time we'll bring a flashlight); to Mr. Palmer for my very own periodic 
table; to Mr. Maffa for welcoming me into the Orchestra and Cham- 
ber Ensemble; to Hilary for all the memories- Jacques the Tannery 
Guy, the farm bus, driving lessons with Marty, Italian Mark, frosties 
and strummers, henna in the woods, and lessons in surviving any 
awkward situation; and finally to everyone who put up with my tales 
of blood and gore. No thanks to: Jesse for destroying the Sticky Mass. 
Future Coals: To explore the exciting world of Elementary Educa- 
tion and live and work in the Chicagoland area. 

Chris Ryan 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1 ,2,3,4; JV Basketball 1 ; Varsity Basketball 
23,4; JV Baseball 1; Varsity Baseball 2,3,4 

Thanks: I would first like to thank my family. Mom & Dad, what can 
I say, you have been there for me whenever I have needed vou and 
done everything you can for me, thanks for everything. Thanks to 
Devon for adding a little excitement to my life (to say the least) and 
for being a great little bro. Jesse, thanks for the $2 at lunch, arguments 
when we play basketball, for being a great plaving partner, and for 
being a great brother And Mary for being Mary Dave- thanks for 
Vermont (Jesse crashing the dirt bike) and vour maps, your house, 
Ferris B., flashlight tag, true colors, driving in summer of '95, Ms. 
Sakelakos's Class, and for being a best bud. Tim- "Ultimate" "Sweet 
Cheeks" "Winona", the wiffleball games after soccer, Andy- Horn- 
pig shorts? baseball teammates on the A's up to high school, thanks 
for being two great friends. Thanks to Sam, even though you sort of 

ditched us, Mike H., Sarj, Will D., Mark P. "Mr. Sheinfeld! Mr. 
Sheinfeld!!", Jeff M.- pool parties. Breakfast Club Brian M - the 
spotlight in Calculus, sticky finger, J-Prom, thanks sport. To all my 
lady friends- Julie "Casey, come here girl!", Kristen "##** you", Cara 
for all of our chats and "leash". Thanks to all of the sport teams I've 
played on '92/93, '94, '95 soccer. Thanks to McAllister & Ondo, two 
of the funniest kids I have ever met, "Do the dance!", "Slug, wash the 
socks!", head shaving, "Did I get hit or something," "Back the @@## 

up," ABD, "Let's kill those Concord s!" Good Luck next year- 

Krueger, Sabella (T*ts), Rash, Matt, Codi, Dave, Dave. '95 basketball 
AD making dumb noises "Coach, can we stop at CVS for some 
morsels and trinkets," '95 BASEBALL, DCLASS CHAMPS- thanks to 
the whole team- Tank, official scorekeeper, Gerstel- "So do you listen 
to music 7 ", Fluke- you stud! Thanks to all of my coaches, especially 
Mr. Sabourin, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Wilson. Also, thanks to all of my 
teachers, Mr. Maxwell especially for being a friend and Class ippmg 
newspaper artiClass es. I am sorry if I forgot anyone, I wrote this in 
a hurry. The one last person I haven't thanked- Theresa. Thanks for 
everything- Newport, Great Meadows, mountain biking, the beach, 
the Semi-Formal and Junior Prom, footprints in the snow, coming to 
all of our summer baseball games, "Interrupted," getting away with 
the easiest summer job, Omni theatre, Fanueil Hall, giving me 
support and being there for me whenever I needed it, for the little 
talks outside of my car, Drakkar, shooting stars and the crab on the 
soccer field, I do like brown. But really, thanks for all the little things 
you've done for me, I have shared some of the best times of my life 
with you, and I will always remember you. 1 love you with all of my 
heart- don't forget about me when you are at college. 
Future Goals: Go to college and see what happens next. 

Jesse Ryan 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1,2,3,4; JV Basketball 1 ; Varsity Basketball 
2,3,4; JV Baseball V, Varsity Baseball 2,3,4 

Thanks: First, thank you Mom & Dad for your support in all that I've 
done. Thanks to Devon for completely changing my life and for being 
a great little brother. Thanks to Chris for being my twin (not like you 
had a choice) and for doing basically everything with me. Now for 
everybody else. Let me first say that I'm sorry if I forget anyone. 
Dave- from cracking my shm open on your brother's car (nice throw) 
to wiping out on the Farm to hanging out at your house, we've spent 
a lot of time together. Summer '95 was great- thanks for driving. 
"Bump the **" "Jess-3:00, liver lips" "I want to run like the wind" "I 
want a chicken sandwich and he wantsa knucklesandwich" crunchy 
peanut butter. Tim- wiffleball, nerf football, goldrush, spitting milk, 
Wynona, Tonto Goldburg, Aw Crunk, Sweet Cheeks, The Ultimate. 
Thanks for all the great times. Andy- I've known you since I was 
born, sort of. From the A's in teeball to the summer leagues to 1995 
DCLASS CHAMPS, we've played a lot of ball together. To everyone 
involved- wiffleball, kick the can, TrueCoIors, Sega hockey. Harvard 
hockey. Fawn Lake, "Skating on thin ice" Walden Pond, kickball, 
flashlight tag, soccer '92-'95 sorry I couldn't play more this past 
season. Good luck to all of you next year- Kruger, Sabella, Matteo, 
Rashba, Cody, Matt, Tom, Dave, Drew "Nick's ok he just thinks 
differently". Theresa (R-Dog)- thanks for being my math buddv for 
2 years. Kristen, Julie, & Cara- thanks for making French IV more fun 
and for the times we spent together, New Year's Eve. Sam- 1 didn't 
see too much of you, but it was great when I did, charades. Kris- 
Patriots parties. Jeff- pool parties, running thru doors. Bryan- no 
socks, UPENN. McAllister&Ondo- 2 of the funniest kids I know 
besides the Blumenfelds "Let's kill those Concord **" B. McGrath- 
weather map, police log. Sticky Fingers. AD- funny noises on the bus. 
Becky- thanks forgoing to the semi-formal with me. I'm sorry I didn't 
talk more. Amy- I haven't known you too long, but you've been a 
great friend. "Betcha think I look pretty cute, maybe" "I like that 
song, turn it up." Chadwicks, York Beach, Kiger's house. The Lion 
King, Speed. Thanks for making room on the couch for one more. 
Cyndi- bridge &c ice cream, July 4th, "Don't touch me there" fire- 
works, animals in the woods, tootie, "What you need is...," anatomy, 
stars, "I'm gonna find that little Firehouse, teddy bears, 
beachwalker Keith, yoo. Cyn- I don't think I could ever thank you 
enough for all that you've done for me. I love you with all my heart. 
You've taught me so much, and don't ever forget how much you've 
given me. 

Future Goals: See Sam marry Miss Trinidad. Everything else is up for 

Kristopher Sarajian. 

Activities: Saturday Afternoon Football League 1,2,3,4; Commis- 
sioner of Fantasy Football 4; Tennis 3,4; Bedford MinuteMan Soccer 
Reporter 4, Piano 10 years; Die-hard Pats Fan K-12; French Club 2,3,4; 
Sunday Patriot Parties 2,3,4; Crisis 1994 2; A.C.Y.O.A. 1,23,4; Or- 
chestra 1,2; Chamber 2; Hearts with Bran, Aron, and Dad 3,4 

Thanks: Above all, I would like to thank my entire family, espec ly 
my parents. They have been there for me throughout all of m fe 
and have always guided me to do my very best. It wasn't always L 
but they have made me who I am today They have given me re 
than anyone deserves, in every way imaginable. They have bee ty 
friends and inspiration and I owe everything I have and am to tin. 
1 love them with all of my heart Thanks, Mom Thanks, Dad. /Ifl 
would like to thank GOD for blessing me with all of the friend: |d 
family that I am so lucky to have Thanks to my grandparent: Ly 
cousins, aunts, and uncles And, of course, to all of my great frii s, 
especially these: John, one of my best friends for sure, for the Le lie 
System (strike it down, we're going to college now), RaRa Red x, 
and driving on the left side of the road French! Joanna for ditc lie 
me at theT, and trying to set me up with friends but screwing me i 
instead (with J.D.'s help), and also Mr. & Mrs Thoren for allo'U 
the late phone calls and study visits Ben Abt while I'm at it: n 
Coates!" Eric, for ping-pong. Donkey Kong, Jim Casy, tennis, T< \s 
Records, Picture Day, drawing hands, and crazy times You're a jL 
person and friend; don't ever change. To Tim (Sheik), for ridesV 
quote book, wiffle ball, and being the 2nd biggest Pats fan iill 
school. O.V.! Andy for uhe Blanda Ball (a huge debt), lunch mcL, 
Seinfeld, football, and sports games at your house Jeff, for 1)1 
Basketball, Fantasy Football (nice trade). Fish, studies, and Ph\ s; 
I caught a pass. Mike, for Valley Forge, tennis, and being a ,e 
friend. All parents of my friends, too. What a yearbook signing: I c 
you big, hope to see vou at BU. Sanju, for many years of friend p 
and the really cool birthday parties of long ago Tank. "Sup Dv " 
for Poll Sci drinks, and not going up on the press box either Sarlc 
VF, laughing, and Concord, and Lauren for being Lauren. Davjl 
get-togethers at his house and NHLPA which I still stink at Chrls d 
Jesse, for Harvard Hockey and Penn State games. Ranil for bow t 
Pulp Fiction, and Zeppelin. Tom, for telling me what the heJfc 
going on in every Class, VF, and great football catches. Thomasni 
not knowing the way to Pizza Hut, the ditch, and "OUT!"- the U. 
singing rule. Ethan, for rides home, Patriettes, and Rage. C.C.C.K 
family for the Club, basketball, math, and stage crew at JGMS. Cil 
and Vilas for Star Wars and bus rides to tennis practice (you k » 
what I mean), and Ben for our Rappacinni story and making* 
cameraman extraordinaire. Cara Mac. for being a big Pats fan aU 
fun person to be around. Jeannie, for that cool study in Stephens!! 
office. Dara for helping me, being a true friend in time of need, Id 
the BBQ. Sauvage for Class uing me in on French and getting jinuw 
on your dress at the Prom. Becky for the Prom, and the "Swqfr 
Song." Alyssa, for accepting random visits from Eric and me. En 
you'll never get my hat again. Also, Brian M. for thinking he's a r 
older, McCormick for pool, Adrian for CrackAbout, Melissajf 
company at soccer, Lisa and Becka for being the other Armenia! ■ 
this school, Bethany for Pearl Jam talk, and those in my AdvaiB 
Physics Class. As for underClassmen, Carey, for being FrenchielB 
trying to help my girl situation. Josh, you're the man. Wolfie, I hV 
we've done Dave Mathews by now, thanks for the pizza. Steigz, lip 1 
practicing b-ball. Liz, for Batman Forever: great time, good mclB 
bad seats. And thanks a bunch to the Farrells, who, outside ol Iff 
extended family, gave me yet another second home and stU 
parents. Mike, as best friends, we have done so many things I off 
begin to mention any of them except that almost all, from birtfji, 
have been among the best things in mv life You I know the I L 
Michelle, you're the best, one of the most special people in my k 
Chuck! Pete, who is truly the model of what a great friend shoulc 5* 
and Robbie (psycho) and Antranig (radio dedication). Maria, An 
and others from Sports Weekend. Tate and Blanchette, who graar 
ated but are still with me. "Mad Dog" McAllister, Glenn, 1 
Michelle (the Law group Thanks for "Snuffy," Sully!) too, for Ml 
so funny. Plus others that have graduated, too. To Daniel, my t 
friend for many years, and family, I thank you for some of the m 
times of my life. Thanks to all of my teachers, Mrs. Aronin and i 
C, most notably Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Spinosa, Mr. Reynolds, and t. 
O'Malley. To Mr. Wilson and the soccer team for letting me joir e 
team to cover them, and Mr. Burt for giving me the job and helm 
me as a writer. Also, thanks to everyone that 1 didn't mention, fo I 
to mention, and that I was friends with in JGMS, like Matt, Heat ', 
and Greg. Ciaccia: "E-l-i-m-i-n-a-t-e." Actually, I thank everjlaj 
that I have known. Sincerely, each of you has given me sometl ; 
different, whether large or small Good luck to everybody, I ho[ > 
see everyone again soon. I owe you all everything. Thanks foi : 
memories, BHS, I'll cherish them always. 

Future Goals: To graduate from a good college, cover the Patriot t 
the Globe, have a nice family with a dog like Sunshine or Max, 1 > 
in touch with mv friends and relatives, go into advertising w 
hopefully lead a full, happy life with those who helped make my r 
years here the four best years of my life. I also hope to someday 1 I 
how to write a shorter senior thanks page. 

Suzanne Schmuhl 

Activities: Softball 1,2; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2; L i 
Club 3; SADD; Inter Act 3; PIC 1,2,3,4; IBV co-president; Gfun 1,2 I 
RHG 2,3,4; Rosco Fan Club 4; Cape Rebel 3; Vietnam, 4 
Thanks: Mom and Dad, the most important people in my life. I 
always support me and listen to me no matter what. I respect you I 
love you more than you'll ever know, (no more salad shoot I 
Teddy, we shared 1 7 years, they were the best. You were the kini . 


i ost generous person I have ever known. It was a privilege to be 
: >ur sister, you were the best brother. You took part of me with you, 

I it you left some of yourself: music and lessons I will never forget, 
viil miss you and love you for eternity I know in my heart you're 

i y guardian angel. 1 love you. My grandparents, I'm luckv to have 

I I of you. To the girlz: my support group! Cape Cod, concerts, Adam 
i ndler, New Year's, penis in the sand. We have stuck together 

: .rough everything and we're still friends! (forever!) Lisa: we're 
". i actically sisters, fights prove it! My stuff lawn, thrown pizza, Vern, 
ountains. Cape- Margo, can I pet dog' Matt, Shane! Florida, uncle 
sy, hairy guvs, Texas roadkill, snowmobiling, STOP!! River's- 
lored balls, OHGOD, sorry about your rug- thanks for understand- 
g! Bruins, guitar guy, SNOOP, GAT, wear your cowboy boots, Fat 
ank, stripper, Carmela, depends, Maria, Bri's truck middle of road, 
J !arco Island nitelife, NH tubing, watch yourself! buying sparklers 
inking we're all that. Ed dreams, running out gas front my house, 
ntz blizzard, no I'm not that kind of girl, Saul, Mr Sheinfeld's 
liming note, 9 months... We've been best friends for a long time, I 
juldn't trade that for anything (refer to that card). You are a very 
ring person who has helped me through so much. I really do love 
■I like a sister! Even though you had CPK twins! Friends forever! 
eechv: Dr, yo what up? Details, shmetails! Ny-meow. Gloucester, 
Y! tweaked, stuck on island, behind the ears, rock Class imbing 
1. making me ride shotgun alone, fiesta, Jet ski noises. Lusting 
ian's friends, hay, Pricky what ru wearing? paper-towel aisle date, 
ilam, throwing pennies at Libby, hole in my cup, loving the beach, 
Drida, tobey, tounge PICTURE, can't take me anywhere! Cape Cod 
bels, SATs, making best tapes, Kill-a, small gatherings, you + Matt 
ckseat, b-ball managers, Limo talks + demos, Hi Mike Richie Hi 
ncakes vs. melons. Thanks for being honest, mature, alwavs giving 
od advice, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. Blue blow pop 
: its. I never have to hold anvthing back with you! Never stop 
. iging STAY. Danny Boy: 8-4, New Snozzberry, throwing bike, 
:ret song. Jasmin, sneeze much? pads, NH: toothy falling down 
irs, dumb laugh, mother puddle, taking crap in middle of no- 
lere + getting caught, playing Life, adopting me, stuffed shecks, 
;h way guys-car phones, Red Doggie, scary carnival guys, JV field 
ckey, coach boner MOP MOP MOP, fans, respectable jobs, "I only 
lsed mv eyes for a second!" golf lessons, ceramics mirror, 
meroom, Huffiantor, You're a riot! also very generous and a very 
(.id listener. You have always been there for me. Don't ever 
- unge!! (except for loving the cold!) Linz: bernie, falling off chair, 
lofNuts, my attitude, screw grammie, Dennis the Menace eyes, 
lie new lawn, blah-blah spitting, SLOWDOWN, crying or swim- 
ng, overalls, bad kissers, looks like a pump, keep them naked. Boss 
me song, hiccuping, Carter's party, "I want a !@" Oldies 103, 
UTUP! Running, crying, talking, buddies. I'm glad we've become 
>ser, I hope we stay Close, you're a very caring (not sappy) friend 
o always knows what to say! Phonecall advice! Not gonna cry! 
le-Ni: Lumber-jack, trains, gizz-eves, drive-bys, stale cones, 
iMM! Hotdance, UConn: big balls, SOR-EEE. "I complain" trip- 
ig w/fh, Prudence, Lex girls, Forrest Gump, skipping Latin to talk, 
•ndy's, Big Red, babysitting, accidental shot=b!ah, blah, highway 
tures, stretchies, Our Denny's chat meant a lot to me, you're 
.■ays there to listen + talk + give best advice. Second best friends! 
, hany: CConchita, Shred, my PIC! Warning notes, raw meat, blue 
, Carl, pervert #7, Lollapalooza mud, concert buddies, shoe girl! 
:t grabbing, Sveden, Lex window, answering machine, moves, 
ipaway from bike, beach talks, old man balls, moshing, pump it for 
! Thanksgiving dinners, You so crazy, we always have fun 2gether, 
you were so good to me when Teddy died, coming to the Cape 
ite night chats I will never forget. Dopev: best friends (sisters) "we 
It this city" sleepovers, selling stale jax, U2,chilipeppers, finally 
;ting license. We've grown apart, but I still consider us best 
i-nds. Being by my side at the wake got me through it, thanks. Keep 
ouch! Jules: parties, toonces, Florida, UFOs. lumpv, flat tire, real 
nighters, Ren, we're not as Close as once, but I know we can 
ays talk (even though you skinny dipped my pool!) Field Hockey, 
:tball: Steve, Ms. Barry, Jen V-weed, ECC- the watts buh-bye, 
Maid, Valente, CPR dummies, ovens, b. boards, stealing cake, BF 
! ^w, stinkie (boogie, DM Band, Cranberries paround) Jen-team, 
Neil, Jeff, Dave, Joey-perv! Gerricurl, Mr. V., dead squirrel, Ro, 
h, Katy, Kristen, The Guys: Jamie-TITS, stealing mv stuff, the 
ir, "Mom won't come down here" Tommy Boy, late nite chats, 
hing Pete Pray, always making me laugh, Doug: bigfeet, 
vderpuff, semi-formal, New Year's, throwing me in a bush , double 
ip. Gary: rollercoaster, having us over, the Cape, Hussy. Will: Ms. 
ris, totally '80s, stickshifts, jumping out of trees, your laugh, 
tings. Mike L: Jacuzzi, 3some on beach, ceramics, riding shotgun 
Bobby, saving me at Hootie, A.D: Sears lawnmower, sour-patch 
5, Lollapalooza, pizza under table, making me laugh just by 
1 <ing at me. Jarrod: Home-Ec, Lollapalooza, throwing me in ocean 
jw tide. Matty C: lab partners, upside-down ride, Rastro, going 
1 ?foot, having a shalalee. Nick D: Pepe, making omelets, Latin 
' b, funny. Nerney: not meeting Bruins, sleeping sitting up, 
i flops. Pietchel: fetal position, Dave Matthews. Jeff M: candy 
1 rtS; "sad sack", Spanish videos. Dave S: DNA Wax, forgetting 
id atTaco Bell, driving to Prom, sharing at vour party. Jav W: little 
1 ther, scoring me a touchdown, "letting" me win pool, smelling 
j' d. Dave D: prom, eating too fast. Tim: Ruffy, Rollercoaster 
' kly. Chris+Jesse: homeroom, CPR. Kris S: sneezing. Steve L: 
s ing me. Steve Lua: compliments. Brian Mc: smelling good, Lex 
1 b lifeguard. Bryant: gerb, my future husband. Colleen: dancing in 
i car, holding coffee, after the semi. Shaun: vour dog, being my ist 
' ' >h in 4th grade. Russ: paint, making hamburgers, Kerry: run, 
1 >er, ticky, saving prom, fire, ice cubes falling SB, armyboy, goalie, 
1 ng us tease you, boating. Chet: perv. Mellissa: might rain, crash- 
' party. Bobby H: Latin. Brian S: Energizer bunny, remembering 
t|#, we've had so much fun together, vou always make me laugh 
' appy, (lint). No matter what, I'll never forget you. Boffa: car 

washes, Roy Ro, cruising great, haiku, buying Pepsi + stealing ice, 
you're the funniest person, but also a good friend. Give me your #!, 
mebbe 3's company will come true! Tankus, Kate G, Maria, Gina, 
Verde, Cindi, Amalia, Hil (kicking my locker) Jackie, Lynn, 
Maranian's- Brian farting on me, corrupting me, Spankv, Katie M- 
big senior. Matt Veits I saved the best for last: Babs, smooching, 
honking, teaching me to drive, massages. You're the nicest guy I 
know + I consider you one of my Closet friends. I miss you and pray 
for you every day. 

Future Goals: Marry Adam Sandler or someone just as funnv, have 
4 kids, be rich but happy, and live at the beach next to Lisa and 

Tim Shefiin 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1,2,3,4 (captain); JV baseball 1; Varsity 
Baseball 2,3,4; Class of '96 Treasurer 1,23,4; Student Government 3; 
Madrigal 1,2,3,4 

Thanks: First and foremost, I'd like to thank my family. Mom, Dad, 
and Laurie, I owe everything I have, and everything I have accom- 
plished to you. Each one of you has made me a better human being. 
"Family Fun!" Dave, thanks for telling me when I was making a fool 
of my self, and for hours of wiffleball in the back yard. "This is 
upsetting... upsetting and sad!" Jesse, I'll always look up to your 
incredible talents in almost every aspect of life. "Them hunnies just 
doin' their job, constable! Aw, Krunk!" Chris, thanks for keeping me 
in line, and for letting me block an occasional shot at Lane school 
"We up for a good day of mining today, right Trip? Trip!!" Katz, 
thanks for always being there, and for hours of baseball talk. "We can 
take food with us you do-do-bird!" Jeff, thanks for pool wiffleball 
and basketball (I'm not that bad!). Remember, whenever studying 
for something use football strategy and eat lots of pizza. "Mess with 
the bull, young man, you'll get the horns!" Sarge, you are one of the 
most interesting and entertaining persons 1 have ever met. Thanks 
for Sundays in fall. "Hi, I'm Snuffy!" Butch, thanks for sharing years 
of Syracuse disappointment with me and for occasionally- punching 
me in the head. "Formula!". Mac, you have an incredible ability to 
read my mind. Thanks for cheering me up when I felt bad. "Go 
outcasts!" Tank, thanks for the pounds of gum you gave me. "PB&J! 
Where's Jenny!" Johnny, Shaun, Ethan, and Thomas thanks for 
Saturday morning football. Mer, thanks for putting up with me and 
for the best back rubs ever. "Wicked Motha, Brotha, Laaard!" Max, 
for always believing in me and standing up for me. "Impromptu: 
Unmarked police cars!" Thanks Sam for stirring discussions about 
religion. Melissa, thanks for coming to an occasional soccer game 
even though you hate the sport. "I'm working!" Bryan, thanks for 
great conversations about just about anything. "Hecko is Tim there? 
'This is Tim' Hey, where are you?" Thanks Brian D for years of great 
skiing. Thanks to Lindsay, "You're a mule! Well, You're a goat!", and 
Bethany for the middle school years. "There could be a Harvard 
Square for all I care!" Chachi, "Willie the Blade", "Put!", and Silver- 
fish for Day Camp. McAllister, for putting me in your yearbook, and 
the black book. "The first Saturday of vacation stinks... wait, today is 
Thursday. Forget it." Thanks to Theresa for always keeping my 
confidence up and encouraging me, even though I never did any- 
thing. "He has bum!" "HI KRISTIN!. ..Uh, hi Tim." Thanks Julie for 
the rides you gave me, and the times I forgot to tell you I didn't need 
one. Thanks Heather for the prom. "Where are the keys?" Thanks 
Ben, for helping me with my part in Madrigal. "Bejama Hoopa 
Ojahome!" Thanks for the quesadillas Cvndi. "Meeting?" Thanks 
Curtis for helping me when I forgot mv books in school. "I met a 
Beatle and you didn't, even if it was George." Thanks Dan Mahoney 
for being mv first friend ever. "Potatohead!" Thanks Andy Spofford, 
Liam Hurley, Eric Packer, Dave Boschetto, Sean Deardorff, Dave 
Hursh, Craig Gottlieb and others for not beating me up when I was 
an obnoxious little kid, even though some of you did Thanks Lisa, 
Schmuck, Danielle and Nicole for always being nice to me. Thanks 
Mrs. Reynolds for helping me. Thanks to the Rvan's, Katz's, Storer's, 
Gottlieb's, McGrath's, Mahonev's and countless other families who 
gave me free meals. Thanks to mv coaches, and soccer and baseball 
teams. 1995 DCLASS CHAMPS! Thanks to anyone who took the time 
to read this stupid thing which cost me $35. 
Future Goals: College; play-by-play announcer for the Sox 

Sanju Shewakramani 

Activities: French Club 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2,3,4; Science League 1,2,4; 
Math League 2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2,3,4; Chamber Music 1,2; Telemedia 
2,3,4; Golf 1,2,3,4; Tennis 2,3,4 

Thanks: I would first like to thank my family for everything they've 
done. Mom, thanks for alwavs being there to talk to. and for urging 
me to do well in school- Without you, I would have gone nowhere. 
Dad, thanks for being there for me whenever I needed you. Anita, 
thanks for being the best sister and best best friend a kid could have. 

Thanks also to the Indian community of Bedford, especially the 
Kapurias and Chhabras. Anurag, thanks for being a great friend in 
the fifteen years I've known you, and for keeping me company at all 
the boring parties. Also, thanks to my other "family '- CVS (my life). 
Megan, Maria, Mike, Nicole, Adam, and all the rest, thanks for 
making work fun (As if!) Kristen, thanks for singing with me all the 
time (HOOTIE!) Karen, thanks for all the laughs I'll miss you guys 
Rajul ("Well how bout a baked potato then?"), thanks for being a 
great friend and for listening to ALL my problems- sorry if I bored 
you with my dull life. Tom, thanks for keeping me company in 
French and for being a great kid Eric, thanks for always being there 
to laugh with (or at!). Chris (C-cubed), thanks for being my motiva- 
tion in math and for keeping me company at Emerson. Now that the 
Asian posse has been thanked, time for the rest. My Telemedia buds- 
Jeff, thanks for being the only one who likes my music Vilas, thanks 
for erasing all the carts of my "junk " Ben and Curtis, thanks for being 
good friends with the answers to everything. Greg, thanks for all the 
HP games. Skavenski, thanks for leaving tire marks in mv driveway. 
Also, thanks to Kris for being a gTeat friend ever since I-dunno-what 
grade, I know you'll always be there for me when I need to vent my 
anger and frustrations - thanks. Carey, what can I say? I met you less 
than a year ago, and now you're a great friend (even though you hurt 
me by quitting, but 1 forgive you). Everytime I see a Softbatch cookie, 
I'll think of you. Rachel, thanks for always listening to me and 
helping me out in everything. Alyssa, thanks for dissing my phat 
music all the time. Also, thanks to Mike H. (Secret Buddy!), Sammy, 
Chris, Jesse, Cara, Jeannie, and Theresa for always being there to talk 
to and laugh with in school. Also, to my golf buddies: Jason, Jeremy, 
Brian, Joe, Jeff, JD, and everybody else I would mention if this didn't 
cost as much as it does. Thanks a lot to anyone I forgot (I'M SORRY!!!) 
I'm going to miss all of you... 

Future Goals: To go to college for about 30 years, become a rich 
surgeon with a beautiful family, and live eternally in peaceful bliss. 

Michelle Shwimer 

Activities: Choir 1; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Show Choir 1; Jazz Band 
1,2,3,4; Musical - Lighting Crew 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; SGA 
2,3.4; DQ/BrGroup 2,3,4; Madrigal 4; NHS 3,4 
Thanks: Thank you to all my great friends. M&D: giving me the 
world. Jay: a great sister and travel partner. Grandparents: teaching 
me that people are more important than things. RLS: someone who 
will always be a friend with lots of memories. Nash: carrying the 
sousaphone, thebsection, a great D.M. Jen: a great D.M. and DQ J&J: 
being shorter than me, at least for a little while. Dorff: a super stage 
manager and work partner and a great D.M. Mr. Low: letting me ask 
questions constantly. Marie: a great Class arinetist. Alissa: under- 
standing RH and YK. KT: letting me hit you over the head in 7th 
grade. Phil: DQ and the Madrigal Dinners. Chris: the duets and the 
pink bunny. Ben and Heather: great conversations in any language. 
Madrigal: great singers and Madrigal Bonding Weekend. Stage/ 
Lighting crew: allowing me to do my job. Vilas: being there. Curtis: 
a great newspaper boy. Michelle: a great D.M. and gift buying 
partner. Mr. Reagan: our own "Superman." MB crew: super people. 
The Cohens: my extended family. Alexis B: helping me through some 
tough times. I will never forget all my friends at BHS. Thanks to 
everyone for being a big part of my life. 

Future Goals: To meet a nice tall Jewish guy, have a job that I really 
enjoy doing, live to be 100, and see RLS in a nursing home. To be truly 
happy and to never lose my friends. 

Rachel Siegel 

Activities: Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4 (Editor-in-Chief 3 & 4); SGA 1, 2, 3, 4 
(Moderator 4); Orchestra 1,2, 3,4; Chamber Music 1 &4; NHS 3 & 4; 
Jazz Band 1 & 2; Chorus 1; Show Choir 2; Drama Club 2, 3, 4; 
Tournament of Plavs 2 & 4; Spring Musical Crew 1, 2, 3, 4; French 
Club 1, 2, 3; Hall Decorating 4; J.V. Field Hockev 1; J.V. Tennis Team 
1; Explorers 3 & 4; The 27st Century 3 & 4; USY 9, 10, 11, & 12; Israel 
Pilgrimage '94 

Thanks: First, I would like to thank my family for their support, love, 
and encouragement. Mum and Dad — I love you both and appreciate 
all that you've given me! Mum, thanks for always making my 
breakfasts and lunches, teaching me to bake (and letting me lick the 
bowl!), and late night chats. Dad, thanks for waking me up in the 
morning, bringing me home from Yearbook, teaching me to drive, 
and challenging me to think politically'. Laura and Karen, even 
though I mav not show it at times, I love you; thanks for being 
wonderful sisters and friends! Thanks to the Class of '96 for making 
mv four years at BHS so memorable! A special thanks to: mv dear 
Margaret Elizabeth MTF for Zion, DC and NYC (mirrored bath- 
rooms!), Mommv, Jonathan, Creme de Menthe frappes, the waiter at 
Friendlv's, the Bette concert, the drive-in, letting me cut your hair. 


and being a beautiful and talented person — I love you and have 
missed you greatly these past two years!; Katie Espo (Snookums, 
sweetie, love, ...) for "with a hint of rainbow essence" and other 
Groovy Roovy, Norton, and MESSMA jokes, "Le Rosbif" — the best 
videoever, loving Betteand sending that postcard, Arlington heights, 
the Steamship of Beef concert. Yearbook madness, the Great Wall 
dinner ( "What about the soup?!?"), and being a pro cropper and the 
most random person I know; Michelle for driving me to school 
everyday, playing the tuba and carrying a tuba mouth-piece in your 
purse, and a lifetime of memories; Curt for snack bar visits. Star Wars 
parties, 1-800-USA-LUGE, "Sneakers" during that lightning storm. 
Hearts and Rummv, bus stop buddies (Curtis the you-know-what), 
being my neighbor, late night phone chats and walks, SG A meetings, 
and driving like a maniac; V for being silly, working at Wedgewood. 
the Junior Prom, ET, star gazing, tic-tac-toe, being a Chuck E. Cheese 
reject, playing with Legos, and a wonderful summer, Jeffie H. for 
being a great friend. The Power of One, "Jurassic Park", Orchestra, 
your obsession with John Williams, and pandas; Alissa for Israel, 
fish shopping for Adam, Nursery School, Camp Thoreau, Hebrew 
School woes, Wedgewood summers, and teaching me how to ski 
(well, almost); Joey Michael Blaze for Yearbook, Rinaldo jokes, being 
blunt and tactless, Halloween parties, "Tank Girl", and a crazy 
friendship; Rehtaeh Eel YhtraCcM for Christmas parties, Yffat, 
loving Zion, writing to us in Israel, loving Cyndi Lauper, math 
Classes, choreographing dances, cartwheels in the water, getting 
drunk at my Bat Mitzvah, bus stop chats, being my neighbor, loving 
to talk about you-know-who, and Debbie Abel and Chamber Music 
carpools; Alyssa for "Anne of Green Gables", being a Chuck E. 
Cheese reject, having neon green window washers, watching "The 
Real World", liking my special marshmallows, and making Smores; 
Ben for being my first love, Grotonwood, "Unchained Melodies", 
Good Night, Mr. Tom , and finding it in vour heart to forgive me — 
I will love you always; Marie for homeroom chats et noire "Chez 
Seagull" projet; Eric for playing "Schindler's List" so beautifullv; 
Jeph for making math class so fun (FRED!), being the founding 
Captioneer, writing the Yearbook article and colophon, the Diet 
Coke pyramid, page 69 (of course!), silly stories about Miss Betsy and 
BU, making me feel like a goddess, and this, that, and the other thing 
(of course!); Ellen G for doing Yearbook chores, rides home, the 
Great Wall dinner ("What about the soup?!?"), Graphics, and being 
Jezz Ball Queen; Heather Barbara for using vour middle name, Max's 
class, chopping your hair, sharing letters, making me laugh, and 
having a gTeat business telephone manner; Brian for explaining 
"Patriot Games", owning the strongest hammock ever manufac- 
tured, being a Chuck E. Cheese reject, and introducing the world to 
Pete; Cara Mac for all the advice you've given me throughout the 
years; Sanju for Orchestra, Explorers, and working at CVS; Andrea 
Bute for the sticky mand being really gross; Rajul for Chamber 
Music carpools and driving me to Explorers; plus Dina, Beth. Jer- 
emy, Jen, Dara, Jeannie, Cara S., Susan, Gina J., Terri, Sarah B., and 
Mike L. (for having exquisite eyes!). Thanks to my Temple E and 
NERUSY friends especially Debbers, Jeff, Adam S, Adam G, Jocelyn, 
Dan, Rampy, and Dena and to Israel Pilgrimage '94 Group 6 espe- 
cially Jake, Jess, Alissa, Annabelle, Babs, and Dave. Thanks to 
everyone in MESSMA's 'level 5" Anatomv especially Sanju, Katie 
Espo, Alyssa, Beth, Elisa, Ellen G, Jen Tsang, Stma, Kristen, Big Nate, 
Kovall, Gilbert, and Naveen. A special thanks to my beloved Year- 
book Staphers for everything you've done and making me your self- 
styled goddess! Thanks to members of the Class of '94: Carvey for 
Mom jokes, driving me everywhere, Yearbook parties. New Year's 
Eve, Chinese Fire Crackers, birthdays at Chadwick's, MIT Frat 
parties, Diet Coke, and believing that I could be Editor; Heath for late 
night conversations, vour crazy summer schedule, and an incredibly 
silly friendship; Megan for play rehearsals; Dave for Ruby, working 
at The Paper Store, selling Yearbook ads with me, mv birthday at 
Chadwick's, rehearsals for Megan's play, and always finding time to 
work on the Yearbook; Rashba for SGA meetings. Constitution 
writing at Reynold's house, deep political conversations, and that 
glo w-in-the-dark world, and Ro for being amazingly talented and an 
inspiration to all. From the Class of '95, thanks to Phil for being my 
bro and mv friend, "me days", wearing green on Thursdays, and 
blue thong bikinis; Stina for Orchestra jokes (you're such a slackalj; 
Tara for introducing me to trashy romance novels; plus Carson, 
Simon, Kristen, Trina, Jeremiah, and Wiley. From the Class of '97, 
thanks to Chris, Jen, Alison, Miranda, Devon, Josh, Katie, Beth, and 
Wolfie. And, from the Class of '98, thanks to Sarah, Joanna, Jesse, Ben 
P., and Amanda H. A special thanks to all the teachers who have 
inspired me to be and do great things in my life — Sylvia, Mrs. 
Finnegan, Mr. Hirsch,Max,Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Sullivan, Ms. Lohrum, 
Madame McCarthy, Messma, Mrs. Buerklin, Mrs. Anderson, Mr. 
Maffa, Pilla, Mrs. Donovan, and Rinaldo. And finally, thanks to 
anyone I may not have mentioned — you have not been forgotten in 
mv heart. 

Future Goals: To fulfill all my dreams and live happily ever after. 

<kreg Simpson 

Activities: Rifle Team 3; Stage Crew 1,3,4; Science League 2, Bham- 
BAM Project 3; Telemedia 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3; Youth Group 
1,2,3; Network Staff, LookingGlTech Inc; Senior Tech Rep.. The 
Internet Access Co. 

Thanks: To family for everything, the McCarthy family for being so 

close and sharing good times, Heather you're a great friend and 
psychologist. Matt, for being such a cool friend and driving me 
around, all my friends who know Where It's At, everyone in BHS 
Live!, awesome Madhgalians, stage-crew freaks, all of the rockin' 
percussion and Marching Band members, and all my other class- 
mates!! Megszentsegtelenithetetlensegeskedesitekeit. 
Future Goals: Meet people, make money, visit France, become im- 
portant, drive a ' Vette, see Les Miserables from the stage, press a CD, 
be forever surrounded by good friends, and more importantly: have 
a good time. 

Matt Skavenslu 

Activities: Stage Crew 1,2,3,4; Telemedia 3,4; Science League 3,4; 
BHAM BAM 3; Rifle Team 1,2; Wedgewood Head of Grounds 
Thanks: I would like to thank my parents for giving me the great life 
I have had so far. 1 would like to thank Mr. DiPietro and Mr. Rinaldi 
for developing my interest in becoming an ME. I would like to also 
thank Mrs. Krueger and Mr. Sabourin for being the best teachers that 
I have ever had I would like to thank all my scouting buddies and 
Peter Meyers for helping me so that I may get my Eagle badge. Lastlv 
1 would like to thank my friends for being there to answer my many 
questions. V, for being the best Wedgewood worker next to me, Curt, 
for being the laziest Wedgewood worker of all time. Dorff and LiT Jeff 
Havnes for being my engineering consultants. Shu, for his deft sense 
of music. Greg for being a heck of a friend and for teaching me all 
about various types of computers. "555", and all the telemedia geeks 
for giving me a good laugh every once in a while. All who do science 
team and the play. I decided to annoy Rachel and the year book staff 
so, for mv last, and 200th word, I choose Pneumonoultramicro- 

Vilas Sridharan 

Activities: Telemedia Club 2,3, Student Leader 4; Tennis Team 
1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Swim Team 1,2, Captain 3,4; Science 
Team 3,4; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Stage Crew 2,3,4; National Honor 
Society 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Team AP 3,4; Mrs. Krueger Fan Club 
3,4; Happy Homeless Lunch Group 3,4 

Thanks: First of all, to my family - Vikram, Dave, Mike, Shirley, and 
Dad - for being there all the time, supporting me and helping me: 
there's always someone with whom to play tennis! I couldn't have 
made it this far without you guvs! Path, for feeding me and playing 
cards and hundreds of other things, and Ammama, for all the love 
you've given me. Kiran, for the great childhood memories, Priya 
Chithi and Suresh, Bharath, Vinay, Vidya, and all my other relatives: 
the manv aunts, uncles, and cousins that seem to be everywhere, for 
everything you've all done for me since I was a baby. Then, all mv 
friends. The Happv Homeless Lunch Group, of course, for a high 
school full of food, fun, and cards: Ben, for being my friend since 
kindergarten, for learning to sav mv name right, your dad's cooking, 
the Alamo, a great impersonation of Catherine Dacier, and for being 
one of the most understanding and best friends a guy could have; 
Brian, for everything from Mr. Smithson's science class to Marching 
Band, for the tennis team, with your mom as coach, and for being an 
accepting, patient guv who hardly ever gets angrv with me; Curtis, 
for Advanced Chemistry and Krueger, the Beatles, Roger Sherman, 
a summer of Wedgewood, driving me places, letting me talk to your 
parents, and for cutting me slack all the time because you're just a 
really great guy and an incredible friend; and Jeff, science league 
guru, for deriving the universe from a piece of fairy cake. Advanced 
Chem, your mom's lunchtime snacks, every single discussion we've 
ever had, and for being a caring friend that's never afraid to help. 
Rachel, for everything you've ever done for me and just for being a 
very special friend that I can talk to. Mane, I've known you for so 
manv years, you've been a wonderful friend for al! that time. Greg, 
for all the strange things that you just should not know. The Asian 
Posse - Eric, Rajul, and Sanju - for a Washington trip full of fun 
memories and tapes, and for being fellow' Third Worlders in calculus. 
Sanju, thanks for the fries! Alvssa, fellow- Chuck-e-Cheese reject, for 
giving me rides and just being around, and Kris, for the Patriots and 
the cookies. Andrea, for being a great co-captain, both Jens, for being 
really neat people, Katharine, for being Katharine, and Kristin, for 
teaching me how to dance. Also Josh Smith, tennis partner 
extraordinaire, Jeremy, forbeing inMarching Band, and Jean Connelly, 
because brplayers are just a lot of fun. Matt, the most lenient boss 
ever, and everyone else who worked at Wedgewood, I had a great 
time and lots of hot chocolate. Also, anyone I missed, thanks for 
everything and I'm sorry! Mrs. Krueger, you've been a great teacher 
and a wonderful person to me for two years: the MIT Library, 
Bertucci's, Science and Research, and everything else. Mrs. Miele, for 
two years of math, Mr Lord, Mrs. Rainis, for three years of French, 
Mr. Maxwell, Mrs. Messmer, Mr. Lord, Ms. Lorree, Mrs. Hovt, Mrs. 

Nolle*, Mr. Hirsch and Mrs. Finnegan, and Mr. Kenneth 
Finally, I want to thank three very special people whom I will 
forget. Thatha, for reading to me when I was young and for co 
ing me and helping me, Thathappa, for playing games with rr 
for giving me advice and always caring about me; and Amr 
singing to me, encouraging me, making me happy, and lovinj 
love you and will never forget you. 

Hilary Stanley 

Activities: Cheerleading Varsity 1,2,3,4; Class Officer VP 
Prom Decorating, Hall Decorating 2; Pep Rally Decorating 
S.P. Varsity 1,2,3,4; B.D Varsity 1,23,4; Varsity Marlboro 
1,23,4; Spirit Games 2,3; Varsity' 6000 3,4 
Future Goals To become partners w/ Lynn to own McDonald: 
my red Corvette, and marry Brad Pitt Also to have a good ti 

1 3. 

Cara. Stein 

Activities: Field Hockey 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Marching 
1,2; Jazz Band 2,4, Show Choir 2; Spring Musical 1,2,3; Drarm 
1,2,3; Tournament 1,2; Tennis 1; SGA 2,3,4; Class Liason 3,4; 
Society 3,4 

Thanks: Thank you first and foremost to my family. Withou 
your support, unconditional love, trust and help, I could no 
become all that I have. To mv grandparents for alwavs being s' 
important part of my life and for always having time for r 
Grandpa Sam and Millv for teaching me how to love and c 
memories. To mv parents: how can I thank vou enough for 
you have given me and given up for me. Thank vou for be 
supportive in everything I did, for instilling such strong val 
me, and for allowing me to become the person I am and for 
understand that person. Most of all, thank vou for loving me. 
step I made, I knew was backed by your love. I could not ask fo: 
loving, understanding parents. For all of my crazy ages, moo< 
passions you have shown perseverance beyond that whic 
human should have to endure, I thank you and love you. To b 
for being such a thought- provoking (!?!) person that I could a 
look up to. Thank you for making me so proud, for all our tal 
your trust and your confidence in me. Thank you for bi 
wonderful big brother and now one of mv best friends, too. 
you. To Uncle Billy and Helene for fish kisses and your love, 
second family growing up, the Kerns. Thank you for all that \ 
as one family, the wonderful trips, most of my childhood men 
and for giving me two great friends with which to grow up. E 
thank you for being mv little sister when I needed it, and a frien 
David, for everything... for the raft in Nantucket, the nig 
pushed two chairs together, Disney World, Disney Land, 
Indiana Jones hat, Jamaica, Hawaii, skiing, your suspenders 
Bat Mitzvah and all the bruises and endless torture. I don't H 
what I would have done without you. Josh, for joining DavidH 
onslaught of barrages and for together, never letting me let my \m 
down, without expecting severe punishment. To Amy for beiM 
friend down the street on whom I could always count, for BarbiW 
bikes, for field hockey camp, all the laughs and keeping me cor or 
on those rides to school, all twelve years+ worth. To DanieW 
Nantucket and the Jeep Cherokee. To Dara for Israel. To Chri'H 
sticking with the oboe, rowing, ducking and dancing. Oboes rclw 
Wolfie for being my percussionist, green m&ms, all vour c 
games and caring. I'm going to miss vou. To Mary for bnngim 
into the high school, candy corns, marching band. Wind and r\ 
thing freshman and sophomore year. To Pavao for being my la 
yet still never trusting me with Jeff. To Jeff P. for trust ganvlft 
making heads turn at beach parties. To Sue forbeing me- only \W 
for understanding everything, for being my personal journal a la 
listening. You couldn't have come at a better time. I love y< I 
Doug for our 2 am beach walks and being the coolest on-m » 
person I have ever met. To Randi for being my oldest frienla 
providing over 18 years of Mary Poppins' "blue halloo," lot 
holiday talks, giggling and friendship. To Ronnie for being yl'fi 
mv ACK friends tSPT&J> for partving, country music at Mia lot 
and ketchup. To Jeff, for knowing from a little island far awaylio 
I'm smiling, for making me smile, for being so difficult to wJm 
(flashsleeper) and most of all, thank you for us. To the Watts 1 al 
the Great Point trips, guaranteed to put all six of us to sleep th 
way home, for making me always feel welcome and for beiltn 
wonderful family that you are. Finally to Sarah (Tigger,Saz,Clkifc 
Bonita) and Amanda (Banana, Spaz): (are you ready for this In 
have been there for me for a decade and a half, to smile with, cr\£ 
laugh with and grow into young women with. We've chan; 
much, how are we still so much the same? Thank you for S 
Brook swimming lessons, having me over before you hac 
unpacked from Hawaii, cupcakes at my birthday party, my f 


ly) times getting in trouble with you at school (Sarah w/Mr. D), 
i "sculpting", being the only house I'd sleep at, the jaunt to the 
>e, the small detour en route to the Red Sox game, teaching you 
to ride bikes, the Junior Prom, teaching Sarah to drive stick (and 
anda- your contribution to that), Miacomet (Manda), the run- 
,y sleeping bag, the salt shaker, JFK, the docks & biker, "Banana, 
ie here NOW!" uhm, boxers excuse me?, ABC's, want some 
id?, go-cart peeing, breakfast w juice, "a little help here," Puff the 
■ic dragon, and 15 years of amazing friendship We made it, now 
ItHIove you guys, don't ever forget all that we've done and will 
To everyone I didn't mention, but may have made me smile or 
k the extra thought, thank you. 

are Goals: To go to school for MANY more years to become a 
:essful surgeon and make a difference in peoples' lives, to see the 
ins win the Stanlev Cup, to marry and have a wonderful family, 
eep the friends that I have kept for so long and be lucky enough 
nd more like them, and to be happy. 

Marie Tanzer 

jvities; Marching Band 1,2,3.4; Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; French 
b 1,2,3,4; A.F.S. 2,3,4; Spring Varsity Track 1,2; Pit 1,23,4; MYWE 
Can-Can 2,3,4; Can-Can leader 4; Team A. P. 3; Mrs. Krueger Fan 

nks: Thank you John for opening the world of music to me, being 
Jiible when I need it, and for watching movies together at 1:30 in 
i morning. Special thanks to my parents for always loving me, 

reporting me, and putting up with my spases in times of crisis. 

- nk^ to mv aunt for helping me with Chemistry and taking me to 

. t Les Mis, and to my grandmother and uncle for all your love and 
:;ern. Heather, the words thank you are not good enough to show 
i appreciation for having you as a friend, throughout High School. 
I ther, never forget NO, Longstreet and Chamberlain, midnight 
v trips to TCBY, and lying on the grand looking up at the stars 

■ - . U Cardigan. Pepe/K-T thanks for being random, our long, deep 
camping in backyards, and being my savior in gym. Alissa- 
l ik you for being there to keep me sane in Math- who else would 

- j> silly putty with me. No thank you for constantly zippering my 
b Vilas, thanks for amusing me in the millions of Classes we've 

-] together since the first grade! Whew, that's a long time. Don't 

-. 1 et, french fries! Curtis, thanks for always having colored pencils, 
ijung vour car well, and our philosophical discussions in French 
i.s. Joey, I hope I was able to teach you some Chemistry- stop 
1 .mg at my legs- and thanks for being a cool guv 1 can always talk 
tthank your mom for giving me a job). Thank you Senorita 
\ lanne for being my Class arinet buddy. Thanks Brian for Dudley 
I, in the dark, and always having unassigned with me. Thanks Tara 
fiMYWE and all those fun train rides every Friday. Hey Jenny, 1 
Ti you, especially in CCD and band. My mom does love you. Hey 
j iny Boy, thanks for CCD, too (Remember: Thou shalt not commit 
^Itery). Jeff, thanks for being the human robot at band camp. 

-Inks to Kristin for convincing me to take Adv. Chem., to Michelle 
tconvincing me to take Analysis, and to both of you for can- 
( ling. Thanks Jeremy for flashlight tag and for being part of the 

-I line in marching hand. Thanks Jason L. for being the heavenly 
lig illuminated in the phosphorescent moonlight, and thanks 

- 1. sa L. for being the best rookie the band has known. Thanks Rachel 
t his fantastic yearbook in which I am writing, and for doing my 
I for the Jr. prom, but more importantly for simply being such a 
£it friend through the years; I've enjoyed our little chats in the 
y-book room. Thanks Ben for swapping disks and being obsessed 
vi Les Mis just like me. Alyssa- thanks for random chats and 

-Cifiming on the bus- no thanks for abandoning me on the bus. 
Ink you Jeff H, for loving baked stuffed shrimp (semi-formal), and 
f aking Adv. Chem. Thanks Dina for thinking I'm extraordinary. 
Inks Meredith for being cow woman, Ellen for being cape woman, 
i Vanessa for being deep thoughts woman. No thanks Heather L. 
f t not coming to the prom! Thank you for fun late night work 
F puccinni's Daughter Project. Thank you Greg for being a terrific 
'jn" in our S.L.P. project. Thanks to all my MYWE pals- never 

. i et- Onegin. Thank you Mrs, Krueger for inspiring me to love 
(,mistry, Mr. Reynolds for being the greatest history teacher I have 
t had, Mrs, Rainis for three wonderful years of French, and Miss 
1 inger for taking me so far on the Class arinet. 
1 ire Goals: To have many friends, keep playing the Class arinet, 
i become a doctor. 

Colleen Sullivan 

I vities: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; Skip Clubl, 2,3,4; Detention Club 

nks: First I would like to thank my parents for always being there 
I tie, and for fixing my car. Next I would like to thank Wayne, hey 

you're the best I love you very much. Thanks for taking me out with 
you. To Lynn- hey, you're the best Thanks for being there with me 
when we got in trouble with Mike Crosby. You're the best (JDB). 
Christine- Hey chick, don't forget all the time we went to browns, and 
all the times cruising down the GREAT, pressing the horn and 
making my car stall. If you ever do that again I will have to give you 
a big DO-DO. Hilary- hey thanks for all the times for picking me up 
when I got in a fight with my parents. Tawnya- hey you're the best, 
don't change. Thanks Jiffy Lube for letting me party with you. To 
Randy, thanks for taking me out Andrew, thanks for being cool to 
me, you are the best. To Mrs. MacGregor, thanks for putting up with 
my crap and letting me get away with everything. Kerry- I want to 
thank you for being one of my best friends all through school. There 
are so many memories that we've had. thanks for being my dancing 
buddy- Julie- hey remember all the times ol ( lass r.imng vour 
basement for our little shindigs Thank for always keeping every- 
thing I tell you a secret. To the guys who are the best. Mellil, keep on 
being a goon for me. Don't get in too much trouble I'll miss you. Will- 
thanks for always being there for me, I will never forget it. We have 
been through a lot over the years. I love you very much. Thank for 
always listening to me cry on the phone at 2:00 in the morning 
Thanks very much. I also want to thank all the guys in '%, you are the 
greatest and I love you guys. We've had some good times, like at mv 
house after the Semi. 1 want to give Doug a special thanks for puking 
on my wood floor. Thanks to my grandparents for always being there 
forme, and for giving me thing when I really don't want it. You guys 
have helped me through a lot over the years. Thanks and I love you. 
I'll miss you. I would like to thank everyone but, I'm paying for all 
of this. If I left you out I'm sorry and I'll miss all of you. 
Future Coals: To become a dance teacher, and live a long happy and 
full life. 

Velanda Sydney 

Thanks: First of all I would like to thank God for allowing me to make 
it this far. Thank you mommy for waking me up early in the morning 
and putting me to bed late at night. You always stand by every 
decision I make. Without vou, who could I have been? To my three 
brothers and sisters even though we hardly see each other, thanks for 
the inspiration. To Mrs. Irene Parker and METCO, thanks for the 
education. To Mr. Corliss, you gave me a future in accounting. Mr. 
Depetro, thank you for the opportunity. All my teachers have shown 
me what it means to have dedication and understanding. Gina you 
have shown me that in life you will meet too many crazy people. All 
I ask to remember the pen is not working, grapes from the joker, 
strawberries and the old ladies who love them, cherry and coke bottle 
gummies that taste good, go back to Dapy's with pride, leave that Dr. 
Seuss safely hat in a safe place away from public view. I love you like 
a sister but... Jeremy hop skip and drag. Jay you are the cuteness thing 
next to me. Rebecca, Jen, Becca and Jen, thanks for the table talk and 
I want you to know that all of you together are worst. Nichelle I hope 
you get better the day of the test. Brendon you've been a thorn for 
three years too long, thanks for making me laugh. Too bad it wasn't 
all good. Those who tried to make my days at Bedford High tough, 
you only made me stronger. Carlton, you never miss some one till 
they are gone. Thank you for the shoulder and all the love. To the 
Class of 1996 you are the best. We are the best. All those that I miss, 
sorry, you'll always be in my heart. Peace. 

Future Goals: To be an accountant and the one who kicks off her 
shoes after a long day at the office. To love and to be loved. 

Danielle Taylor 

Activities: Field Hockey JV 1,2,3, V 4; Ski Team 1,2, Capt 3,4; Spanish 
Club 1,2; Latin Club 3; GFun 3,4; IBV member, B.F. crew for life 
Thanks: First I would like to thank my family To my mom and dad, 
why would I want to go out with my friends when 1 could go to N.H. 
with you. Our bonding time at Pizza But was much appreciated. 
Thank U so much 4 encouraging me to reach my goals as a skier, & 
4 sticking by me when my grades were rough. Prince John, I know 
that I'm always complaining about U watching over me, but 1 really 
don't mind. Thank U 4 all the advice over the years. I appreciate it. 
Debbie, Michelle, & Denise, for being my 2nd, 3rd, & 4th moms Bob 
for being my 2nd older brother, I know my punches do hurt Eddie 
for always calling when I'm busy Britni, Courtney, Kelsey, Eddie, 
Eddie, & Meghan 4 always letting me babysit U. To my future sister 
in-law Tara hiding in the bushes N.H. buddies. We'll have to play 
golf some time. I'm glad we became better friends. Bethany were do 
I begin? 50's swimming Scraping my face on the pool. Biking to 
MacDonalds. Whichamacallits, slush puppies, Bedford Day B stings. 
Bra under bathing suit. Grape soda & Doritos, Flaming pizzas. The 
Cutting Edge. N.H. Eric & Matt Chunky iemon juice. Florida, Bajos 
Rojos, Gianluka, Epcot in a hurricane, monorail saying, ferry at 4 

a.m., typhoon lagoon I need a bandaid. Golf cart Racing it Hoopty 
toot toot. Dad in a 2 2, Hoarse ride no bathrooms. Ba boom boom 
ching I lold up G-sylv. Pads. Hi let me grab my bathrobe There is so 
much more I could write but mostly I would like 2 say thanks 4 being 
my best friend U were always there 4 me & I really appreciate it 
Lindzbunz the L & D team. Center of town with Kevin & Chris 
Bonding at the Cape. CirClass e in the sand. Pretty red dress. Get on 
the end line. Going to N.H. Heather and Leather. Golf Cart. John's 
Tightie whighties. Jeffs tooth. Ba boom boom ching, Pme the cream. 
Picture of my butt at Steve Miller What blue shirt? Coggins, morning 
car accidents A walk in the Class ouds. I can't stop crying Your 
gonna wake the baby Connected at the hip Chocolate almond or 
Almond joy Box of cones on the floor Suction cup shoes Power of 
2, 1 cant thank U enough 4 listening to me cry and always giving me 
advice, remember R Quote "U will go your way & I will go mine, & 
in the end if we R together, it will be beautiful". And thanks to your 
mom for being my mom too. SuzieQ U still haven't learned how to 
ski. Nashoba old man I'm going to Harvard. Olympic racer. Toothy. 
Mutha puddle. Going 2 the bathroom in the woods Jasmine, 3 day 
old fries Makeovers, golf pros, Stalking Mike D Throwing my bike. 
Pads. Huffing it up the hill Saab full of guys Dumb and Dumber. Rip 
wheels 4 mama Taylor Guys on the Highway R specialty Red Dog. 
Bonding weekend. CirClass e in the sand. Sears AD lawn mower. 
License plate in my chest. U have been such a great friend 2 me. U R 
always willing to go shopping when I need to or just to listen to me 
complain thanks so much. Nicole will U play 99 loft balloons 4 me? 
Carrying U through the woods at 12 a.m Driving Russ' car. Con- 
nected at the hip F.H. uniform to gym. Ms. Davis, DAMM! Going 65 
off the ramp. Robe caught at confirmation Hairball Steve Miller 
buddies. Falling off my stool. Will falling off his stool. Thanks for 
always returning my phone calls and talking til 12am. U R a great 
listener and thanks for not leaving me at the bathroom at Steve 
Miller. Lisa U MMed. Center. EEWW R those pubes! We were walk 
4 hunger buddies. We will never do that again! Ceramics, Biology 
why don't vou read it and find out. Eating Unos at your house SHUT 
UP LISA ok Brian. Running into Libby's boat. We R concert buddies 
4 ever! We still have to go to a Bruins Game. Thanks for trying to talk 
sense into me about B.F. Griecci riding the bus together since kinder- 
garten The pissy tree. Lisa hitting Liby's boat. I'll still set U up with 
Nick. Parking at the Mall. Breaking into your house after Caitlin's 
party. Thanks 4 almost getting hit going onto Davis Rd. Cara Nan- 
tucket was the best. What were their names. Mini golf. Wednesday 
night, Denis' choice of Class othing. Carlos. Real grilled cheeses. 
Ceramics last year! Thanks for always being there when I needed U. 
I know I could always trust U with anything. Willie falling "it your 
stool in lab. Our notes in Latin, conversations in chemistry (pickle 
smoocher) Although U R constantly beating on me and teasing me, 
U really are a great friend. Thanks 4 all of your great advice. U can 
always have pool rights. All of the field hockey girls. Kristen well 
pick him up! Pecker T. talks by the goal, Ski team. Army boy. 
Ginashushmina, Cara Mac, Terri O, Amy L, Merri, Meg H, Kelly D, 
Coach Evjy, And the rest of the team. Nick D U R the nicest guy, Matt 
T the junior prom and ski team. John T ski buddes 4 ever. John M Hot 
tub at Waterville. Nick S 4 being the hottest guy on the team, Dave 
Matteo Jeremy C Uncle Warren. DaveG, our all-nighter we'll have to 
finish it some time Becca G Kerry 4 hats. Julie A I love smokeyl 
might! Ad & Jarod 4 making me laugh, Russell the duck, Officer 
Smith Concord P.D. Jay W. 4 our pillow fight. Mike L. I might! 
Christine V, Becky V., Jenny, Joey S., Mr V., Dave, Scott and the rest 
of the B.F. crew. Jessie and Tim my ceramics buddies, Mark P for 
spilling on me. Nerney Friendlvs. Matt V my thoughts are with you 
always. To the whole Class of '96 thanks for the memories. 
Future goals to ski and be happy at what ever else I do 

John Thoren 

Activities: Varsity Golf 1,2,3, Captain 4; Varsity Ski 1,2, Captain 3,4: 
Varsity Lacrosse 1,2,3, Captain 4; InterAct Club 3,4; Intern to Athletic 
Director 2,3,4; Public Address Announcing 3,4; Notre Dame Fan: 

Future Goals: I plan to go to college and graduate. Then hopefullv 
join the PGA tour, make money, fall in love with the right girl and 
raise a family, in no particular order. If that doesn't work out, I'll play 
it by ear. 

Tarie Thumser 

Thanks; Lord for looking over me these past 17 years and to continue 
to help me through mv struggles; Mom and Dad who have been mv 
rocks ot support, trust, and love; Chrissv for being a pain, but for 
turning out to be a cool sister; Kirsten for being an honest friend 
whose caring, compassion, faith, love, hope, and friendship 1 will 
always cherish, the cheerleading squad for being mv saving grace 
and for giving me confidence and motivation; Rochecke, Kristin, 
Carey, Liz, and Lesa- I Love You Guys! Thanks for all the moments 


and laughter; St. Basil's for reviving my faith; Tom, Larrv & the 
commissary crew* for their understanding and patience; Pete for 4 
years of great friendship; Mikey for friendship; Carrie for just being 
there to talk to; Pat for all the lunch discussions; Michelle B. for being 
a strong friend who showed me different perspectives of life; Jen O. 
who taught me about dignity; the Chedister's for advice, tutoring, 
and fun; Johnny T. and Becca T. for homeroom; Gabe for Spanish 
Class; to everyone Good Luck; and a reminder- It's been fun, but it 
hasn't been real fun! 

Rebecca Tomassian 

Activities: J V. Field Hockey 1, Varsity 2,3, Captain 4; InterAct B O D. 
2, Sec. 3, Pres.4; Athletic Training 1,2; Ski Team 3,4; Softball J.V. 1,2, 
Varsity 3,4; Rosco Fan Club 4; Luigi's Dinner Club 1,2,3,4; Initial 
Game-1 1,2,3,4; Lunch Table 4 

Thanks: First I d like to thank my father for always being their for me 
and never letting me down. I love you, don't ever forget it. Mom, I 
don't know what to say, up until this year you and I were Close. I'm 
sorry things had to change. Russell, for being a pain in mv butt, you 
are a great brother we have been through a lot, I luv u. Grandma T. 
for being an inspiration I will always think of you, I luv, U. Now for 
my friends, where to start... Jen, Ifer, I've known u since before we 
were born, never 4get Luigi's, MUC, P-CHEESE what is with Satur- 
days and my bed?, pillowcases, the guy on the bike, freshman finals. 
Puppy Dog good luck with Bob mv manv nick names, I luv u babe, 
never 4get me becauz we will always be bestest friends, Becca (the 
one) I don't know how I could ever have hated u that b-day party was 
fate. Never forget skiing at Wachusett Nell, Lax games, ref white 
shorts, what R U up to. Leaf raking, flip flop, Speedos, MUC, let it go, 
take my advice, DRINK BEERs, all I can say is Mountain Tiger 4-eva, 
WHEAUUU Jenn B. OH MY EYE, Salem Cruises, semi formal, 
Dudlev Road, spying, your bed, CC's just for being there and alwaz 
knowing what I'm thinking U R the best don't eva let anv bodv tell 
u different. Gina junior chem, Rod Stewart rocks, PUSH-IT, like a 
comppointing north. Chickipay, for neva getting your license, being 
crazy with me, I luv U and don't worry someday your prince will 
come, never forget NED. Lisa M, for breaking my teeth, burning 
down mv room, beating me up, whvam I friends with u? Just kidding 
we've been through a lot, scaring me at Spencers and we are still 
friends, thanx 4 being there when I need U, Suzanne, Schmuckv 
burning down my room. Call 91 1, tripping me at F.H. blowfaces on 
the bus, 1 00 and f-ing 4, our talks on the phone, putting cream cheese 
on my chair in history and how could I forget MY NAME only u 
would call me that, never 4get all our fun times, good luck. To the 
F.H. team, Kristen for being capt. with me you are an awesome player 
no matter what u think, Danielle, How was your summer, Lindsay, 
Amy L., our talks, Griecci, 4 making me sterile, Bethany and all the 
other seniors for sticking w/it you deserve respect Keri, Katie 
Hughes where are u? Red Light!! Rosco for being the best looking 
metal rod mascot. Miss G, For helping me w/goalie, Coach Wood 4 
believing in me, to the whole varsity team 4 wearing prom dresses, 
that took guts, Hailey for remembering us, we'll miss u The Softball 
team: Carla I. for being a person to look up to, Steve M. 4 being like 
a brother to me OH MY!, Miss B. "hey you with the nice bum where 
ya from'' good luck you two, keep in touch. Mr. Wilson for making 
me feel like part of the team, Scott for being a nice guy. Julie 4 sticking 
w/it, and P-town this year is going to rock, Lisa S. 4 colliding w/me 
Chris. O. Out held rules InterAct, Rebecca 4 introducing me, Adam 
C, SunnyBoy, Rebecca, 4 endless leaf raking, Gina C. for last year, 
Nancy and Dennis 4 helping out to the Play Group (Gretchen, 
Chrissy, Terri O., Sandy) Jackn Diane lives. Lisa M., Nerney (Elvis), 
Erik, Megan for 1st per. unassigned JungleBoogie, Colleen, Joey for 
the bus stop, Espi, IG'S ROCKTarieT. Run Forest Run! Camp Bement 
4 changing my life. Jay for always making me smile, I don't know 
what will happen between us but I do know we'll always be friends 
because people like you I will never 4get. To the Vervilles, 4 letting 
me corrupt your daughter, there is nothing in the world like having 
another family to call your own, the Greens for being my home away 
from home, Mr. Green for your endless jokes, the Maranians, Brian 
for farting in my face, the Costlows, Mr Fichera 4 being the best 
teacher ever, Ms. Leavey, Ms. O'Malley 4 being the best counselor. To 
anyone else I might have forgotten these 4 yrs. have flown, you've all 
touched mv life in your own little ways, thank you for everything. I 
Love You all. GOOD LUCK c/o 1996. 

Future Goals: To live every moment like it was my last, to be a Goalie 
for Team USA, and to mever forget anyone that I love. 

Cedric Townes 

Activities: Football; Basketball; Track; ROTC 

Thanks: I would like to thank God for helping me get this far in my 
life. I would like to thank my family for being a big pain in my crack. 

You got on my nerves about graduating I would like to say thank 
you to my mother for bailing me out all those times & giving me loot 
when I needed it. My brother for helping me out all those times he 
could. Especially with basketball camp. My sister for driving me all 
over the place & teaching me how to drive. My Aunt Helen & my 
cousin Woody, for getting on my nerves so much. Uncle Sylvester for 
being an understanding person. Thanks to Mr. Corliss, Mrs. Keefe, 
Mr. McGowan, & Ms. Bosan for helping me out. Mr. Maxwell for 
making English fun. Mr. Sab for being a great math teacher. Mrs. 
Messmer for being real easy to talk to and giving me Twizzlers when 
I had the craving. Mrs. Bosak for being so energetic and nice. I'd like 
to give a special thanks to Mrs. Jordan for making me laugh, getting 
on me about my work, and helping me get through high school. I 
would also like to gave a special thanks to Mrs. Parker for keeping me 
in the Metco program. Without the program, I probably wouldn't be 
where I am. Also to my all-time favorite teacher, Ms. Gullage. You 
really helped me out throught the years & you were the easiest to talk 
to out of all the teachers. I never would have lasted without you, I'll 
never forget you. I'd like to thank ROTC for giving me discipline & 
leading me to the path of manhood. Thanks to the football coaches, 
for teaching me a valuable lesson about the game of life. Thanks 
Coach Sullivan & Coach Campbell. Thanks Coach Petrillo for making 
practice fun. Coach Elias for all the jokes about the women, keeping 
me company on the sidelines & believing in me. A special thanks to 
Coach Sab for being a great coach & being understanding about me 
not playing football my final year. I know that you would have 
expected big things out of me. Thanks for being one of the nicest 
people I know. Thanks Coach Dougherty & the other track coaches 
for your help improving my athletic abilities & U-P-S in track. It 
really helped my basketball game. As for basketball, I'd like to say 
thanks to Brendan, Haneef, & Tim for making me laugh on the bus. 
The rest of the team for their efforts. As for the coaches, I would like 
to thank the basketball coaches for showing me what "foolish" 
mistakes not to make when I'm a coach. Thanks for the bull lessons 
you never really taught me. One other thing, to "Bvrnes" basketball 
is always p-e-r-s-o-n-a-1, & I'll always make and take it p-e-r-s-o-n-a- 
1. Basketball will forever be my life. So wake up and smell the 
"funking IZZIM". Peace to all my honeeyz, Angela E , Jen Milligan, 
Nicole L., Kristin H., Kristin S., Geri & Carli P., Melissa S., Stephanie 
C, Amy, Nicole B., Akilah, Aparna, Allison T., Sarah S., Molly W , 
Carla G., & Michelle Bavne. Special shout out to Adelle & Jaqui for 
being so goofy at lunch. Jenn A., Tracy Gullage, and Consuelo for 
being good friends. To Natasha for being so " fine". To Becky, I'll 
never forget you. To Jessica Dugal who is like a sister to me. Thanks 
to Michelle C. because you were there when I needed you. Thanks to 
Nadine Volicer, because you are a true friend, and w-ere there for me 
when vou could be. I'll always miss and love you. Thanks to the 
sweetest honeey of them all, Rochecke M., thanks for being under- 
standing and the truest friend of them all, vou were alwavs there for 
me, and I will miss vou more than anvone. If I had a choice, you'd be 
the girl I'd marry, because you're caring. I love you and will never 
forget that beautiful smile of yours. I would also like to thank Mr. and 
Mrs. Morello for being so kind to me. Thanks to all the families that 
let me stay at their homes and fed me. The Dicks, the Jones', the 
Dugals, and the Harris' for all being wacky. To Mrs. Jones & Pete, for 
just being you. To Mort Likosky, a real character. Also, Elaine & Bob 
Froelich. Thanks to the Lords for putting up with me for all these 
years. Fred, Nancy, Billy, Janet, Dave, Mike, and the dogs. I'll miss 
you the most. I wanna give a SHOUT out to my D-A-W-G-S. Thanks 
to Brendan, Haneef, Corey, Jamie L., Jamie R., Chris H., Farmer, 
Midgett, Ben C, A.D., Tom, Gary, Jamal, Steve, and Jackson. You 
made school fun and made me laugh. Jackson, thanks for being 
"true" and smelling up the Class with pork rinds. Don't ever change. 
Peace out to Frankie, Odera, Chet, Shaun, and Jajuanza. Peace Jon & 
Akil and "stop trying to be like me." Also, peace to Matt Veits. 
Thanks to Likok for being so funny and a good friend. Thanks to 
Boffa, last summer for getting out of trouble. I would like to give a 
special SHOUT to my boy Scotty D. for keeping me motivated about 
basketball and helping me improve my game. Also to all mv D-A-W- 
G-S from the hood. Thankz for the good times. Jonas, Mo and "The 
Norfolk Bulls". And last to all those who talked SMACK about me. 
FUNK ALL Y'ALL. And most of all, to Angela Day, for typing this 
paper for me. 

Future Goals: To go to college, play basketball all four years, major 
in Sports Management in Physical Education, get a "phatt" job & 
make "mad loot". To have a wife and have a few children who are 
basketball stars, and to always be remembered for what I have 

Jennifer Verv'dle 

Thanks: First of all, I'd like to thank my parents for having me and 
for giving me all the love and support they've given me through all 
these years. I'd also like to thank God for giving me all that I have in 
life. My brother for always making me yell and for "getting big". My 
sister Kaylea for always wearing mv Clothes and looking up to me. 
Be careful little girl. To mv other sister, whom I tell everything t,> 
who's always been the "mother figure" in my family, even though 
she's younger. Love you guys with all my heart. To my two wonder- 
ful older brothers, Alex & Mel, for being the greatest in the past 1 1/ 
2 years. For making me laugh and cry (only when you left). Come 
back. I love you guys so much!! To my sister-in-laws and my 6 nieces 

& nephews, David, Tim, Nicole, Anthony, I love you guvs allllloc It, 
and Mindy and Sean, stay sweet and cute, love ya To KathyUf 
Susan, thank you for letting us borrow your husbands for a vWi 
you guys are the greatest. To Marie, thank you for being so :|L 
everyone should be so lucky to have a grandmother like youM 
Matante Flo, Donald & Sue, Bob & Pam, Michelle & Mickey o 
Mononcle Bob, Sherry, Bob, Rich, & Ronnie, Kim, & JoshuaWi 
Matante MaryEllen, Nicole, Donnie, & Joey To Auntie Ruthie, L)t 
Norman, Martha & Ben.Stevie, & Mike, Brett, and your new little L" 
who's not born yet. To Grandma Beth To Linda To Auntie ChL," 
Lynn & Kristin, Uncle Billy, Aunt Susan, Craig, Uncle Chris, tl '< 
you all for being such an important part of my life We sharew 
many fun times and so many sad times. Both of which will alwaylg 
remembered. I LOVE ALL U GUYS' To my family in heaven wlh. 
I'll always remember... To my best friend and my Memere, you || 
always hold a very special place in my heart. You made me it, ■ 
what life is all about and I will never forget you. I love you Mem II 
I miss you! To my cousin David, who I look up to because you ah- . 
worked so hard for everything you wanted. So how's the baseM 
team in heaven? To my godfather, Mononcle Ray, thank you - 
always being there, I only wish it could've been longer Toll 
Mononcle Don, for always making summers in N.H. the greatestU 
my Pepere, even though I didn't know you verv long, I know ■] 
were an awesome grandfather. I do remember you throwing mtl| 
in the air. To pops, I loved our trips to Canada, I remember pushlj 
you in your wheelchair. UncleGeorge, I loved when you came to \|] 
us and stayed for a few days at a time To Matante Loretta for alv.II 
being so sweet and gentle. To Pecker, one of my best frierl] 
remember all the fun times we've had. Cafe Luigi's p. cheese, cM 
really spell that one out All the boat trips. Uncle Matt, you're the fl 
cook. Thanks for everything you've done for me. Hev Russell, wlj 
about the root for mv birthday? Member when we made Kenny Ji 
the devil is coming, muc through the teeth, mmm, slipping on ■ 
rug, all our bike rides down the back road and all our jokes weirtll 
up. Love ya hon, we'll always be great friends. You've always bL 
there for me through everything. Good luck in whatever you chol 
to do with the rest of your life. I'll always be there to support you J' 
Ben, always remember you, how can I forget, you're always there L 
good to know that I can always count on vou when I need to f 
annoyed. Member all thecomps, and ROTC, Cream of Wheat, squl 
squash, tnucville. We've been through so much and I'll never fori' 
you. You're such a great friend, most of the time, when we |J 
friends. Good luck in whatever you decide to pursue. KEEP I 
TOUCH. Love ya big brother. Amanda & Sarah, we've had so ma] 
laughs together. Urinals in the church maybe. Ethan get out of 1 
sleeping bag. Jason & Tony, upon the hill. All the nicknames for eJ 
other. Member Halloween the devilwhore, the jester and the Cll 
own. Member the note book that we used to write notes back 30 
forth in and when vou guys used to have fights whenever I caj 
over, I felt so bad Good luck in the future. We must keep in toul 
Love you guys forever. To the lunch table CTew, we had so mdJ 
laughs, so many perverted talks at that end table. Dee and Gina, I 
pnvmphos ot the table. Jen, Pecker, Becca. Those talks were sil 
Good luck girls, please keep in touch. To Steve & Ms. Barry, get 
luck with the wedding. Member Steve, if I were 18 I'd... To mv cruf 
cake Bobbv, I wuvoo wif all mv heart. We've shared so much and H 
so many laughs together. Some of the best times of my life havebtli 
with you. You make me so happy and I don't know what I'd [ 
without you. Always remember all the fun times we've had togetrf 
You make me giggle. I hope I'll always be your "slush puppj 
Thanks for keeping me in line and making me realize what's imp! 
tant. Always remember the Nurserv If it weren't for that place & 
would've never met. You're the best bovfnend and I'll always lcl 
you. CLASS of 1996, GOOD LUCK! 

Future Goals: To be happy, to never forget all my friends, to dour 
in college, to be married to someone who will take good care of i[ 
and to get a good job. To take a long boat ride with Pecker and neu 
come back until reality slaps me in the face. 

Vanessa Vitiello 


Activities: FrenchClub 1,2,3,4: Orchestra 1,2,3.4; Chamber Music H 
Pit Orchestra 1 ,2,3,?; Debate Team 4; Tournament of Plavs 4; Chorl 


Thanks: To my parents for all their help, especially junior year, G( 
for being there for me all the time, Geoff for being the cutest kid \L 
born, Eric for being a ton of fun and for calling my dad - sorry thinl 
didn't go well this year, to Bethany for being my friend sir I 
kindergarten (can vou believe it?), Ellen 'cos what would the woil 
be like if there wasn't an Ellen 1 , Sue and Agata for entertaining tl 
during lunch davs one and five. Heather Belinda MCIass oewy 11 
passing notes in the muppet's Class and talking in Millikin's, Reagl 
for being one of the nicest people I know (dude my feet are lil 
brown), Pamela for being the best daughter a mom could everhav, 
Karen for being wicked awesome. Heather Lee for everything, b 
especially eighth grade, Paula and the Oregon Trail, Kathenne Ell 
for giving me Tori which like, changed my life, and for all the t 
million things that we laughed hysterically about that I can't remei 
ber, and that's helped me through the really biting times Thanx: 
Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Maffa for being the two coolest orchest 
teachers in the world, to Reynolds and Spinosa for encouraging r 
a ton. Thanx to Mrs. Rainisand Mrs Keefe To Michelle M forbei: 


iweetheart, to Kathleen for making math bearable. Also thanx 
/one who was in a musical, they were the best part of mv year 
nds are takin' a maiden voyage). 

Goals: To stay healthy, to have a great time in college, to 
• world domination, and to be a cool person. 

will be Thanks for being too good to me; I love you Thanks to 
everyone who in any way affected my life- and that's a lot of people, 
you'd be surprised. 

Future Coals' To achieve a purpose, to love and be loved, and to be 
able to die saying I've lived a good life. 

Ben Waterhouse 

lan Watt 

vities: Soccer 1.2,3,4; Musicals 1,2,3,4; Telemedia 2,3. Student 
Ier4; Madrigal 2,3,4; Men's Octet 1,2,3, Student Leader 4; Show 
gir 13; District Chorus 2,3; All State Chorus 3; Wind Ensemble 
' .4; Marching Band 1,2,4; Drama Club 1,2, 3,4; Tournament 1,2.3,4; 
ch Club 1,2,3,4; NHS 3, Co-President 4; Track 1,2; Training 1; 
State 3; Crisis 2; Boy Scouts 1,2,3,4; Lightbridge 3,4; Team AP 
Happv Homeless Lunch Group 2,3,4; Y-Camp 1,2,3,4 
lks: First to Mom and Dad, for loving me, supporting me, 
icing me. etc. for the last 18 (wow) years There is nothing I could 
accomplished without you both You'll always be the most 
irtant influences in my life. I love you. To Molly, for being cool 
ell as a plethora of other adjectives), for putting up with me 
rtly) and for being a friend as well as a sister. I'll miss you. To 
a for teaching me what to look for in others and to Grampa for 
city, companionship and support in my quest for Eagle. To the 
I of Lunch: Curtis, Vilas, Brian, and Jeff. What a ride! You guys 
(he greatest friends I could have hoped for to tackle High School 
Curtis- for helping me with my doomed gubernatorial cam- 
n at Bovs State, for whining about the Alamo project, and for 
ys helping me with random stuff, for applying early to Princeton 
me and being a best friend. Vilas- for Telemedia, would never 
happened without you! Also, for our high school adventures: 
es, driving. Band Competition soda purchase exchanges, and 
| mv trumpet buddy! To Brian- for being outstanding with a 
, knowing MCR like a Schwerin Lord prodigy, for helping me 
cool during the musicals (and being an awesome Stage Man- 
and for lving about when you'd get director. Jeffie- Whatever, 
's too much to thank vou for: Octet, musicals, keeping me in line 
adrigal (or falling out of line with me), for being Unitarian, for 
huge and yet a teddy bear, for helping to mold me as a person- 
al to recall manv a long, deep conversation about, oh, everv- 
l And to all of you, thanks for picking on mv driving! Thanks to 
iny DiRobbio for being a theater chick, a mission doll, and a 
ierful friend and confidante. You've made camp the special 
: it is. To Josh Merrill, for being the most amazing of counselors, 
.ing machine (ahh, the Beretta) and a follower of love. To Joseph 
for being my brother for so many years, I owe you so much 
»Ve've watched each other grow and change like real brothers, 
ou'vealwavsbeen there forme. To the Brat Pack— I love vou all! 
i ominic Rourke for omelets, taps, and unending friendship To 
i. and Darcy, for playing such an important fole in my life. To 
leier St. Sauveur, for treating me to a fun sophomore vear, and 
||1 vs being around as a friend afterward. To Ben and Michelle 
Pi pher and the Pulispher family for helping me learn what I need 
tc ow. To Seniors '95: Wiley for establishing the Telemedia Legacy; 
■>) for being Sweetums, Carson for work, District 'All-State; Phil 
fo-tting me be a part of your Humanities Project, and for opening 
m \ind; Kristin for Senior Prom '95. Cara Mac for Madrigal Bond- 
in nd studving for Historv. Andy for being really excited. Tim for 
Bi!y hosting BHS Live! and being a nut in Madngal. Wolfie for 
Of ; my partner in soccer and for making Marching Band so fun 
14 y, for being my first real friend that 1 made on my own at school 
(f aul's, 1981), for the plavs (Fiddy!! What vulgar jewelry! Listen!!) 
M- you re awesome! To Eric for being your own unique sort of 
in idual, and for playing violin really well. To Jeannie for smiling. 
Rachel for everything (5th grade +) and alwavs being a friend. 
Lnyalubvu. To Katie for being an inch shorter than me all through 
el entary school, for our insect collection (Class aire), and for 
hi ig cool parents. To Cara Stein for doing my makeup in 5 straight 
Qicals, for being yourself, and for calling me "sweetie." And to 
A >a, how happv am I to have you as the Bestest Friend in the 
lileWide World Thanks for always being cheery and fun Thanks 
fc uffy the Vampire Slayer and very long phone calls Thanks for 
cring to Y-Camp, and for being a percussion Chick. Thanks for 
e* 'thing, but mostlv thanks for befriending me in eighth grade 
at lever leaving my side ever since I love you! Thanks to those 
to ers who've had such an impact on me in school: Mr. Revnolds 
•Mr. Spinosa for teaching me the love of history and politics, Mr. 
M veil for inspiration and commendation, and to Mr. Hirsch and 
M Finnegan for instilling me with a love of learning early on. To 
(ft eagan/Maffa connection for making the Music Department so 
»i fun To Mr Barry Low for teaching me to love singing and 
ID c, and theater. Thanks for putting up with me and encouraging 
m nee 6th grade Thanks to Mrs. Linda Robinson and Mrs. Cindy 
fries for being my Moms: for chauffeunng me around as though 
I ' one of your own, and being fans. Thanks to Ken Scheyder for 
oi ng me along in Scouts. To Mike Poulin for always believing in 
m jr teaching me subtlety, and teaching me about life. To Mr. Steve 
His, for teaching me the value of going your own way and 
pi ling your goals Finally thanks to Miranda Hillyard Miranda, 
yc 'e brought so much happiness to me, I can't express it. To think 
of that we've been through... New York, Prom, and that summer 
ap . The moon will alwavs make me think of vou, and the love we 
sh 1 m so glad I realized how you are first my friend, and always 

Thanks: I would like to thank my parents for standing behind me 
and understanding why I need to get outfa this place, Angela for 
being with me throughout school. Mark and Ron for snowboarding, 
road trips. Super Mario kart and special walks Brian, I still can't 
believe you joined the Air Force and moved to Germany, DAMIS for 
a short, fun and lucrativ e career. I'm gonna cut this off before I have 
to pay any money, but don't be offended if you're not in here I'm sure 
somebody likes you. 

Heather Wilder 

Activities: InterAct Club 3, Board of Directors 4; French Club 13,4, 
Latin Club 1 ; Science Club 3; Spirit Games 3; Wedgewood Crew 23; 
Volunteering at Lexington-Bedford Veterinary Hospital 1, 2; US 
Swimming 1,23,4 

Thanks: To: Kris for 4th ot July, for getting jimmies on the sleeve of 
your tux, for calling me to see how I am after I hurt myself, for sharing 
ankle problems, and for seriously being the nicest guy I've ever met 
Chrissy, Elisa, and Amy for the sexual narassment case ("bwief 
wecess") and for alwavs managing to be in mv group in Mr. Reynold's 
class Chrissy for raisin fights in Mr. F.'s class, for all the good times 
at your grandmother's pool, for camping out in your backyard, Davis 
roof, for being so loud and out of control (dancing), and for 
rollerblading around the upper level of the mall Dara and Elisa for 
laser tag and for the semiformal. Elisa for teaching me how to kidnap 
people, for Fawn Lake, for B.F. "Do 1 know vou^* Were vou waving 
at me?" Are you ever going to give me mv vearbook back?! To Elisa, 
Chrissy, Dara, and Ethan for roasting marshmallows and Ferris. 
Dara and John for Dave Mathews. Dara. "va wan some...?" For never- 
ending stairs after lunch, for loving ER as much as I do, and for the 
night ride to find Mike after the prom. Andv and Jeannie for Jenga. 
Who's the Jenga Queen'! lust kidding. Cara Mc. for Wedgewood 
staff dinners. Tim for the junior prom and explaining the brilliance 
of the White Hen Pantrv commercial. Amy, Chrissy, Elisa, and Cara 
S. for Washington-"No, the ... t.v.!" Amy you're a riot. 1 can always 
count on you to make me laugh when I need it most. Thanks for all 
the good times (chorus, Mr. Desilets, etc.) Thanks to Amy, Elisa, 
Chrissy, and Amy for all our talks You guys are such good friends! 
1 hope vou are happy in whatever you choose to do and that we 
alwavs keep in touch no matter what directions we go in. Thanks to 
my family. Mom and Dad for being so generous, caring, and support- 
ive and for being such great influences on me. Mom for being so 
sweet, worrying so much about me, and for driving me to practices 
all these years without complaining Dad for being so strong and 
understanding. I'll always be your little girl, and 1 hope that I make 
you proud of me in whatever I do. Thanks Calvin for being such a 
great brother Thanks for all the help with homework, all the rides, 
and all the advice. You've been so successful in everything that 
you've done, and I'm sure you will be in the future as well. I'm proud 
to be your sister and don't mind too much when people only know 
me as being your sister. And thanks to Coach Batt and all my friends 
at swimming. Coach, thanks for believing in me and for pushing me 
when I needed it. You have been such a great influence on me- a real 
model of dedication. I have learned a lot from you, and I hope to use 
what I've learned to be successful in swimming in college. 
Future Goals: To go to a good college, be successful there, go to 
medical school, get a job in the medical field, marry a perfect man, 
live happily ever after, and meet a lot of interesting people and learn 
a lot along the way. 

Curtis Wright 

Activities: Science League 3,4; Telemedia 3,4; Student Government 
Assembly 2, Secretary 3,4; Mediation 2,3,4; NHS 3, Treasurer 4; 
Chorus 1,2.3,4: Musical 3,4; Drama Club 3.4; Tournament of Plays 
3,4; French Club 1,23,4; Soccer 1.2,3,4; Swimming 1,23.4; Tennis 
1,2,3,4; Science Club 3; Crisis 2; Boys State 3; Hall Decorating 3,4; 
Ultimate Team 1,2, Captain 3,4; Team AP 3,4; Mrs. Krueger Fan Club 
2,3,4; Wedgewood 1,2,3,4; Happy Homeless Lunch Crew 3,4 
Thanks: To Mom and Dad for always caring about me, for letting me 
do what I want, and for never pushing too hard. I couldn't have made 

it without you The Happy Homeless Lunch Crew: Vilas, Ben, Jeff, 
and Brian, for being there for as long as I can remember Vilas: "What 
do you mean there's no Sheraton in the phone book?" Thank you for 
always being exactly like me, even to the point of us getting called the 
Advanced Chem. Couple. For all those years at Wedgewood, Argus, 
Space Quest, Star Wars, and the Beatles You're the best friend I could 
ever have Jeff, for being my best friend since I was ten months old 
For guns, McDonalds Monopoly, Police Quest, Captain Magneto, 
Basic on the TRS-80, and for always being taller than me. We'll find 
that Park Street eventuallv. Ben, first, I want to apologize for anv 
insults I ever tossed in your direction. I was only kidding. We 
managed to put up with each other through all these years. For Crisis. 
Boy Scouts, Boys State, Telemedia, soccer, and The Alamo, thanks for 
always being there and caring about what happens Mike for being 
me. "Are those people?" For JV Soccer, Choir, Virginia, Disc, Guys 
and Dolls and Pink Floyd, and most importantly for listening to me 
when no one else will. 1 don't know what I'll do without you. "What 
does the Heron eat?" Brian, for being the next Telemedia god, for 
Ultimate, for random nights at TIAC, and for memorizing pi to 11 
decimal places Andy: "May I speak to Deborah Sue?" Remember 
studying over the phone'' The Andes Mountains! Thanks for putting 
up with me and being my friend for all these years. Seinfeld will live 
forever! Alyssa: Thanks for being the coolest person I've ever met, for 
understanding everything I sav, for being more random than me, 
and for being way too smart for your own good. 1 love vou! Rachel, 
for alwavs agreeing with me. Someday everyone else will under- 
stand. Marie, for always being happy and never taking things too 
seriously. Kris: Less than a year! The long wait is almost over! For 
being obsessed with Star Wars, for football. King's Quest, random 
games of basketball, and for actually making me care about the 
Patriots. Jeremv, Jen C, and Jeannie for usually being in the same 
place at the same time. Thanks for everything I ended up putting you 
through. Rajul for always worrying too much about everything, and 
Sanju for worrying too little. Stop poking me in the back! Katie for 
being one of the most random and interesting people I've met. Freak! 
Cara M. for Boris and Magali and for almost coming to France with 
me. We'll get there together eventually! Matt S-. BATman!. for trying 
to fix my car, for being a great boss, and for breaking the laws of 
physics when you drive. Dave H., for knowing everything and being 
willing to share it with me The '95 crew: Kristin, for putting up with 
me when I talk too much and when I talk too little. For trying to teach 
me how to dance, for having no sense of direction, for trying to get 
me to speak French, for dragging me into Boston (or trying to), and 
for giving me the best summer of my life. I love you Katharine, for 
Sputnik, ice cream, and talking without stopping. About that cascad- 
ing wipe! Nate: Bases are slippery! You're a freak! Vanagon will 
never die! Both Jens: Thank vou tor TJ! Jen T.: Walk on the deck! 
Thanks for all those da vs at Wedgewood and for being a great friend. 
Jen St. -S. Thanks for Jurassic Park, T-Rex, and the onlv nickname I've 
ever had. Eileen for Guys and Dolls, for skipping Class, for the Prom, 
and for being nice to me in general. Also. Andrea. Jim, Andrew, and 
Wiley. Cindv for being my second Mom. All my coaches, Mr. Wilson, 
Mrs. Masco, and Mrs. Deardorff, thanks for all the time and effort 
Last, but certainly not least, all my teachers, 1 couldn't have made it 
this far without you Mrs Krueger for Science Team, for three years 
of Class, for calling everyone darling, and for making me laugh even 
if vou don't mean to. "I don't know, it's chromium or something!" 
Mr. Maxwell (Seinfeld). Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Spinosa, Mrs. Rainis, Mrs. 
Hoyt, Ms. Mays, Mrs. Miele, Ms O'Malley, Ms Lorree, Mrs. Nollett, 
Mr. Hirsch, Mrs Finnegan, Groovy Rouvy, and yes, even Mr. Lord. 

Jeffrey York 

Activities: French Club 1 .23,4; Telemedia 2; Attempt at Drama Club 
1; Forum 3,4; Yearbook 3,4 (Art Editor and Head Captioneer); Art 
Crew 3,4; AFS 4; V.A. Hospital 3,4 (Chapel Volunteer, Escort): 
Procrastination 1,2,3,4; Worshipping The Simpsons" 1,23,4, Soap 
2,3,4; Stand-up Philosopher 1,23,4; Attempt at Doug Graves 23; 
Three Musketeers 2,3.4; Borrowing money 1,23,4; Mock 3,4; Most 
sacreligious Youth Group on the East Coast 1,2.3,4; Ellen's Taxi 3,4; 
...And then another 3,4 

Thanks: First, thanx to my parents - for everything! Mom. for putting 
up with my constant demands tor S$S; & Dad. for not putting mc up 
for adoption when 1 learned the word "No." To Andy for, um, stuff; 
& Pepper Kitty for giving me new & interesting scars. I just might 
miss y'all at college. Onward.. Ellen - Remember turnin me onto 
Rocky Horror & Tommy, steali — borrowing tons o' my stuff. Cafe 
Liberty (orgasm!!), driving maniacally, our Telemedia opener. Art II 
& III, Snaping, Freak Force, runes. Elfquest, Kingdom. "Playground", 
mv accident, decora tin' KT's locker, eating my food, dividers Corpse 
Bits, & Crew. You're so odd & uninhibited. I love it (mostly). Stay 
loopv! Katie - my little Hobbitt! Always remember the Semi-Formal 
(limp...), distractions in French, "J'avais eu ma moment", Pepe 
doodles, Captioneering, teeny little superguy, Barney, MINTstuff, 
Grounskeeper Willv. Hans Moleman, & Grandpa, Scottishness 
( "BunlOL RRRRRRRR! "). Class own elections, saladenicoise, Suivez 
La Piste, mud party. Nine Months, mockin'l!), dressing as Alps, 
Reynolds!!!, randomcheesegoob, "HA!!", getting pregnant in Arling- 
ton, hall decorating (twice!!), ferrying me places, semblaaable n' 
pamplemousse, Jug-O-Fun, Ken3, Moving Mole. & 6000 other things 
I've sadly forgotten that we squeezed into two years You're the 


greatest, girl! (When vou're home...) Joey - You're a great friend, 
wonderful guy, & tactless @$$. 1 love it. Thanx for the comic raids, 
naming my "side-comments," screaming like Homer, that funnv, 
funny dance, & being the only guy I can reaJly talk to about, um, guy 
stuff (drooool). Never forget "six handfuls of fun", "You HON'gry?", 
MASHmg, Judge Red, Home Browsing Network, Sun'n'Run, 
'plosions (!), Xena Warrior Princess, Pukeahontas, James & movies 
(shopping cart!...). Heather's wet (sticky?) g'bye partv, Bedford 
Getaway (Scarface!!), Arab-yelling, & borrowing mucho dtnero. Jose, 
Pepe, & Elan - we bad, or what? The Fantastical Foursome - Mr. 
FantaStick, the All-too-visible Woman, the Thingy, & the Human 
Goob - the team supreme! If any of you ever lose track of me, I'll find 
& kill you. >:) Thanx also toCathy Leamy, who basically put my life 
on its current course. My artistic inspiration, mv grade-school best 
friend, & my intellectual cattle prod - would you quit bein' so @$&*?!! 
smart?! Put that book down & go draw. Bluefane Accumulation 
forever! Jaaaaaaaaamiiieeee!!! X-Files rock! "Iiiiitt's... ME! Hooray!" 
Stay in touch, girl - if Germany couldn't separate us, college better 
not! (Besides, you still have to finish B.A. #14...) Now to the shorter 
thankses (sorry, gang, I luv ya's all the same, but I've got 1000 words 
here ... I'll call you): Rachel, Yearbook Phoenix - "of course," Diet 
Coke pyramid, sooooooup!, Done!, long personal chats, "I'm so 
serious I'm not even kidding!", "This, that & the other thing", & Fun 
With Stress. You're so competent - don't lose it, but pleeeeez don't 
overdo it. Jeff H. - for ignoring my comics, loving Simpsons, reintro- 
ducing Ferns Bitchier into my bloodstream, masterminding Doug 
Graves, trying to squeeze into all the Canobie rides, and just being a 
Jeff too (remember Joev Z. and the Jeffs"? Me neither.). We're way too 
loony when we get together. Betsy, babe - 1 honestly haven't the 
words. The whole deal was great fun, the Junior Prom was a blast, & 
it was terrific, while it lasted. (Sorry I never signed your Yearbook, 
tho...). I'll never forget ya. Keep on writing... & take that Riker poster 
off your ceiling! Bethany - the only one I know who can name every 
BHS student ever, inCIassuding future ones. Thanks for "Yorkyboy". 
Get back into the Jell-O! Eventually I'll figure out your life... & while 
I'm at it, I'll get you out of the house. Megan - Remember our Xmas 
Boston shopping trips? (Tom Trout!)? A $3 flower?? ... D'oh! Are we 
still in Youth Group?! Wow... four years! We're old! Agata - still the 
Rebel Without Pants. Thanx for letting me tickle the $#! + out of vou, 
all your bizarre yearbook messages, & breaking my bed. Quit eating 
my Fun Fruits, you big flirt! Kamah - thanx for letting me push you 
around (har!). You're easily one of the perkiest people I've met -ever! 
C'mon, I don't talk to your mom about you. Much. Howard Stern - 
aaaahh! You're nearly the only other person I can talk to about him! 
I'm still up for that Senior Trip idea, if you are — or we could go to 
the movies (tee hee...). >:) Keep smilin' (and nice tongue). Josh - 
c'mon over! Oh, wait... sorry, jerky. Your dad rules! Remember the 
barn? Ding-Dong-Ditch? Thanx for the Third Order. I still know your 
locker combination! Wow... we've been friends for too long... I'm sick 
of you. Go away. Meredith - Wasn't Driver's Ed fun? (Can't... stay... 
awaaake...) Thanx for letting me sleep on your couch, hon'. Jeez... 
why can't I ever think of anything to say to you? Oh well... you 
prob'ly can guess it alreadv.;) Next prom... get a date, Luv ya. Eric - 
Figured out Stryfe yet? Thanx for amusing me with "Little Bniiiird", 
Neenee, Leedee, etc. - & never forget TransFormers!! Michelle (Bayne) 
- You managed to survive Pilla, too - Congrats! Graphics - aagh! My 
head hurts! (Organized directions, please?)! Enjoy my Mickey Mouse 
shirt. Caricaturing was fun, & it's great to find someone who appre- 
ciates cattiness as much as me. Although I do miss your old car... 
Rajul - 201, 213, "It's a menu!!" We must watch that sophomore 
history project again sometime (masochistic fun at its finest!). Thanx 
for debating me for hours about irrelevant topics (...brain., hurts!!!...) 
BTW, have you read Huck Finn yet? And finally, to Anneliese - thanx 
for teaching me about life - especially how to accept defeat ... & when 
never to accept it. (Yeah - cryptic am I. BTW, I'm counting down 'til 
September... be afraid). In Class osing, I'd like to thank Loren, Jim, 
Norm, & Alex (& the gang!) for screwing my head back on. Also, Mrs. 
Rainis, & Mr.'s Pilla, Maxwell, & Reynolds (among several others) for 
making school bearable, & for their faith in me. Oh, & Mrs. Alcarez, 
for the spider plants! Random acknowledgments now to: Kat (pho- 
tography, "appartemente"!), Angela Day & Susan Bayliss (just in 
general), Heather McCarthy for France times, PoliSci,& "I'm Idaho!" 
in math, Nashua Mike for offering me my big radio break, Craig 
Wiley, Eric Green, Andrew Schwerin, Rachel Sheglitz (&KKristen 
Peterson) for flicks & parties, Jason for never giving me straight 
answers, Cathy Rowe (Squeaker!), Sanju & Ethan (Bruce!), Michelle 
Martin, Matt Vigna, Heather Loewy, Jeremy Gomes(Fred"!), 'Dorff, 
Dina (yeah, Dina... I know), Matt Buckler, who had to live with me, 
Pam, Jen, & the rest of my "Church" Group, Tom & Adam, Ben, V, & 
Curt (want your comix back 7 ), & anyone else who refrained from 
cheerfully throttling me with my own intestines years ago. Finally, 
I thank the four main literary influences in my life: Chris Class 
aremont, Fabian Nicieza, Peter David, & Douglas Adams. And also 
the O. J. Simpson defense team, for proving that nothing is impos- 

Future Goals: Surviving college, entertaining the world, and the 
total eradication of civilization as we know it. 

Math Team 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 2, Captain 3,4; Yearbook 2,3,4, Ar- 
tiClass es Editor 3,4; Math CirClass e 3,4; USAMTS 2,3,4; YSSP 2; 
PROMYS 3; Le CirClass e Francais 1,2,3,4; Intensive Art Studio 1; 
NHS 3,4; Science Team 1 ,2,3,4; Science Club 3, 4; Stage Crew for the 
Musicals 1,2,3,4; Student Government Assembly 3,4; Track 2; Field 
Hockey 1,2; Athletic Training 1; Drama Club L2,3,4; Latin Club 2, 
Math Tutoring 4 

Thanks. Most importantly I would like to thank my whole family for 
being there throughout my life. Mom, you always helped me with 
mathematics, physics, and other things even if I woke you up in the 
middle of the night. You always drove me and my friends whenever 
I asked vou - I'll never forget the time you drove us at 1 in the morning 
on your birthday. Dad - thanks for being my dad! Asya, you are a 
wonderful sister whose stories about animals I love to listen to - good 
luck as you enter high school. David, my little brother - the computer 
whiz- you've always helped me get through my troubles with the 
computer. Ziggi - you adorable dog. Grandma Maya and grandpa 
Stan for making it possible for me to visit California in 1993 and for 
just being my grandparents. Dad's uncle Lenva for calling my family 
and sending me magazines every year for mv birthday present. Mv 
Uncle Lenya for having such a great family. Lise Brody for helping 
mv family, and loving my art work so much to put it framed on your 
wall, for singing Never Neverland to me in Russia, for walking with 
me in pouring rain this past August. Poultens for making my family 
feel welcome and helping us upon our arrival to USA The Glozmans 
for living with you at beginning of Junior year. Rachel - the yearbook 
queen - I don't know how you did it; thanks for the talk my little 
problem. MED is that you calling meagain ? Thanks for writing to me 
at all my summer programs. Heather M - never forget 8th grade - it 
was a tough year in our lives, the silly fight in 6th grade, and the 
parties chez moi et chez Moo, remember how we both got an 81 on 
the next test after receiving an encouragement more from the other, 
also - each of us dropping a Class in which the other is good at. Katie 
E.- thanks for taking the photos, 8th grade - I'll never forget your 
reaction when I told you, and talks at eClass ectic times. Katie and 
Ellen for being the care givers of my ankle at Bedford Day. Girl Scout 
Troop 1623 - Cardigan, and other times. Alissa and Heather L. for 
being in my group at Pnndle Fond in 7th grade. Alissa and Michelle 
for making 6-3 better. Jennie M, for being my first friend in Bedford. 
Jenn and Vanessa for making childhood ed more enjoyable. Gina and 
Margaret for living through 9th grade Civ with Mr. Dameron with 
me - don't forget the time I told him to stop looking at me. Bethany 
for being called Bath in 5th grade by Liza. Michelle S. for helping me 
with singing in 7th grade. Michelle P. for being born on the same day 
that I came to USA and Ellen for being born on the day I got my 
citizenship. Joey for taping the ceremony. Agata and Jeff - for testing 
my patience. Christina C. for naming the Vanagon, the silly pretend 
fights in stage crew during MAME. Michelle L. for helping with 
geneology. Gabe for Junior Prom, Charles River, teasing me about 
my endless layers of paint. Danny and the Whitneys for my first and 
most adventurous babysitting job ever. Science Team, Ms. Krueger, 
and Mr. Ullmarm - it had been great. Eileen for driving me and being 
my partner. Rajul for getting lost and confused at CC and finding the 
rabbit in the court yard Math Team - the meet when we won having 
our worst score and the meet we came in 5th having our best score. 
Ricky, Vilas, Rajul, Sanju, Nate, Kristin, Jean, Sharon and Chris B., 
Ben C, Heath and the rest of math and science teams. Mr. Stephenson 
for math team and teasing in the halls. Stage Crew, Athletic Training, 
and others. YSSP, PROMYS, Phillips, Pongapoag, Art Class at MFA. 
Jaime for visiting during the pre-Frosh weekend. Jade for taking me 
on a night walk at YSSP. Scott and Ami for taking me to Chabad and 
the philosophical discussion of Judaism Jennifer for the late nighters 
doing Number Theory and for protesting against being send to bed 
at 3 in the morning. David for helping with Number Theory at 
random hours of the night. Hannah for the Congratulations Citizen 
card. Carolyn for being called Thing. Emil for the letters, phone calls, 
flowers, tic-tac-toe. Tim for e-mail and colorful letters. Kevin - let's 
go tree bumping! Katya for meeting me the way vou did and for 
being my friend ever since - remember it all! Nadia - it has been two 
years since Phillips, with an ocean between us with managed to stay 
in touch. Anya, Masha, Jennya, Sanya, and all my other friends and 
relatives in Russia and Ukraine - 1 miss you all! We have separate live 
styles now, but I still want to go back and see what I left behind when 
I was 9 years old - I'll come and visit you sometime soon. To mv 
friends and family in Israel - you made my visit in 1994 wonderful 
and I'll never forget it - 1 miss you and would like to see you soon. 
Thanks to all others - ones I've left out and ones I'll meet in the future. 
Future Goals: To remain the most teaseable person in the world! To 
always remain the last dinosaur on this planet. To travel the world 
and see different places. Paint, write, do mathematics, study history, 
Judaism, read, learn, teach and... work hard. To struggle through the 
sorrows and sad moments, to enjoy the joyful and happy moments, 
and to share all kinds of moments with people I love and care for - my 
family and friends. 

Thanks: To my parents for raising me to be the person I I | 
probably wouldn't have made it to college without you. I will al ly t 
remember what you've taught me. I want to send a special thai to 
God for guiding me through my darkest hours and helping me ky 
the light of my life. Jeff- you've been my best friend throughout jh t 
School. From the day we first met at Bedford Day Camp to no'l 
always remember the fun we've had and I'm sure that there are hv 
good times to come. You may have been pretty annoying occar 
ally, but your sense of humor got me through some tough timei 
the nightmare known as Telemedia, the boredom of English III 
the crazmess of those Basic Tel. projects). For countless Sim|| 
quotes (which one of you is the mailman?, it's not a comedy, \X 
fools have their tar-tar sauce etc.), the multitude of Classes! 
organizations we've been in together, comic book trips, and a i 
other cool stuff we've done, thanks! James- when you decided i 
to the Tech., I thought our friendship would be lost. But we man I 
to still be best friends (although we've got to find something || 
other than the mall and movies). I'm glad that you enjoyed the) 
and I'm sure you'll be one of the best chefs in the world. I was rh 
happy that you got to meet some of my Bedford High friM 
(although I'm sure Jeff is going to be leaching off you from now b 
the end of time) and that you were able to share our great appi[i 
tion for comics. Well, here's to many more summers of Denny's : 
Works, and harassing our bosses (before you know it, you'll b i 
Denny's short order cook . . . whoop de do)! Ellen- God, you're wfl 
But that's why we love ya. I doubt I'll ever totally understand I 
but I found your style unique and different. Thanks for all youl 
rides, red hair, that awesome Class oak, our fun little trips, anl 
just being freak central! Katie- we've had plenty of fun tog< 
(when I could find you). Sorry dear, but someone has got to bu\l< 
an answering machine. I'm kinda glad you were never sexy-:[i 
tight-Clothes -comic book woman. You keep my views in pevl 
tive and I love ya for it. Thanks for football games (and bnngin 
always-enigmatic Margaret with you), the cafe, and letting Jeff r 
I take over your house every once in a while. I just have three L 
words for you: Jug-O'-Fun! Jeff, Ellen, Katie- our little social g , 
was just cool like that! I hope in the future we'll be able to have a 
get-together... and then another... and then another... Stina- thf 
for the various social events we attended (we were quite the cou' )! 
I'll never forget our little trips to the movies and then New yj 
Comics. And hey, I just bought that $1 75 comic book so you knov)3 
moving up in world. Good luck at M.I.T.! Rachel- you art «« 
yearbook goddess! I don't believe anyone but you could have pildrl 
it off these last couple of years. Also, thanks for perhaps the weit a 
relationship in the world (and not making me pa v for this directl ij 
Thanks for watching the O.J. verdict with me- 1 knew he was g* ** 
get off all along. Whether as my girlfriend, friend, editor, or q*J 
sional pain-in-the-neck, I'll always think of you fondly-ranc it 
Heather- A.F.S. parties, Marching Band, Physics... Ahh! I'll n * 
forget that France going-a way party. I had a great time giving it \M 
having Rachel walking around my house half-naked). We've bd IrJ 
some cool Classes, but none better than Civilization-Buszwl.Mfc 
Thanks for being the kindest, sweetest, and most thoughtful pe]V 
I know. You were always sympathetic to my problems, such as nil 
tests, school work, and random emotional crisises. And for jtj 
you'll always hold a special place in my heart. Alissa- 1 don't tjk 
I've carpooled with anyone as much as you. I bet when we're 40 vs.. 
old we'll still be showing up to everything 10 minutes early th. s 
to those Marching Band habits. Well, thanks for being a good fri ft 
going to the Junior Prom, and for being perhaps the most altru|C 
people I've every known. My only words of advice to you are It! 
you get a smaller backpack or you'll be spending your future irkr' 
mom's office. Marie- thanks for putting up with me all these y|s 
(Chemistry- Whaatt? I don't know!). I always saw myself as your; • 
conscience, consistently urging you to do the un-Catholic tr|,. 
Well, I hope I haven't been too detrimental to you. So, have a g if 
future and don't every lose those sexy legs. I'd also like to tr|<| 
Bethany Lesure for being the most unexcitable person I know, \\\ 
Connelly for being my incredibly awesome trombone pari \j 
Miranda Hillyard for being my extracurricular buddy, Brian Dearc f 
for throwing those cool Halloween parties with me, Vilas Sridh-li 
for being such a cool and mature guy, Margaret Mann for beincliS 
amazing Margaret Mann, Katharine French-Fuller for being / 
A.F.S. friend, la familia de Huertes for making my trip to Costa lii 
unforgettable, Sarah Carvey & Dave Jones for guiding us in y - 
book, Mrs. Estrada for acting so crazy and helping me with A ," 
Mr. Reagan for making music something special to me, Mr. Spii i 
for helping me pursue my interests and for spelling all the Japa- ; a 
names for us, Dr. Davis for her guidance, Mrs. O'Malley for helj y 
me with school stuff, Marching Band, Swim Team, A.F.S., and ; 
entire Class of 1996! Lastly, I'd like to thank my brother, Andrew i . 
forever cherish the time we had together. Your spirit will alwav ! 
a part of me. Be sure to look out for me once in awhile, 'cause I k |u 
I'll need your help. Once again to everyone' Thank You! 
Future Goals: To become the ambassador to a Lithuanian, haveck* 
Brazilian lady-friend, get a New York City apartment, keep in tt | r 
with my friends, and lead an exciting life! 

Vina, Zolotusky 

Activities: Art Class at MFA 1,2,3,4; Forum 1,2,3, Editor-in-Chief 4; 


Joseph Zupkus 

Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Swim Team 1,2,3,4; Training 1; 
Yearbook 2, Business Editor 3,4; A.F.S. 3, President 4; Telemedia 2; 
N H S. 3,4; Wind Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3,4, Crew 2,3,4; 
And Then Another . . .3,4 




Page #110 

JUNIORS: Class of 1997 

Advisors: Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Milliken 

The Mikity, Mikity Juniors 

by Miranda Hillvard and Kamah Hittlc 

After just a few weeks of their Junior year, the 
Class of 97 was ready to return to their gloriously lazy 
and relaxed summer days. Junior year is, coinciden- 
tally, the first year that really counts for colleges, and 
also the year that teachers are totally ruthless in assign- 
ing work! In addition to all of that, in the beginning of 
the year, the Juniors had to take the PSAT's, which are 
only a start to all the tests and evaluations they will go 
through before the year is over. SAT's, Acheivements, 
wonderful pop quizes, regular curriculum tests, and 
mid-years/ finals ... It never ends! 

However, if the Juniors can handle staying up all 
night to get their English, History, and Physics labs 
done, there are many other things to make it worthwile. 
There are many more activities available, such as NHS 
or being officers of clubs. Cars, unnasigneds, and eating 
in the new cafe are just a few of the many advantages of 
no longer being underclassmen, Juniors are finally 
respected (or so they think) in the halls of BHS. 

Above all, Junior year is the most important and, 
hopefully, the most enjoyable year yet. The years before 
were really just a preparation and a practice for this one. 
If we can survive these few months, we will make it to 
Senior year and be prepared to apply for college. 

Mohamed Abdi Ingrid Ahlgren Katie Akillian Jeffrey Anderson Matt Barden 

Aniita Bharat 

Tiffany Bowlby 

Paul Bradfield 

Felisha Bruno Christopher Bussey 

Kristina Carlo 

JUNIORS: Class of 1997 

. 4 k 

Krystal Carroll 

Nathan Casserly David Chapman 


Michael Chester 

Anurag Chhabra 

I / v>m 

Chao-Yen Ching Christina Ciccone 

Michael Clarke Kimberlv Cockroft 

Jean Connelly 

Joseph Giauinto 

JUNIORS: Class of 1997 

Mike Goodwin 

Kristine Hanson Christopher Harris 

Nina Harvey 

Justin Hastings 

Jessica Healey 

DawnSmithey BethSokolik William Stieglitz Ricky Stucka Eric Sullivan Bryan Sundet 

JUNIORS: Class of 1997 

Joseph Sylva 

Kristen Sylva 

Consuelo Vargas 

Rebecca Venuti 

Brad Sylvester 

Candice Tanner Allison Turner 


V 1 ■ 

Meghan Watkins 

Bryan Wiener 

Jaime Wilbur 

Jennifer Williams 

David Wolf 

Nebiyou Yonas 

SOPHOMORES: Class of 1998 

Advisors: Ms. Keltner and Ms. Matthews 

Middle-Child Syndrome 

by Sarah Toole, Pamela Worth, 
and Ginnv Yitiello 

This is it! It's the boring vear. We've 
been in this school too long to pretend that we 
don't know where upper A hall is or that the 
pool is located on the third floor, like theFrosh. 
We're too young to have a prom, like the 
Juniors; and we're two vears from graduating, 
like the Seniors. The only thing we reallv have 
to look forward to are class rings, snow days, 
... and summer. 

However, throughout all the trials and 
tribulations that arise from being stuck in the 
Sophomore rut, the Class of 1998 has shown 
spirit and enthusiasm rivaling the Seniors. 
Well, almost. After this year, we'll be swamped 
with college applications, SAT's, prom nights, 
real jobs, more college applications, and 
roughly ten times more responsibilitv that we 
have now. So, we'll enjoy this vear for the time 
being as mindless, immature tenth graders for 
this is the vear to relax and enjov what high 
school is all about! 

Ben Aht 

Matthew Abt 

Peter Asrneta 

Jessica Amos 

Rvan Anderson 

Suzanne Baker 

Torrev Bassett 

Jeff Beckwith 

Jesse Belknap 

Jennifer Bieren 

William Baafi 

Adam Bleser 

SOPHOMORES: Class of 1 998 

Melvnda Casement Med Chaney 

Brian Conway 

Brian Cox 

Andv Croxford Xicalas D'Agostino 

Jonathan DeAraujo Angelo Defino 

Eric Denmark Jaclvn Depriest Natasha Dillahunt David Disanzo 

Brent Duncan 

Kellv Dutton 

Patrick Dwver 

Gregory Elkins 

Shaun Fillion 

Kristin Flvnn 

SOPHOMORES: Class of 1998 

Jacquelyn Franks Andrew Garofalo 

Dave Giannetta 

Eric Gibbons 

Emily Gleason 

Robin Grace 

Jennifer Hager 

Margaret Hamel 

Terrina Harford 

Robert Hartwell 

Amanda Holland 

Angela House 

Caroline King 

Mike Korik 

Gwen Kremer 

Mark Kruger 

Bernd Kullmann 

Kacev La Flamme 

Allison Lanoux 

Caroline Leary 

Michael Lee 

Karen Lehman 

A : 

R - 

Daniel Liss Mark Lorusso 

SOPHOMORES: Class of 1998 

Patrick Mahonev 

Susan Mara 

Robert Marrigan 

Eric Martin 

David Matteo 

Bree McCav 

Colin McDonough Daniel McGrath Vincent McGrath Joanna Mclnnis 

Katelvn Merrill Andrea Mesquita 

Akil Mondesir 

Wesley Morgan 

Corey Moy 

Courtney Murphy 

Bryan Nash 

Lisandra Nazario 

Matthew Nolan 

Adam O'Brien 

Laura Olson 

Jon Oh Park 

Erin Peebles 

Lesa Pierce 

Ben Pulsipher 

Tristan Rand 

Dannv Rashba 

Andrew Ratichek Shara Reynolds 

SOPHOMORES: Class of 1998 

David Richards James Ritchev Clarissa Roberson Deborah Robertson Krista Robinson Marianne Roseland 

Michael Ross 

Jeffrey Rossi 

Bethany Russo Nicholas Sabella Michelle Sampson Robert Sanders 


Ryan Schellhous Regan Schwartz Carrie Shamel 

Derek Shipman Christopher Shuler Shannon Simmons 

Jennifer Simpson Stephanie Skavenski Erin Slavin 

Robin Smith 

Heather Stewart Michael Sullivan 

Jonathan Tate Ayesha Thomas Joanna Thoren 

Mark Tolwinski 

Sara Toole 

Sara Trelegan 

SOPHOMORES: Class of 1998 

Alvin Tsang Sarah Vanderwall Elena Vasilakis Virginia Vitiello Kara Volpicelli Brian Waldron 

Jennifer Ynostroza Andrew York 

FKOSH: Class of 1999 

Advisors'. Ms. Barry and Ms. Qidbige 

FROSH! ... Enough Said 

by Laura Siegel 

When the Class of 99 walked through 
the door for our first day at BHS, we were all a 
little nervous about one thing or another, 
whether it be the work load, the ability to find 
our classes, or the Seniors who seemed so big 
and intimidating. However, we soon discov- 
ered that the work load was not dramatically 
different from middle school, we could find 
our way around pretty well, and the Seniors ... 
well, the Seniors are still big and intimidating. 

After a while, we all found our place at 
BHS. We got involved in different activities, 
clubs, and sports. This opened the door for us 
into our "home away from home" for the next 
four years. Although it may have taken awhile, 
we have realized how much fun life at BHS 
really is, despite our original difficulties. Just 
when we think we are settled, though, the 
same experience will be staring us in the face 
right around the corner! So, we'll enjoy BHS 
while we can. 

TKOSHx Class of 1999 

Derek Carpenter Kristopher Carroll Andrew Carvey 


Sharon Betz Natalie Black Danielle Blanchard Justin Bradfield Anthony Bullocks Stephanie Burns 

Lisa Cerchione Jennifer Chan Jamie Chan-Moy 

Brad Chedister Abigail Cleghorn Kelly Clerkin Amanda Colford 

1 1 thfih 

Leonard Crump Patrick Danaher Shari Dangel Audrey Davis Brandi Deas David Bartolo 

FROSHt Class of 1999 

1/4 > 

Elissa Dill 

\ / 

Stephan Eschmann 


Greg Haynes 

Porsha Dillahunt John Djralikian Marianne Doherty Matthew Donaldson John Duke 



Patrick Fagan 

Kristin Fehlau 

lames Foster 

Rvan Friend 

Tracev Gardini 

Annmarie Giaquinto Michelle Golden 

Jeffrey Goldman Jessica Griffiths Tracy Gullage 

Jesse Hastings 

Lori Healev 

Stephanie Hill 

Kristin Hurd 

Jeff Jacobs 


Jennifer Jones 

A A 

Jack Keough. 

Justin Kessler 

Andrea Koschuk Nicholas Kyvelos Michelle LaBrecque Melissa LaBrecque 

FKOSHt Class of 1999 

David Morris Tauryn Morris Rachael Norris Jessica Nucefora Keith Ouellette Tim Pantano 

Carli Parisella 

FROSHx Class of '1999 

Emalie Parkhurst 

Shan Patel 

Christopher Payne 

Seth Perkins 


Matthew Pleasants 

Mike Presti 

Shau n Pruett 

Norman Pryce 

Jason Raposa 

Tawnya Perry 

Chad Reinhardt 

John Remington 

Ben Rifkin 

Katherine Rivollier 

Issac Salazar 

Elizabeth Sandell 

Josh Santerre 

Michael Schofield 

Melanie See 

Sean Shmarian 


Laura Siegel 

Sarah Sjostrom 

Patrick Sledge 

Daniel Smithey 

Michael Spicer 

Scott Squires 

Jeffrey St. Sauveur Jonathan St. Sauveur Chris Starnes 

Daniel Sullivan 

Jaclyn Sulli\'an 

Brad Sylva 

Jeff Sylva 

Jill Sylva 

Kimberly Sylva 

Katie Sylvester 

Karen Thomas 

Tamieka Thomas Christine Thumser 

Shane Towne 

Kristin Twomblv 

Hannah Ullman Elizabeth Vanaria 

Sarah Venable 

Christina Verville Erin Warford 

Carl Watts 

Matt Whitley 

Becky Willey 

Stephen Wilson Christopher Wireman 

Mr. Clinton Huff 

by Bethany Lesure and Dina Zolotusky 

Mr. Clinton Huff, advisor to the Class of 1996 and a math teacher at BHS, 
greatly enjoys being a teacher. He likes working with students, both in the 
classroom and in other settings. At class officer meetings, Mr. Huff has been able 
to get to know the officers rather well. The fact that the officers have varying ideas 
and ways of executing them has proved to be a challenge at times. Another 
difficulty has been the lack of continuity in regards to class officers; the class has 
had four different presidents during its four years at BHS. As sole advisor of the 
class, Mr. Huff has frequently observed the uniqueness, extensive diversity, and 
spirit of the Class of 1996! 

New Teachers at BHS 

by Dina Zolotusky 

This past year, four new faculty members joined the BHS Staff. Each one comes from a different 
background and has something different to offer the students. 

Mary Barry came to BHS after teaching part-time at John Glenn Middle School and completing 
graduate school at Northeastern. Of teaching, she says, "I absolutely love being a teacher. I can't see myself 
in another profession; it's the best profession in the world." 

Jerome McCarthy came to teach mathemtaics after being a substitute in Bedford for the past two 
years. Teaching is the second career for Mr. McCarthy -- he was a successful electrical engineer for many 
years. McCarthy has had a lot of experience working with younger people and enjoys coaching sports 
teams when he isn't teaching. 

Lt. Colonel Victor Pappas came to BHS after a successful career in the military. Of his new career, he 
says, "So far I really like it. Young adults are always trying to figure out where they are going and how 
they'll get there, but to do that they need to have motivation from within." 

Sean Powers has always enjoyed sports because they came easily to him and because they are fun. 
He did some substitute teaching before becoming a Physical Education teacher. 

It is great to have four new teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching. We wish them the best of 
luck and hope that, in the future, they will enjoy teaching as much as they do right now! 

Camera Shy Staph 

Mrs. Allen 
Ms. Bosak 
Mr. Cacciola 
Mr. Connolly 
Mr. Donovan 

Ms. Dubitsky 
Ms. Freed 
Mr. Hentz 
Ms. Keltner 

Mr. Maxwell 
Ms. Messmer 
Mr. Petrillo 
Ms. Sorgi 
Ms. Webster 

Page #130 


Ms. Kathy Ambrose Ms. Mary Barry Mr. Raymond Bohn Ms. Patrice Bouzan 

Mr. Chuck DiPietro Mrs. Eleanor Donovan Mr. Thomas Duggan Mrs. Sherry Estrada 

Mr. John Flynn Ms. Arlene Gelormini Ms. Paula Gullage Mr. Clinton Huff 

Page #13t 

Mr. Gary Hunt 


Ms. Kathy Jordan 

Mr. John Judge 

Ms. Wendy Keefe 

Ms. Ania Laver Ms. Nancy Lehan 

Ms. Allison Lohrum 

Mr. Ken Lord 

Mr. Barry Low 
Page #132 

Ms. Mon Luke 

Ms. Lois MacGregor 

Mr. Philip Maffa 


Ms. Virginia Malouin Ms. Jean-Fred-Marie Matthews Ms. Sandra Mazco 

Mr. John McCarthy 

Mr. Dennis McDonald 

Mr. Sean McGowan 

m t 

Ms. Sandy Metcalf 

Ms. Jean Miele 

Mr. Bruce Morse 

Mr. Ken Norton 

Ms. Dorothy O'Mallev 

Ms. Barabara O'Neill 

Pa^e #133 


Ms. Julie Perreault 

Mr. Anthony Pilla 

Mr. Shawn Powers 

Ms. Denise Rainis 

Mr. Armand Sabourin 

Ms. Deborah Sakelakos 

Mr. Larrv Sheinfeld 

Mr. Pat Spinosa 

Page #134 

Holding the skulls of their vanquished 
enemies high, the victorious team per- 
forms a ceremonial dance to the gods. 

"Lay on, Macjay, and damned be him 
that first cries Hold, enough!" 

New! Limited edition PVC Bedford Football action figures. Now avail- 
able: Numbers 30, 64, and 31 - only $8.95 each. Collect them all! 

"HEY! Who filled my helmet with water?" R 
falls victim to one of Coach Petrillo's infamous A] 
Fool's Day jokes. 

Page #\3S 


by Will 

Filling the shoes of Bryant Chisholm's strong 
eadership wasn't easy for this year's Captains Will 
Dick, Jamie Reid, and Jay Williams. They proved to 
je excellent leaders and a great inspiration to the 
earn, inforcing the lessons taught last year. To 
prepare for the season, the Buccaneers trained in the 
A'eightroom and on the track. With a majority of 
ast year's players returning for the 1995 season, the 


Bucs looked strong, even in defeat. Key returning 
players for this year's team were Matt Callahan, 
Matt Fanelli, Chris Harris, Brendan Jones, Russ 
Kleekamp, Mike Lord, Dan Maclsaac, Gary Martin, 
Doug Mix, and Matt Thomas. The team thanks the 
dedication, support, and teaching of Coaches 
Sabourin, Petrillo, Campbell, Sullivan, Hirsh, Keup, 
and Elias, for turning this season into a success. 

Coach Sab gives quarterback Will Dick 
change for a dollar. (Anyone who gets 
this joke deserves quite a bit of intense 
psionic joke therapy.) 

Today's varsity team was brought to you by the numbers 28, 63, 54, 85, 31 ... Left 2 
right, (top row) Coach Campbell, Mike Reid, Brian Oates, Gabe Chester, Chris 
Harris, Doug Robinson, Eric Sullivan, Coach Sabourin (middle row) Coach Petrillo, 
Gary Martin, Doug Mix, Steve Lua, Mike Lord, Matt Callahan, Nick Defino, Sean 
Kennery, Matt Fanelli, Coach Sullivan (bottom row) Russ Kleekamp, Brendan Jones, 
Tom Bleckley, Will Dick, Jay Williams, Jamie Reid, Jackson Bleckley, Matt Thomas, 
Dan Maclsaac 

Page #139 

Field Hockey 

by Kristin Mead 

This year's Field Hockey team had an exceptional year. Under Coach Jan Cassidy-Wood and Assis- 
tant Coach Chrissy Palmieri, the team worked together and fought hard all season. They definitely showed 
a lot of spirit through psyche bags, wearing prom dresses to school, and bringing Rosco, their mascot, ev- 
erywhere they went. Senior co-captains Kristen Mead and Rebecca Tomassian along with Seniors Gina 
DiSanzo, Bethany Giusti, Christina Griecci, Amy Leshin, Cara McNamara, Terri O'Reilly, Suzanne Schmuhl, 
Cara Stein, Lindsay Sylva, and Danielle Taylor were all key players and will be missed next year. The 
Seniors would like to wish next year's team good luck! 

Varsity Field Hockey: (top row) Coach Jan Cassidy-Wood, Kelly Dutton, Trinity 
Dunne, Keri Evjy, Meredith Campbell, Meg Hamel, Erin Peebles, Alison Brooks 
(middle row) Candace Tanner, Robin Grace, Gina DiSanzo, Danielle Taylor, 
Christina Griecci, Cara Stein, Lindsay Sylva, Kara Volpicelli (bottom row) Bethany 
Giusti, Amy Leshin, Terri O'Reilly, Becca Tomassian, Kristin Mead, Cara McNamara, 
Suzanne Schmuhl, Coach Chrissy Palmieri 

Captains Becca and Kristin enjoy a not-at-all 
posed moment with Coaches Palmieri and 
Cassidy-Wood (who would if she could). 

Page #140 

(left) "Uhm, hi! ... Don't step forwards, we're 
looking for Becca's contact lens!" 

(below, left) "Becca, Becca, Becca! That's all you 
ever talk about! Becca this, Becca that Keri 
notices an ugly trend in the field hockey captains. 

(below) Erin, Suzanne & Amy reminisce about 
the ozone layer. In the background, Becca can 
clearly be seen behind the 3rd tree from the right. 


.iifwaittmp-yi «| J*" 

• '■ •■inn* *5 - i i> », 1 -- 

3ecca the Great, and her 
"torde of Becca-wanna- 

Becca JV Field Becca Hockey: (top Becca) Becca 
Sandel, Becca Revillere, Becca Becca, Becca 
Blanchard (middle Becca) Becca Becca, Becca Becca, 
Becca Shostrom, Becca Harvey, Becca Colford, 
Becca King (bottom Becca) Becca Robinson, Becca 
Stewart, Becca McGovern, Ann-Becca Levangie, 
Becca McGregor, Becca Skavenski, Becca Becca 
(not pictured: Becca Tomassian) 

Oh look! The Scottish ambassador and 
his entourage are here! (Someone tell 
Becca! ...) 

Page #141 

Varsity captains Katie Espi, Shoeless 
Theresa Joe Jackson, and Robbie. 

Girl's Soccer 

by Rebecca Green 

"Go! Fight! Win!" 

The girls' soccer team accomplished exactly what they 
cheered. They got on the field, fought, and yes ... they did win! 

This season broke records and gave them the sense of team- 
work essential to win games. Their new coach, Mike McEacheru, 
brought inspiration and helped them break the negativety found all 
too often on the girls' soccer team. Other inspirations to the team 
were senior captains Katie Esposito and Theresa McGovern and 
junior captain Jen Robb. With the help of Saturday Night Fever and 
strawberries, they managed to pull through and win more games 
than the two years' previously combined. 

Overall, the season was a success and an experience the de- 
parting seniors will enjoy remembering for years to come. The un- 
derclassmen know the progressive curve can only yield positive 
results and their best season is yet to come. This season leaves them 
all with renewal spirit and a feeling of accomplishment. 

Varsity girl's soccer: (bottom row) Julie Dubitsky, Theresa McGovern, 
Katie Esposito, Jen Robb, Rebecca Green, (middle row) Lauren Richards, 
Chris O'Reilly, Sue Mara, Kacie Kennedy, Emily Gleason (top row) 
Joanna Mclnnis, Kristen LaFeuve, Rashme Kaul, Erin Slavin, Laura 
Olson, Christina Ciccone, Coach Mike McEcheran. 

Theresa McGovern is going ... going ... going 
GONE! Sold to the lady in the goalie box! 

Page #142 

Coach Mike McEcheran ... coaches. 

J.V. Girl's Soccer: (bottom row) Michelle Sampson, 
Katie Bowen, Bree McKay, Audrey Davis, (top 
row) Sharson Betz, Bethany Russo, Carrie Shamel, 
Joanna Thoren 

Boom. Swish! Katie Espi sud- 
denly finds she is running to- 
ward her own goal. 

Rashme Kaul vailiantly protects the sacred 
soccer ball from the Evil Advances of the 
Flying Opponent. "Finders Keepers, Losers 

isan Mara attempts to trip the tall girl from 
'estford who is unfortunately bearing down 
x>n her. Little does she know that this is only a 
st. If this were a real emergency, this moment 
ould be followed by a sharp scream of pain. 

Page #143 

Look! My new Hair Club for Men™ im- 
plants stay firmly rooted, even in the 

most rough-and-tumble situations!! Da Boys' Varsity Team. 

Da Boys' Junior Varsity Team. 

(right) Puny humans! Nothing stands in the path of Jesse Ryan! 

Page #144 

Boys* Soccer 1995 

Welcome to the jungle!!! 

by Ben Waterhouse 

The boy's Varsity Soccer Team played a difficult, spirited, and emotional season this fall. The 
ung team decided early on in the season that they weren't going to take it, and with hearts on fire they 
ced right into the danger zone. Although their record wasn't as great as the team would have liked, 
ayers and fans alike agreed that the team had one of it's best seasons as far as teamwork, sportsman- 
nip, and improvement were concerned. The largely young team was backed firmly by a strong starting 
he and talented players all around. Goalie and Co-Captain Chris Ryan, twice a DCL All-Star, performed 
atstandingly in net, with numerous clutch saves and undying effort and leadership. Captains Tim 
Jieflin and Andy Katz netted many goals between them and paved the way for Buc's success. Although 
I e fourth Co-Captain Jesse Ryan was out for most of the season with a recurring knee injury, he pro- 
1 ded support, advise, and leadership from the sidelines. Other seniors Dave Storer, Ben Waterhouse, 
] ike Hursh, Curtis Wright, and Nathan Campoli also played strong in their final years for BHS. Coach 
ave Wilson was an inspiration both in practice and at game times. 1995 will always be remembered as a 
?ar of dramatic improvements on the soccer team. Look for this up and coming team to make serious 
! rides in the DCL in the years to come. 

(above) Ayeaye cap'n! Amazin' Andy Katz, "Crucher" Chris 
and Jolly Jesse Ryan, Terrific Tim and their Crazy Coach. 

(above left) The guys can't resist the beat as someone on the 
sidelines tunes their radio to ... a disco station. 

(left) "No, you fool! He's on YOUR team! Nooo!! ..." Dave 
Storer appears to be the only one to notice the disaster in the 

Page #145 

by John D. Thoren 

Dedication and hard work classified this year's Golf Team; from late practices to playing on the 
weekends, the team never gave up hope. At the first match, Bedford upset a league champion favorite. 
But the pressure of a new, more difficult stroke format of play proved to be too much for the young tean 

Leaving this year are Seniors Jeremy Gome, Adam McCormick, Mark Pietchel, Sam Richards, and 
Captain J.D. Thoren. This has been a good rebuilding year for the team with a consistent underclassmen 
effort from Keith Baird, Ned Chaney, Matt McDonald, Shawn Pruett, and Tom Shepard. Due to the 
experienced coaching from John Reynolds and dedicated underclassmen, next year's team has a great 

match". What do you think we are, a yearbook or something? We are not here to cs 
Team captain John "J.D." Thoren and to your desires! And don't you forget it!... Sorry, sometimes we get a little can- 
Coach John Reynolds, away... 

Page #146 


Boys' Team: (top row) Steve Eschmann, Greg Haynes, 
Paul Lesure, Adam Weston, Jon St. Sauveur, (middle 
row) Alvin Tsang, Jeff Goldman, Andrew Carvey, Jeff 
St. Sauveur, Chris Paine, Dave Debartelo, (bottom row) 
Ethan Grey, Pat Dwyer, Aron Feiring, Anurag Chhabra, 
Paul Bradfield, and Brian Geary. 

Girls' Team: (top row) Alison Turner, 
Tracey Gardini, Abby Cleghorn, Kristin 
Arabasz, Alyssa Lee, Natalie Black (bot- 
tom row) Kim Sylva, Debbie Robertson, 
Co-Captain Amanda Watts, Co-Captain 
Sarah Watts, Caroline Leary, and Jen 

Anurag skips along the sandy 
beaches of Gloucester. 

th enough determination, Debbie knows that 
s can be the first to cross the finish line. 

Page #147 


by Kerry Duncan 

The 1995-1996 Cheerleading season had an Jardine, and Carey Huxsaw and Sophomores 

energetic start under the leadership of Coach Katelyn Merrill, Kristin Flynn, Liz Brutti, Lesa 

Wendy Keefe, Assistant Coach Paula Gullage, and Pierce, and Molly Waterhouse. 
Seniors Co-Captains Kerry Duncan, Hilary Stanley, With a hopeful outlook and a dedicated 

and Tarie Thumser. Throughout last July and attitude, the girls strived to be as successful as the 

August, the squad veterans introduced the teams' had been in previous years. Their efforts and ded 

cheers, dances, stunts, and gymnastics to the new cation were apparent at football and basketball 

freshmen: Amanda Colford, Jessica Griffins, Tracy games and at the fall Pep Rally. Anticipating mar 

Gullage, Carianne McCormick, and Sarah Venable. difficult competitions, the team work extremely 

Other squad members include Juniors Kristin hard for many hours. 
Sylva, Rochelle Morello, Christina Carlo, Tawnya 

Cheerleading Captains Hilary Stanley, Cyndi De Young, 
Colleen Sullivan, and Tarie Thumser with their cheery Coach 

(far above) "You call this stuff cheerleading?\?l" Mr. Reagan The mighty Incan pyramid of Bedford High, 
appears to be very, very upset with Hilary's performance. 

Page #148 

Light as a feather! 

Cheerleaders: (top row) Danielle, Lesa, Liz, Caitlin, Kristen, Molly, Tracey 
(middle row) Christina, Carrie, Tanya, Kristin, Rachell (bottom row) Cyndi, 
Hilary, Kerry, Colleen, Tarie 

Hey girls! Check out that static! 

Page #149 

(right) Unknowingly, Theresa McGovern 
has just infected the entire team with the 
bubonic plague. Way to show team spirit, 

(below) "Wha-?! What the heck am I 
doing here? Last thing I remember, I was 
in the middle of an open field, and the 
lights were descending on me!" Katie 
Akillian, dis-oriented and confused, re- 
appears in a flashof light on the basket- 
ball court. Call off the manhunt. 

Page #150 

B i 

Girls' Basketball 

by Ellen Gersh 

The Lady Bucs flourished this season under the leadership of the team's one and only Senior, 
eresa McGovern. McGovern, a DCL all star, finished up an outstanding career at BHS, not only in 
|';ketball. Coaches cite her as a committed, "hard-working and dedicated" leader. 

McGovern's Co-captain, Geri Parisella, and the rest of the young team consistantly worked against 
ipng DCL teams. Although they did not always come out on top, they certainly made a worthy foe for 
mir opponents. Many underclassmen, new to Varsity play, created a fersh and exciting team. Freshman 
Erri Parisella has especially made a name for herself, working strongly with her sister. 

Other key players included Juniors Katie Akillian and Jen Robb and Sophomores Kacey Kennedy 
ill Kristen Hurd. Bedford eagerly looks forward to next season, when an older and more experienced 
cm of dedicated individuals will most certainly become a formidable force in Dual County play. 

s' Varisity Basketball Team: (top row) Jen Robb, Katie 
Ajllian, Kacey Kennedy, Kelly Clerkin, Calri Parisella, Coach 
Mureen Sullivan (bottom row) Vicctoria Caliri, Theresa 
HqGovbern. Geri Parisella, Rashmi Kaul, Sarah Sjostrom. 

Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball Team: (top row) Cara Abt, 
Melanie See, Hannah Ullman, Sharon Betz, Abby Cleghorn, 
Kristin Twombly, Amy Baccari, Kristin Hurd, Kimberly Sylva, 
Coach Jackie Suppose (bottom row) Tracy Gardini, Michelle 
Sampson, Kelly Jones, Bree McMay, Deb Robertson, Elizabeth 

Page #151 

Boys' Basketball 

by Colin McDonough 

This year's Basketball teams had a good combination of players, from the experienced Varsity team to the 
newcomers on the Freshmen team. As the season went on, the players became more comfortable with eac 
other's playing styles with help from Varsity Captains Chris Ryan, Jesse Ryan, and Cedric Townes and 
Coaches LeBlanc and Burns. Other key Varsity players included Chris Harris, Oderra Jones, and Gary 
Martin. The team was so successful, in fact, that they made States. 

The Junior Varsity team was led by Ben Abt, Ryan Friend, Bobby Hartwell, and Akil Mondesir. Tl 
freshman team, lead by coach Hunt, did a good job with the help of key players Keith Baird, Brad 
Chedister, Seth Perkins, and Shaun Pruett. 

This year proved to be very rewarding, and future years promise to be as good or better. 

Varsity Captains Chris Ryan, Cedric Townes, and Boys' Varisty Team: (top row) Coach, Peter Agneta, Jamie La Valley, I 
Jesse Ryan look forward to dribbling all over The Rashba, Chris Harris, Gary Martin, Corey Moy, Coach (bottom row) Od 
court. Jones, Chris Ryan, Cedric Townes, Jesse Ryan, D.J. 

Page #152 

Freshmen Basketball Team: (top row) Coach Hunt, Rob Leshin, 
David Debartalo, Brad Chedister, Seth Perkins, Chris Starnes, 
John Duke (bottom row) Sean Pruet, Kris Carrol, Frank Morello, 
Keith Beerd, Jaime Moy, Shan Patel 

(below, far left) "Ha! Ha!" Number 33 escapes his foes by using 
the age old theorem: White Men Can't Jump. 

(below) They call him "Nimble Foot." 

(left) "Go left! Left!" Cedric Townes, using a combination of 
yelling and telekineticis, sinks his shot. 

With the strength and speed of an ape, Chris Ryan defeats his 

Mmmm, a sandwich. A juicy helping of Veal(-as), layered with Wotsj: 
cheese, and Maise-Co(rn) bread. (Please, think illogically to get the joke — <„ 
and hold the mayo.) 

(above) "Sorry Rachel, I have to get in the pool. 
The building's on fire." The entire Diving Team 
flees from the wrath of pyromaniacal sociopath 
Revert or Moan. (Figure that one out, 

(middle right) This is Amanda. Or Sarah. Or the 
graph of a sine function. "Mmmm ... curvy ..." 

Page #154 

Scary Anna- (grams, that is) for the Wims' Meat: (walking the plank) Z; 
moan rib, Jill's men, Harrd saliva sin, As what star, A Matt's Wanda, I 
Amos' key — chill Pez & used Huff pus, Kazon say McD. (deck) Ran us a Si 
Viola reck Pilla, Biz's retch, Barney shot us, A lyric eel Nora (tootsies in 
chlorine) Knife 'n' rib, O.J. -man flay Fred G., I suck jail navel, Sir Mo Vac 

P.S. "TheScaryAnnaSong"isaboutRomanChanna. HappyChanui 

Swimming & Viving Team 

Aquatic Adventures (or, alternatively, Fat Floats) 

by Joey Zupkus 

This was an exciting and enjoyable year for the BHS Swimming and Diving Team. The team saw 
ne big improvements, strong town support, and great accomplishments. The "Aqua-bucs" were lead 
Senior tri-captains Vilas Sridharan, Amanda Watts, and Sarah Watts. Bedford's "dynamic duo" -- the 
Ifitts twins — achieved the impossible by surpassing their best times and acting as an inspiration to the 

m. Vilas, while proving to be an excellent swimmer, dazzled the team with his leadership qualities 
a;d insurmountable enthusiasm. And, Seniors Joey Zupkus and Curtis Wright showed remarkable 
iiprovements and were essential to the team's success. They all proved to be especially valuable to the 
o -confused and always unpredictable freshmen. Juniors Chris Betz and Jen Mills did excellent jobs in 
tl? freestyle and backstroke respectively and will surely provide great leadership to next year's team. 
Sphomore Susan Mara displayed her talent and put out a lot of effort. 

The Diving Team consisted of only one permanent member, Sophomore Caroline Leary. Still, 
Croline performed with a high-level of quality. Occassionally, Sophomores Susan Mara and Kara 
Vlpicelli joined Caroline on the diving board. 

While the team had incomparable talent that was an important part of their success, enthusiasm 
vis their most important element. The team members provided each other with great support, while 
rimy students, faculty members, and parents cheered on the entire team. In one instance, an opposing 
tarn was so overwhelmed by the team's spirit that they forfeited the match. The BHS Swimming and 
Ivmg Team of 1995-1996 will be remembered for their great athleticism and strong show of spirit! 

"Good idea — here's my red plaid shirt. 
Perhaps I should remove my shoes, too." 
Vilas gets wet. 

(left) He hasn't been the same since the fire. 

(above left) While the girls of 
the swim team relax, Dave 
Morris tries to recall how he 
got so wet, and Jeff is fasci- 
nated by a random spot on the 
wall that seems to be speaking 
to him. 

nother Loch Ness Monster sighting. 

Page #155 


Downhill Ski Team 

by Ellen D. Gersh 

The Ski Team is one of those BHS sports that no one ever 
hears about. It has a small but loyal following of skiing lovers from 
Frosh through Seniors. They are a dedicated lot who prepare for 
their ski season by running freat distances and flexing their 
muscles in the weightroom. They are flanked by a great leader, Mr. 
Sullivan, a man of incredible integrity. On the hill, they zip 
through the gates, heedless of fear of injury. At the end of the day, 
they return home, tired but satisfied with their performance on 
both dry land level and snow. 

Downhill Mousketeer Roll Call: Colin! Alyssa! Dave! Byron! Junior Rapture! 
Carl! Johnny! Ricky! Matteo! Laura! Erin! Karen! Joanna! Allison! Coach 
Sullivan! Katie! Jason! Jeremy! John! Matt! Danielle! Rebecca! Becca! Skis! 

(far above left) "Go, Speed Racer, go!" Joanna speeds down the hill with the 
greatest of skis ... 

(far above right) Since when did they start muzzling skiers? (What the heck 
is that thing, anyway? ... Dental headgear? ...) 

Page #156 


Carl models the perfect winter ensemt 
shorts, a blinding pink shirt (trust us), an 
bib that teaches counting. Available fr< 
Jordan Marsh /Macy's for only $249.". 

(far above) How did John and Danielle 
come ski team captains? Simple! They're 
only ones who can race with one ski! 

Cross Country Ski Team 

The Sun is Setting 

by Alissa Dangel and Bethany Lesure 
The sun is setting on the Cross Country Ski Team. Having lived forever in the shadow of the 
/pine Ski Team, they have existed only through the efforts of a few dedicated individuals. Over the past 
fdv years, the team has gradually shrunk, leaving only three members - all Seniors on this year's team. 
Viile there was limited interest shown by some underclassmen, it is doubtful that this will be enough to 
catinue the team. 

At the start of the winter, the weather looked promising. But the snow soon melted, causing post- 
pjnements of the majority of the team's races. The lack of snow also resulted in an inability to practice 
"in show" (fancy that!!!). But, the team didn't give up, and finished well at the rematch races. Though 
th team completed the season with smiles on their faces, they will leave behind only memories of a BHS 
Coss Country Ski Team. 

(above) The Freezin' 
Threesome in their 
Wednesday best. Beth 
the Avoiding One, Alissa 
the Quiet One, and Jay- 
Jay the Rat-Faced Boy ig- 
nore their numb and 
frostbitten (and, in some 
cases, missing) fingers 
and smile for the birdie. 


(above left) Alissa Dangel smiles a determined smile, 
hoping to scare her opponents into submission. Well, I 
don't know about them, but Fm running for cover ... 

(above right) Why is this boy smiling? Well, between you 
and me, it's because he's got a hot-water bottle down his 
ski pants. 

(left) Next year's Cross-Country ski team poses with next 
year's Yearbook Staph. What a legacy to carry on... (laugh 
track inserted here). 

Page #157 

Never say "check, please" to a hockey player. Here he comes ... oh no! Run! 

„ , , Bov, do these photos looks a lot like ... 

Bov, do these photos looks a lot like ... , , , , , 

, ] . ., r . , ., . I wonder if anyone would notice if I 

1 wonder if anyone would notice it 1 , ,. , , fl , 

J . , , , , , „ used the same caption for both of them? 

used the same caption for both of them? TT r . , . T1 

, , . r Hmmm ... someone might. 1 better not. 

Probably not. ° 

There is, actually, no person underneath this suit of armor. The 
goalie equipment on it's own is tough enough to block any and all 
shots — and, in some cases, to move around to do it. Perhaps it's 
time to wash that stuff ... 


■ 1 




Boy, do these photos look a lot alike ... sj 
captions are tough this year — I can't see 
anyone is, for cryin' out loud! Maybe its tirr 
that cookie recipe again? ... 
(far above) You know, I just noticed: there's 
been one opponent pictured on both these f 
combined. I guess that means that the other I 
are so afriad of our dynamism this year, 
they' re hiding from us, and forfeiting every n 
... just like that Domino's deep dish pizza i 

B Hockey Team 

by Bethany Lesure, Joey Savitch, and Jeff York 

The 1995-96 Bedford Hockey Team had its best season in four years. Finishing with a high record in 
1 2 Dual County League, the team played under Senior Captain Nick Anderson, who stepped up his level 
c playing during his final year at BHS. Aron Feiring, the team's leader in total points, Freshman winger 
S?ve Wilson prooved to be other great assets this season. Additionally, the team got some exceptional 
pay in goal from transfer student Rob Sanders. Junior Chris Bussey backed Rob up, who, when called 
i>on, has also stepped up to the challenge and demands of the game. In their first season as captains, 
J rrior defensemen Brad Sylvester and Joey Savitch continued to lead the team in new and improved direc- 
t ins. At the present time, the most important thing the team has is its work ethic. Beginning practice at 
5H) a.m., its a wonder that the team members don't fall asleep in class more often. Nevertheless, these 
tings hopefully point in one direction: a league title in the future. 

le hockey team mugs for the camera ... unfortunately, the front row is not on While team co-captains Joey Savitch and 
ptbir knees ... five minutes ago, they were just knee-high in cold water. Oh crap - Nick Anderson show off their "cold, hard, 

he comes the Zamboni. and merciless" looks that countless hours of 

practice have won them, Brad Sylvester ap- 
pears to be in the act of realizing that the left- 
over salmon he ate for lunch was green for a 

Page #159 

Indoor Track 

(right) I am getting so sick of this captioning thing; you 
have no idea. In a minute I may start banging on the 
keyboard with something blunt. I may get better re- 
sults. Oh yeah, that's Chrissy Geilfuss over there. 

"Oh, for crying out ... ! Of all the times to lose 
a contact lens!" Traditions, like undergar- 
ments, must be upheld. 

"For my next magical trick, I will pull a 
second shotput from my other nostril!" 

Page #160 

Rifle Team 

by Ellen Gersh and Dina Zolotusky 

This team is one of the least noticed at BHS. In fact, you may not have known that, during the 
nter season, members of the Rifle Team diligently shoot at tiny targets in the depths of the rifle range 
hich, by the way, is located in the basement by the boys' locker rooms). Thirteen members contribute 
the team's efforts, ten of whom had never even held a gun before the season began! But, that has not 
pped the riflers, as they are under the able direction of Ronald Goodwin. Goodwin's son, Mike, re- 
ed to BHS this season after earning a Bronze medal at last year's National Air Rifle Competition. The 
ie team may lack Seniors, but that does not stop them in their heated competitions against the only three 
er teams in the entire state of Massachusetts. 

1 iJl 

"Periscope up!" An avid rifleman Mike Spicer, uses the 
team's sighting device. 

(far above middle) Meg shoots a round with a Lexington 
team mate. 

"n't make fun of people with guns! (top row) Jamie La Valley, 

Mt Donaldson, Lexington infiltrator #1, Meg Hamel, Colin Powell (far above right) Pat Mahoney takes a bead on the target, 
^ymouth, Pat Mahoney „ Mike Spicer, Brian Conway, Dave 
apman, Coach Ronald Goldman (that's Goodwin) (bottom 
" v) Gabe Stenger (Lexington person), Captain Mike Goodwin 

I r above) Mike Goodwin poses for a shot. 

Page #161 

Chicks with balls! (standing, or just real tall) Theresa McGovern, Gerri Parasella, Eileen Hartwell, Jen Robb, Chris O'Reilly, B>| 
Tomassian (sitting, or just midgets) Jen Kiger, Wendy Chase, Carla Inferrera (with Glove O'Doom™), Kim Duda, Tara Slavin, K; 
Gullage, Lexie Ross 

Gerri Parasella, five seconds before she Chris O'Reilly, Bedford High's own un- Theresa-resa Bo-besa Banana Fann 
throws her back out. stoppable freight train, rounds the bases fesa ... 

once again. 

Page #162 



Wat is that you're hiding in there, girls? And can I have one? They smell tasty! 

Page #163 


Bucks Capture O.C.L. Title 

By Andy Katz 

Returning from a dissapointing 7-13 season, the Bucs were a spring season surprise, posting a If 
record. They went 13-3 in the D.C.L. (Dual County League) to earn co-championship title with Newtor 
South, the first for Bedford since 1972 and for any sport at BHS since the girls' softball D.C.L. title in 19 
The season was filled with come-from-behind victories and nail-biting extra-inning games. The Bucks 
played five extra-inning games, winning four of them. Exciting comeback wins came against Wayland, 
Lincoln-Sudbury, and Concord-Carlisle. 

After a one-and-a-half week layoff following the regular season, the Bucs suffered a tough loss i 
the Division 3 State Tournament to North REading. However, the loss didn't take away from the great 
season in which true dedication and enthusiasm were displayed. The Bucs have a promising future w' 
returning seniors: David Storer, Tim Sheflin, twins Jesse and Chris Ryan, Dan Mclssac and Andy Katz 

Hey Dave, over here! The GQ photographer's just setting up!" 

Page #164 

Ellie baby, this one's for you. 

A bunch of guys: (top row, dude) Dan Maclsaac, Steve Lua, Tim Sheflin, Andy Katz, 
Jesse Ryan, Thick Neck Man Chris Ryan, Gary Martin, Dave Storer, Brian Waldron (like, 
bottom row) Coach X, Sean Waldron, Aaron Gerstel, Neil Fluckiger, Jeff Sullivan, 
Jeremy Tate, and Coach Y. What team didja say they're from? 

"Yeah, da baseball done been Oh, cheer up, Gary, 
good t'me ..." A grizzled old- 
timer recounts his tale. 

Page #165 

Bow down and worship the girls' tennis team! (top row) Niccole, Amita, Gina, Laui 
Tennis, it seems, comes naturally Cayetana, Nadia, Hannah, Coach Aldo (middle row) Cyndi, Dara, Elisa, Julie, Lady Jeari 
to Dara Morris. of the Kim, Alyssa (front row) Andrea, Eileen, and Katharine. 

We would have captioned this Elisa Banner, Bedford's star player, Gina wonders just who Crazy-glued a tennis be 
photo, but we needed the sleep, shows perfect grace and agility ... her new racket. 
(Hint, hint, Rachel Lyn(de)...) while square dancing with her 


Page #166 

Girls' Tennis 

by Niccole Larsen 

This past spring, the tennis team had an outstanding year. To quote Coach Barbara Alderisio, 
(pis was by far the most fun I've had coaching." And, since many of the players will be returning in 
[%, Coach Aldo looks forward to coaching next year. The first singles player was Elisa Banner, who 
Knt undefeated in the league and went on the win the Massachusetts State Championships. Dara Morris 
id Julie Dubitsky held the second and third singles positions, respectively. 

These ball bashers weren't the only ones to strut their stuff. Captain Eileen O'Pray played first 
dubles with Jeannie Kim, and they had nearly a perfect record. Other Class of 1995 members on the 
>em -- Beth Ela, Cayatana Gutierrez, Fiona Ng, and Andrea Russo — showed their unique and prominent 
slles of hitting, accuracy, and quick thinking, essential for any worthwhile game of tennis. 

All the girls on the team applied themselves fully and genuinely. They worked well together — 
Icighing and smiling all the way. Despite the team's overall record, the team made all of BHS proud. 

Rrkettes '95: kicking butt ... with style. 

Page #167 


by Sam 

This season was an extremely successful one 
for the Bedford High School boys' tennis team. In 
fact, it was the best season that Coach Arlene Deardorf f 
has seen in all her years coaching at Bedford. It was 
also the fourth year in a row that the team has won the 
Sportsmanship Award. 

The record of the Varsity team was 6 wins and 
10 losses. It wasn't a state class team, but the boys 
were out there with their raquets having a great time 
and cheering each other on. Corey Gelormini played 
first singles while Sam Richards played second singles 
and Naveen Wadhera played third singles. When 
Wadhera was forced to quit due to injury, Dave Wolf 
moved up to the Varsity level. 

The first doubles team was made up of Josh 
Smith and Vilas Sridharan, while Brian Deardorf f and 


Jeremy Ciaccia played on the second doubles teal 
Mike Hursh, was an alternate for the first doub] 
team when one of the players was absent. Since all 
the doubles teams' players are returning for the 19 
Spring season, they will hopefully be able to stir sorl 
trouble in the league. 

Co-Captains Gelormini and Richards earn 
honorable mentions in the DCL, an accomplishing 
achieved for the first time in many years by a Bedfo 

The team has an optimistic outlook for nt 
season, even though they'll be losing two key sing] 
players. Some JV players will also be moving up 
the Varsity level, having accomplished a great dt 
last year and winning most of their meets. 

Tennis veteran Curtis Wright firmly believes in stretching 
himself to his limits. (Did you hear something snap?) 

Male bonding, the Bedford High way. "... Listen, pal, mi 
that hand or I'll get creative with this racket!" 

Page #168 

El teamo de tennisimo: (high row) 
Vilas Sridharan, Dave Wolfe, Josh 
Smith, Joey Savitch, Will Steiglitz, 
Dave Gianetta, Tom Shepard, Curtis 
Wright, Coach 'Dorff (low row) 
Non-Coach 'Dorff, Jeremy Ciaccia, 
Mister India '95, Corey Gelormini, 
Sam Richards, Craig Browne, Eric 
Luke's hair, Mike Hursh, and Sanju 
Shewakramani's hair 

"Yes! Dead center!" Joey Savitch rejoices at 
nailing a mouthy Concord-Carlisle player 
right between the th ... um, eyes. 

Page #169 

Outdoor Spring Track 

by Heather McCarthy 

The 1996 track team was off and running last spring. The sport of track and field unites people of all 
interests, talents, and skills. Bedford has a well-rounded team and has many participants in each of the nu- 
merous events. The team always put forth its best, even when outnumbered by the larger teams. The team 
also has a lot of spirit and meets were always exciting, with plenty of support from fans. 

The team wouldn't have gotten where they are today without their coaches: Mr. Dougherty, Mr. 
O'Brien, Mr. Greenwood, and Mr. Keup. The coaches were dedicated, enthusiastic, and confident in each ar 
every track member. The team thanks their coaches for their endless time, support, and enthusiasm and 
hopes for a productive and successful upcoming spring season. 

Caroline Leary, a famous pavement pounder, on the last leg of her 

whirlwind worldwide tour. (above) Alison Brooks takes a break from her ever-so tedica 


(far above) Corey Hooks hooks over the highjump bar. 

Page #170 

En Peebles stars with intense concentration. 

Girls Track Team: (top row) Cortney Murphy, Consuelo 
Vargas, Meredith Campbell, Katie Bowen, Kara Volpicelli, 
Alison Brooks, Joanna Thoren, Erin Peebles, Carrie Shamel, 
Laura Olsen (middle row) Caroline Leary, Debbie Robertson, 
Cordelia Primmerman, Tiffany Bowlby, Miranda Hillyard, 
Emma Berca, Kerry Duncan, Chrissy Guilfuss (bottom row) 
Erica Horn, Catherine Weicker, Kristen Horrigan, Katie Car- 
penter, Coach Greenwood not pictured: Kate Esposito, 
Heather McCarthy, Michelle Pulsipher, and Kristen Mead. 

Boys' Track Team: (top row) Haneef Terry, Brendan Jones, 
Paul Bradfield, Chris Betz, Tom Kotwal (middle row) Jens 
Kullman, Andy Bourneuf, Adam Marto, Shaun Fillion, Brian 
Conway (bottom row) Cory Hooks, Anurag Chhabra, Adrian 
Gerstel, Greg Cohen, Gilbert Tsang 

iam Marto: Man with a mission. And a sharp object. Run. 

Two guys running down the field 

Every year, the Lacrosse team holds a pep rally and 
giant bonfire to dispose of their old equipment. (It was 
either this or that dumb 16 Musketeers joke again ...) 

"CHAAAAARGE!!" #26, ball firmly in pouch, 
makes a daring dash across open field toward the 
other team's goal. 

The same two guys, about five seconds later. (Isi 
captioning fun? Better ... photos ... please ... more 
drugs ...) 

(above, in middle) "Oh look, a robin's egg! ... if I lea 
it here, it will be squished ... I'll just bend over and car 
it off to safety ... What's that rumbling sound?" # 
suffers an untimely demise. 

Page #172 


by John D. Thoren 

This year brought about a lot of change in the 
fbdford High School Lacrosse program. Under the 
jiidance of new coach, Jeff Snow, the team had a 
not at making the state tournament for the first time 
I ages. Improvement was made all around from the 
Hisics of throwing and catching to the ability to be 
Me to run a well designed offense. 

This years players were very dedicated and 
jird working. Led by senior captains Mike 
jcAllister and Charlie Axtell, with the help of 
(lenn Farley, Carter Lanoux, Adam Chiocca, and 
dhers the team was able to come together as a 
Thole. Offense and defense alike were able to 
fiange from being practicly non-existant at first 
ractice, to effective weapons by the end of the year. 

The offense led by a strong "black hole" 
Jtack line and good support from the midfield line 
-as able to produce a lot of goals. Leading scorers 
jere Nick Defino (25 goals, 14 assists), John Thoren 

(21 goals, 14 assists), Doug Mix (19 goals, 8 assists), 
and Mike Lord (24 goals, 2 assists), along with the 
strong performance of Mike McAllister (2 goals, 18 

The defense was equally strong with a big 
and quick core of defenders. Leading this pack was 
Russ Kleekamp, known for bone-crushing hits, 
Glenn Farley, with his tricky poke checks, and Matt 
Fanelli, a relentless defe "ider that sometimes was a 
little too aggressive, racking up more penalty min- 
utes than anyone else. Also helping out was Jay 
Randazzo, Matt Thomas, Eric Sullivan, and Aaron 
Feiring on the midfield lines. The final defense was 
the outstanding goalie performance of Charlie Axtell 
who stopped 67% of the shots that came his way. 

With 6 out of 7 top goal scorers coming back 
next year, and the loss of only 3 starters, next year's 
team is looking good. Next year the team will enter a 
league and hope to be tournament bound. 

dramatic three-car pileup on the interstate causes backup, snarls, and ... oh. 
Try, my mistake. It's actually a photo of a bullfight, snapped on my vacation to 
exico. (Hey! How'd that get in here?!?) 

Recipe for chewy chocolate chip cook- 
ies: Flour, milk, eggs, butter, salt, 
vanilla, and sugar. Beat, mix until 
thick. Add chips, mix. Scoop into 
balls and cook at 350° for 25 minutes. 
(Sports captions have got to be the 
worst in the world to write. Trust us. 
Just enjoy the cookies.) 

Page #173 

A Special Vedicatio 


Slow and Steady « 
I'm comin' back! 

TheV iets 

W Shell 

r-fr.i Mt r.-2 

Congratulations to the 
C/ass of f996( 

Congratufatians C/ass of f99b from the entire staff! 

Toby Nathan, Mb, PC 
Sara Loans, Mb 
Steve Green, Mb 
Mary Levenetein, Rtt, CP/VP 
Pattitoirth, Rfi, CPtiP 

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine 
S Shaaisheen f)venue 
Bedford, Mf) Of 730 
(bt7) 27S-2080 



. MEMru- n. ■nATKiKiAt [>:*; OiClGMEfcS. 3h *MEfl-C* 

Best Wishes to the Class of 1996! 

American Legion 

Anthony-Hunt-Hamilton Post 221 
357 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-3140 


275-5002 272-2070 


Page #176 

to the 
Class of 1996! 

Bedford Charter Service, Inc. 
11 Railroad Avenue Bedford, MA 01730 

The Bedford Jewish Community 
extends its congratulations to the graduating 
Class of 1996 and their families. 


Custom Builders 

TViUituit. TVttite, fk.. Inc. 


(617) 275-7755 



Page #177 

Ben Waterhouse 


You've been the bright star on our stage ever 
since your first appearance, and it's not 

possible to be more proud of you. Follow your 
dreams and they will surely come true!! 
WE LOVE YOU!!!! Mom, Dad, and Molly 

Matt Fanelli 


Thanks for all 
the memories. 

Mom, Dad, and Ca 

Tarie Thumser 

Congratulations on your 
We are so very proud of your 
accomplishments and of the 

young woman you are! 
Our love today and every day! 

Mom, Dad, and Chrissy 

Mark Pietchel 



on all of your 

Mom, Dad, Amy, 
Laurie, & Michelle 

&i* m>y ! 

Chris Chen 


Congratulations and good luck to your future! ! ! 
Love, Guay Guay 

Page #178 

Jeremy Ciaccia 


From Lane to Middle School to Bedford High School, 
you have always made us proud! 
We know you will love college. 
We love you and wish you all the best! 
Mom, Dad, & Carrie 

Jeff Haynes 

Mike Hursh 


You are a wonderful 
son and brother. 
We love you. 
Shoot for the stars! 

Mom, Dad and Dave 


Our love for you 
is beyond measure. 

Mom, Dad and Greg 

Ellen Gersh 


You have a joyous 
and creative spirit. 
May it continue to 
illuminate the world. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, and David 

Page #179 


Refrigerators, Microwaves, TV's, VCR's, Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers 


275-7570 40 North Road 

Fax 275-0000 Bedford, MA 01730 

Good Luck to the Class of 1996! 

Guy A. McGarry, DDS, PC 
50 Loomis Street 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-7072 

Baudanza Electric Co. Inc. 
328 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-6662 

Best of Luck to the 
Class of 1996! 

Congratulations & 
Good Luck to the 
Class of 1996! 

Dr. Eugene Eagles, III, D.M.D., P.C. 
Bedford Medical Building 
50 Loomis Street 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 
(617) 275-0575 

Page #180 


American Association of Ortho dont ist 


Best Wishes to the Class of 1996! 

A. W. Clifford Realtors 

49 The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 

Congratulations to the Class of 1996! 

Associates, Inc 

Environmental Consultants & Engineers 
Five Alfred Circle 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730-2346 
(617) 275-6050 Fax (617) 275-5651 

Good Luck to the Class of 1996! 

Alexanders Convenience Store 

Zupkus Environmental 
Associates, Inc. 

Environmental Site Assessments 

John B. Zupkus, President 


18 Notre Dame Rd., Bedford, MA 01730 
Telephone: (617) 275-5745 

3S3 Great Road 
Bedford, MA Of 730 
(6/7) 27S-8S33 

open 7 days a taeek 
6M - 11 P.M. 

groceries, sahs, party platters 

best (dishes to the Cfass of 1996( 

Woburn Sportsmen's 
Association, Inc. 

155 Middlesex Turnpike 
Bedford, MA 01730 
(617) 275-7323 

Congratulations to the Class of 1996! 

Renzo Salon 

428 North Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 

(617) 275-8566 

Best wishes to the 
Class of 1 996! 


(617) 275-7727 

HOURS: 8:30 - 4:30 AND 



Page #181 

Here 's to a graduate who has the class of a millionaire 's yacht, 
the winning qualities of a speedboat and the dependability of a house boat. 

You can do anything you put your mind to. 

"To the Little Dingy I've helped pull through rough waters!" 
Congratulations on all your achievements and accomplishments. 
I am very very proud of you and I wish you the best of luck with continued 
success and happiness. Chase your dream for I have always said; 
"If you don 't dream, you don 't become." 

I wish you a Safe "N" Sound trip through life and 
I will always be there whenever you need me. 

I am privileged not only being your Dad but also your friend. 
May the very best come your way. 

Love you, Dad 

Page #\&z 

Michelle Shwimer 

Dear Michelle, 

You know how proud we are of you and your achievements, 
both academic and personal. We know that you will go on to 
even greater accomplishments in the future. 

You have never chosen the easy road or the one most traveled. 
You march to the beat of a different drummer (or, in your 
case, tuba). We hope that you continue to follow your 
own particular star, wherever it may take you. 

Love, Mom and Dad 


Page #183 



to the Class of 

o «► .1 r 

from your Senior class officers 

President Nick Defino 

Vice President Bethany Giust 

Secretary Cara McNamara 

Treasurer Tim Sheflin 

Prom Chairpeople Cyndi 
DeYoung & Kirsten Bushey 

Class Liason Cara Stein 

Advisor Mr. Clint Huff 

Page #184 










BEDFORD, MA 01730 

Page #185 

Douglas Mix 


Chase your dreams! 
We're behind you 
all the way! 


Love, Mom, Dad, and Becca 

Russ Kleekamp 

Cllfota S)ange£ 


G<wgxatidatio4W on alt ofi 
yeut accomplhfimente. 
We cvte 6a pteud of, you. 
We Cone you! 

Mem, c Dad and Sfiwd 

Brendan Jones 

Brendan — 

Thanks to you and Jay for a great season! Good 
luck in college. Love, Mom, Peter, and Chris 

Page #186 

Greg Simpson 

We have seen you 
tow into the fine young 
man you are today. 
We're proud of you, 
Greg. AH our love for 
continued success in 
everything you do. 

Mom, Dad, and Jen 

Catherine Rowe 

You will always be my 
"little princess," and I'm 
very proud of your 
accomplishments. Reach 
ut and make all your hopes 
and dreams a rewarding 
eality. You deserve them. 
Love, Mom 


§ Rachel L Siegel 

For being an incredible person and 
a good friend. For supporting us through 
two long years, guiding the Yearbook 
under your care. For everything you 
have sacrificed for the greater good, 
because you are just YOIU 




















Love lots'. 
Joey, Katie, Ellen. (k,Jeph, Vina, 
Bethany, Kehtaeh, Heather Barbara, 
Michelle, Alyssa, Laura, and Rinaldo 

SS3QOOD »OOa"aV3A 3H1 SS3QQO-t> XOOa"HV3A 3M1 




Stitwuf Stanley 

We've ptoud of you 
and Cove you — 
(Xfwi hmi/Lond arte endlett! 

Mom, Jack & fto£ 
pi, m% 6. 9ieMe 

Bethany Lesure 


It's given us so much pleasure 
watching you SPROUT up. 
We are so proud of you! 
Keep chasing after your dreams. 
We love you! 

Mom and Dad 

Erin Barrett 

Our hearts are filled with love, 
>ride and gratitude. Thank you 
for being you, our "love bug." 
We'll love you forever. 

Dad, Mom, Megan and Fowfer 

Dina Zolotusky 

Congratulations, Dina! 

Maybe now you can 
spend more time 
with me. Awake! 

Luff, Ziggi 

Page #187 



Fine Chinese Cuisine 

T • H • E 


• W A L L • 


• Gift Certificates Available 

• Take Out 

• Catering For All Corporate & Private Functions 

• Function Rooms Available 

Luncheon Buffet - Monday - Friday 11:30-2:00 
Dinner Buffet - Sunday -Thursday 5:30-9:00 
Dim Sum - Saturday and Sunday 11:30-2:00 

TEL: (6I7) 275 • 7007 

BEDFORD. MA 01730 

Congratulations to the Class of 1996! 

Page #188 

Ja the uwidetfid Cio66 4 ( 96, 

QangmtidcdionA and 
5k*t Whfke* fo* iife-fony fkaM 
and happiness! 

Mix 5touwu> 

317 Qammd ttmul ttedfaid, MCI 01 7 30 
(617) 275-6255 




OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 





BEDFORD, MA 01730 




OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 19961 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 
OF 1996 





to the 1996 

Graduates from the 
Law Offices of 

Dick, Dyson, 
& Bolton, P.C. 

Page #189 


I wish you the best of luck. 
Since you are leaving, I'll 
finally admit -- you are the 
best actress. Thanks for 
being the best sister, borrow- 
ing my clothes, but most 
of all for being a friend and 
always listening. You know 
your dream, don't forget it! 
Knowing you, you'll achieve it. 
Love, Chris 

Terri O'Reilly 

Congratulations Terri | 

We admire all your 
perseverance as you 

seek your DREAM. 
"BREAK-A-LEG" and 
Best of Luck, success 
and happiness! 

Mom, Dad, 
Chris, Erin, & Mike 

"We 'ie wuf ftuKtd o£ you! 
Out Cove eutd aufifuvvt 

*&<hac "7H&<*t, 'Dad, 

John Thoren 


May all your dreams 
come true. 

Love, Mom, Dad & 

Jason Timothy Lee 

Jason -- 
You've set your course. 
Sail on! We're behind you 
all the way. We know 
you'll always make us 
proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Gram and Alissa 

Josh Montgomery 

No one could ever love a son 
and believe in him more deeply 
than I love and believe in you. 
Hold tightly to your dreams 
and congratulations on all 
your accomplishments. 

Love, Mom 

Christina Griecci 

"You have brains in your 
head. You have feet in 
your shoes. You can steer 
yourself any direction you 
choose. You're on your 
own. And you know what 
you know. And YOU are 
the gal who'll decide 
where to go." 
— Dr. Seuss 

Love, Brenda, Doug, & Ryan 

Tim Sheflin 

You have always 
been our MVP! 

Mom, Dad, Laurie 
and Sunshine 

Page #W0 


[Jhanhs fo% the tnemoues— 
the dance recitals, onchesVux concents, chambcK music, 
mwichina Bund, (faieahfast at ^wendlu's ... 

l^ou axe a wonderful daughter and shte%. 
5 hank you fm a£l the joy have given us. 

We Cove you and axe so p%oud of the woman you 
have Become. Just continue to give it yowc ail 
and youW do just fine in any endeava*. 

£ots of Cove ptom 
Mom, 2>ad and JCeUu 

Paid for by all the O.J. we wouldn't let you buy at Friendly's. 


yftdy your lifae continue, to 6e a " ^^/[yXX^" 
Adventure/ \/^e are so pronA Q& yon dnA your 
accomplishments. "Oketro-^et't" forever! 

V^e Cove yon! "Yl^om UnA Z&aA 

Jim Sands 

Dear Jim, 

We're very proud 
of you. You've 
brought us much 
happiness and we 
wish you all the joy 
and success life 
has to offer. 

Mom, Dad, 
Kim & Mike 

Page #191 

'J / Hcmmes tAat tvtU fast jftrever. 

Con^mtPit^CiOnS to the @U&& ofi irfrfS. 



- » - 


Page #192 

Ttytor fr- jLtoyA, Inc. 

(6*7) 27 s-424o 

Page #193 

Jamie Reid 

Congratulations, #64! 

We are very 
proud of you. 
Remember, the key to 
happiness is having 
dreams ... the key to 
success is making 
dreams come true. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, 
and Michael 

ftira Stein 

ukank ijou for all the dreams 
ttiat uou made come I rue. 

£ove, zMjama, Daddy, & TtmUi 

Catherine M. Rowe 


Enthusiam finds the opportunities, energy makes the most of them. 
You've got lots of energy -- so reach for the stars, and follow your dreams. 
We love you! Dad & Robin 

Adrian Gerstal 


A great student-athlete and terrific son. We only hope you've had as much 
fun as we've had these past four years. Thanks for being a great guy! 
Love, Mom & Dad 

Heather McCarthy 

I could never ask for anything more in a sister then you've given me. 
Always remember to follow your heart and dreams -- 
even if they lead you to Walden Pond! 
Love, Jen Simpson 

Michelle Bayne 


We're proud of how you've gotten your demon in traces and 
put it to work. The world is your canvas -- make the most of it. 
Love, Dad, Mom, & Julie 

Amanda and Sarah Watts 

Tigger and Banana, 
For all you've done, for all you've been and for all we've shared, 
I love you guys. Thank you. I miss you already. 
Love always, Balu 

Lindsay Sylva 


"Where are you going, my little one, little one - 
Pigtails and petticoats where have they gone? 
Turn around and you're tiny 
Turn around and you've grown 
Turn around and 
you're a young girl going out onyour own." 

Lindz - 

You bring a sparkle to our lives 
and a warmth to our hearts, 
You are our "Sunshine." 


Vad, Mom, Brad, & Jeff 

Page #194 

Rajul Patel 

Congratulations Rajul! 

February 14 

You are the son-g in our heart. 

Best wishes, and love always, 
Papa, Mom, Henrik, & Shan 

Page #195 

CengMUidatiem ta the Clot* o£t996. 

£itnauduie Sewice 

68 Qteat ftaad, ttedfwd, €173€ (617) 275-7SCC 

Pliot© Images 9 InCo 

Award Winning Professional Photography 
Mary C. Stuart, BFA, CPP 

Certified Professional Photographer 

Studio Hours: Monday - Friday 9 a.m. -5 p.m. 
Saturdays & Evenings by Appointment 

130 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730 (617) 275-288 



. . .and gifts 

Lynda Giannetta 

(617) 275-7125 
(800) 695-7125 

Hillside Ave 

142 The Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730 

Good Luck to the Class of 1996! 

Matf ail yowi cOteamt come Vote. 
tteat withe* ta the &a46 <4 1996! 

Siedfmd 5iwd&t (Zddaciatian 

Qxeat Stood Shopping. CenUe 
tiedpj xd, MCI C173C 
(617) 275-7905 

Congratulations to the 
Class oF 


ice skating RsiiERBLObiNG wrestling 

" MlCkER 

Service Backs Every Safe 

Class of 1996 

from the 
Larson Family 

equipment s 


(6/7) 27S-0900 
(6/7) 275-0939 

Route 4 
379 North Read 
Bedford m 0/730 

Bedford, MA 01730 (617) 275-7681 

Page #196 

"Ke&chs for the/ Story' 


Physical Therapy Associmes 


Pa^e #197 

Joey Zupkus 


Little did you know that the 
"World" would be your passion. 
We are so proud of you and know 
that you will succeed in everything 
you commit to. Always remember all 
that we accomplished as a family. 

Mom and Dad 

"What lies ahead is a mystery, but the days that have passed 
before us have woven themselves into memories, because good 
times are never lost and good friends never say goodbye ..." 

Congratulations to a very special group of friends. 

- Kathy & Paul Griecc #198 

Rachel Lynn Sfogel 

Congratulations to our favorite 
editor-in-chief on all of 
your accomplishments at 
Bedford High School. 

May all of your hopes And dreams 
come true, and may you be blessed 
with a long life filled with good 
health, much happiness, and 
success in all that you do. 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Laura, and Karen 

Julie Buhitsky 

Bear Jufie: 
You have always been 
a real "stinger" in oar 
eyes. As you start 
your co/fege career, 
o)e knoa) that you oiill 
continue to seeing high 
and far. (i)e are real 
proud of you. 


Mom, Dad, Stephanie, 
and Casey 

Kristopher E. Sarajian 

Having you for a son has been 
one of the greatest gifts life has given us. 
Thank you for all the joy and happiness 
you have brought us. Congratulations 

on all of your accomplishments. 
We love you and are very proud of you! 

Keep on 

smiling! N 




Page #199 V\ 













company supports 
its friends as 
well as it supports 
its customers? 



We Measure Our Success By 
Our Customers' Successes. 














Computervision and the Computervision logo are registered trademarks of Computervision Corporation, Bedford, MA 

100 Crosby Drive Bedford, MA 01730 (617) 275- 1800 

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Good Luck to the BHS Class of 1996! 

Software Development Services 

UNIT Cooperation 
P.O. Box 2933 
Acton, MA 01720-6933 
(508) 266-1149 

Best of Luck to the Class of 19961 

Village Homes, Inc. 

100 Old SiUerica Road 
Bedford, MA 01730-1270 

Rebecca Green 

With Patience, 
Practice, and a 
Positive Attitude ... 
anything is possible! 

Mom & Dad 

Good luck to the Class of 19961 
Scary, scary Anna 
Walking down the street. 
Scary, scary Anna 
One you'd never like to meet. 
Scary, scary Anna 
She's so sca-arry\ 
Scary, scary Anna 


Middlesex Community College 

t v Route to ^ 







There's a really revolutionary thought! 


or email us at: Middlesex (?) admin MCCMASS edu 

Call now for summer or fall schedules 

SkU Whfte* to tfte Ota** 4 1996! 

Gina Janot 


We are so proud 
of you. Follow 
your dreams Gina, 

remember this is 
only the beginning! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Brian 




Page #201 

Jeffrey York 

Dear Jeff, 
In the words of Mark Twain : 
"My mother had a great deal 
of trouble with me, but I 
think she enjoyed it." 

It's been quite an adventure 
so far, but we think 
the best is yet to come. 

Soar high! And keep your 
imagination flying! 

We wish you the 
best of everything. 


Mom, Dad, Andy, and Pepper "Bunna" Kitty 

oaran D 

Qonaratulations and aood fortune as uou embark on tfie 
next phase of now journey. Vou will always (e our 
Urown Sijed oJirl with your kavm disposition and 
wonderful lauati. uont let amjtliina curl your 
desire to achieve your dreams and aoals. 

G We will love uou alwaus! 
M Stiom. lieitli. i like, and StiAl 


Page #202 

to the Class of 1 996 

Our very best wishes for health, 
happiness, and prosperity 
to the Class of 1 996, 
and to all the students, staph, and 
administration of Bedford High School. 

In energy, Spire is the place to grow. 



One Patriots Park 
Bedford, MA 

Page #204 


" J fry vvitd 4 CittU fatf) 

^dA^ny, gAri&tinU, ^/trthUc/ 

Nathan Campoli 


As You (kra.dua.te From BHS: 

You've viewed everyday as a learning adventure 
With brand-new ideas to explore. 
You know that the worthwhile achievements you made 
Eventually lead you to more ... 
You live your own life in the manner you choose, 
Refusing to settle to less, 
You shaped your own destiny, built your own world ... 
Nathan, you are a success. 

Your future is full of promises 
You have so many dreams and goals 
May you continue to achieve the things in life 
That mean the most to you, 
And may success and happiness 
Continue to be yours in all you do ... 
Nathan, we are all very proud of you. 

Congratulations &z Best Wishes 

Vad, Mom, Heather, Jason, & "Lucky" too 


©OTpDette witoyft y©yir lb© sft 



y@u foe 3 mitray yditrs, b@th 
m @m fc ph©m m odd spoiri 
C@gm oifeolifcBm to toftth) 

©if y®y ®dh y@w gum 
Tth© fytao 3 © h to w®ytr 

Page #206 

a moose once bit my sist 

Chddtina Qwecci 

"1£mi have Mich eaXmeHdinwiy, 
talent _ ymi wiii neverc £ead 
cm wdinwuf CifeS 

- £ittie Women 

Siut it fa net juat what yxui've dene 
that fitfo ua with pude. 
Jt fa wha ueu arte that we dhewfah and leve 

Monty 3)ad, <£ CUtdnea 

Page #107 

Congratulations to Bedford High School's Class of 1996! 

We at Hanscom Federal Credit Union -are proud of your accomplishments 
and want to wish you continued success in whatever you pursue. 

Community, education and the credit union philosophy of "people helping people" 
all go hand in hand. We believe that you are our future and 
therefore are an integral part of what our world will become. 
This is why we are proud sponsors of your yearbook. 

Hanscom Federal Credit Union serves the Air Force and Department of Defense 
community at Hanscom AFB along with most federal government employees 
in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as members of their extended families. 

We have four offices to serve our members: 

Main Office 
1610 Eglin Street 
Hanscom AFB, MA 01731 
(617) 274-6335 

O'Neill Bldg. 

10 Causeway Street, Rm. 208 
Boston, MA 02222 
(617) 523-3960 

Barnes Bldg. 

495 Summer Street, Rm. 115 
Boston, MA 02210 
(617) 542-3184 

Ft. Devens 

Bldg. T2014 

Ft. Devens, MA 01433 

(508) 772-5451 

Our no fee checking account, low interest new and used car loans with no down payment 
and a no fee Visa Gold are just a few of the examples of the many benefits we offer our members. 

Call our Member Services Department at 1-800-656-HFCU (4328) to find out if you 
are eligible for membership in Hanscom Federal Credit Union. 


Page #208 

Dear Curtis, 
Thank you for letting us come 
along for the ride. You have 
brought us great joy and will 
always be number one in our 
hearts. Congratulations on all 
your accomplishments! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

and Best Wishes 

to the 

Class of 1996 

from the Yearbook Staph 

Stay in touch and thanks 
for all the aggravation! 

Our time together 
has been unforgettable! 

Good Luck to the Class of 1996 
c rom your official Yearbook photographers, 

Burlington Studios 

99 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA 

(617) 272-4700 

Senior Portraits, Weddings, Family Groups. 

Page #209 


to the Class of 

from your Senior class officers: 

President Nick Defino 

Vice President Bethany Giusti 

Secretary Cara McNamara 

Treasurer Tim Sheflin 

Prom Chairpeople Cyndi 
DeYoung & Kirsten Bushey 

Class Liason Cara Stein 

Advisor Mr. Clint Huff 

Page #210 

Current Events 

(far right) The Juice (O.J., that 
is) ... is loose. 

(right) The Dave Matthews 
Band tries to survive the great 
pain of popularity. 

(below) Cal Ripkin, Jr., misses 
yet another chance to beat his 
own record. "That's the big- 
gest dang bird I ever saw." 

(above) The Pope visited the United States an 
our glorious baseball stadiums, too. 

(above left) "Fair is foul and foul is fair ... look < 
that building fly through the air." - McVeigh, A 
I, Scene I 

(left) "No mayo, extra ketchup ... oh, and wit 
bacon. Thank you." Ladies and gentlemen, this 
your president, the honorable Bill Clinton. 

Page #212 


(above left) Um, Mr. Mantle, 
have that liver back now? 

(above right) "No, Juror #3, 1 am not free 
this Saturday! . . . don' t you know the mean- 
ing of 'sequestered'!" Judge Lance Ito is a 
very popular man. 

(right) "Someday, lad, all this will be yours 
..." "Wot, the Windows?" 

(far right) Hey, close the mouth, Newt 
Gingrich, ... you're lettin' the flies out! 

(far left) "Aaahhhahaha! Hahahahaaah 
hah! It's mine! All mine!! Ah hah-- hey, 
what the hey? This thing is chocolate!" 

(left) Colin Powell takes one look at the 
Republican candidates and begs, "Wait! I 
changed my mind! Can I still run?" 

(below) "Not only am I president of the 
Hair Club for Men, but I'm also Miss 
America '95!" 

Page #21 3 

Current Events 

"Hmmm ... what better cover 
to hide my sordid past than 
President of the United 
States?" Bob Dole is no 
stranger to the TV cameras ... 
ever see "The Fugitive"? 

As Pete Sampras smiles victori- 
ously, inwardly he thinks "Great 
another one of these? Where the 
heck am I going to put this — m) 
mantlepiece is full already!" 

(right) "Remember, Presi- 
dent (I mean Mrs.) Hillary 
(Rodham Jefferson Jackson 
Washington Fitzgerald 
Bouvier Onassis Kennedy 
Truman both Roosevelts 
Lincoln Bush Rinaldi 
Adams Hoover Reagan 
Nixon Eisenhower Garfield 
Cleveland Wilson Presley 
Coolidge) Clinton, you are 
under oath. You are re- 
quired to tell the truth — 
now, can even you describe 
to the court exactly what 
this Whitewater thing is 
about?!" Dead silence pre- 
vails. (P.S. Want an an- 
swer? Ask J. D.R. Negligee; 
he would have known.) 

Hoping to cash in on the commercial success of Hootie and 
the Blowfish, singers whose careers are in decline are starting 
to ape their style. Now in stores is the new album, "Neil 
Diamond and the Blowish." The CD-burning is in the center 
of town tomorrow at noon. (P.S. This is no joke. Sad,isn'tit?!) 

On the frozen desert world of Hoth, Imperial Storm Troopers keep 
watch for the remnants of the Rebel Alliance. "No, no, Mr. Clinton 
It's "use force," not "the force!" 

Page #214 


by Jeph York 

First of all, we would like to thank you for purchasing the 1996 BHS Signum Yearbook. Yes, you— Mr. or Ms. 
American Consumer. Oh yeah, we know that this space is usually used to thank the people and companies that 
actually worked on the Yearbook, but deep down we know who really matters most to us; you, the buyers, who have 
given us your unyielding support, enthusiam, anticipation, and- - dare we say it? - - money. You're the ones who truly 
deserve thanks. 

So, in no particular order, here is the list of people and organizations whom you should dedicate the remainder 
of your grubby lives to carving shrines out of solid rock with yourteeth: 

All of our Yearbooks were printed and assembled by the Printing and Publishing Division of the Jostens School 
Products Group (you know- -the same company that supplies us with our class rings). Our top-notch North Carolina 
plant consultants teams was made up of Monroe Tarver, Bogie Flecther, Tootsie Wilkins, Tracey Gaither, Kerry Cashion, 
Kristin Ellerbe, Jakki Davis, and Terri Finn, an upstanding gruop of citizens Our official liaision to the was Jonh Niesterr, 
Not at all. This year's Jostens plant artist was Krista Keller. 

Studios, Burlington, MA. Special thanks go to Jack Kelly, Underclassperson portraits,, were taken by O'Conner 
School Pictures 'Tewksbury, MA,. 

The fonts that were use used were Sanvito, Palatino 

A a special thans to Rachel Lynn Siegel, 

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